Chapter 28

'Thinking' – thoughts

"Speaking" – speech

'Thinking' – Dragon/God/Beast thinking

"Speaking" - Dragon/God/Beast speaking

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-With Ultear and Ur-

"Well done Ultear looks like you have a knack for Ice-Make Magic," Ur said with a happy and proud smile. The two had spent most of the day running through the basics of Ice-Make Magic and Ur was delighted by her daughter's improvements.

"But I'm nowhere near your level Mom," Ultear replied. Ultear was amazed by the power her mother held over the element of ice, and to think that in one day she already surpassed what Ultear had seen from her mother's students even if she was stuck as ice for ten years.

"Well one thing you have over me is that other magic of yours, Arc of Time was it?" Ur said.

"The power to manipulate the time of objects, yes," Ultear confirmed. A grin spread across her mother's face that puzzled Ultear.

"Though I haven't encountered it myself, I have heard of mages who were able to combine two forms of magic to increase their power," Ur said while looking at Ultear from the corner of her eye, a small smile resting on her face.

"Are you saying that I should try and incorporate my Arc of time with my Maker Magic?" Ultear asked with her eyes beginning to shine slightly at the idea.

"Ice is a strange element, one that doesn't have a clear future, yet it holds the past within it. But if one was to force it into the unknown, well who knows what can happen," Ur said, the excitement in her voice evident.

"Are you telling me this because of granting me more powerful spells, or is it mainly because you are curious about this?" Ultear asked with a blank look. She had come to realise her mother had a great fascination with ice and all of its various properties, something the elder Milkovich constantly brought up throughout their basic training.

"Providing you with more power is always a good bonus," Ur said with a smile, the twinkle in her eyes still present.

With a small shake of her head, Ultear placed a fist into her open palm. Starting with just creating a ball of ice she shifted her focus to her Arc of Time. Slowly Ultear imbued the ball of ice with the magic that governs time, first going for reversing the time on it since it is easier to return something to what it was compared to forcing it to what it will be. The purple colour of the ice ball seems to waver, gaining a very light blue hue to it as the Arc of Time magic started to affect it.

Ur's eyes widened at the strength of the ice that Ultear wielded. She could feel the icy resolve of the ball of ice and an idea came to her mind.

"Would you mind holding that ice ball like that for a moment please?" Ur requested and after getting a nod from Ultear along with a questioning look, Ur quickly disappeared into the house before reappearing a few moments later with a red lacrima and a few logs of wood.

"Why do you want to make a fire mother?" Ultear asked. She was confused because the only time Ur allowed them to use fire during this trip was to prepare food, stating that they should always embrace the cold to further their connection with the ice.

"The ice you have there in your hand, I want to see how resilient it is," Ur said as she made a small fire with the logs and lacrima. After making the fire, Ur instructed Ultear to place the ice ball in the flames.

"Remember to keep supplying the ball with a steady stream of power, just enough for it to stay in existence. Don't try and reinforce it with your magic though," Ur instructed as Ultear brought the ball closer to the fire.

Ur and Ultear watch with great interest as the ball of ice was covered by the flames of the small fire. It was a great surprise to see the flames faltering while the ball of ice stood strong compared to the expected result of a melting ball.

"Amazing, it seems like the power to hold its form, as well as its resistance, has increased. Did you push it into the future?" Ur commented before directing the question to her daughter.

"No, it's easier to reverse the time of something so I tried that first," Ultear replied.

"I wonder what will happen if you forward the time on the ice. Reversing the time seemed to have fortified it so would that mean that forwarding the time would make it volatile, but how will volatile ice be, is that even possible?" Ur started to ramble much to Ultear's amusement.

"Why don't we find out?" Ultear asked with a giggle at her mother's excitement. Ur's eye lit up in excitement at the proposition as she eagerly nodded her head at her daughter.

Once again taking a deep breath and placing her fist in an open palm, Ultear once again formed a ball of ice before activating her Arc of Time Magic on it, this time focusing on forcing the ball into the future while closing her eyes. At first, nothing seemed to happen, which saddened Ur a bit, but that changed once the icy ball started to shake.

Shards of ice detached from the ball and expanded above Ultear's hand while a veil of mist formed around the ball. Ur watched in fascination as the shards slowly rotated inside the mist. 'Amazing, this ice is so unstable, bound between solid and gas forms. I wonder…' Ur thought as she slowly started moving her hand towards the rotating shards of ice.

