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Prologue 1: Arrival

I wish I stayed dead.


'Calm down!'



'Oh shit, I can't breathe! I'm going to die right after I got my second chance!? Will I just suffocate before hitting the ground?!'

I felt like I was drowning. I couldn't even open my eyes for more than a second because of the cold air blasting right in my face. The noise in my ears didn't help the situation either.

'We have at least a few minutes until we become a human pancake, so calm the hell down and maybe we will figure something out!'

I felt his cold anger influence my own emotions, resonating in my soul, granting my mind a brief moment of clarity. It was barely enough to turn my body so that my back was facing the ground. I took my first breath after what felt like an eternity of drowning in the air. It was difficult and there wasn't enough oxygen, but I already felt much better than just a moment ago. I was still panicking, but at least now I could think. I didn't dare to open my eyes, for now, finding the ignorance of just how high up I was or how fast I was falling blissful.

'Great! Now try to feel the soul of the air around you and pull it! Make it help you breathe.'

Without questioning I reached out with my power for the soul of the air. The soul felt... confusing. It was simple and complex at the same time. It was whole as it is, but it was made of many smaller souls and a part of something way bigger all at the same time. Most importantly it was chaotic and disturbed. I pulled on the soul, trying to make it help me breathe. Gradually, breathing became easier. I didn't have to force the air in anymore. It almost felt normal, which calmed me down a bit.

'Now how the hell do I break the fall without splattering across the ground?!'

'I don't know, figure something out! You're supposed to be the smart one!'

My panic started to get worse again. I couldn't pull at the souls of my clothes to protect me from damage when I hit the ground because I instinctively knew that I wouldn't be able to pull at so many souls at once yet, not to mention that it probably wouldn't be good enough to absorb that level of damage anyway. It would break my focus on the soul of the air too, and I would lose consciousness before I hit the ground. I couldn't immediately make the air solid either, cause I would just splatter on the air platform instead of the ground, and I wasn't even sure I could pull off something difficult like that. At least not yet, and not in these circumstances. Instead, I tried to focus on the disturbance in the air's soul. It was probably caused by my body cutting through the air. I pushed against the soul's chaotic nature and amplified its disturbance. Immediately, I felt the changes. Now it felt like I was falling through... foam? An invisible air foam that gently resisted my fall. It wasn't enough, but at least it was some progress. The air was still helping me breathe, which was convenient.

'Now all I have to do is increase the effectiveness!'

'So you weren't a complete idiot after all! Great, now we at least have a chance to survive!'

I ignored his comment and focused on my task. The feeling of falling through foam changed over time to the feeling of falling through water, then... syrup? It definitely felt like it. Hell, it even felt sticky! What a weird feeling. At least it wasn't clogging my ears as an actual liquid would. Then the feeling changed to cutting through soft jelly, and after about a minute I felt myself stop. Slowly, I opened my eyes to a beautiful view of the night sky above. Carefully I turned around and looked down. The ground was quite a bit closer than I was comfortable with while being really far away at the same time. If I wasted my time trying out other options then at this point I would've been just another stain on the city below me, literally.

"Wow, even from up here the city looks like a dump" - I said, my voice trembling.

'What the hell did you expect? This is Brockton Bay, one of the worst places to be at on this Earth. Now quit dragging it out and get us to the ground. I don't wanna die here just cause you lost control or exhausted yourself'

He was right, I'm already feeling a bit tired.

"Hey, I don't want to die here either! It's not like I WANTED to appear whoever knows how high above the city!"

'Quit your whining and get on with it! Don't forget, we have a job to do, and I don't wanna find out what happens if we break your deal!'

I knew that, but I really wasn't looking forward to falling again.

"Fine, let's do this, sloooowly. Oh shiiii-!'


"Ah, the happiest landing of my life. Lets never, ever, EVER do that again."

It took me about five minutes to reach the ground. I was tired, my clothes were sweaty and the cold weather made it all feel a hundred times worse. Right in front of me stood Winslow High in all its... glory isn't the right word, but let's go with that for now.

