It's My Birthday! Again!

Jack-Jack's Birthday

The Parrs were celebrating the littlest Parr's birthday. Jack-Jack. He really didn't need much on his birthday but they decided to celebrate it anyway.

"Happy second Birthday Jack-Jack!" Helen said.

"Happy Birthday Jack-Jack!" Violet and Dash said as Jack-Jack giggled.

"Blow our the candle Jack-Jack." Bob said as Jack-Jack blew out the candle but turned into fire. Since he was wearing the suit that Edna made him Helen put him out. After the fire Jack-Jack kept on laughing as everyone else's started to laugh. But when he ate his cake it got all over him. Helen got a towel and cleaned him up.

After the candles the Parrs got Jack-Jack some presents. Bob got him a Mr. Incredible plush. Helen got some more baby clothes. Violet got him more baby books. And Dash gave him a big teddy bear.