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I was actually going to do one based on "Call Me By Your Name", but I saw this meme based on the iconic "I know what you are" scene and I was inspired to write this.

Now, about the fic itself. I'm sorry, but I don't like Twilight and I think it promotes really unhealthy relationships so here, Twilight is roasted a lot. I accept other people's thoughts on the story and stuff, but if you're a hardcore Twilight fan, then this fic might not be for you.

Warning: Some light coursing has been used for this fic so reader discretion is advised. Also, there are A LOT of spoilers for both the movies and the books, so beware of that.

Disclaimer: I do not own this characters. The first part of this fic is inspired by the "I know what you are" scene from the Twilight movie. Also, the title of this fic is inspired in that as well.

Cohort: Fifth.

Prompt: Twilight.

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Word count: 2363.

"Say It."

Acting had always been easy for her.

Getting into a character, feeling their strengths, insecurities, weaknesses and confidence as if they were her own. Knowing how every event from their past affected the way they reacted to different things, how it affected their opinions on things like love or friendship or family, and even how those developed with time.

It was scary, submerging herself into another person until there was no room to remember herself. Still, there was nothing more exhilarating than doing so.

That play, that play was no different.

Her eyes were closed, yet in her mind, the setting in which she was supposed to be standing was glaringly clear. The forest around her was dull, dreary, filled with gloomy colours devoid of any life. She wasn't herself anymore so, in contrast to what it would have been, had she been herself, her reaction to that image was welcoming.

She could almost feel the cold and the humidity of that forest seeping into her skin, freezing her utterly. However, she didn't take that in with a sense of nostalgia for her time in Phoenix - like she would have had during her first days in Forks. Instead, she thought of him.

Because, like with everything else in that small town, the cold reminded her of him and that brought her a sense of comfort that warmed her heart instantly.

It had been too late when she realized she had fallen for him but really, she wouldn't have changed it even if she could.

Life without him, it didn't really seem possible. Not anymore.

When she heard him stepping on the ground behind her, her eyes opened.

She kept her eyes on the ground so it would be easier for her to see herself in that forest. Then, she hunched her shoulders, watching her hair fall like curtains down the sides of her face.

And when she spoke, she did so with a tremble, yet with determination to find out the truth. After all, she was Bella Swan, and she wouldn't rest until she got what she wanted, what she deserved.

"You're impossibly fast. And strong," she stated, raising her head when he didn't answer, choosing to take that as an encouraging sign. She shook her head slightly as she continued, "your skin is pale white and ice cold. Your eyes change colour. And sometimes you speak like...like you're from a different time."

She felt his steps approaching her but she didn't feel threatened, not at all. Those steps only egged her on, filling her with a desperate need of finding out, at last, what he had been hiding from her for so long. The relief the truth would bring her counteracted against her shy nature, therefore encouraging to finish voicing her thoughts. Her voice echoed through the vacant, slightly terrifying forest in a manner that would normally have unsettled her, but in that moment, she didn't care. She had no room to mind anything other than him.

"You never eat or drink anything. You don't go out in the sunlight," she continued, her breath faltering as she felt him standing right behind her. She wanted nothing but to turn and finally kiss him but she couldn't let go of this; she had to know, once and for all. So she unconsciously held her breath, and finally asked. "How old are you?"

"Seventeen," he replied. His voice was musical, unlike anything she had ever heard, and it seemed to envelop her in a warm embrace, one that told her everything was going to be alright.

So, she pressed on. "How long have you been seventeen?"

She could feel him hesitate, his muscles tensing behind her. For a mere second, utter silence surrounded them, in which the expectation and anxiety within her grew exponentially.

And then, he replied.

"A while."

There it was.

She breathed deeply, fighting the instinct to run, to hide in her home and pretend she had never met him. She had gotten herself into this, she had chosen to accept her love for him and, if she was to be with him, then she needed to further this conversation, she needed to let him know that it was alright. That they were alright because he was good, even if he didn't believe it himself. He was the kindest person she knew and what they had, it promised to be so good, so exciting, even if it had barely started.