"How convenient that we appeared right above it. Should I figure out how to make the air filter the smells, or should we just rush it?"

'If she dies while you were fucking around with your powers...'

"Goddam-! Fine, let's do this! ~Wish me luck~"


I pulled my hood up and went inside the school building. Surprising no one the doors weren't even locked. Did nobody guard the school at night? Did anyone even care? I didn't know if the metal detectors were broken or not, and I didn't bother to check with my power. I could easily go around them anyway. What did surprise me is that right near the entrance there was an emergency evacuation map of the first floor.

"Huh, they don't even bother to lock up the building for the night, but they have a proper evac map?"

'Just shut up and find where the lockers are.'

"That's what I'm doing. Oh, found 'em."

The lockers were not that far away from the entrance, duh. The closer I moved to our target, the worse the smell got. Finally, after about a minute of walking, I found our locker. The metal door was a bit distorted. It looked like someone tried to kick their way out, but was too weak or didn't have enough space inside to do that. The smell was almost unbearable here, and I haven't even opened it yet. I frowned.

"Ok, how are we going to do this?"

'Don't try to force it open. Make it help you open itself.'

I touched the locker and reached out for its soul with my power. I was already pretty tired, so I didn't bother with trying to focus on its soul too much. Thankfully, an unfocused pull with a vague desire for help was all it took for the primitive combination lock to open. A lanky female body almost hit the floor before I caught it.

"Ugh, how could this smell get so much worse?"

Reaching out for her soul, I cringed. It could barely hold itself together.

'Stop whining and let me take over our body. I'll do the rest'

"Whatever you're going to do, is it really going to help her?"

'Does it matter? If I don't do this she will probably die.'

I... couldn't do anything here myself. If I had the time and was skilled at using my power then maybe I could've done something. Maybe then that thing wouldn't get exactly what it wanted. Her body was barely alive and her soul was in a similar condition. I gave up control over my body and felt him take over, a white mask forming over my face.

"It will be over shortly" - he said calmly with my distorted voice as he prepared to bite her.

The taste was disgusting, but what worried me more was the twisted mixture of our energies flowing through the bite between her neck and her left shoulder, slipping through the cracks in her soul, filling them in, being absorbed. After a few seconds I was back in control of my own body.

"Fuck, did you have to bite her?"

'It is done. We can leave now.'

I could already see her wounds starting to heal. No bite mark was left on her body.

"Well, I really don't want anyone to know that I was involved, but she could die if she stays for the whole night on the floor. I really don't want to find out if it would count as me going back on the deal. Or she could die from blood poisoning or something..."

'Stop making excuses. If you wanna help her some more, then help! Call me when you need me, partner.'

Ignoring his comment I focused on thinking about how I could help her while avoiding everyone's notice instead.

*a few minutes later*

"Damn it!"

No matter how I look at this, I can't help her much without being noticed. I could pull the fire alarm, but the firefighters would notice that it wasn't her who pulled it. Even if I drag her body to the nearest fire alarm and pull it with her hand, getting the firefighters here instead of an ambulance would just put her life under more risk than needed. Still better than doing nothing, I guess...

'No, it wouldn't work. It doesn't explain how she got out of the locker without breaking the lock. It will be the same as outing her cape identity from day one'

Why am I being such a bleeding heart? I don't even know her.

'The best I can do right now is call nine one one from a stationary phone inside the school and say that I'm a new cape and explain the situation. Tell them I discovered her while... No, no extra details, leave it for them to figure out what the hell I was doing here at night. That will create a lot of problems for me later... Or not, I could just leave before the ambulance arrived and pretend it never happened later on. I could pretend to be one of the teachers or students here, but it will just attract more unwanted attention to both of us.'

This solution wasn't the best one, I knew it wasn't, but I couldn't think of anything better at the moment. I'll worry about it later. Now, to find a phone...

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