Chapter 2

'Thinking' – thoughts

"Speaking" – speech

'Thinking' – Dragon/God/Beast thinking

"Speaking" - Dragon/God/Beast speaking

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or any of its characters they are property of Hiro Masima.

Year X784

-Fairy Tail Guild Hall-

A girl was standing in front of a large board with multiple pieces of paper on them. This girl had a buxom body, shoulder-length blond hair tied into a ponytail and two bangs framing her delicate face and big brown eyes. She wore a blue vest that hugged her figure nicely and a blue skirt held up with a brown belt. She also had knee-high socks and brown boots. On her hip attached to the left side of the 2belt, she had a black whip that ended in a heart shape that was rolled up and on the right side a small brown pouch containing a key ring with five silver keys and three gold keys. On her back of her right hand was a pink mark that looked like a fairy with a tail. Her name is Lucy Heartfilia and she is a member of the number one mage guild Fairy Tail all be it only recently.

She was looking at what is known as the request board, a board in the guildhall that contains many different requests from clients who require a mage's assistance for any number of reasons be it to read their fortune or exterminate a monster that is plaguing a village. She was running low on money since the previous request she took her partner did not accept the payment.

"Why aren't there any good jobs?" she whined not being able to find anything she thought she would be able to accomplish and that would pay enough for her to cover her rent for the month.

"Can you please stop complaining you're driving me insane," came a reply from a young man with a toned and muscular body, spiky black hair, and dark blue eyes. He only wore a pair of black boxers. Around his neck, he wore a cross-shaped necklace. A dark blue Fairy Tail mark is on his right pectoral. This man's name is Gray Fullbuster.

"Gray your clothes," a tall and slim tan-skinned young woman with mid-back length brown hair and two strands framing her face called out. She had a voluptuous figure and a black Fairy Tail mark on her left waist. She wore a light blue bikini top and a pair of capri pants with a pink belt. She had a pair of metal bracelets adorning her biceps and three simple round metal bracelets on her right wrist. This woman's name is Cana Alberona. She can usually be seen with a barrel of beer next to her and she is the Fairy Tail resident drunk with the highest alcohol tolerance in the guild.

"Not again," Gray exclaimed before running off to find his clothes. Gray had an unusual habit of constantly stripping and could usually be found with only his pants or boxer on. As he scurried around he bumped into a large, muscular man with tan coloured skin that towers over most of his fellow mages. He has long white hair that is kept styled upwards in long wave spikes and a scar below his right eye. He wore a dark blue jacket with large buttons down the middle and on the sleeves with a high collar, a light red shirt, loose pants held up by a simple belt, and traditional Japanese geta sandals. This behemoth of a man is Elfman Strauss.

"Watch where you're going Gray," Elfman roared throwing a punch at the man that ran into him. Gray went flying into a nearby table casing the drinks that previously occupied the table to spill all over the occupants of said table. Angered by the rude interruption the group at the table began throwing punches all around which quickly escalated into a full guild brawl. Fairy Tail was known to have massive guild brawls all the time for any possible reason and now was no different.

The brawl continued and chaos spread throughout the guild. A young man with a delicate bespectacled face and orange hair kept in a mildly short, spiky cut with a few strands covering his forehead came up to Lucy who was cowering in a corner hoping not to be dragged into the brawl. He wore a green jacket with an orange shirt underneath black pants and black shoes. This man was the resident playboy Loke.

"Don't worry Lucy I will defend you," he proclaimed offering her his hand. As he looked at her he spotted the keys she had on her belt.

"Y-You're a Celestial Spirit mage?" he stuttered.

"Yes I am, I have five silv…" Lucy started to brag before being cut off as Loke turned around and took off with great haste.

"It is a truly cruel fate thee the universe dares push us apart like this," he cried as he ran out of the guildhall.

"What's his problem," Lucy asked to no one in particular.

"He always acts like that around Celestial Spirit Mages so don't take it personally," a sweet voice said behind Lucy slightly startling her.

