So upon request (specifically Paul Larimone, thank you for your requests!) i have made more Victoria/Tugger fluffiness. Please enjoy, and remember, I I unfortunately don't own Cats.


"Munk, I told you. I. Am. Busy." Rum Tum Tugger stressed the last syllable of the sentence heavily, drumming his fingers against the paper bag he hand in one paw.

His older brother's tail was tapping against the back of his thigh, making it clear he was irritated. "What could possibly be that important? We only have a few weeks till the ball, and-"

Tugger cut him off, "Meaning we have loads of time! Let me just have tonight to myself, and after that I'm all yours."

Without giving him a chance to answer, Tugger strode out of the junkyard, calling behind him, "Thanks, bro!"

Munkustrap called something after him, but Tugger couldn't hear what it was as he headed quickly down one alley, then into another. He knew exactly where he was headed.

After a few more alleys and a graceful scramble over a brick wall, the curious cat came to a clean, quiet street, lush with foliage and lined with elegant and wealthy looking houses. Victoria Grove was a gated community, but he knew a shortcut to get where he needed to be.

Tugger's lips twitched into a smile as he heard faint, sweet music wafting from the second house on the street.

Which conveniently had a cat door.

Tugger ducked into it, following the soft notes up an elegant staircase and to a small room with tall windows, moonlight streaming through them.

In a patch of moonlight was a slender, beautiful white queen, balanced delicately on one foot. A cassette player in the corner was the source of the music.

Tugger settled in a dark corner to watch, half hidden by shadows. All that would have shown were his brown eyes, streaked with gold.

But Victoria was much too taken up in her dancing. With ease almost as light as air, she did a nimble pirouette and lifted one leg, appearing to perform the move with much less effort than it demanded, before sliding easily into the splits just as the musical tapered to a stop.

Tugger set down the paper bag and applauded.

Victoria startled, her blue eyes flashing with surprise.

The Maine coon tom emerged from the shadows with a smile. "Bravo!"

Victoria's white face flushed pink. "Tugger!" She said, her tone soft but joyful. "What are you doing here?"

Tugger picked up the paper bag. "I brought your favorite." He handed it to her.

Victoria smiled wider when she saw what was inside it. "Chocolate stars!" She cried delightedly.

He smiled back at her. Victoria hugged him. "Thank you!"

Tugger sat, shifting the smaller queen onto his lap. She purred loudly, resting her head on his shoulder.

Victoria popped a chocolate star into her mouth. "I really love chocolate after practice." She said happily.

Tugger traced his claws through her head fur, taking care not to scratch her. "I know that, sweetheart. That's why I brought them."

Victoria was touched he remembered and that he had gone out of his way to bring them to her. After all, it wasn't every day that Tugger kept his attention on one queen for too long ... even though he seemed to be noticing her more lately after the bedroom incident on that one snowy night. Victoria had been sure that was a one time thing and that he wouldn't look her direction again, but this was proving to be wrong more and more each day.

One claw traced her pink collar, tracing the little rhinestone studs. Tugger smiled a little. "It's funny, Vic, how pretty you've gotten." He mused. "I mean, it doesn't seem too long ago when you were a kitten."

Victoria felt her cheeks growing hot again. "I-I'm not that pretty." She stumbled, then popped another piece of chocolate into her mouth.

Tugger drew his fingertip down her cheek, under her jaw to tilt her chin up. "Of course you are. And what about your dancing?"

Victoria opened her mouth to deny that too, but quickly shut it, knowing that would be a lie. Dancing was her strength, and even she couldn't modestly play it off.

Tugger chuckled a little, his brown eyes sparkling. "In fact, do you think you could grace me with another performance?"

Victoria blushed again, but this time declined. "I'm tired. I'll probably be staying the night." She said, gingerly slipping off of his lap. Tugger stood, and she followed.

"Then I think I'll head back to the yard." He said, then winked. "I'll have to visit you during practice some other time."

Victoria batted at her ear, clutching the paper bag of chocolate in her other paw. She knew that he would. "I would like that." She whispered.

"So would I, Snowflake." Came the smooth reply.

And with that, the curious cat disappeared into the night.