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Leaving Haven

I shall know that somewhere there is a firm foothold, even if my feet cannot stand there again." J.R.R. Tolkien

Still regaining her senses after her dream Eowyn got out of bed and headed for the shower. Letting the hot water cascade over her supple curvaceous body, she mentally prepared herself for the day. They were leaving, again.

It had always been this way; a brief respite at one of the safe houses. Surrounded by familiar and friendly faces, Eowyn would just start to relax, when Larek, with impeccable timing would announce that it was time to leave. Perhaps that was it mused Eowyn, Larek would sense her relax and decide to leave before she lost her edge. She needed that edge she admitted to herself, they both did. It was what kept them alive. Kept the Skins from finding them.

Drying herself off from the shower, Eowyn donned her leather biker trousers, vest and jacket with some satisfaction. (Much as she liked the beautiful dresses she wore daily in the safe house - the dresses that reminded her of a different time, a different place and him…. Slowly peeling her dress from her shoulders as his mouth rained soft kisses down her skin or ripping the delicate material off her in his haste to…) Eowyn quickly wrenched her mind from that line of thinking. The aching sense of loss was too much to bear. She liked her leathers she reminded herself. They meant the wild freedom of the road, the lack of expectations except the only one…. keep moving, keep surviving, until it was time; time to find him, time to go home.

Checking her appearance over in the mirror one last time Eowyn's gaze snagged her own. The eyes that peered out at her were not those of an eighteen-year-old. They were older, wiser. They had seen too much. Sighing as she turned from the mirror Eowyn heard a soft knock. "Coming Larek" she called quietly as she stuffed the last remaining things into her small rucksack and hurried to the door. They travelled light when they were on the road.

Eowyn opened the door and greeted her protector quietly as they crept out of the house. It was always this way. The staff in the house never knew when they left or when they would return, or to which house. They were dotted all over America and none knew where they would stop next or where or when they came and went. It was better that way. All the staff had been selected carefully by the Federation's council. Once the decision had been made to reincarnate the King and Queen and their companions, it had been necessary for the council to ensure that their charges were safe during their time on earth. They could not leave the Protectors to cope with the four on their own and so the idea of the staffed safe houses was born. Each person who was contacted was not only an expert in his or her own field but also was either disillusioned with life on earth or had expressed an interest in Alien civilisations – particularly in living in them. And each staff member had been given the option of leaving with the Royals when they left. Although Eowyn and Larek trusted the humans who staffed their houses implicitly, they knew that if any of them were ever captured by the skins they wouldn't stand a chance. Their minds would be an open book to their enemies. And so, they kept them safe the only way they knew how. By keeping them in the dark.

Looking back at the house for a final glance before she left, Eowyn turned to her motorbike. As they moved slowly down the driveway, Eowyn noticed activity before the gate. She grinned ruefully at Larek. They should have known, they were never able to fool Captain Smith, head of their human security contingent. He and his men were the best after all. That was why they had been picked.

Smith watched as his Queen and her protector approached the gate. He wondered briefly if it was inappropriate if he also thought of her as his daughter? He clearly remembered the day he and his men and the rest of the staff had received the call that they had been waiting for for months. What Smith had not expected was to be handed a six-year-old child by a distraught protector who almost immediately rushed off again. Looking down into the innocent green eyes of his charge as she gripped his hand trustingly, Smith knew even then that he would do anything to protect her. She had matured as he and the other staff watched into a beautiful, caring, intelligent and compassionate woman.

"Trying to give us the slip again My Queen?" asked Smith mischievously as they slowed to a stop beside him. "Trying and failing as usual" laughed Eowyn as Larek looked on an expression of wry amusement on his face. "But I'm glad" Eowyn continued, "it gives me a chance to do this." She slipped off the bike and gave the surprised soldier a hug. "Stay safe Eowyn" he whispered into her hair as he hugged her back. He looked sternly at Larek "See that you bring her back to us safe." Larek visibly bristled at that as Eowyn laughed ... Larek had been head of Royal security on Antar, commanding over a thousand men. He had been personally selected by Eowyn's father King Tirian for this mission. He would die before he let harm even have a glimpse at his Queen.

Giving the grizzled soldier a final hug Eowyn mounted her bike and she and Larek took off down the dusty road.