Lucy turned around to see a beautiful woman. She was a slim young woman of below-average height. She had long white hair which curls slightly at the ends with two bangs framing her beautiful face and reaching down to her chest. She had a short upwards ponytail obtained by gathering and tying her hair covering her forehead. She had large blue eyes and a curvy, voluptuous body and a white Fairy Tail mark on her left thigh. She wore a sleeveless ankle-length maroon dress with a pleated skirt. Her chest is adorned with a large pink bow, and a pink strap that wraps around her neck. She had a small chain necklace with a blue oval gem around her neck and a bracelet made out of white flowers circling her right wrist. This as Mirajane Strauss Fiore's number one model and Fairy Tail's barmaid and poster girl. She prefers to go by Mira.

"Mira don't sneak up on me," Lucy said in relief to which Mira just giggled.

The brawl continued for another minute before Loke came rushing through the doors with a look in his eyes that you would expect from someone who had just met with their worst nightmare.

"Erza is back," he shouted before kneeling down out of breath. Silence filled the guildhall and you could hear a pin drop. A few seconds later all hell broke loose with members running around in fear and placing all the tables and chairs in back in their respective positions while other members started cleaning the guildhall or repairing any damage with magic.

"Who is Erza and why is everyone acting so weird?" Lucy asked Mira who seemed like the only other sane person in the entire guildhall.

"Erza is one of our S-class mages and she acts like the disciplinary police of our guild," Mira answered.

Heavy footsteps could be heard coming from outside the guild. Everyone froze on the spot when the large front doors opened. A dark silhouette was seen entering carrying a massive horn-like object above its head with one hand. Once the figure stepped into the guild it was revealed that it was a woman. She was a young woman with long scarlet hair with two long bangs framing her face as well as some hair covering her right eye, her eyes were brown. She was in a set of armour that was made by the popular company among girls named Heart Kreuz. The armour sports a breastplate composed of a single piece of metal decorated by curved lines and a deformed Heart Kreuz mark. The normal logo of the company was a variation of a Cercelee Cross with forked tips curving around both ways with the only exception being the lower arm which bears a heart. The cross' right arm was extended on her armour piece so that the cross-section is over the location where her heart would be. A dark red Fairy Tail mark is located under the cross. With the breastplate, she also has a pair of metal gauntlets that go up to her elbows and shoulder guards. She completed her outfit with blue and black knee-high boots. She wore a plain sword on her hip. This was Erza 'Titania' Scarlet.

"I have heard some unsavoury thing about you lot while I was out," Erza's voice echoed around the quiet guildhall.

"Gray I heard you destroyed several buildings on one of your missions after which you pranced around naked before stealing a pair of underwear and yesterday you managed to level an entire mansion," Erza began her rant.

"Did you want me to continue walking around naked?" Gray asked but got no answer.

"Elfman you can't assault a client," Erza continued.

"He said it wasn't manly to be all brawn and that a true man is well educated," Elfman tried to justify himself.

"Cana you can't charge the Magic council with your liquor bills, Vijeeter take the dancing outside, Wakaba stop that disgusting smoking habit and Nab stop wasting time and pick a job request already," Erza continued her rant.

"But I'm not going to say anything," Erza said after her rant seemingly forgetting all that she just said.

"Mira where is the master I have something urgent to discuss with him," Erza asked the barmaid.

"He is away at the regular meeting sorry," Mira responded with a sweet smile.

"That is unfortunate. I will have to take matters into my own hands then seeing as this is a matter of utmost importance. Gray, Elfman you will join me in this mission I will meet you at the train station in thirty minutes," Erza commanded before turning around and leaving.

Shocked whispers travelled throughout the guild saying that Erza never asks for help and some wondering what would require Erza 'Titania' Scarlet to ask for help. Elfman and Gray immediately ran out to prepare for the mission fearing Erza's wrath if they did not follow her orders.

"Why don't you join them on their mission, Lucy? It would be a great experience," Mira asked Lucy before heading back to the bar.

-Magnolia Station thirty minutes later-

Gray, Elfman, and Lucy were standing at the train station.

