Hello Everyone, My name is Josh and welcome to my first fanfiction. I'm very excited to write this story about Alpha and Omega because it is my favourite movie. Let me give you a brief idea of what the story is about, this story takes place before Kate gets married to Garth and Humphrey and Kate are standing at Kate's den talking, I'm not going to say much more so I don't spoil it. Please favourite and send me PM's for ideas, anyway enough of me talking let's get started! Enjoy :D

(Edit, on the 30/7/17. I'd like to say something before you click off this story, The start of the story may look bad because of the poor writing and short chapter, I assure you the story gets better. I'm not forcing you to read it but I am saying its a good story for enjoyment. Thank you, now enjoy the story :D)

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Humphrey's P.O.V

Kate had just announced that her and Garth where going to get married to unite the packs. I was walking back from where the pack's nearly started a war, "Why Kate, why did you choose Garth over me, I know you were forced but I could offer so much more then him" I thought to myself while crying.

My heart was broken, destroyed and crushed, all three elements at once. "Is there still a chance between us?" I said between sniffs, "No, there's no way I'm going to get Kate back".

As I was speaking to myself Marcel and Paddy flew in beside me, "What is wrong my furry friend?" Marcel asked. I wiped the tears away from my face and spoke softly "Kate is getting married". "That's good news, I'm happy for you two but why are you crying" Paddy asked. I was trying to be strong and not burst into tears.

When I calm down I spoke in a calm voice "She's getting married to another wolf, his name is Garth" I said between sniffs. Marcel and Paddy's mouths dropped, "I'm sorry to hear that" Marcel said with a sad expression on his face. Paddy could see that I was tearing up, "Cheer up Humphrey, things will turn out for the best, you'll see" Paddy said cheerfully. Marcel and Paddy gave me a hug and then flew away.

I walked down to the lake and just sat there, "This isn't fair" I whispered to myself, "Kate and I were meant to be together. We could have lived a happy life together and we could have had pups". I stared into the lake to see my reflection, a tear dropped into the lake and little ripples appeared.

I got up and started walking back towards my den. My den was at least 450 meters away from the main area. Omega's had to sleep in the tall grass or they could sleep on a rock. I found a den about 450 meters away from the main area and I choose to stay in it. So that's why I live so far away from everyone else. When I reached my den, I went inside and just sat down. "I really needed to clean out my den" I thought to myself, it was filled with dust and cobwebs.

I laid down and just stared at the moon outside. Staring at the moon brought back the memory of me and Kate howling on the train, the way her howl was so beautiful and the way are howls were sync. That was another sign that we were meant to be. I slowly started to drift off to sleep and with one last yawn I fell asleep.

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