It has been weeks after order 66 and the jedi being purged by the clone forces and Darth Vader and after the purge the republic became the galactic empire because of Chancellor Palpatine of the republic now Emperor Palpatine of the galactic empire for in his words a safer and more sacured galaxy.

Many people accapted this even the clones that willully surved the empire even if they will be phased out eventually. But some clones where not happy or cared for these changes.

On a imperial controlled world, in a imperial officer office high rank one a Clone Captain was in and held his helmet to the side.

"So you like to retire?" The officer asked the Clone.

The clone was Captain Lock, who was there to retire and leave the Galactic empire. He looks at the officer and spoke. "Yes., i already marked my replacement for Command and also i was part of the republic to fight for the clone wars to stop the CIS. Since they where destroyed i like to retire sir."

That was part of the reason he wanted to retire, the other He was just tired he had to fallow as a blind soldier for a wile and killed some people he cared about and after a wile he even removed his chip in secret He wanted to live his life as something else then a soldier if he can.

The officer looks at him for a wile. Before he gave him his answer. "If you want to, very well." She said giving him permission. "Captain Lock you are hereby relieved of your duty." She says marking the imperial net for Lock leaving the empire.

"Thank you Sir." The clone captain says respectfully to him.

The Officer was named Frederick Extremely serious and with a no-nonsense personality, all while being in charge of his sector the empire gave hin he was once Jedi general Chrome second in command till he left the republic to be with the former slave known as Olivia he was even invited to there wedding. But when the empire came into power he stayed with them he did not like what the republic had become but he stayed since it allowed him to keep certain parts of his sector safe and so he can make sure the empire dose not do anything to said worlds in his sector.

"You done your service for the republic you earned it like all your brothers if you wished to retire." Frederick says to the clone who sighed.

"Yeah..." Lock said with. "For the republic...or by this point the empire." He says a sad hint in his voice.

Lock still had regret for killing Ayra along with had regret for trying to kill Lyn in cold blood because of a order. He remembered all to well on how Lyn reacted and how much anger she had as well when she almost cut his head off to be honest he could not blame her for trying to kill him. Still he hopes shes doing alright wherever she is.

Frederick had a feeling he knew why the clone was down he seen some clones show guilt for turning on there generals and killing them in cold blood without a second thought later on where the chips stopped working yet some still served the empire seeing it as the only thing left for them to do.

"Alright also Lock here." Frederick says giving the clone Some credits.

Lock looks at him a little confussed.

"Why are you giving me this?" The former Captain asked confussed.

"So you can start your life theres enough for a ship and other stuff, also consider it a thanks for your service." Frederick says.

Frederick had respact for the clones they may be soldiers but to him they where also people as well like everyone else and deserved a chance at life.

Lock looks at him and nodded. "I am grateful Sir." He says and eventually picks up his backpack that has stuff he has from the war in it as he left then as Frederick goes back to work then wile he lets out a sigh.

He really will miss how the republic used to be it might have had some curruption but every faction had its flaws.

At anorher area a small girl with a hood was hiding among the croud, she was trying to get away from clones. Thanks to her hood she had they did not see the Padawans face so they did not know what the Padawans face looked like. she was with a jedi Master Earlier but so she can escape he gave his life by causing a explosion that looked like it killed them both. But only he died as she escap. Now she was alone with clones everywhere.

"Are you sure they are dead?" A Shock Trooper Commander ask.

The other Shock trooper shook his head. "Yes Commander Stone." He replied holding up two lightsabers. The padawan lightsaber and her masters. "Nothing could have survived that explosion."

"Good one less Jedi to deal." Commander Stone said seriously.

Hearing that youngling moved fast she needed to find a way off the world somehow before any clones could find her. Right now all she was filled right now is fear she was alone and had no one and the only person that was her ally was her master and hes dead.

Eventually she found a place to hide after a wile and made sure no one saw, she figure she hide there for a wile to think of a way out of this world.

With Lock he first got some new clothing from a store that allowed clones thanks to some stuff the jedi tried to do and others some places welcomed clones if they had money he was going to use these clothes later.

Eventually he got a ship as well he knew how to fly a ship after he had to learn fast when he, Lyn and her master had to escape a droid ship in the past. He lets out a sigh as he gave the cradits to owner who left and boards it.

