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Having finally managed to get Rath and Ava to stop apologising, Eowyn and Zan were able to plan for the day ahead. There was much to be done before they finally left for Antar the next day.

They were going home!

Eowyn could hardly believe it. After all these years she finally had her husband and friends back and now, now she would be going home, she would see her father and brother again!

But first there were many things to deal with, not the least of which was Liz. To say that Eowyn was not looking forward to another confrontation with Liz was an understatement. Although she trusted Zan implicitly, it was still hard for her to see another woman, one who claimed to love her husband. One who had known her husband for all the years that she herself had been parted from him. As they made their way hand in hand down the hall, Eowyn turned her head to regard her husband fondly. She had been without him for twelve years. Twelve years without his smile. Twelve years without his lips on hers, twelve years without his touch… Zan turned to her, feeling her increased heart rate through their link. Smiling wickedly at her (Oh I love that smile, she thought to herself) he pushed her against the wall and crashed his lips to hers. Eowyn responded eagerly, running her tongue along his lower lip. Zan gasped giving her tongue access to his mouth. Bringing his hands down to her hips Zan pulled her closer to him as the pace of their embrace increased. Eowyn groaned, they had had all of last night to rediscover each other, but after twelve years, one night was hardly enough! They were interrupted by a subtle cough from behind. Looking over her shoulder to see Ava grinning at her, Eowyn could not help but grin back at her friend. Extracting herself from Zan who gave a small growl of complaint, Eowyn looked archly at her friend. "Should have left you as Isabel" she muttered, "at least she was afraid of me!" Eowyn rolled her eyes at Ava's snort of laughter and Zan's poorly concealed smile. At least Rath was off checking on security (and apologising to Steven's men for threatening them.) He was unbearable when he was teasing her.

Flanked by two security guards Zan and Eowyn entered Liz's room hand in hand to find Liz huddled on the floor, even though there was a perfectly comfortable bed and chair in the room. Liz looked warily to and fro between Zan and Eowyn, finally settling her gaze on Zan. "Max" she began. "Liz" he interrupted her. "I know you have been feeling a connection to me ..." "and you to me Max" Liz interrupted. Zan looked at her pityingly, a feeling that Eowyn could not quite summon for her would be murderess, but Zan had always been compassionate to a fault. "Liz it's just the healing bond. When I healed you I didn't complete the bond fully. It's my fault, the bond leaves a connection, a feeling of needing to be with the person who healed you, or who you healed until the bond is complete." "No Max!" Liz objected. "I love you and you love me. You told me so." "Liz I never …" objected Zan looking puzzled. Eowyn laid her hand on Zan's arm, he turned and looked at her questioningly. "She's telling the truth Zan." Liz looked up at her, shocked at this seeming support from the woman she saw as her love rival. Zan's look however was devastated. "I thought you believed me, that you trusted me, I thought …" he said his voice cracking with emotion. "I do Zan" interrupted Eowyn placing her forehead on his as she stroked his face, now you must trust in me and my faith in you. Look." Opening her link Eowyn showed him the images Tess had shown her of Nasedo, in Max's form, with Liz. Away from the influence of the Skins, they could both clearly see Nasedo's form underlying Zan's. Expanding her link to include Liz, Eowyn showed her what they saw. "No!" screamed Liz. "You're mind warping me and you're mind warping Max, you evil bitch!" "Don't ever dare to speak so to my wife!" Even Zan's compassion had its limits. He moved towards Liz threateningly. The two guards hulked at his side, also enraged that anyone dare speak so to their Queen. Liz cowered back against the wall. "No one is going to hurt you Liz" Eowyn reassured her. "We just need to finish the healing bond so that you'll realise that these feelings you're having aren't real." Liz glared at Eowyn, obviously not believing her, but afraid to shout at her with the two guards still glaring at her. Zan came closer to Liz and got down on eye level with her, "please Liz, I don't want to do this without your permission." Liz sighed. "Fine, but only so that you can see for yourself that our feelings are real, not just some 'healing bond'." Smiling with satisfaction Zan reached forward and placed his hand over the spot where he had healed Liz, drawing his cells from her, and giving her back her own. When it was finished Zan straightened with a look of relief. Embracing Eowyn he turned to Liz who was holding her stomach. She looked up at them with wary eyes. "Max" she cried "I told you it wasn't just some bond! Max I still love you." Zan did not answer Liz. He had had enough! He turned instead to the two guards. "James, Eric, please see Miss Parker to her car. Escort her to a secluded spot outside Roswell, give her something to calm her down and make sure she will not waken until after we have left Earth. After that she can tell anyone and everyone whatever she chooses." Without another word or backward glance at Liz, Eowyn and Zan left the room.