"This is so bizarre, even though the shards aren't connected they keep their position and this mist, it feels solid," Ur commented which caused Ultear to open her eyes. She saw the deep purple glowing ice shards confined in a light purple mist with Ur holding her hand against the mist. Ultear brought her other hand to the orb and felt the solid mist that surrounded the shards.

"How about you try and implement this ice in an attack?" Ur suggested after a few more moments of marvelling at the ball of mist and ice. She took a step back to give Ultear space after she saw her daughter nod.

'Let's see if I can do this,' Ur thought as she focused on the Ice-Make techniques she learned with her mother and gathering power in her hands. 'The ball was filled with shards so I guess that will be a good option,' Ultear made up her mind on what spell she would attempt.

"Ice-Make: Shards of Tomorrow" Ultear called out, imbuing her 'Ice-Make: Shards' spell with her Arc of time magic, forcing the ice into the future. Shards of deep purple ice formed in front of her before they shot forward leaving trails of mist. The ice shard embedded themselves in one of the snow-covered trees and to the amazement of Ur and Ultear, the shards flashed back to where they were a moment before they impacted and once again embedded themselves into the tree.

"Amazing, so ice sent to the past has increased strength, while ice sent to the future strikes twice," Ur commented while Ultear moved towards the tree that acted as her target.

"The destructive capability of the future ice is higher as well," Ultear said as she ran her hand over the large gashes and holes in the tree. 'The power I put into that attack should have only done half this amount of damage, even with the second wave the spell had,' Ultear thought.

"Seems like we have two new toys to play around with," Ur said with a large smirk, excited at the idea of helping Ultear develop new spells with her combined magic.

-With Natsu and Haru-

"Fire Dragon Iron Fist" Haru called out as he slammed his fist into a being of the depths, dispersing it the being before simply walking through the man that was dashing towards him as well as the monster that was barrelling down on him.

'It's good to see him distinguishing between what is real and what is not,' Natsu thought as he peacefully made his way down the ruined pathway if can even be called that.

'And why is it that nothing is targeting you?' a voice sounded in Natsu's head.

'That would be attributed to what I truly am,' Natsu mentally replied with a sigh.

'Oh, a deep dark secret? So exciting. Would you be willing to tell me?' Mavis said with excitement in her voice.

'I'm sorry, but this is something that can cause a lot of trouble if it got out,' Natsu sighed.

'Well then, you have the perfect confidant. Come on who will I be telling?' Mavis said with a giggle.

'I assume that you will pester me until I tell you, won't you?' Natsu thought as he heard a giggle from Mavis.

'Honestly, I don't know the full story myself but the reason these things, the apparitions, aren't bothering me is that I have been to the land of the dead before. The other beings are afraid of my power so that is why they leave me alone,' Natsu said.


"My son, you are the only being alive that will be able to wield the power over the dead. Use this power well when you return to the land of the living," Draco said, mostly to himself as he watched over the sleeping form of Natsu.

"Dad, what do you mean by that?" Natsu asked, surprising the great Dragon God.

"Natsu, I see you are still awake," Draco said, a slight amount of surprise in his voice.

"Why did you say I'm the only one that can wield the power over the dead?" Natsu asked, now sitting up.

"Ah, the reason for that my son, is that you have been here before, yet by the power of one of the living you have been removed from here. This was done before I found you in that ruined city, though don't dwell on that fact too much," Draco said.

"Oh, all right, thank you for answering," Natsu said before he lay back down. Draco said there was no need to further dwell on that, so that was just what the young pinkette has done.

-Flashback end-

'You have been to the land of the dead?' Mavis asked in a surprised tone.

'That is where my father taught me the magic I wield,' Natsu replied.

'Interesting, however, I believe there is still something that you are hiding from me,' Mavis said with what sounded like a glare.

'And for now, that is how it will stay. Though this is where I will have to cut our conversation short since we have arrived at our destination,' Natsu replied.

'All right, for now, I will let you have your secrets. Good luck with Haru and the training,' Mavis ended their conversation.

"The pathway looks like it opens up ahead," Haru commented.

"We have reached the entrance to Agartha. This is where you will reach the next step in Dragon Slayer Magic," Natsu said.