"Well. Lets go then." With that he activates the ships systems then and began to fly then in the air heading past the planets atmosphere then soon to space. He began to type a course to go through hyperspace. After he dose so he heads into it then a area he thinks he should go that dose not have imperial forces or clones.

He then leans in the chair he was in and waits then And just thinks all day on the war he fighted in. Was all the fighting he and his brothers did worth it.

But he heard a something in the ship.

"Hmmm?" Lock then gets up then picking up his blaster to investigate.

The Ship he got had enough room for three people and to hold alot of supplies if he needed to.

He looks at a door which he heard another noise from he slowly pressed the button and when the door opened he aimed then at the intruder.

But he lowered his weapon when he saw who the intruder was. He saw that it was a young girl who was cowering in a corner and looked at him eith fear tears in her eyes.

She wimpered as she talked. "Pl-please dont shoot." She says begging looking at the clone like if he was General Grievous a cold blooded killer that would kill her without a second thought.

Lock looks at her for a wile as he takes a deep breath and spoke. "I wont shoot you." He informs making the still afraid girl look at him.

"W-Why are you showing me mercy?" She says still tears leaking from her eyes. "Ot-other clones just shot me and my master in cold blood...even me wh-why are you not trying to kill me?" She askes.

She may be glade that the clone is not shooting her like others tried to do. But she wanted to know why, why hes not shooting her like the others in cold blood and without mercy it confussed her a little.

Lock offered her a hand. She was hesitant but she accapted it as he helped her up.

"Because im choosing not to of my own choice. "He began as he heads back to the pilot seat the Padawan following as he continues. "I even removed my Chip so i can live free and make my own choices plus...i really hated order 66."

The Padawan looked at him confussed. "Chips?"

Lock went on then. "The chips were surgically implanted into the brains of every single one if ny brothers when they where embryo past stage three of development. "He says taking a seat in the Pilot chair. "It was ro Allegedly to prevent clone troopers from being overly independent and aggressive...and also to use to activate a order to kill the jedi we served without hesitation by the Chancellor."

The Padawan could tell by the tone in the clones voice that they where despair in it as he takes off his helmet and puts it to the side she saw a man who is tired. If what Lock said was true the fear she felt for the clones was now replaced with pitty thay they where forced to do something that most of them did not want to.

"But other then that." Lock looks at her. "You got anywhere you want me to drop you off? Or someone i could drop you off to?" He asks her.

She looks down sadly and shakes her head. "I one im...alone." She says wipping a tear from her eye.

Lock felt bad for the young Padawan. She has lost lots of things and also she must have lost her master because of his brothers and the order.

"You can stick with me if you want." Lock says to the Padawan who looks at him. "Im heading somewhere to live my life other then a soldier till you find out what you want to do you can stay with me."

"Thank you ahhh?" She did not know the clones name.

"Lock, My name is Lock." The former captain says telling her his name.

"Oh ok Thank you Lock." She says with a smile, but she soon blushed when her stomach growled. She has not eaten for a wile so she blushed then in embarrassment.

Lock just chuckles a little as he pulled something out of his belt and hands it to her. It was a protain bar. "Here you can have it."

The Padawan look at it but smiles and takes it she began ti eat it then her hunger now stopping after having something to eat as the clone looks at her still and decided to ask something.

"By the way." He began. "Whats your name kid?"

The girl stopped eating and spoke then. "Bernadetta." She answers the clone.

"Well." He says with a kind smile. "Nice to meet you."

With that tha two had a nice calm talk and started to bond a little as they head to whatever area Lock programmed into the ship.

But in Locks Backpack that he left to the side was some things yes, but theres a very important item in it that he sneaked to get. it was Ayra Lightsabed. Lyns master weapon he heard what the empire did to jedi's weapons so with some difficulty he managed to sneak it and kapt it hidden ever since and kept it safe...he woundered should he eventually when shes ready give the Jedi he respacted lightsaber to Bernadetta this saber if she wants it since what he sees is that she lost her saber since its not on her. she either lost it or it was destroyed.

Who knows what fate has instore for the Ex Clone Captain of the 307th and Padawan Bernadetta future.

Note: Well heres a new story also this is a Oneshot on what happaned to Lock after order 66 now he has a companion as well i might change my mind in the future and make more chapter's but thats a maybe.

Hope you all enjoyed this.