The idea that Max and the other aliens never even flinch at the idea of leaving the people of Antar to suffer even though they were specifically created to save them never sat well with me. Also, the idea that Max could deny all connection to his wife grated as did his relationship with Liz. I felt though, that the character of Tess was so annoying it would be hard to write a fic that redeemed her enough to make her the heroine without changing her completely. The other thing that never sat well was that Isabel / Vilandra was sent back with the Royal four even though she betrayed them all.

So that being said I decided to go with the following; Max is fostered by Hank instead of Michael (I think his character would form much differently in this circumstance). Princess Vilandra does not exist – but Isabel does. Tess is not Max's Queen, but there IS a Queen.

Warning – I'm going to change a lot about the personalities of Max, Liz, Michael and Isabel – I understand if people don't like this – but please no flames – be gentle – it's my first fic.

Disclaimer – I own nothing. If I did Roswell would have ended entirely differently.

When the body sleeps the heart awakes

"Like a bird with broken wing that has travelled through wind for years . . .
I sleep, and my heart stays awake."
George Seferis

Every night before Max fell asleep, he tried to reach out with his mind. Tried to reach out to Her. He could not give up, knowing that out there somewhere she was alive, hopefully thinking of him too. Some nights he felt as if he was tantalisingly close, that he was a hairs breath away from making contact but then she floated away, just out of reach. But he would never give up. Settling down again Max reached out with his mind and suddenly he is there, with Her….

She is standing in a wood. Although he cannot see her face, he can feel an instant connection to her, as if from her soul – the soul he knows belongs with his. She is dressed in denim and leather, which cling to her curvaceous form filling him with desire. The sun breaks in a beam through the canopy and shines directly on her, making her ebony hair glow with chestnut highlights.

He is unaware of his surroundings, he has eyes only for Her, for he has found Her at last. As he moved towards her, every cell of his body aching to touch her, his eyes remained fixed possessively on her form.

Max almost roared with frustration when a banging on the door of the trailer tore him from her and woke him. He felt achingly empty as if her had left part of himself behind. The feeling was familiar. It had haunted him all his life. He had always been certain that the three that they were, should be four. He knew that She was missing, his other half, his soul. Since he could remember he had had this aching emptiness inside of him. As if he had given his heart and soul to another and part of him would be always be a void, be broken, until they were finally reunited and became one. Now he had a form but not a face to place on his yearning and desire. He had to find her, but how…

Eowyn tossed in her sleep, dreaming of him once again, but this time it is different. He is really here, in her mind and HE is in control…

She is standing in a wood; but she pays no attention to her surroundings as she is suddenly aware of him watching her.

She can feel his eyes on her from behind as he stalks towards her predatorily. She can feel him watching her. She wants to run to him, to finally hold him. But she cannot even turn around. It is he who is control and until he reaches her, she is unable to move.

As he stalks slowly towards her, she can feel his eyes burning into her. He almost reaches her, but then as suddenly as he came, he is gone.

Eowyn woke almost screaming with frustration and loss. The feeling was familiar. It had haunted her all her life. She had always known that she belonged with Him. That she and he had been separated shortly after they landed on earth. She knew that she was missing the other half of her soul. Since she could remember she had had this aching emptiness inside of her. She had given her heart and soul to another and part of her would be always be a void until they were finally reunited and became one. It was not until two years ago when her protector Larek had helped her fully regain her memories that she had known who he was. Zan ... her husband ... her King ... her love.

She had dreamed of him often, but this was different. Zan had actually been there. He was remembering, remembering himself, remembering her…. For the first morning in as long as she could remember she awoke with hope. They would soon be reunited, and all would be well.