Once outside the room and away from the prying eyes of Liz and their guards Zan grabbed Eowyn again, drawing her to him. "Now, where were we?" he murmured as he started to leave a trail of kisses down her neck, Eowyn objected. "Zan we still have a lot to do. We have to …" her voice trailed off into a moan as Zan's tongue darted out to a tender spot behind her ear. He lifted his head and smiled at her. "You were saying my love?" he asked renewing his amorous attack on her neck. Eowyn moaned again. "Nothing" she managed to gasp out before Zan's lips claimed hers in a searing kiss. Before things could get too heated, they were interrupted by the sound of the door to Liz's room being opened. Breaking apart Zan and Eowyn hurried down the corridor. They did have a lot to do. Their desires would have to wait.

Having collected Rath, Ava and Captain Stevens they made their way to the room where Nicholas was being held. Larek was watching over the Skin General's inert form. They had been keeping him unconscious since his capture. Larek and Captain Stevens guarded the door as the others moved towards the Skin General. Eowyn glanced warily at Zan, he was glaring at Nicholas's form, his chest heaving with ire and his eyes ablaze. Before Eowyn could even start to form the words, which would calm her husband, Zan was beside Nicholas. Waking him with one thought, Zan threw the Skin against the wall with a roar. "You dared to touch my wife?" he shouted at the terrified General. "Rath do something" Eowyn urged. Rath glanced at her and nodded. Rushing over to his King's side he administered a crushing blow to Nicholas's skull. "That's not exactly what I meant Rath" Eowyn objected as Rath grinned at her – totally unrepentant. "We need him alive and able to speak" Eowyn continued, but then seeing Nicholas's mocking smirk she amended "for now!" Backing away reluctantly from Nicholas where he now lay bleeding on the floor, the two men made room for Eowyn and Ava. Both being from Solaris, their powers of the mind were stronger and subtler than the Antarian men's.

Placing her hands on Nicholas's temples Ava made a connection with his depraved mind with a shudder, nodding at her Queen to let her know that she was ready. Eowyn linked her mind with Ava's and Nicholas's and prepared to question him. With both of their minds linked to Nicholas it would be impossible for him to answer them with anything less than the absolute truth whether he wanted to or not.

And they had so many questions for Kivar's General. Eowyn directed all of their questions to the Skin General. Nicholas answered each question in a blank voice, devoid of emotion or thought, unable to resist Eowyn and Ava's hold on his mind.

"What were your orders from Kivar?"

"I was to find you and bring him back to him, My Queen."

"When were you last in contact with him?"

"Just before King Zan found us."

"Will he expect you to contact him again before you leave Earth?"

"No, he told me to maintain radio silence until I was ready to return to Antar."

"Does Kivar still hold Antar?"

"Yes, we have an Orbital Barrier, none of our enemy's ships have been able to breach it."

"How many of our people does Kivar hold?"

"Most of the people were evacuated off Antar when we attacked. Only those in the capital city and those soldiers who were in direct combat with our men remained."

"Is there any resistance on Antar? Where are they? Where are Kivar's forces?"

"Yes" This answer was short, Nicholas was trying to break free from Eowyn's control, but looking into Nicholas's mind Eowyn could see the exact numbers and locations of the men, both Antarian and Skin.

