'Thinking' – thoughts

"Speaking" – speech

'Thinking' – Dragon/God/Beast thinking

"Speaking" - Dragon/God/Beast speaking

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The basic elements of magic, fire, water, air, earth, lightning, poison, light, dark, special, and celestial all have a god and dragon dedicated to it. All magic can be traced back to either one of these elements or a combination of multiple elements. Only one exception to this rule exists and that is death magic, magic so rare most mages never even hear about it and even less witness it's terrifying power. The element of Death is unique with no other magic originating from it and it has no connection to any of the other elements. Keeping with its unique qualities there is only one being dedicated to it. This being is Draco Mortem the Dragon God of death and decay. He is also the only user of this particular brand of magic.

Draco is a large dragon standing twenty meters tall with an eighty-meter wingspan. His body looks like the body of a decaying dragon corps with pale grey scales covering the top parts of his body. His lower body had no scales or skin, only bones surrounded by an eerie purple glow. His four legs consisted of skeletal legs with a few strands of skin dripping off the bone. Three large, razor-sharp black claws protruded from his bony feet. He had a long and thin tail with fins and spikes running along its length. The spikes and fins continued up to his long neck. Six short curved horns curled out of the side of his head with smaller spikes present on them. His nose ended in a small horn. Eyes of violent purple were on each side of his head. When he would open his large maw a row of razor-sharp teeth would seem. The same purple glow from his body would emanate from the depths of his maw. A dark forked purple tongue called his mouth its home. His large wings came out of his shoulder blades and had a bat-like look to them the difference being that multiple tears were present and the wings had a decaying look to them. Where the spines of the wings came together a crooked claw was present. He also had strands of bone and skin dripping from his lower jaw.

Draco's responsibilities as the Dragon God of death and decay included collecting the souls of the deceased. He made servants help him with the task to ensure no lost soul will wander around the world aimlessly. These creatures he made to serve him looked like a humanoid figure with only an old and torn cloak visible and a pair of bony hands holding a scythe to reap the soul of the deceased in order to guide them to the afterlife. They were dubbed the grim reapers.

Draco will only go to reap souls on his own if the amount would be too great for his reapers to handle. He spent most of his time tending to the cycle of life as after birth everything in existence starts to die and decay. Today was one of the days he would have to move out of his domain to reap the souls of an entire city.

Year X367

Draco's gigantic form flew over Earthland towards his intended destination. His destination was a major city called Mildian. It was located on the continent of Alakitasia and was known to have a large population. The Mildian Magic Academy called this city its home and here and housed many scholars from all ages and genders.

One student of the academy once caught Draco's attention because this man was trying to reclaim the soul of a dead relative. To the mages and scholars of the academy researching life and death was considered a taboo subject and they would refrain from looking into it. This man had an amazing drive to retrieve the soul of his lost relative. Draco allowed the man to continue his research because it amused him to see the mortal attempt to defy logic and the laws of life itself. The God Ankhseram god of Contradiction, falsely believed to be the god of Life and Death by the mortals, cursed the man because the man tried to defy the laws of Nature.

The man became immortal and due to the Curse of Contradiction he could not kill himself and whenever he valued life, life would be taken away from that which was around him. The man continued his research and soon found a way to recall a soul form the afterlife. Draco allowed the soul to leave the afterlife as a reward to the mage who threw everything away to revive his relative.

That was a day ago.

Draco neared the town a sad feeling invaded his chest. Death was a release from life and to reap a soul usually came with the signs of relief but today Draco would collect the souls of people who had their life taken away from them too early. The entire city's population would now inhabit the afterlife. A malicious force had wiped out the entire city leaving only dead bodies in the new ghost town.

As Draco began the process of reaping a large number of souls he heard something he would never have thought to hear in such a desolate place. The cries of a child. Moving toward the source of the crying Draco found himself face to face with a small child who was probably only six or seven years of age. As he approached the small pink-haired infant Draco sensed a familiar magical aura emanating from the child. As familiar the aura might have been to Draco it stilled stunned him to find it in the world of the living. This child had the aura of the afterlife.

"Why are you crying young one?" Draco's deep draconic voice echoed off the silent streets. Draco bent his head down so that he could get a close-up look at the child.

The child stopped crying the moment he heard the voice. He looked at the dragon that was now lying down near him. Looking into the dragon's eye the boy did not feel fear instead he felt something akin to nostalgia. The boy took one shaky step after another towards the Dragon God of death and decay.

