A/N: So... I'm really not sure what this is. I think it's Victoria/Tugger fluff, because I don't see much of that on the net. But you know how plot bunnies are, so here you go.


Victoria wasn't quite sure what had woken her up that morning. Her owner and his children had gone to work and school respectively, and when she pricked her ears, she could hear nothing that could have disturbed her.

It was still dark outside. Particles of snow swirled past the windows in small flurries. The white queen blinked her blue eyes a few times and sat up, her head fur mussed from sleep. Her owner's bedroom was dim, but she could see enough not to bump into things.

Victoria hopped off the bed and shivered. Now that she was out of her bundle of warm blankets on her owner's bed, she was freezing.

This proved to be due to the fact that the tall, elegant windows were ajar, allowing a chilly breeze to enter the room. A small pile of snow was accumulating on the desk near it.

Victoria jumped onto the windowpane to shut the window. A gust of cool air blew inside, making her ears prick slightly. She could hear the faraway barking of a Pollicle and the skid of car wheels on the road.

Another noise caught her ears. It sounded like scuffling in the bushes below her.

Victoria cautiously stuck her head out the window. The bushes near the wooden French doors were shaking.

Deciding it was a rat or a stray Pollicle, she shut the window, not bothering to lock it, and nestled into her makeshift nest of blankets and pillows.

She had just begun to drift off when the window flew open, slamming into the wall with a bang. Victoria screamed, startled.

A large, shaggy shape slipped inside with a grunt of exertion. "Don't panic, doll. It's just me." A familiar voice drawled.

Victoria blinked, shocked. "Tugger?"

The black and gold Maine coon straightened. She could see his gold flecked eyes, even through the gloom.

Tugger stepped closer. Snow coated his gold mane and speckled his arms and legs, sharply contrasting to his dark fur.

Victoria blinked again. "What are you doing here?"

Tugger brushed some snow off his forearms before replying, "I was on my way home when it started snowing. I needed somewhere to warm up before continuing, and your house was closest," He smiled slyly. "You don't be mind, do you, sweetheart?"

Victoria's ivory face flushed pink. "N-No." She managed. Tugger has always had a way of flustering her, even when he was merely having casual conversation. But with that said, she returned to her spot on the bed and curled up in her nest, hoping to sleep for a few more hours before returning to the yard. She knew she wasn't being a particularly gracious host, but then again, she wasn't used to being woken up so early.

But before she could fall asleep, a warm and much larger body pressed up against her, purring. With a kittenish pout, Victoria buried her head in her pillow, irritated from lack of sleep. "Go 'way!" She complained, too sleepy to realize that the Rum Tum Tugger was paying her this much attention.

But Tugger had already settled, claiming the space behind her as his own. Victoria felt his chest pressing on her back, and his tail gently brushed her ankle.

Deciding to make the most of the moment, she rolled onto her other side and buried herself in his mane, breathing in his wonderful scent. To her delight, Tugger wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

"Sweet dreams, snowflake." He purred drowsily, sleepiness slurring his tone.

Victoria started to purr. Etcetera would have traded anything for this moment.

The white queen knew that this occurrence would probably be once in a blue moon. After all, Tugger needed a taste of everything to see if he liked it or not, then moved on.

But she would take it while it lasted.