"Why are you here?" Gray asked Lucy.

"Mira suggested I come along and that it would be a great experience," Lucy explained.

"Where is Erza anyway?" Elfman asked looking around for the redhead.

Just as he said that Erza approached them while pulling a small red cart loaded with a mountain of luggage. Nobody dared ask her if all of that luggage was really needed out of fear of her retaliation.

"Sorry I am late and for making you wait, please hit me," Erza apologised bowing her head. Erza had a strange habit of asking someone to hit her when she apologised. No one has ever dared to hit her so whether she would do anything about it afterwards was still a mystery.

"Its fine no need to apologise," Lucy said while sweat dropping at the strange request.

"Then let's not dawdle around here. I have already purchased tickets for the train ride to Onibus," Erza said before boarding the train. Once they were on the train they looked for a place to sit. The only available spot was a compartment with a hooded man in black clothes.

"Is it okay if we sit here?" Lucy asked the hooded man.

"Be my guest," the hooded man replied before leaning his head on the window.

Once the group was seated the train it pulled out of the station. The seating arrangements were Erza next to the hooded man, Gray sitting across the hooded man with Lucy next to him, and Elfman on the far end. After a little while when the group assumed the hooded man was asleep due to him leaning against the window and not making a sound Gray decided to ask the question he had ever since Erza announced they were going on a mission.

"So Erza what is this mission about?" Gray asked breaking the silence.

"All right well on my way back from my previous mission I stopped by a diner in Onibus that I heard had delicious strawberry cheesecake. While enjoying my glorious cake a group of men started causing a commotion calling for waiters to bring their mead and just generally being loud. Due to this, I overheard some of their conversation. They were saying something about a lullaby and how a man named Kageyama would be able to break the seal that was on it. The one I suspect of being Kageyama said that he will have the seal broken within two days and that the rest of them should tell Erigor that he will be back in four days with this lullaby. At the time I didn't recognise the name Erigor. I am so stupid if I just realised who Erigor was when I was there I could have beaten them until they told me their plan," Erza said getting an angered expression on her face.

"Who is Erigor?" Lucy asked trying to calm the raging woman down.

" 'Shinigami' Erigor is the ace of the dark guild Eisenwald. He gained the moniker of 'Shinigami' because he would only accept assassination requests even after the Magic Council outlawed assassination requests," Erza explained.

Lucy had a cold sweat at the mention of Erigor's moniker.

"So the plan is to burst in on them, beat them up and retrieve whatever this lullaby thing is?" Gray asked.

"That is the gist of it. Once we get to Onibus we will start looking around for them. The only thing I don't know is what lullaby is and what their plan with it is," Erza said in frustration.

"So Erza I know that Gray uses Ice-Make Magic but I wanted to ask, what is your magic?" Lucy asked after a short moment of silence.

"I use re-quip magic that allows me to pull items from my pocked dimension like weapons," Erza Said while a bright glow lit up her hand and when it died down a dagger was present in her hand.

"But Erza's particular form of re-quip magic is unique. While normal re-quip mages can only summon weapons Erza had the ability called 'The Knight' which allows her to summon armours on her body," Gray continued.

"Yes, like Gray said I can re-equip my armour as well. This gives me the option to assess the situation and then re-equip into a set of armour that would benefit the situation the best," Erza finished the explanation.

"That's so cool," Lucy said before turning to Elfman, "I saw you doing something with your arm in some of the guild brawls and never got around to asking what it was," she asked the large man.

"That is my Take-over Magic. I use the Beast Soul form which allows me to take over manly beast souls that I can late transform into" Elfman explained while flexing his muscles.

"I noticed you have Celestial Gate Keys on that keyring am I correct in saying that you are a Celestial Spirit Mage?" Erza asked Lucy.

"Yes, I can call spirits from the Celestial World to aid me in battle. I have five Silver Keys that are the more common keys and can be bought in stores, but I also have three Golden Keys that belong to the Zodiac Spirits which are the most powerful spirits in the Celestial World," Lucy explained how her magic worked.

