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Chapter 3: The Question

Humphrey P.O.V

I woke up with the sun in my eyes, I put my paw up to block the sun out of my eyes. I blinked my eyes a few times so I could focus my vision. I slowly got up of the ground, I stretched my back and slowly walked out of my den.

The birds were chirping and the trees were swaying in the wind. I was happy at first but then I remembered that Kate's wedding was today. I looked up at the sky with a sad face for a few seconds and then I started to walk towards the feeding grounds.

When I got to the feeding grounds all the Alpha's were munching on some caribou. It sucked being a omega when it comes to food, the Alpha's always got to eat first, then the Beta's and then the Omega's. It would be my lucky day if I even got a mouth full. When the Alphas finished eating there were just some bones and a bit of meat left, I walked up and had a little bit.

After I was done eating I heading down to the stream to get washed up. I hadn't had a shower for a week, I still had a bit of bear spit on me from my incident with the 3 bears back at Idaho. When I reached the stream I just ran in straight away. The water was icy cold from it just being winter a few weeks ago but I didn't mind, that was actually a good thing because it was a really hot day.

After my wash up I got out of the water and shock my fur dry. Then I heated back towards my den. When I was walking back I saw a pink flower, it reminded me of Kate. I stared at it for a few seconds and then an idea hit me, "Maybe I should give this flower to Kate, just for her big day" I thought to myself. I picked the flower and heading towards Kate's den.

I was just around the corner from Kate's den and I heard voices, they sounded very similar to me. Then it hit me, I couldn't mistake that voice for anyone, "Marcel and Paddy" I thought to myself. I was trying to listen to their voices and I notice another voice, "Kate, that was definitely Kate's voice" I whispered to myself. I decided to get a bit closer so I could hear what they were saying. It was just muffle at first but when I got closer I could hear Paddy speaking, "Well we flew in to see that you made it home" Paddy said with happiness in his voice. "And what do we find' Voila you're getting married" Marcel and Paddy blurted out. Then I heard Kate, "Um, yeah I'm getting married, who told you?" Kate ask. I thought this would be a good time to step in, "I did" I said with a fake smile". At first Kate was surprised to see me and then got excited, "Humphrey" Kate choked out. Marcel and Paddy looked at each other and then Paddy then spoke up, "We should be going" Paddy started, "Yes, yes" Marcel mumbled out. Then Marcel and Paddy flew away.

Kate then looked at me with a sad, guilty smile. I tried to cheer her up with the flower, "Excuse me, a flea". I then pulled the flower out from behind my ear, "This is just a little something for your big day" I mumbled. I put the flower in Kate's ear, she then looked at me with a grateful smile, "Thank you". I then thought about something for a second and then spoke up, "Kate if I'm going to be honest here I just wanted to tell you that I l..lo..ove y..ou" I choked out. Kate's face was very shocked at first but then she seem to have calm down instantly, "Humphrey, if I'm going to be honest with you, I've always love you too" Kate said embarrassed. I was so shocked and happy at the same time I didn't know what to feel at this moment. "Kate if you loved me so much why you didn't you ever say anything" I blurted out. "Because I didn't want my farther to find out" Kate said with a blush. "Do you really want to marry Garth?" "No but I want to be with you but it would never worked Humphrey". I then thought about this for a second and then I heard someone coming, "Kate!" the wolf yelled out, I then noticed it was Winston's voice. "Kate run away with me, we could be together forever Kate". Kate was shocked at first but then soon replied, "But what about the packs and my family?" "We can come and visit later on" I beamed out, "Kate! Make up your mind, Winston is coming. Kate thought about this for a few seconds and then spoke up, "Yes Humphrey, I will run away with you" Kate said with a happy smile. "Well then let's go!" I beamed out.

We started to run towards the North, I could hear someone yelling in the background, it sounded like Winston. "Come back!" he beamed out, but we were already too far to hear him. Me and Kate just looked at each other and laughed.

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