"Letting Go" Deleted Scene

Guy and his wife, Genevieve, were simply enjoying each other's company while relaxing in front of a roaring fire one winters eve. They both had been busy of late and not had time to be with each other, Guy being busy with his duties as Sheriff and Genevieve assisting the villagers and helping, from home, with the administrative duties of Guy's job. In short, Genevieve was going to run herself into the ground, as she had many other times if her husband didn't force her to take a break every once in a while.

Genevieve sighed contently in her husband's arms and attempted to snuggle closer to him, Guy kissed the top of her head, smiling to himself at how lucky he was to have such a woman as his wife. "Is everything alright love?" He asked as she sighed again, this time placing a hand on her round belly.

Genevieve chuckled lightly "You are always so paranoid that something might be the matter with me anytime I have a slight sniffle. I am just enjoying some quiet time, this child is much more active than Esme was and often doesn't stop moving for long periods."

"I wouldn't have to worry if someone wasn't known for putting her health last," Guy replied. "But I guess that's why I am your husband, someone needs to look out for you and remind you to sleep, eat and wear a cloak." He finished, resting his hand over his wife's, he was excited for the addition to their family but worried about his wife's health, as this pregnancy seemed to be harder on her than the last one.

"I can't argue with that! Truly, I am fine. I was just remembering when we met at the winters ball so many years ago."

Guy laughed good-naturedly, "I do remember that night, how could either of us forget such an event?"

Prince John had thrown a ball to celebrate Christmas, and Marian had invited Genevieve to attend with her. Genevieve had never been to a ball and wasn't sure if she could go, she was after all an outlaw in Robin's gang and did not want to risk being recognized by someone. Marian and reassure her that it was highly unlikely anyone would recognize her as she wore a half mask and covered her hair anytime, she was out on a mission. Genevieve had finally agreed to Marian's request, figuring she would just wear a dress that had the least holes in it. She knew she didn't have the money to spend on something as frivols as that, and there was no need for a piece of clothing that she was going to rarely wear. However, to her surprise, and delight, Robin had bought Genevieve a new gown just for the ball.

"I remember how beautiful you looked in that blue dress and how even with that white half mask, and your red hair, it was your green eyes that caught my attention. Do you still have that gown?" Guy asked his wife.

"Robin never did tell me where he got the money for the dress, I know it couldn't have been cheap. I think I still have the dress somewhere, but if it still fits me after my second pregnancy is the better question!" She chuckled, knowing that after giving birth to Esme six years ago her body had changed.

"I had been at the Sheriff's side all evening, dealing with his politics and the daughters of the men associated with it. It was an endless bore and I wanted nothing more than to be away from there when I happened to look up and saw you staring at me from across the room. I tried to make my excuses and leave immediately to introduce myself to you, but by the time I was able to leave, you had disappeared. I had seen you talking to Marian and hoped she might know where you had gone." Guy continued his version of that night.

"I had gone outside to steady my heart and attempt to cool the flush that I was sure had crept into my cheeks, after catching your gaze. There was a nobleman who was giving me trouble because he didn't understand what the words 'No!' and 'Stop!' meant. I still shudder at the thought of what could have happened that night if I hadn't had the training I did. I remember hearing clapping from behind me and turned around to see you there, arms crossed over your chest leaning up against the wall." Genevieve paused, remembering how her husband had set her heart racing the moment she met his eyes. He had looked very handsome in his attire of black and gold, which should have been a dead giveaway as to who he was. His half gold-colored half mask, combined with his jet-black hair, made a stunning impression on the eyes.

"I hadn't meant to startle you; I had intended to merely compliment you on how you handled the situation. I had never seen a woman defend herself so, it was immediately clear to me that you were not the typical 'damsel in distress!' It was a nice change to not interfere for once, for if I had it would have given away who I was, which I feared might scare you off. We talked and danced the rest of the night away, only stopping when Marian came over and said you had to leave as you had somewhere to be in the morning. So wrapped up in the moment, I had almost forgotten to inquire about your name! Do you remember how much of a hard time you gave me over such a simple question? I did finally manage to get a name from you and that you were staying at Marian's for a brief amount of time.

Genevieve blushed in embarrassment, "I do remember that, but you know why I was afraid to give any indication as to who I was. I was so shocked the next day when you came calling for me at Marian's. I think I almost slammed the door in your face and ran the other direction! I still can't believe that I didn't put the two and two together the previous night.

Marian accompanied us that day while we went for a walk and tried to build off was started the previous night. The rest, as they say, is history, and our marriage is defiantly one for the history books 'The Sheriff and The Outlaw'".

"Yes, our marriage is unusual, especially with your former leader being the famous Robin Hood. However, you have been my outlaw for many years now and I wouldn't have it any other way, I hope you know this." Guy stated, pulling his wife closer to him and kissing her on the cheek.

This was a scene I started in Letting Go. It didn't quite fit, but I didn't want to trash it either. So it became more of a deleted scene/one-shot. I might come up with more of these down the road, but as of right now I don't have anything else (story-wise) planned. I am always looking for talented artists who would like to do the cover artwork for me! I'm tossing around the idea of making a trailer for this story as I have for some of the others in the past, or if you are wanting to that please let me know.