Gray felt like he was forgetting something important but couldn't put his finger on exactly what it was. Lucy on the other hand started thinking about what a lullaby and an assassin's guild could have to do with one another when she remembered some disturbing information.

"I think I read something about a Lullaby somewhere. If I remember correctly it is a magical item that uses death magic and whoever hears its song dies. You don't think they plan on using it?" Lucy said with a scared look in her eyes.

"We must stop them at once," Erza declared as the train stopped at Onibus train station.

The group quickly left leaving the hooded man in the compartment. The hooded man was none other than Natsu Dragneel. He was awake the entire tip but because he didn't want to talk to anyone while on transportation he let them believe he was asleep. You see once a dragon slayer got strong enough they would develop motion sickness due to their enhanced dragon senses. Draco had Natsu train to get over his motion sickness by leaving him out on a piece of wood in the middle of a vast body of murky water back in the realm of the dead for a prolonged period of time until he was able to only feel slight discomfort when on the floating and rocking piece of wood.

Natsu almost scoffed out loud when he heard the blond girl say Lullaby used Death Magic. Lullaby was an item that would kill its targets by stopping their vital organs with its living magic that allowed it to slightly alter other living things. No Death Magic there. Natsu stretched a bit since his back was sore from staying in one position for a prolonged period. It was at this moment that a young man with black eyes and black hair tied in a spiky ponytail entered the compartment. This man wore a white shirt with a high collar, a plain red undershirt, and a pair of aquamarine pants with black shoes.

"Hey there mind if I take a seat here?" the man asked.

"I don't mind," Natsu responded.

As the man sat down Natsu noticed a strange aura emanating from the man's pocket but decided not to stick his nose in someone else's business.

"Man have you seen the centrefold of this week Sorcerer's Weekly?" the man asked trying to stir up a conversation to pass the time.

"No," Natsu answered shortly not wanting to talk to this man. The man however didn't notice that Natsu didn't want to talk and continued on talking.

"Man you should see how beautiful Mirajane Strauss looks. What I wouldn't do to her if I got a chance. Those light guilds are so lucky we don't have any women in my guild," the man said. Natsu just stayed silent not wanting to have anything to do with this man.

"What you think you are better than me? I bet you would say the exact same if you saw the photos of her in the magazine," the man said getting irritated that he isn't getting a response from this guy. He proceeded to get up and aggressively pushed his face as close to Natsu's as he could. This got a reaction from Natsu.

"If you value your health I would suggest you sit down quietly and mind your own business until the end of this train ride," Natsu said in a cold threatening tone. The man didn't take the threat well.

"You think you can scare me? What a moron I am a member of the dark guild Eisenwald idiot and do you know what that means? That means I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty," the man ranted. Natsu stayed quiet which the man mistook as Natsu being afraid of him.

"Not so high and mighty now are we punk. But since you already disrespected me I think I'll leave you with a little present," the man said as he pulled back his fist intending on punching Natsu in the face. When the punch came Natsu simply lifted his hand and grabbed the punch.

"You should have listened to my warning," Natsu said before forming a ball of purple and grey magic. The aura that the magic gave of frightened the other occupant of the compartment so much that he pulled away and fell back on his seat with a look of fear in his eyes.

"Now I will give you one more chance to sit still and don't bother me again," Natsu said as he dispelled the orb. The rest of the trip was quiet and peaceful until the train suddenly stopped.

-At Onibus Station just as the Fairy Tail group got off the train-

While the train departed from Onibus station the Fairy Tail group that had just left the train walked up to one of the officers.

"Sir, have you seen a man, average height with black hair probably in a spiky ponytail around here?" Erza asked the officer.

"Yes, I have he boarded the train that just left," the officer replied.

"I demand you stop that train this instant," Erza shouted once the officer finished his sentence.

"I am sorry Miss but we can't just stop the train without good reason," The officer calmly replied.

"The man that just boarded the train has an evil magical item on him that will kill a lot of people is we don't stop him," Erza shouted in anger.