So, she had to make a choice.

Straightening her shoulders, she made it. She would not run.

She would stay.

For him. Hell, she would stay for them.

"I know what you are," she finally replied, her voice breathless.

She could feel his anger building. His anger at not being able to protect her anymore. His anger at not being able to hide his true self from her, and it made her want to roll her eyes.

He should have never felt the need to do so.

"Say it," he finally hissed, his voice laced with barely held rage and stress. "Out loud. Say it."

She took another deep breath, ready to say it, ready to voice that truth, ready for them to deal with it so they could be together.

"A vam-."

"Okay, I'm done with this!"

Piper groaned at that, frustrated that the moment had passed, and turned on her back, looking towards the stairs by the far side of the stage to glare at the blond daughter of Athena. "No one asked you, Wise Girl."

"Because that should prevent me from voicing my opinion," Annabeth deadpanned before raising from the steps. She stalked across the stage and glared at the play's director, who happened to be sitting by the rows of the Amphitheater. "Valdez, why in the Gods are we doing this awful storyline?"

"You're just pissed you landed the role of Rosalie," Reyna mused from a few rows below Leo. Her purple cloak flowed from her shoulders and down to her floor, and she was holding a copy of Twilight on her lap.

"Are you actually saying you like this story? Please lie to me if you do because I'll just lose all faith in you if you turn out to be a Twilight' fan," Annabeth countered hotly, her hands on her hips.

Reyna rolled her eyes, yet her sight never left the opened book on her lap. "Of course I don't like it Annabeth. You actually think I would root for a toxic relationship between a minor and a vampire who sneaked into her room at night and watched her sleep?"

"Why aren't you up in arms about this then?" Percy asked from the other side of the stage, from where he had been watching the scene unfold.

"Well, I get to play the bad girl Victoria, so that's an improvement from you, Emmett Cullen," Reyna replied with a smirk before eyeing the couple besides Annabeth. "Also, I get to watch those two be all cute with each other and it's just hilarious."

"Hey, did you manage to get Octavian for this? He would be ideal to play James," Leo intervened from behind the pretor.

Reyna looked at him with exasperation. "He said the only way he would agree to this was if I make Frank resign as Pretor and give the job to him instead."


"Of course I won't do it, Frank!" Reyna snapped at the Roman archer, who was currently standing just before the stage, his hands filled with his and Hazel's scripts. Then, she turned back towards Leo, her eyes narrowing when she took in his pensive look. "I'm not doing that, Valdez. Give it a rest."

Up on the stage, Piper rolled her eyes at Reyna's sufficient look and Annabeth's scowl. "Guys, c'mon. It's the first time we've had fun in a while, let's enjoy it while we can, okay?"

"Speak for yourself, you at least get to have a power when you become a vampire. I get nothing! Only beauty! Who the hell cares about beauty?" Annabeth hissed before pointing an accusing finger at a calm Leo. "You could have given me the role of Alice, at least, you evil elf! I get no powers, just like in real life!"

"Why do you think I gave you that role?"

"I will actually kill you, Valdez, I swear-."

"Stop right there, Alice's role is mine!" Nico called. He and Will sat behind Reyna, their eyes on a copy of the 'Twilight: Official Guide'. The son of Hades looked up with a glare directed towards the daughter of Athena. "At least the girl is somewhat interesting and Will is not fit to play Emmett, unlike your boyfriend."

"Because of the muscles?" Percy shot Nico an innocent smile.

In return, Nico shrugged. "Maybe, but I was thinking about the stupidity."


"You don't have a right to argue about your characters," Frank quipped in. He carefully rested the papers in his arms on the sitting rows before facing the others with his arms crossed. "What's good about Carlisle, huh? He's the guy who's supposed to be this father figure to Edward, yet allows him to make mistake after mistake."

Hazel nodded from her place on stage besides Percy. "Hey, at least you have some complexity to your character. I'm sorry but Esme is just spineless."

