My first OC Fanfic. I rewatched it during quarantine and had a bunch of story ideas. Here's one of them.

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"I don't think Ryan's doing so well" Seth said sighing as he sat down at the dining table. He had been arguing with himself all day over what to do and finally he realised he couldn't handle this alone. He knew that Ryan was going to fight again tonight, not fight, let himself get beat up. He couldn't just let it happen, not again. But he couldn't stop it alone. Not after last time.

"Why? What happened? Did he call you? Is he hurt?" Kirsten rambled putting her fork down

"Mom. Breathe" Seth said rolling his eyes

"I spoke to him after he missed dinner that night"

"Yeah. When you said he was working and forgot" Kirsten said enunciating to let him know they knew he was lying.

"Yeah then" He confirmed "well that's not exactly true. Ryan's taken up a new hobby and I think it's time we stop giving him so much space"

"What's going on Seth?" Sandy asked slightly frustrated. Sandy and Kirsten waited as patiently as they could for Seth to finish his story.

"He's cage fighting"

"He's WHAT?" Kirsten shouted

"Cage fighting. It's like when people-"

"I know what it is Seth! Why would he do such a thing?"

"I don't know but from what I saw he's not even fighting back. I mean he wasn't even trying he was just standing there, well not entirely standing, but you get my point" Seth rambled "There's another fight tonight"

"Sandy, we need to stop this" Kirsten said standing up. Sandy nodded he was tired of this 'space' approach. Any more space and they'd lose him forever. If they hadn't already.

Sandy grabbed his keys "I'll go get him" he said as he walked out.

"He's not gonna listen. I tried" Seth said standing up and walking out, leaving Kirsten alone.

Sandy knocked on the door, this time louder. "he's probably resting. Got beat up pretty bad tonight" the owner said walking past Sandy.

"Ryan I'm not leaving until you open the door" to his surprise he heard the lock and then the door open. He pushed it open seeing Ryan walking, more like wobbling, his way back to his bed. Sandy took a moment to look around the place his son had been staying. He shook his head and swallowed his thoughts.

"Ryan, kid, you okay?"

Ryan groaned "go away Seth"

"Come on kid. I'm gonna take you to a hospital" that got Ryan's attention.

He sat up instantly and regretted it just as quickly. He steadied himself, or Sandy steadied him. He couldn't tell. "No hospitals. Please." he mumbled.

"Home or hospital. Either way I'm not leaving you alone like this "

"Your house" he whispered.

Sandy heart broke at the personal pronoun. How could he say that after everything. He pushed it down and figured he'd deal with it later. "Come on" Sandy basically carried Ryan to the car.

"Ryan we've reached" Sandy shook his shoulder. Ryan slowly opened his eyes, blinking away the dots and confusion he stared at the mansion "you could do worse" Sandy said getting out. Ryan wanted to laugh and cry at what sandy said. He said that the day Ryan's life in Newport began, but now it was tainted with the day he met the love of his life.

Kirsten jumped up at the sound of the door opening, and at the same time Seth came running down from his room. Kirsten gasped when she saw her son covered in bruises and barely conscience. "I'll get the first aid kit. Put him in the guest room" she ordered walking away. Seth quickly went to Ryan's other side and helped. Ryan, to their surprise, didn't refuse the help, which caused a lot of concern.

Once they had put Ryan in the guest bedroom, Kirsten began wiping the blood off and cleaning his wounds out, wincing more than him as she did so. When she finished she had Seth bring him some water with some pain medication and told him to get some rest.

"He has a slight fever. Should we take him to the hospital?" Kirsten whispered shutting the door behind her.

"If it gets worse, we'll have to" Sandy replied

"What're we going to do" She asked

"Well for right now we'll let him get better, and we'll go from there I guess" Sandy said. He wasn't sure how to get through to Ryan on this one. Marissa and him had been through so much together, to tell the kid to move on wouldn't even be fair on him. He just had to let himself feel what he was feeling instead of taking it out in the wrong ways.