"I am sorry Miss but without proof, we can't stop the train," the offices replied once again. Erza gave up on reasoning with the man and marched over to the control room where she barged past the employee that worked there and pulled on the emergence breaks.

"Come on guys we will procure a Magic Four-Wheeler and catch up with the train," Erza commanded as she went in search of a vehicle. The rest of the group silently followed her after offering an apology to the employee.

-With Natsu in the train compartment just when Erza pulled the emergency breaks-

"Due to unforeseen circumstances the train has made an emergency stop and investigation is underway, we ask that you stay seated for the duration of the stop," an announcement went off as the train suddenly came to a halt.

The man that was opposite Natsu flew out of his seat as the train came to a sudden halt. He crashed into the open seat next to Natsu. A creepy looking wooden flute with a skull donning three eyes fell out of his pocket. Once Natsu saw this he immediately knew what it was. This was the reason he boarded the train in the first place. Natsu was on the hunt for the demon flute Lullaby ever since he caught wind that it was stolen from where it was sealed. Natsu attempted to grab it but was beaten to it by the other man. The man had a concerned look in his eyes when he saw that Natsu had reached for the flute.

"Knuckle Shadow" the man yelled out his attack sending shadowy knuckles at Natsu. Natsu easily dodged them and retaliated with a "Death Dragon's Devastating Fist". Natsu's attack struck home and sent the man flying through the compartment door and into the aisle. "Death God's Death Spear" Natsu shouted out and threw the spear at his opponent there was a huge explosion and when the smoke cleared Natsu could see that his attack managed to split the train cart in two. It was at that moment that the front part that had the mysterious man in it started moving once more.

"Damnit I overdid it. Now I have to walk," Natsu cursed while he jumped off the remainder of the cart and started walking along the train tracks. Before long Natsu heard a vehicle approaching him from behind.

-With the Fairy Tail mages in the Magic Four-Wheeler close to Kunugi Station-

As the Magic Four-Wheeler sped on Erza continued to pump more of her magic through the Self-Energy plug or SE-plug to power the vehicle.

"Erza you should be more conservative with your magic otherwise you will run out," Gray advised Erza but it fell on deaf ears as Erza continued at the same speed. As the group passed Natsu Lucy was looking out the window. They did not see the part of the train that was left behind since they weren't looking outside when they passed it.

"Hey isn't that the same guy from the train?" she asked.

"Yes, I think it is I wonder why he's walking," Gray commented.

"Because walking is manly," Elfman exclaimed. Elfman had some obsession with manliness and would often say that something or someone is manly even if the person in question is female. When the group neared Kunugi Station they saw that all the passengers and their belongings that should have been on the train were now occupying this station. Erza pulled over next to one of the officers on duty so that she could ask him a question.

"Sir what happened here?" she asked.

"The dark guild Eisenwald commandeered the train and threw everyone off and now they are on their way to Oshibana station," the officer replied.

Erza grew even more concerned because she knew Oshibana was a fairly large town and the potential damage Eisenwald could do there caused her to speed off once more.

"Erza let me take over for a moment. We can't have our strongest fighter low on power once we reach Oshibana," Gray tried to reason with the suborn redhead but once again he was ignored.

"Why do you guys think Eisenwald stole a train? It doesn't make any sense," Lucy asked Gray and Elfman.

"It is odd since a train can only run on the tracks. They must have their reasons otherwise they are the stupidest group of dark mages I have ever encountered," Gray replied.

"Maybe they had to get close to someplace that is near a train station," Lucy offered.

"You could be right about that," Gray agreed as they continued along the train tracks.

-Clover town in the town meeting hall-

In Clover town where the guild masters' regular meeting was taking place a small white bird flies through the open window of the town meeting hall. A shot man was busy bragging about how great his guild was and disregarding the comments about their destructive nature stating that they would never destroy an entire town when he was interrupted by the arrival of the little white bird.