The two walked into a massive cavern lit up by magma and flames that that has been burning for untold amounts of time. From where they stood the two could see a large desolate island surrounded by the orange and red sea of magma with a single large natural bridge leading to it. On either side of the bridge, two draconic claws rose from the ground, once containing a mass of earth, hovering within the claw without touching anything. Within the other claw a ball of deep orange fire with specs of azure and green.

"In accordance to the law of Fire and Earth, those who wish to enter Agartha should offer a piece of their soul, in your case as well as that of the Fire Dragons, this requires you to produce our most pure form of fire and offer it to the Hand of the Flame," Natsu said as he indicated towards the claw with the flames.

"You said this is the ancestral home of Fire and Earth Dragons, but I can't sense any Dragons," Haru commented.

"For one, until you have been granted access through the Hand of the Flame, you won't be able to sense anything beyond this point, though it is true that no Dragons are here for reasons that I don't fully know," Natsu admitted.

Haru moved towards the large claw and lit his hand ablaze. As he drew closer to the flaming claw he felt his fire being pulled towards it. Extending an open palm toward the claw, Haru sent his flame toward the flames in the claw. Once his flames reached the other flames he felt a feeling he only felt a few times in his life. A warm sensation like no other washed over him and filled him with confidence. 'Just like when Igneel gave me some of his flames to eat,' Haru thought as a tear came to his eye, overcome by the emotions of feeling close to his father. Haru closed his eyes and clenched his fist as he fondly thought back to his time with Igneel.

"Come Haru, there is one more thing that we need to do before I can train you in the state of the elements," Natsu said with a small smile as he made his way to the bridge. Once Haru opened his eyes they quickly widened in amazement.

The once desolate island was now occupied by large structures sporting statues of Dragons. Large openings and arches decorated with the most intricate designs led one to the large open spaces where a Dragon would make its den. Though to most people these structures would look like weirdly decorated caves, any who know about Draconic Culture would see that this is where they would hoard their treasured belongings.

In the centre of the island, an altar stood tall with two statues of Dragons with streams of fire coming out of their maws, standing on opposite corners while the other two corners were occupied by large bulky Dragon statues with floating stones around them.

"Where did this come from?" Haru asked in shock since only a few moments ago the island was a desolate place but now multiple Dragon dens could be seen on the walls of the cavern along with the large structures and alter on the island.

"Only those who were accepted by the elements can see how this place truly looks like," Natsu explained.

"That's amazing magic, to be able to hide this entire place to those who haven't been accepted by the flames or stone. Wait a minute, how are you able to see the things here since you don't have Earth or Fire magic?" Haru said in amazement before asking his question.

"I am somewhat of a special case, with my father's status I was accepted in all the ancestral homes of the Dragons. Anyway, come with me," Natsu said as he motioned for Haru to follow him. The two made their way to the alter. Once they arrived Natsu motioned Haru to move to the centre while he stayed at the edge.

"Haru, Darastrix di Ixen. Tir wux jihai wer ibafarshani di dout cirau?" Natsu asked in Draconic.

"Si tir," Haru replied.

"Hak, lae nomenes svaust confna ghoros si fehlim ekess wux wer ibafarshani di dout cirau," Natsu said. Extending his hands towards the two Dragon statues that are breathing fire, his hands lit up in a purple and grey glow. Slowly the two Dragon statues bent their heads downwards, causing the streams of fire to converge on Haru.

Inhaling the fire a smile grew on Haru's face as he was once again able to taste Dragon's fire. 'This is by far the best thing I have ever tasted,' Haru thought with a smile. The flames around the Fire Dragon Slayer subsided as the heads of the statues returned to their normal position.

"Now Haru, it's time for me to teach you how to manipulate the state of your element," Natsu said as he summoned his Death Dragons Slayer magic around his hand, morphing the purple and grey magic into a spear and planting it in the ground. Haru was quick to turn all of his attention to Natsu, eager to learn how to use this powerful-looking technique.

"First I want you to come and feel how this spear feels. I want you to try and understand how the magic is compiled compared to the normal attack I will show you. Focus on how the magic differs," Natsu instructed.

Doing as he was told, Haru approached the dark spear. Taking hold of the solid magic, Haru could feel that the magic itself was flexible, easily manipulated to change its form, yet at the same time it was rigid and Haru could tell that even if he tried he would be hard-pressed to bend it.

"Now feel the magic in this attack and focus on the differences," Natsu said before turning away from Haru and calling out, "Death Dragon Devastating Fist". Natsu's fist was covered in a grey and purple magic as he delivered a powerful punch. Turning back to Haru, Natsu looked at him with an expecting expression.