"I'm on it don't worry. Just make sure he doesn't run away" Seth said running back into his room where he had started his masterpiece Atomic County.

Kirsten couldn't sleep that night. She tossed and turned but her mind just wouldn't shut off. She slowly crept out of bed to go get a glass of water. On her way to the kitchen she heard a whimper "Ryan" she whispered to herself. She had checked on him before entering bed an hour ago and he was still sound asleep. She forgot about the water she wanted and quickly made her way to his room. "Ryan honey. Are you okay?"

"Marissa?" he called. Kirsten swallowed the lump that had suddenly jammed itself in her throat.

"It's Kirsten honey"

"Sorry" he whispered

"It's-" she was cut off

"I'm so sorry"

"Ryan?" she took a step forward and noticed his eyes were open. He was awake. Maybe sleep talking?

"I should have pulled over Marissa. I could have stopped it"

"Ryan, honey, wake up it's okay" She soothed

"It's not okay. You're gone. And it's my fault. I…I can't do this without you"

Kirsten didn't understand. Ryan was responding to her, he could hear her, but he still thought he was talking to Marissa. His fever. Kirsten put her hand on his head and felt the heat instantly. His fever must be causing him to hallucinate. She needed to bring it down before it got worse.

"Ryan it's okay. Why don't you sleep. I'll get a cold towel okay"

"Please don't leave me. Not again. I'm so sorry" he repeated letting a tear roll down his face

Kirsten wanted to burst out crying. She had never seen him so vulnerable, so broken. She leant forward and hugged him "I'm not going anywhere Ryan. I'm right here" she reassured him as best she could.

He put his hand around her and slowly she felt his breathing even out again and he was asleep. She slowly got out from under his hand and ran out the room leaning again the wall she finally breathed out letting the tears she was forcing in to come out.

"Honey you okay? Is It Ryan?" Sandy asked his voice still laced with sleep.

"His fever's pretty high. He thought he was talking to Marissa. He's hurting so bad Sandy and I don't know how to make it stop" Sandy just held her letting her calm down in his arms.

After a moment she straightened up "I'm gonna go wet a cloth and try and get his fever down"

"Okay. I'll go sit with him in the meantime"

The next morning Ryan woke up and stared at the ceiling trying to remember what was happening. He remembered Sandy coming to get him and getting put in the guest room. Everything was so fuzzy. He turned his head to see Sandy and Kirsten asleep, their heads leaning on each other on the couch in the corner of the room. Ryan sighed out loud. He hated putting them through this. He sat up and in an instant Kirsten's head popped up, waking Sandy up in the process.

"Hey kid" he said stretching

"Are you okay?" Kirsten asked straight away.

Ryan nodded. "Sorry didn't mean to wake you"

"Nonsense. I'm surprised you slept with Kristen's snoring"

Kirsten smacked his arm smiling "Let me check your fever. It was pretty high last night" He pulled his head back but Kirsten wasn't going to take no for an answer.

After a minute the beeping broke the silence "that's good. It's going down" Ryan just stared at them

"What do you want for breakfast?" she asked after a moment

"I was just gonna go-"

"Nope" Sandy said not letting him finish.

"Sandy i-"

"Nuh-uh" he interrupted again.

Kirsten smiled at her husband "I'll go make breakfast" She saw the look Ryan and Sandy gave her "I'll go tell Rosa to make breakfast" she corrected herself walking out.

"I'm sorry for doing this to you guys"

"Then just come home Ryan. Is this really what you want to do?"

"You don't get it sandy" Ryan grunted frustrated

"Then talk to me kid. You think getting the life beaten out of you is going to help you move past it"

Ryan looked up "I don't want to move past it. I don't want to get over it or move on or deal with it. I want her back. I want to go back in time and kill Volchok when I had the chance"

"Ryan, son, you know you can't change what happened. Being there with her when it happened. You're never going to forget it, but you'll get used it. Just let yourself feel what you need to feel. Even if it hurts"

Ryan stood up his hand instinctively holding onto his ribs as he straightened himself out.