"C'mon, Hazel, Esme has depth!" Frank retaliated. "She gives Edward some peace of mind when his mistakes haunt him! What does Carlisle do other than give him some idiotic pep talk?"

"I don't think the issue is with the characters, though," Percy argued suddenly, raising his arms in defeat when the group turned towards him with a murderous glare. "Like, they could have been interesting, if the dynamics between them weren't so weird."

Reyna looked up from her book. "How can you say that with a straight face when you just watched an scene between our own Edward and Bella? Like, I'm sorry, but the two of them are just borderline obsessed with each other."

"Why are you hating on it so much? We all loved Twilight when we were younger, don't pretend otherwise!" Piper exclaimed with a laugh.

"I'm sorry, didn't you hear me before? The dude sneaked into her room, watched her sleep, and she wasn't even an adult," Reyna counteracted before standing up and walking towards the stage. "Like, I don't care if he's the best guy in the whole planet. If he does that to my daughter, I'm breaking his jaw."

"Already thinking about kids, huh?" Jason asked from behind Piper, his smile widening when Reyna's eyes darkened with rage.

"Bite me, Grace."

"Reyna is right," Annabeth called as she stood from her seat. "I can't take this stupid storyline seriously when they are teaching young kids that love is about constantly keeping tabs on each other. How can you be okay with this, Pipes?"

"I'm not okay with it, Annabeth, but I'm not Bella!" Piper argued with a laugh. "Like, I get it, Twilight sucks, but I love acting and I'm having so much fun. Will you all stop bitching about this already?"

"Annabeth," Will suddenly intervened, ignoring the bickering demigods. He looked up from his book as Annabeth sat besides him again. "You know, Rosalie killed her former fiancé and his friends after they left her for dead. That has to count for something, at least."

Annabeth's eyes widened with surprise before a smile slowly grew on her lips. Finally, she took the book from Will's hands eagerly. "That's more like it. What else you got?"

From the stage, Jason shook his head at Annabeth before raising his arms in a calming manner. "Guys, c'mon. We deserve to have some fun after the war and everything. This sucks and believe me, there's no worse character than Edward Cullen, but we just have to get through this and once we're done, maybe we'll be able to say we had some fun."

A silence enveloped them as the group pondered Jason's words.

And then, Percy stood slowly, his eyes holding a far away look. "Hey, why are we doing this exactly?"

Piper frowned. "Leo told me it was for Chiron's birthday."

Nico stood up from his seat, frowning with disbelief. "Why would Chiron want to watch a Twilight' play?"

"To laugh at you?"

"Shut up, Jackson."

"Percy has a point," Annabeth intervened as well. She stood up from her seat slowly, as if expecting an attack any second. Her hand unconsciously rested on her dagger, which was resting against her thigh. "We were all told different excuses. I was told this was a requirement for the competition between cabins."

Reyna straightened at that, her face hardening as if preparing herself to get into a fight. "Leo told me I would be paid if I agreed to this without asking any questions."

Behind her, Frank gasped in outrage. "He told you he would pay you? He told me nothing of the sort!"

"The excuses were all different," Will spoke softly. His eyes remained focused on the ground, even as the others turned towards him. "Yet they all had a common factor."

From besides Percy, Hazel whispered, "Leo."

As if on cue, the group of demigods turned backward, towards the higher rows of the Amphitheater, where the son of Hephaestus had been.

All they could hear were quickly retreating steps as the backstabbing rat retreated the place with a mocking cackle.

"Happy April Fools!"

For a second, nothing could be heard.

The demigods left were frozen, all of them going over Leo's words over and over again as its meaning dawned on them, as they realized they had been pranked and, worse, that they had fell for it so, so foolishly.

At that, Annabeth unsheathed her dagger almost carelessly. "Does anybody need any weapons or can we hunt him now?"

As they all prepared their weapons, Reyna smirked at Annabeth. "See, you complain you don't have powers but you are a true warrior. You don't need them."

"So maybe us demigods aren't that different from vampires?" Piper asked with a smile.

Percy shuddered. "That's a thought I don't ever want to have in my head again."