(Fiona Munson visit Coop's grave, she had flowers and place them in front of his grave, she began to cry)

Fiona: I miss you Coop.


(Old Lady Munson had enough of Fiona hanging out with Coop BurtonBurger)

Old Lady Munson: Fiona!

(Fiona came over)

Fiona: Auntie Munson?

(Old Lady Munson pulls out a gun and pointed at Fiona)

Old Lady Munson: It's time to say Goodbye Fiona!

(Coop saw Old Lady Munson with a gun, pointing at Fiona)

Coop: Fiona!

(Coop ran and jump in front of Fiona)


(Mrs. Munson ended up shooting Coop in the abdomen)

Fiona: COOP!

(Everyone was shocked to see what happened)

Burt: SPORT!

Millie: COOP!

Dennis: COOP! NO!

(The police came and arrested Mrs. Munson for murder)

(Burt,Millie,Dennis,Lorne,Harley and Kat came over to Fiona, who held Coop, Coop's shirt was stained with Blood and he had a bullet on his abdomen)

Fiona: Coop! Please, Wake up! Wake up, Coop!

(Coop open his eyes to see Fiona)

Coop: Fiona?

Fiona: Coop, Thank goodness your okay!

Coop: I don't think I will be alive any longer.

Fiona: What!

Dennis: Coop! Don't do this to us! I can't live without you!

Coop: You have to. *cough*.

Burt: Sport! Please, don't leave us!

(Coop looked at his father)

Coop: Dad... Take care of Millie and Kat.

(Coop looked at Kat)

Coop: We might be enemies...but I'll always remember you as a frenemy.

(Kat cried, Feeling sorry for Coop)

(Coop looked at his best friend)

Coop: Dennis...Fight Kat without me.

(Dennis began to cry, he doesn't want to loss his best friend)

(Coop looked at Lorne and Harley)

Coop: Remember me as a funny friend to you guys.

Lorne: Catboy!

Harley: Don't do this, Please!

(Coop looked at His sister, Millie)

Coop: Millie...?

Millie: Coop! Please, Don't leave me! I don't want to loss you!

Coop: I know...you and me fight. But, you'll always be my sister.

(Coop looked at his girlfriend)

Coop: Fiona?

(Coop gave Fiona a kiss on the lips and gave her his last smile)

Coop: I love you...

(Coop closes his eyes and his hands felt weak)

Fiona: COOP! NO!


(Everyone began to cry for his death, The ambulance came and took him to the hospital)

At The Hospital

(Dennis, Millie, Fiona, Lorne, Harley and Burt were waiting outside of the emergency room)

(The doctor came out)

Burt: How is he doctor?!

Doctor: I'm sorry Mr. BurtonBurger, He didn't make it, He passed away a few minutes ago.

(Everyone began to cry)

(Showed the funeral of Coop BurtonBurger)

(Flashback ended)

Fiona: I'll always remember you as a special person to me.

Coop: Hey Fiona.

(Coop looked behind to see Coop spirit, he had angel wings and a halo above his head)

Fiona: I miss you so much!

Coop: I miss you too.

(The two hugged each other and then they let go)

Coop: I Better get going now.

(Coop fly back up to heaven and faded away)

Fiona: I'm going to make you very proud.

(Fiona started to help Dennis fight Kat, She never forgets about Coop and knows that Coop will always stay by his side and soon her parents moved in into Mrs. Munson house to be the BurtonBurgers new neighbors)

Fiona: Mom, I really miss Coop.

Rachel: I know you miss him honey, but he will always be by your side.

Alan: I agreed with your mother.

Fiona: Thanks dad.

The End

If confused who is Rachel and Alan, The two are Fiona parents. That's all, Goodbye.