Winston's Birthday

Winston sat in his office, looking forward to his birthday tomorrow, but dreading the fact that he had a big meeting that he couldn't reschedule.

"Well, at least it won't be too long." Winston said.

The next morning, Winston left for the meeting, only for someone to come right back in. That someone was Evelyn.

"This is Sneaky Sister calling Party Parrs, over." she said through a walkie-talkie.

"Party Parrs here, over." Helen said.

"Winston has just left for the meeting he was scheduled to go to today. That gives us an hour to get everything in order." Evelyn said.

"All right, just leave it to us." Dash said.

An hour later, Winston had wrapped up the meeting and was walking back to his office.

"Man, I thought that guy just wouldn't calm down about that whole thing." Winston said as he walked to the office, only to see a plant in the hallway knocked over, a trail of footprints leading to his office.

"Could someone have broken in?!" he asked as he rushed to his office and opened the door.

"SURPRISE! Happy Birthday, Winston!" said not only the Incredibles and Frozone, but their friends and all the other Supers that were on board the Everjust, as well as new ones that had emerged in recent months.

"Woah!" Winston said, seeing that they had set up a huge party with desserts, a big cake that looked like the DEVTECH building, a pinata, and more.

"Happy Birthday, Winston!" Elastigirl said.

"You guys didn't have to do all this." Winston said.

"Sure, we did! It's the least we can do for the guy who made us all legal again!" Mr. Incredible said.

"Well, then, let's get this party started!" Winston said, drawing cheers from everyone.

As the day went on, everyone had a dance contest, took turns trying to break the pinata, and had a great time, especially as Winston told jokes about an old acquaintance.

"Then, when he realized that he had dropped the drink, he ended up slipping on it!" Winston said, drawing laughs from everyone.

Afterwards, everyone sang as the cake was lit.

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday, Dear Winston

Happy Birthday To You

Once Winston blew out the candles, Mr. Incredible raised his glass and said, "To Winston, the only reason we're legal again!"

"To Winston!" everyone said, raising their glasses.

That's when everyone heard a helicopter on the roof.

"That must be your present." Dash said before everyone went and Winston was surprised to see a solid gold statue of himself with the plaque reading, "To The Guy Who Made Us Legal Again. Thank You, Winston Deavor!"

"We know it may seem like a bit much, but…" Violet said.

Winston smiled widely, "It's perfect." he said.

I want to give a big thank you to UltimateDisneyInfinityFan for helping me out with this story.