"Hello there young one, can you tell me what you are doing here?" Draco asked the boy as he came within arm's reach of his talon.

The boy looked up at the dragon then at the talon of the dragon then back up at the dragon once again.

"You are a dragon," the boy exclaimed in excitement. This caught Draco off guard. Normally when a human saw a dragon, they would either scream in terror and run away or try in vain to find the dragon off depending on who the individual was. But this boy just looked at him in amazement and excitement.

"Yes, young one I am a dragon," Draco replied to the interesting boy. Something about the boy's soul felt familiar to Draco but he could not put his claw on it.

"Do you know what happened here Mister Dragon?" the boy asked in an innocent tone.

"Can you tell me what you know already and I will try to fill in the gaps?" Draco asked the boy.

"Well, all I can remember is waking up earlier today in a very comfy bed. Then a black-haired boy started crying in the room I was in. The boy suddenly ran out of the room then a black mist came in, after a while, the mist disappeared. I went outside to see what happened and everyone was just sleeping. I tried to wake some of them up but it didn't work. Then I found you Mister Dragon," the boy told his tale.

"I am sorry to say this young one but apart from you everyone in the city was killed by that black mist," Draco said. After a moment of silence, the small boy looked up at the dragon once again but instead of crying the boy just had a solemn expression.

"So, I'm the only one left," the boy said in a sad tone.

"Why do I feel like someone I know felt like this?" the boy asked himself before clutching his head and screaming out in pain.

"Are you all right young one?" Draco asked the small boy after he calmed down.

"Yes, Mister Dragon I just saw some pictures in my mind," the boy said with a confused expression.

"Do you want to tell me what you saw?" Draco asked hoping he could find out more about this young boy.

"Sure. The pictures I see aren't really clear but I see fire everywhere and I hear people screaming. I can also see someone crying. I can hear then telling me to live almost begging. Other than that, the word 'Dragneel' I don't remember anything else," Natsu answered the dragon.

'Now I understand why this boy's aura is the same as the aura of the afterlife. He must be the soul that returned to the land of the living,' Draco realised.

"Young one I know this might sound strange to you but the image you see is the last thing you saw before you died. Before you freak out someone managed to revive you. You are the only living being who has been revived," Draco explained.

The young boy looked shocked but thankfully didn't freak out.

"So, I was dead and now I am alive?" the boy asked.

"Yes, young one," Draco confirmed.

"Can I ask you how you know this Mister Dragon?" the boy asked.

"Let me introduce myself. I am Draco Mortem the Dragon God of death and decay. I know that you were once dead because I harvested your soul after your death to take it to the afterlife. A relative of yours defied all logic and managed to pull your soul back from the afterlife and revived you," Draco explained.

"That actually makes sense thank you Mister Dragon Draco," the boy replied.

'This presents me with a unique opportunity having a soul from the afterlife being returned to the mortal realm,' Draco thought.

"Young one I have a proposal for you. I oversee the cycle of life but at times it can get very strenuous. You are unique because you have returned from my domain to the land of the living. This allows you to learn my magic, the magic of death and decay, or Death Dragon God Slayer magic. Would you like to learn it from me?" Draco asked the small child.

"Can I help people with it? I don't want to kill people," the boy replied.

"Yes, young one if you master the magic I have to teach you, you will be able to help people. As for killing the magic is very dangerous but with enough practice, you can gain the level of control to prevent it from killing your foes," Draco explained.

"And what will I have to do if I learn this magic?" the boy asked.

"I would only ask of you to help me preserve the cycle of life and prevent the taking of a life before its time," Draco replied.

"Then I accept," the boy said happily.

"Before I forget, do you remember your name young one?" Draco asked the boy.

"No all I can remember is the word 'Dragneel' as I said before," the boy responded.

"Then I will give you the name of Natsu, it means summer and your hair colour reminds me of a summer morning," Draco named the boy now known as Natsu Dragneel.

"Climb on my back young Natsu and I will take you to my home where I will teach you the ways of the Death Dragon God," Draco declared.

Natsu climbed onto the dragons back taking a seat at the base of its neck behind the large grey fin.

"Before we go, I must collect the soul of the dead," Draco told Natsu before resuming the process of reaping the souls of those who had passed away.

Draco soon took flight and moved to a location where he could open the portal to his home dimension.

That is the prologue of my new story 'The wandering Death Dragon God Slayer'. Hope you enjoyed it. The next chapter will cover Natsu's training and upbringing. See you in the next one.