"The spear's magic feels rigid, almost as if it's unrefined. Like it's close to what it feels like when someone is starting out with magic but the difference there is that this magic is completely controlled. The normal attack you performed was like any spell, optimized I power output and technique," Haru said with a frown.

"It si true that controlling the state of an element is a lot more rudimentary compared to spells, but to pull it off is a lot harder since, in essence, you are controlling the raw magical element and not using the magic to form a spell. The amount of magical power used to create an object is a lot higher compared to normal spells, meaning that overall they are weaker when compared to spells with the same required power. Basically, this technique isn't something that will win you a battle, rather it is a tool to turn situations more favourable," Natsu explained.

"But what about when you completely decimated Laxus' 'Heavenward Halberd'?" Haru asked, remembering the incredible sight of the powerful spell being dismantled.

"Ah yes, that was a spell using the raw magic and converting it into a specific state, however, that is only possible by using the source of the spell that is natural and sadly for your element, and most elements honestly, there is never enough in the area meaning that I don't think it will be worth teaching you since the circumstances for you to use it is too specific," Natsu explained.

"Oh, all right," Haru said, a bit downcast.

"Though with these techniques you will be able to block most spells by forming shields or deflect weapons with your element. There are almost infinite uses for this," Natsu said. He got his desired effect in that Haru's mood immediately brightened.

"That sounds so cool, but wait, isn't that basically Maker Magic?" Haru asked.

"The two are similar, though with this technique you exchange power for flexibility, in other words, while both can for instance make a sword, while a Maker spell would be stronger, this technique allows you to change the properties of the sword, for instance, you can morph the sword into a shield to block and change it back to a sword for the next attack," Natsu elaborated on the differences.

"Now, I want you to focus on your magic, just the raw power of the element of fire. Don't think about forming a spell. Once you have that think about an object you wish to create. Feel the magic forming it in your hand," Natsu began to instruct Haru. Haru closed his eyes and focused on the flames of a Dragon.

Haru felt a warm sensation in his magical core and quickly realised that it was the flames he consumed from the statues. Imagining one of Erza's swords Haru began to focus the destructive magical power of the Dragon's Fire in his hand, trying to form a fiery sword. He felt the raw magic power forming in his hand. Willing the power into a form he was surprised when the power exploded in his hand.

"Not bad for your first try, though I would suggest you try and form something smaller, and don't worry about detail. First focus on just forming something after that we can work towards larger objects and only then will we focus on traits like a sharp edge," Natsu said.

-With Hardon and Sithria-

"Sithria, I'll go and put this lot with the rest, will you go and report to Gohra?" Hardon requested the blond.

"Fine, I guess it would be more of a headache to try and wrangle this lot with my magic," Sithria said with a sigh. 'I'll just go and tell that lunatic then I can go and blow something up again,' Sithria decided. Quickly making her way to the camp where Gohra and the others were she made her way straight to the large tent in the middle of the camp.

"Oi Gohra, we got you thirty or so prisoners, Hardon is taking them to the others," Sithria called out as she entered the tent. Sitting on a log sharpening his long sword with a stone was the group's leader, Gohra. At his feet was a beaten prisoner, barely breathing.

"Good job, in three days we will move out to the ritual location and under the full moon their blood will bring forth a new horror that will be released on this world," Gohra said with a smirk before stabbing his sword into the arm of the prisoner. A pained scream erupted from the beaten prisoner's mouth though it was only met by sickening grins from two of the occupants of the tent.

"Will you just kill that prisoner before you give me a headache?" a large man with a long black ponytail said as he held his hand to his face.

"Come now big guy, the screams of the one who tried to escape is music to my ears. It's only been a few hours, we can still keep this going for at least two more," Gohra said with an evil grin. Suddenly the beaten prisoner burst in a special of blood and gore.

"Not a chance," the large man said, his unsympathetic gaze fixed on the remains of the prisoner.

"A brutal death, how wonderful," Gohra laughed as he brought the blade to his lips and tasted the blood on it.

"I'm out of here. While you have your weird tastes I like blowing things up, and I think I saw a few trees still standing so don't bother me for the rest of the day," Sithria said with a sigh before leaving the tent.

"We all have our pastimes, and our magic affects what we like to do," Gohra said as his eyes lit up in a light red and the blood started to rise.