"How does the Orbital Barrier work? Can we breach it?"

Nicholas was proud to answer this, so he did not struggle against Eowyn so much. "Kivar holds the controls for the barrier in your palace. It works by sucking the energy out of any craft that attempts to breach it. The more power that you direct at it, the stronger it grows."

Eowyn's face grew thoughtful, "wait, what would happen then if a small craft was, say to shut off it's accelerators as it approached the barrier? If it were to attempt to just float through using no force?" Nicholas's face grew wary and he struggled against Eowyn's control. "Would it work? Eowyn persisted. Nicholas's face was beaded with sweat as he struggled to resist. "Yes, my Queen" he finally choked out. Eowyn's face was triumphant as she turned to the others. They had their way in to Antar!

"Do any of you have any more questions?" asked Eowyn "He's fighting my control" The others shook their heads but Zan stepped forward threateningly towards Nicholas his face furious with a sudden insight.

"What were Kivar's plans regarding my wife when you brought her to him? Why do you call her your Queen?" he asked. Nicholas blanched, even under Eowyn's mind control he feared the Antarian King's reaction. "My Lord Kivar wishes to wed the Queen Eowyn." He admitted. Zan's face clouded. "He wanted her for a political alliance. Nothing more?" he asked his voice barely under control. Nicholas gulped. "No, my Lord Kivar desires the Queen, he always has done, even before you were married, he wishes for her to be his Queen so that he can possess her. Have her completely and totally." With a howl of rage Zan struck the Skin General rendering him comatose once more. Taking Eowyn's hand he stalked out of the room and they made their way to the bedroom. Eowyn went without complaint. It had been a long day and they would need their rest for their journey home tomorrow. Looking at her enraged husband she thought wryly to herself that they may not get much sleep. Entering their room, Eowyn went to stand in the middle of the room, waiting for Zan to begin. "Leave us" he instructed the guards without tearing his eyes from her form. Eowyn waited for him to speak again.

Finally, she could bear his silence no more "You're so angry" she murmured. "Angry" Zan roared in disbelief, "I'm not angry, not angry with you. I could never be angry with you. I'm terrified for you." He softened his tone slightly, but his horror was evident. "I cannot stand the thought of you with Kivar, the thought of him leering at you, hurting you, touching you …. Eowyn's heart lurched at the anguish in his voice, she wished he would go back to being angry. Anything was better than this. Zan moved towards her with a predatory gaze. You. Are. Mine. He emphasised every word with another step towards her, never letting his eyes leave hers.

Eowyn knew she should be trying to calm Zan, to reassure him, but she could not think with him so close, she tried to move away to give herself time to think. But Zan refused to let her. When he reached her, Zan embraced her in a fierce hold. His mouth crushed into hers. Any sense of thought vanished from Eowyn as she returned his embrace every bit as fiercely. He tasted so wonderful. A moan came from him as she traced the contours of his back. She flung back her head to allow him access to her neck and as he flicked his tongue over her, desire flooded into her body. He always knew how and where touch her. They both knew each other's bodies as well as they knew their own. Eowyn marvelled at how their bodies always fit together so perfectly. Sighing as Zan lowered her to the bed, Eowyn surrendered … they could talk later.

The next morning passed in a blur as all was prepared for the King and Queen and their people to return to their ship and awaken the crew so that they could journey to Solaris to begin their campaign against Kivar and the Skins. As Eowyn and Zan and their convoy approached the location of their ship it shimmered into existence.

The Crew, now reanimated and forewarned by proximity alarms that their Monarchs were approaching lowered the gangway and lined the path of their King and Queen's approach to the ship saluting them in honour of their return. Hearts beating wildly with excitement and pride, Eowyn and Zan boarded their ship on the first step of their journey home.

Captain Aja approached as they entered the ship "Your Majesties welcome aboard" he said "Do we have your permission to leave the planet?" "Of course, proceed with take-off immediately" Zan commanded ….

The End