"Master Makarov, Master Makarov I have a message from Mirajane for you," the little white bird called out. It dropped an envelope in a short man's hands. This man was an extremely short elderly man with black eyes and he was growing bald with only the outer rims of his head containing white hair and a thick white moustache on his lips. The man wore a white t-shirt with a black Fairy Tail mark printed in the centre of his chest area. Over the shirt, he wore an orange hoodie with matching orange shorts and brown sandals. Completing his look he had an orange and blue striped jester hat. This man was Master of the Fairy Tail guild, Makarov Dreyar.

"Gather around gents I just got a message from my guild's poster girl Mirajane Strauss," Makarov boasted calling his fellow guild masters over.

"Oh my Makey you shouldn't say such things about your lovely wizards," an elderly, bald, and cross-dressing man said. He wore a purple spaghetti-strap shirt that is accessorized with a gold and fuchsia hoop necklace and a vertical-striped pink and purple pair of shorts. On his back, he had a small set of angel wings that barely showed behind his large body. He completed his odd look with red lipstick and blush on each cheek. This man was Master Bob from the Blue Pegasus Guild. In his younger days, he was a member of Fairy Tail as well as a member of Master Makarov's old team.

A projection of Mirajane appears out of the envelope.

"Take a look at this eye candy boys," Makarov said in a perverted tone.

"Hello Master, I hope the meeting is going well. I just wanted to let you know of the most amazing news. Just now Erza, Gray, Elfman, and Lucy just formed a team and they went out on a mission together. I think this is the strongest team in the guild. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, have fun at the meeting," and with that, the projection disappeared. Makarov was left speechless and terrified.

'Those guys together might actually be able to destroy an entire city by accident' Master Makarov though as his soul could be seen coming out of him.

"Are you all right there Makarov?" a slim man of average height asked. The man appeared to be in his late fifties or early sixties, had a mildly square face covered in several wrinkles focused around the sides of his mouth, below his eyes, and on his forehead. His blond hair was however kept in a youthful style almost reaching down to his shoulders in a straight cut. He wore a pair of sunglasses, a dark hat that would usually be seen worn by fictional warlocks or witches that had a red band covered in spikes circling the hat just above the brim and a similar red, spike-covered band in the form of a collar around his neck. The rest of his outfit consisted of a simple set of dark clothes, namely a T-shirt and a pair of pants, with black shoes. This man was Master Goldmine of Quatro Cerberus and like Master Bob, he was also a member of Fairy Tail as well as a member of Master Makarov's old team in his younger days.

-With the Fairy Tail mages at Oshibana town-

As soon as the Fairy Tail mages arrived in Oshibana town they sped to the train station. Once they arrived they saw a large crowd gathering outside the station. The group quickly moved through the crowd to see that the local police officers have sectioned the train station off and were keeping the public away from the station.

"What is the situation in there?" Erza asked the nearest officer as she walked up to him. You would expect that after you asked a person a question you would give them enough time to provide an answer. That was not the situation with Erza though, she almost instantly head-butted the officer knocking him out in the process.

"Why did she knock him out?" Lucy asked in a surprised tone.

"My guess would be that the man didn't answer her question quickly enough," Gray said while sweat dropping.

"Shouldn't someone tell her that this way she might not get an answer?" Lucy asked as Erza knocked another officer out with a head-but.

"If you want to go tell her to be my guest," Gray said while shying away from the angry redhead in fear.

"It isn't manly to die" Elfman exclaimed.

After some lucky officer managed to answer the fierce Titania fast enough to not be knocked unconscious Erza quickly returned to the group.

"So what is the situation?" Gray asked as Erza neared them.

"It seems like the entire Eisenwald guild has taken over the station and a squadron of Rune Knights have gone in to try and apprehend them. Unfortunately, that was half an hour ago and they have heard nothing from them," Erza gave them a quick rundown of the situation at hand.

"Did they seriously think a squad of Rune Knights could take on an entire dark guild?" Gray asked in a condescending tone.

"We don't have no time to lose follow me," Erza commanded as she made her way into the train station.

