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Annie and Molly were having a sleepover at Daddy Warbucks house.

"This is so much fun," Molly said after they went on the trampoline for awhile.

They both sat down.

"I know," Annie said, "I love the trampoline."

"You know," Molly said, "When we are having a sleepover I feel like we're sisters."

"I do too," Annie said, "So what's been going on at the orphanage."

"Miss Hannagin stopped drinking," Molly said, "She's nice now."
Oliver Warbucks came outside.

"I see you girls are having fun," he said.

"Yes we are daddy Warbucks," Molly replied, "Could you 'dopt me too?"
Annie blushed.

"Absolutely Molly," Oliver said, "as long as Annie is okay with it."

"I would love that," Annie exclaimed hugging him.

Oliver laughed.

"I figured you would," he said.

Grace walked outside. She looked elated.

"Grace," Oliver said, putting an arm around her, "You look happy."

"I'm having a baby," Grace said, "WE'RE having a baby."

"A baby? That's wonderful news," Oliver exclaimed.

Grace and Oliver were engaged to be married in six months. Grace laughed.

"I guess I'll have to get a new wedding dress," she said.

Oliver and Grace walked a few steps away and talked quietly among themselves.

"What would you think about adopting Molly," Oliver asked Grace.

Grace smiled.

"Well," she said, "We are certainly not lacking. We have all the love she needs and all the money she needs as well."

"I'll take that as a yes," Oliver laughed.

"It's definitely a yes," Grace said.

She paused.

"Wait. Shouldn't we ask Annie how she feels about it?"

"I already did," Oliver said.

Three months later Molly was Molly Warbucks. Six months after that Grace gave birth to a baby boy. She named him Adam Oliver Warbucks. Molly and Annie loved their new little brother. Molly however never wanted to hold him. One day when Adam was a few weeks old Molly asked if they would love her as much as they love Annie and Adam.

"Oh Molly," Oliver asked her, "What would make you ask such a thing?"

"Cause you loved Annie first and now you love Adam," Molly said.

"Molly love is like a candle," Grace replied.

"Exactly," Oliver added, "There's love enough for everyone."