"Hey" He messaged, as he sat in his car as it approached 9:00pm.

"Hey Twist!" She quickly replied, smiling at her friend reaching out.

It was clear that Reggie was having a rough week, but she wasn't going to let her friends and family know. She was supposed to be strong. College was a new, exciting experience, but she missed home. Clio had texted the group that Reggie was having a tough night, that she was homesick and Thanksgiving break was still weeks away.

"What are you up to?" He laid his head back on the headrest, exhausted, but needing this moment to be right.

"Nothing much, just girl talk with Clio before heading to bed soon."

He smiled. Those two being roommates reminded him that she wouldn't forget them. He had been so worried that she would leave for college and return a different person, or possibly not at all. "Why so early?" He typed as he was worried he wouldn't get a chance to talk to her.

"I have a 7am class across campus...not the best choice haha" She laughed to herself. Clio looked over questioning who she was talking to. Reggie stayed quiet.

"Lame, I wanted to see if I could call you..." He asked desperately wanting to talk to her.

"What's up Twist?" Typing back, she started to wonder what was wrong.

"I want to talk, it's weird over text..." This was not a text message conversation, he thought. It would have to wait if she didn't want to talk.

"Hints?" She asked him before turning to tell Clio who it was. She immediately received a response from him.

"Tell Clio: ready or not" Knowing that Clio would fully be aware of what was happening, since he had talked to her earlier that afternoon. The moment Clio sent the group chat, Twister was on the phone with her.

"What?" Reggie replied, confused.

"Just do it." She relayed the message to her roommate, Clio laughed and smiled.

"She said: it's perfect, and that it's about time..." Clio knew he would be laughing at her response, wherever he was.

"What? I'm so confused!" Reggie followed up with a second message, still confused about the entire situation.

"Call me!" He said stepping out of his car, grabbing his backpack.

"But..." She replied.

"Fine, don't..." He replied leaning against his car, looking at the piece of paper in his hands trying to understand the arrows and words.

"No, I will" She knew that the moment she heard his voice she was going to fall apart. She wanted to be with him. She wanted her best friend.

"Nope, chance is gone..." He folded up the paper shoved it into his pocket and started walking.

"But Twist :(" She felt tears falling down her cheek. She didn't dare look over to Clio, she didn't need her pity looks again today.

"Reggie, I hope you know that you are beautiful, and that the guys there are not worthy for how amazing you truly are!" He replied, sighing. He loved this girl like crazy, and just wanted to be with her. This distance was killing him, and he wished that she would never had gone to a school so far away.

She smiled, knowing fully well that Clio had told him about her most recent heartbreak a couple weeks into the school year.

"My night was just made :)" She replied, knowing that he was always able to make her smile.

"I'm closing down for the night, you wanna text me until I fall asleep?" He said trying to keep her on the phone before he got up to the door.

"I would love to haha" She smiled and replied. She loved her late night conversations with this boy. They had been frequent in high school, lasting until early into the mornings, but they had slowed down as she started college.

"Good, because I want to keep talking..." He replied smiling, but getting anxious at the same time. He knew he needed to tell her, and he was determined to do it tonight.

"Yeah?" She didn't know what to say. She missed him desperately, her heart was heavy with how sad she was missing home and him.

"Yeah" He replied, and as he pressed send, another message appeared.

"I miss you a lot Twist..." She was crying. She couldn't help it. She wanted to be near home. Stanford was too far away for a weekend trip home, and she wanted to be with her family, but most importantly her best friend.

"Me too Reg..." He had just gotten a text message from Clio asking what he had said to make her cry. He was confused and said that they hadn't said anything personal besides we had missed each other.

"Clio wants to know why you're crying..." He asked her, wanting to just hold her to make her feel better. He had been her shoulder to cry on many times, and he was ready to make her feel better.

"It's only been three weeks, but I miss you and Otto..." She replied. Her dad had driven up with the boys to UCLA a few weeks ago when she had a dive meet. She didn't know they were coming, and was overjoyed to see them and spend the afternoon with them. She hated leaving and cried most of the five hour drive back to school.

"Oh Reg..." He replied, approaching the door. He felt awful, and wanted to just grab her and give her a hug. He hadn't known that she was this homesick, Clio didn't elaborate on how bad it could be.

"Can you drive up this weekend?" She asked, knowing it was a long shot. It was his senior year, and his videography business he had started the prior summer was taking a lot of his time.

"How about I drive up tomorrow after class?" He suggested, smiling hoping he would be able to pull this off.

"Really?" She smiled, sitting up in bed. Clio looked over at her abrupt action.

"No I can't..." He replied, taking a deep breath. He knew that he was playing with her heart at that moment.

"Oh, why not..." She replied. She didn't know what to feel. She felt heartbroken all over again. She was on an emotional roller coaster tonight.

"Because I'm standing outside your door..." He smiled as he sent the text, shoving his phone in his pocket and lightly knocking on her door.

Reggie read the message, then read it again. She glanced over at Clio who winked at her. Reggie heard the light knock and jumped out of bed. She threw open the door, and before she could fully comprehend what was happening, Twister grabbed her, picked her up, and held her in his arms.

Author's Note: I wrote a really rough draft of this story back in early 2013 and just found it a month ago. Not sure if this will continue into a short story, or if it will end here. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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