-With Team Erza-

Erza was looking up at the peak of the mountain with a frown. It was still early in the morning and the other two were still asleep but even in the early morning sunshine, Erza could see the raging blizzard that covered the peak.

'Going into that blizzard might be dangerous, especially since it might be the monster's doing. I will ask the other on their opinion once they have woken up but I would rather air on the side of caution, though if the blizzard doesn't subside before tomorrow we will have to brave it,' Erza thought.

"Re-quip: Okinawan Robe" Erza called out as a golden glow surrounded her form. As the light died down Erza was dressed in her new light blue robes that came along with her Bo staff, which was in her right hand. Erza was standing with the staff running along her arm and poking out behind her head.

Erza started spinning the staff around, running through the motions she read up about on how to use the staff. First, she kept her feet grounded, getting a feel for the weight of the staff as well as its reach. After feeling comfortable with the staff, Erza started to move around, changing between jabs and thrusts while keeping herself mobile. In her mind, she pictured foes surrounding her and she was dealing with them in a beautiful dance of trikes with the Bo staff alongside hand-to-hand combat techniques.

Taking it up to the next level Erza started incorporating movements that utilised the staff to improve her movements. Plunging the staff into the ground Erza swung around it, kicking out at the imaginary foes that had surrounded her. Quickly dropping into a low stance Erza performed a low sweep with the staff before bringing it over her head and ending her practice session with a heavy overhead blow.

A golden glow once again engulfed Erza and she was back in her Heart Kreuz Armour. Once she was back at the campsite she saw that the other two had stirred with Lucy being crouched over a small fire, watching the kettle while warming her hands while Gray was looking around the perimeter.

"Hey Erza, the water will be ready shortly," Lucy greeted the scarlet-haired knight.

"Thank you, then we can discuss what we will do today over breakfast," Erza said as she started to help Lucy with breakfast.

"That blizzard doesn't seem natural," Gray commented as the three sat down with their breakfast.

"I agree, it's probably due to whatever monster we have to eliminate, the villagers did mention it can summon blizzards," Erza replied.

"So what will we do?" Lucy.

"Personally, I would prefer it if the blizzard subsides before we head into unknown terrain but if it is still up by tomorrow then, we will have to go regardless," Erza said.

"Trying to fight without being able to see is already hard, and since we don't know what exactly we are going to face that makes it even harder. I agree to wait," Gray said with a serious expression.

"I guess that will give us some time to practice with the new magic we all learned. Maybe it will even give us the edge we will need to beat whatever the monster is," Lucy said with a smile.

"Indeed, we should take this opportunity to increase our skills, maybe a spar will allow us to explore more aspects compared to beating up those Vulcans," Erza said with a nod. The idea of sparring with Erza was already not the other two mage's cup of tea, but add to that the fact that Erza hasn't mastered the Bo staff and thus not knowing how much to hold back… Yeah, that was a recipe for pain.

"I'm not so sure about that," Lucy started to say but it was already too late.

"Yes, after this we will spar," Erza declared with a twinkle in her eye. Gray and Lucy shared a glance, both hoping they will come out without any major injuries.

It wasn't long before the three stood in a clearing, all three ready for the spar.

"Remember, no lethal blows and the winner will be the last mage standing. This is also to develop our skills, so try and keep your attacks limited to your new spells and don't be afraid to surrender," Erza said as she was enveloped in a golden glow as she called out "Re-quip: Okinawan Robe".

"Well here goes nothing," Gray said with a sigh before he placed a fist in his palm. "Ice-Make: Dory Apsis" Grey called out as he pulled his right fist away from his palm as the spear formed in his hand while a round shield formed in his left. Resting his spear on his shield Gray stood at the ready.

Unrolling her whip Lucy reached for a golden key with her other. "Gate of the Maiden: Virgo, grant my weapon control of the steady earth" Lucy chanted as an orange hue surrounded the black whip.

The three-way standstill lasted for only before Gray started his advance. Deciding that an engagement with Erza would be the best considering he could block her staff a lot easier than Lucy's whip. Lucy, seeing that Gray had opted to take Erza on turned towards the Scarlet Knight as well. 'Taking out Erza will be impossible if I have to do it alone, for now, I will work with Gray,' Lucy thought as she cracked the whip against the ground, causing multiple rocks to hover around her.

