TW: brief mentions of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders

Normal. A word that's tossed around day to day by practically everyone. Abnormal is tossed around even more.

Anything that strays from our social norm is considered abnormal to many who roam our world. But who decided that being perfectly abled and mentally strong was normal? Why aren't people with mental illnesses normal? Why aren't people with disabilities normal? Who is "normal"?

Having depression or anxiety can lead to you being called a freak. People that have been unwillingly consumed by eating disorders are heavily criticized and people with physical disabilities are treated as less.

Our society has been corrupted by these thoughts and norms. When is someone truly normal? People are shamed for being rude yet overly friendly people get just as much ridicule. Being too skinny gets you called an anorexic freak, while being the slightest bit overweight gets you called fat. People get shamed for the anxiety they can't control, shamed for the sadness they feel that comes with depression. So what really is normal?