"Thanks for everything" he said walking out completely ignoring what Sandy said.

He was hoping to avoid Kirsten, knowing she would guilt him into eating something. He walked out to the living room to see Seth and Kirsten standing and talking. Seth looked at Ryan and before Ryan could say the famous 'I don't wanna talk' line he started "Listen. You don't have to talk. Just listen." Seth said pulling down a white projector screen.

"What is this" Ryan asked confused.

Seth pressed a button and the screen showed a comic book cover reading 'Atomic County' with a character that was identical to Ryan "you made me a comic book?"

"This is no ordinary comic book my friend" Seth said proudly "it's an origin story. You may never save the planet Ryan. But you saved us" Seth turned to the projector "this is our story" and with that he began the slide show of how Ryan's move to Newport had positively impacted all of them. Without him they'd still be trapped in the life none of them wanted. Seth made it clear with this comic book that Ryan's misguided idea that he was somehow doing the Cohen's a favour by staying away was just that – misguided.

Ryan sat through the whole comic book and when it was over, he saw all eyes on him. He tensed up "I-"

"You don't have to make a decision now. Just… just know that adopting you will never be something we regret" Kirsten said before he had the chance to reject them.

Ryan sighed and put his head down. Seth took this as a bad sign and began packing up frustrated that he failed again.

"So if I ever… wanted to… you know once in a while… the pool house-"

"Exactly how you left it kid"

Seth turned around "YES!" he exclaimed "I knew my comic books would save the day" Ryan stood up and smiled letting Seth hug him, he owed him that after everything.

"I'll erm… go get my stuff from the bar" He said turning to leave.

Kirsten smiled he almost had the same glimmer of hope he had when he first said he's unpack in the pool house after she agreed he could live here. She cleared her throat controlling her emotions "Seth will go pick that up. Why don't you go rest for now." Kirsten ordered.

When Ryan woke up next it was almost midnight. After he went for a shower, he figured he'd take a nap which clearly turned out to be a lot longer. There was a light knock at the door.

"Hey kid. How're you doing?" Sandy asked

Ryan shrugged

"Okay. I brought you come pain medicine and there's left-overs in the fridge if you want"

Ryan nodded watching Sandy put the medicine bottle on his nightstand and walking out. Sandy turned around unable to stop himself, he walked back and sat on the bed near Ryan's legs. Ryan sat up slowly waiting for the second pep talk he knew was coming "I'm here. If you want to talk. Whenever okay" Sandy was so close to a full-blown pep talk but decided that pushing Ryan right now wasn't the smartest idea. So, he figured he'd reassure the kid instead. He was about to stand up when Ryan's voice broke the silence.

"I loved her sandy." He looked down at his fingers "I know she dragged me into all kinds of drama. But she was it for me. From the minute I saw her smile at me that first day I knew. And I just can't cope with the thought that I'm never gonna see that again. I'm never gonna hear her laugh or feel her touch. Or watch her do that thing she did with her hair when she was nervous. And it's all because I didn't pull over a car. I couldn't protect her and now she's left me alone. I can't do it without her Sandy I just can't" Ryan didn't even attempt to wipe the tears that rolled down his cheeks knowing there'd be new ones right behind them.

Sandy moved closer and put his hand on Ryan's shoulder. "its not your fault kid. I know it'll take time for you to understand that but there was nothing you could have done"

"I didn't know my goodbye would be forever. I just want one last moment with her you know. Just a moment, to say how sorry I am, to let her know how much I love her, how much she means to me."

Sandy pulled him into his arms and hugged him "I know kid. I know." He held on tighter forcing his own emotions down "you are not alone son. And you are gonna get through this"