"I relish in the challenge," Erza said as she saw that the other two had turned on her. Erza extended her staff to her right while holding an open palm forward. Not wanting to give Erza the power to completely dictate the flow of the battle, Gray advanced forward.

Once he was in range, Gray jabbed the icy spear towards Erza who countered it by redirecting it towards the ground with her staff. Knowing she was outranged, Erza used her staff as a pole vault and levered herself above Gray. With a war cry, Erza extended her left palm towards Gray's head, intending on slamming him into the ground before he could manoeuvre his large spear in a defensive position.

Thinking quickly Gray brought his shield up to block the devastating blow, saving him from being embedded in the ground but still leaving a spider web crack at his feet.

"Good usage of the shield Gray, but let's see how you deal with this," Erza praised before using the shield as leverage and flipping to his other side, bringing the staff behind her. As she landed she thrust her staff forward, too quick for Gray to react and it in his gut.

While Gray staggered back in an attempt to create space so that he could recover, Lucy took the opportunity to strike. Cracking her whip behind one of the floating rocks sent it barrelling towards Erza. With reflexes honed by many years of training, Erza countered by slamming the back end of her staff into the rock, causing it to explode in a cloud of dust.

Changing targets, Erza dashed towards Lucy with her Bo staff extended above the blond. Thinking quickly Lucy grabbed her whip with both hands, one at the handle and another further down the whip, before bringing it up to meet the Bo staff. The floating stones mimicked the movement of the whip and formed a rocky pole-like barrier in the path of the staff.

Unfortunately for Lucy, this was Erza 'Titania' Scarlet attacking her. The staff broke through the rock barrier with ease and proceeded to buckle Lucy's defences, forcing the blond Celestial Spirit Mage to the ground with a hard blow. A groan escaped Lucy's mouth as she staggered to her feet.

Luck was on Lucy's side since while Erza had turned her attention to Lucy, Gray had enough time to recompose himself and prepared for his next attack. Erza was blindsided by a hefty ice spear slamming into her side, causing her to stagger back. Gray charged forward with his spear leaning on his shield.

"This didn't work last time Gray, so what makes you think it will land this time," Erza said in a disappointed tone as she once again parried the spear with her staff. Erza was about to use her staff as a pole vault once again but was unable to because Gray appeared in front of her.

"I know the same thing won't work, that's why I changed it up a bit," Gray replied with a smirk as he slammed his shield into Erza's abdomen. Moments before the blow had landed Erza had started her own counter, sending an open palm to Gray's head. Both attacks landed simultaneously, sending Gray staggering backwards while he dropped his spear and causing Erza to double over.

"I… think we … call it there… for now," Erza said between deep breaths after having her breath knocked out of her by Gray.

"Sure," Gray groaned with his hand on his head.

A golden glow surrounded Erza and as it died down she was once again in her Heart Kreuz Armour, Gray's spear and shield vanished while Lucy rolled up her hip.

"I think we take a break for now before we move on, I want to be closer to the blizzard before night falls," Erza said. With that said, the group returned to their campsite where they took the chance to rest and clean up.

After having cleaned up and packing up their campsite, the group proceeded to move towards the mountain. While they were on the move they only came across a few Vulcans but they were easily dealt with. It was a calm day after their sparring match and dealing with Vulcans paled in comparison to facing a Fairy Tail wizard.

They had set up camp and enjoyed some idle talk, while constantly casting glances at the never-ending blizzard at the peak of the mountain. They also dove into training with their new spells, though not opting to spar against one another and rather taking to what they discovered during the previous spar and improving on their shortcomings.

"Seems like we will have to brave the storm tomorrow," Erza said as the sun sunk below the horizon.

"Guess we will have an early day tomorrow," Gray sighed. He moved to get his sleeping gear out of his bag.

"Let's follow Gray's example and turn in early," Erza said as she and Lucy also got their sleeping gear.

The next morning started early with Erza waking everyone up with a not so quiet morning voice, getting a grumble from Gray and a stream of mumble words from Lucy which contained the phrase 'beauty sleep' multiple times. Erza though completely ignored it and took charge of getting everything ready for their departure.

"Once we venture into the blizzard, I want you two to stay close, we can't afford being split up. If we come across anything, whether it is our target or just a random monster, Lucy stay at the back, Gray work on defence and offence based on your own assessment and I will hold the vanguard," Erza instructed, getting nods from the other two.

