Locker Room Antics

Summary: During Christmas Holidays Harry hears about some of the things his parents got up to at Hogwarts. 6th Year Lily and James are Alive, Harry and Hermione Pairing.

The sounds of laughter echoed through the halls of Potter Manor as did smells from the kitchen. It was Christmas Eve and as per tradition, Lily had given the House Elves the night off so she could take over the cooking. This year however, Lily was particularly delighted when Harry and Hermione had finally started dating, she had been able to tell for a long time that the pair had liked each other and finally had acted upon it. Ron the third member of their friendship trio had been surprisingly cool about this and had not long after started dating fellow student Lavender Brown and Neville had asked Luna out Lily having witnessed this had found it adorable seeing her godson blushing to the roots of his ears whilst asking the blonde haired Ravenclaw out. So naturally Lily had invited, the Longbottom's, Lovegood's, Weasleys and Brown's to dinner as well. A bang and a crash was heard from nearby and the shout of "Dad, Sirius get out" followed along with her husband's and his best friends laughter. Lily would not trade any of it in a million years the laughter carried on as footsteps came closer to the kitchen. "Mum can you tell Dad and Sirius to leave us alone for a bit please" Harry asked coming into the kitchen with Hermione close behind him and James and Sirius still laughing.

"Leave them alone boys you two are menaces honestly" Lily reprimanded them without turning away from the stove. She felt an arm wrap round her waist and she instinctively leaned back "Yeah but you still love me right?" James half stated half asked. Lily gave him a half -hearted smile "you know I do" she answered and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hermione, you look gorgeous" Lily said gushing over her son's girlfriend who was wearing a dark purple sleeveless dress with red sparkles decorating the bodice and matching heels.

"Thank you, Mrs Potter, would you like me to take over so that you can get ready?" Hermione asked

"Please how many times have I asked you to call me Lily and yes that would be lovely thank you" Lily answered and left the kitchen with James. She chuckled when she heard Hermione say "Oh no you don't Harry James, your staying here and helping"

Lily sighed as she did her hair up in an elegant half up do, her little boy was growing up so fast. "I see you down their Lily the others will be here soon". James said kissing her cheek Lily nodded and pulled out the dress she was planning on wearing that night with a smirk it was the same one she had worn when she had attended her first Christmas Ball at the Potters in her 7th year. It had indeed been a wonderful night well James' reaction in particular had been very well… pleasurable was one word for it. She slipped it on and relished feeling of the Navy blue dress with it's silver shimmer and of course the blue drapery at the back midnight blue with silver sparkles. (Think of Anastasia's dress when she goes to the opera).

"…. So are you willing to become partners in our joke shop then, we could really use some more expertise" she heard the voices of the Weasley twins as they spoke to Sirius about the joke shop they had going. Remus, noticed Lily's entrance from where he was talking with Xerophilous and Frank, and raised an eyebrow. Lily winked and shook her head as she moved behind James. "Hey" she purred into his ear "I seem to have lost my husband maybe you could join me tonight" James turned and looked at her

"Humm maybe I could help you" he murmured back "what does he look like"

"Well, he's charming, handsome, smart and a bit of a prat" she replied.

"Seems like you found him then" James said kissing her. Rancorous laughter followed coming from the two other marauders present, along with Frank's and the Weasley twins. Harry however looked a bit ill seeing his parents flirting like that. Sirius saw and whispered "trust me this isn't that bad you should have seen them at school." Harry shuddered.

"All right everyone let's eat this delicious meal that my darling Lily has made for us" James said and the large party made their way to the food.


The meal went well until Sirius commented "So Harry, what's this I hear about your little adventure in the Gryffindor Locker room" Harry chocked on his drink and turned a brilliant scarlet shade and Hermione patted him on the back.

"Sirius you can't just say something like that" Lily scolded

"He's not denying it though and let's be honest you and James were not much better why if I remember correctly, Remus and I caught….." the rest of what he was saying was cut off as a silencing spell was shot his way couresty of Remus. Harry did not need to know about his parents love life, Lily was very grateful for it and James sat their laughing while Sirius mouthed off at them silently.

"It'll wear off, anyway Harry, Hermione, I am happy for you both and if Sirius ever gets on your nerves your best shot at shutting him up, is to threaten to neuter him as Lily discovered in 6th year" Remus told them to which Harry and his friends laughed at Sirius' expense.

"I'm actually rather curious though too which time are you referring too" James asked out morbid curiosity. The spell having worn off enabled Sirius to answer " You had more than one in there dude that's gross. The team showered in there"

"You know what Sirius I think the best place was your bed" this statement came from Lily. Sirius looked at his best friends wife then at his friend who shrugged and paled. Harry was surprised his mother had spoken so openly about that subject.

"My bed are you serious?" he asked

"You bought it up" Lily stated. By now the rest of the dinner guest were listening and very much enjoying this conversation.


Much later that night James cornered his wife as they readied for bed pressing her up against the bedroom wall thrilled Lily smiled at him "Lily" he growled "why would you do that too me" smirking Lily answered "do what honey"

"Wear that dress"