"Wasting time is not manly," Elfman called out as he made his way after Erza. When they entered the building they saw the Rune Knight squad all lying on the floor and stairs.

"Are they okay?" Lucy asked fearing the answer. She didn't get an answer from her companions as they all walked to the main lobby. When they entered the lobby they saw the Eisenwald guild members all standing around one of the suspended clocks. Crouching on the clock was an extremely tall, lean-built man with silver hair that is held pointing upwards on top of his head, but hangs down to the left side of his face in a distinctive tuft that partially covered his face and made its way down to his shoulder. His eyes are dark in colour and he seems to be lacking eyebrows, his face has sharp features and his ears were slightly pointed. His eyes are circled by dark lines with a simple tattoo below each one consisting of a vertical line going down that is crossed with two horizontal lines each. His upper body is covered in a similar tattoo that is made up of large blue lines that swirl around one another running from his chest and back to his shoulders and ending on his biceps. He was bare-chested and his lower body was covered in different layers of tattered clothes reminiscent of a hakama and simple sandals on his feet. He completed his look with a black scarf and a large scythe which blade is as long as his torso.

"I take it you are the 'Shinigami' Erigor?" Erza asked the man on the clock.

"It seems like our spies were correct when they said some flies were after us," Erigor said before he started floating in the air.

"Is he flying?" Luck exclaimed in disbelief.

"What is your plan here Erigor?" Erza demanded not paying attention to Lucy's question.

"He uses Wind Magic," Gray quickly answered the blond.

"What is a feature that all train stations have in common?" Erigor asked as he floated over a pair of loudspeakers.

"You are going to broadcast Lullaby's song over the PA system?" Erza asked bewildered.

"If I max out the volume it should be heard all over the town," Erigor exclaimed while laughing like a maniac.

"Why would you kill so many people?" Lucy asked with fear lased in her voice.

"It is to punish the world for their sins. They don't know that there are people out there that don't have the same rights and safety they have," Erigor replied with anger in his voice.

"But killing people will not help you get your rights back, it was the reason you lost them in the first place," Lucy countered.

"We don't want our right back anymore, we want power because those with power can rewrite history and rule the future," Erigor exclaimed.

"It's a shame you won't be able to see the age of the dark guilds since all you will be seeing is the afterlife," Kageyama called out as he formed shadowy fists and sending them towards Lucy.

"Take-over: Beast Arm: Black Bull" Elfman shouted out as his right arm transformed into that of a large black beast's arm and using his new arm to destroy the shadowy fists that were speeding towards Lucy.

"It's not manly to attack a girl," Elfman shouted as he successfully deflected the attack.

It was at this moment that Erigor started to leave the area they were in with a victorious smirk.

"Elfman, Gray make sure Erigor doesn't getaway. Lucy, you and I will take out the rest of these dark mages," Erza ordered. Fearing the consequences of disobeying a direct order from the Titania Gray and Elfman immediately followed Erigor. They in turn were followed by Kageyama and a tanned man with a pointed nose, sharp chin who wore a jacket that was yellow in the lower half and black in the upper half that came equipped with a tight yellow and black vertical-striped hood, a white shirt and green pants with black shoes. While Kageyama melted into the shadows the other man shot black bands from his fingers and propelled himself along with them.

This left Erza and Lucy to face the rest of the dark guild.

And that completes Chapter 2 of 'The wandering Death Dragon God Slayer'. Let me know what you thought. The next chapter will be filled with fights between the forces of good and the forces of evil. How will Natsu be incorporated into these events? Find out in the next chapter. As for the pairing currently I have three votes for Ultear, two for Mira, one for Kagura and none for Erza. I want to finalise the decision by chapter five which will be around the Galuna Island arc. Another question I got is about Igneel and a potential slayer that he trained, I can either create an OC and I have been thinking about ways to introduce them into the story during the Galuna arc or the Phantom Lord arc or during the 7 year gap. The other option is that I make another second generation fire dragon slayer. This is all with the idea of the big plan the dragons had but that will only play a serious role closer to the end of the story. Until then let me know your thoughts.