The first ten minutes in the blizzard wasn't that much of a problem for the three as the trip was peaceful if you didn't take into account the raging blizzard, though that quickly changed one the winds started to pick up and the veil of snow started to contain icy shards that were starting to hinder the Fairy Tail mages.

"Why did this blizzard suddenly pick up?" Lucy called out over the raging winds as she shielded her face from the shards of ice.

"Somethings here, prepare yourselves," Erza called out as a golden glow surrounded her and a shout of "Re-quip: Flame Empress Armour" sounded from the head of the group. A bright orange glow lit up her figure as she ignited her sword. Lucy felt a shirt hit her body and quickly realised that it was Gray's. The Ice-Make mage was ready in his maker stance, eyes darting from side to side. Understanding the situation, Lucy reached for her keys.

The sound of the wind died down and an eerie silence enveloped the raging blizzard. The three Fairy Tail mages closed their formation seeing as they didn't know from which direction their foe was coming from thanks to the storm.

A swishing sound of something against the snow alerted the group that whatever it was, was coming from the right. Erza was the first to react and stepped forward, calling out "Flaming shot" sending a stream of fire from her sword in their foe's general direction. From the light the fire provided, they saw a hulking figure standing on two legs, two bulky arms and an elongated head, and a long tail. Whatever this creature was, its build was a sign of strength.

"Ice-Make: Lance" Gray called out, sending multiple icy lanced at the beast. A resounding crack followed as the three saw the figure swing its three-fingered clawed hand at the lances.

A roar escaped the beast's maw before the winds picked up and large shards of ice flew towards the three, large enough to do lasting damage. Thinking quickly Gray moved over to Lucy and called out "Ice-Make: Shield" while Erza sliced at the shards sent her way with her fiery sword.

"Let's go on the offensive," Erza called out before dashing at the monster. As she closed in on it, she saw it had a leathery hid and a single eye, burning with bestial rage. There were trespassers on its territory and thus it will have to deal with them.

Bringing her sword in an upward arc Erza prepared to deal a devastating blow. The beast opened its maw filled with large fangs and let loose a roar as it swung its claws at the flaming sword. The sword and claws made contact, but Erza underestimated the brute strength of the beast and was sent flying back to her comrades.

"Open, Gate of the Golden Bull: Taurus" Lucy called out. The sound of a doorbell echoed across the battlefield being followed by a loud 'Moo'.

"Who dares threaten Miss Lucy's body in this cold weather?" Taurus declared as he came into being.

"No time for your nonsense, attack that thing," Lucy commanded as she pointed towards the beast that had sent Erza flying. With another 'Moo', Taurus charged. "Ice-Make: Cannon" Gray called out, lending his aid to Taurus' advance.

The icy cannon able from Gray's spell gave Taurus enough time to reach the beast without being hindered. Erza was on the other side of the monster, having recovered almost instantly. With a pincer attack, Erza, now in her Purgatory Armour with its black colour and spiky design, and Taurus took their swings.

The beast let out another roar as it spun to block Erza's mace by grabbing hold of the weapon in its clawed hand while swinging its powerful tail at the Celestial Bull. The speed and strength of the monster were too much for the Golden Bull and he was sent tumbling into Gray. Thinking quickly Erza opted to re-quip her mace away and in her other hand, a sword appeared which she promptly thrust towards the closest thing of the beast. The sword found a home in the beast' leg, though Erza had a hard time piercing the leathery hide.

Enraged by the pain the beast felt in its leg, it brought both arms down, intending on crushing Erza. Quickly sliding away from the creature's reach Erza jumped up and called out "Re-quip: Flight Armour".

The group wasn't prepared for the spike in magical power that originated from the beast as its fists made contact with the frozen ground.

"This thing has magic?" Gray shouted in surprise and a slight amount of fear, its brute strength alone was already a problem alone but with magic thrown into the mix…

"Fall back," Erza commanded, her voice filled with urgency moments before an eruption of ice and snow surrounded the beast. A wave of snow and ice barrelled towards the fleeing mages of Fairy Tail as they ran down the mountainside.

[Haru, Dragon of Fire. Do you accept the flames of your kind?] - [Haru, Darastrix di Ixen. Tir wux jihai wer ibafarshani di dout cirau]

[I do] - [Si tir]

[Then, as those who came before I grant to you the flames of your kind] - [Hak, lae nomenes svaust confna ghoros si fehlim ekess wux wer ibafarshani di dout cirau]

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