It is Spring 2003 in Japan and the worlds most popular dance competition is coming to the land of the rising sun. Six singles and six pairs have entered for a chance to win 100,000 yen and a trip to Japan's Disney World.

Host: Hana Hamasaki


Akari Makeda

Haru Kurowasa

Hinata Nakato

Himari Moto


Haruto Ito

Ichika Katou

Riku Maki



Yukimi Kojima(The Heiress)

I am the first-born daughter of movie tycoon Jouji Kojima, owner of Shogun Studios. I'm also a 29-year-old dancer and actress. I've been all sorts of movies from the 90s romantic classic, ''Sew Solutions To Love' to my current sci-fi flick, 'Game Realm'. During the after party, one of my costars suggested that I should be on a reality show. In order to get the money for the next movie production Daddy is making, I decided to go onto the show.

Toru Sugawara (The Gamer)

I'm the 30-year-old manager of the Pizza Planet in Sano. I've seen millions of come and I'm also a major Sugar Rush fan. Recently, we installed a Dance Pants Revolution and it was there they showed CGI versions of the LADUWS backup dancers. Inspired by their computer-like appearance, I decided to compete on Let's All Dance Until We're Sick. I may be a nerd, but it doesn't stop me from dancing.

Shio Imai (The Single Mom)

I'm a 29-year-old mother of two and a doll-clothing designer for Tani-Suzuka Toys in Tokyo. My son '' and daughter '' are the best things that have ever happened to me. It's true that life has many turns and surprises From working as a waitress at The Sushi Fountain in my teen years, to my ex-husband abandoning me for a swimsuit model. It doesn't stop me from raising a pair of twin kindergartners. During a parent-teacher conference I saw a brochure for the new LADUWS: Japan. Hoping that it would bring money to raise my children, I decided to compete.

Yawara Takada (The Legend)

I've been singing at The Pagoda Palace in Tokyo for five years. Before that, you may remember me as a child star in the early 80s. Now that I'm 34, it's hard to keep a cute face on. After my last performance at The Pagoda Palace, my manager suggested that I should be on TV again. Look out world, Yawara Takada is back.

Kihu Maruyama (The Geisha)

It's not easy being a 21-year-old geisha in Kobe. I've been teaching children how to dance and I've been collecting clothes by Azami Takomoto. During a recital of the world famous 'Sakura Sakura' one of the kids showed me a flier in the pile of junk mail. Within the need of some new set designing equipment, I decided to go compete on Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.

Nobu Ando(The Haiku Poet)

Nobu is an instructor at the Revelation Rec Center in Nagoya. 39-year-old Nobu is close to his co-workers/girlfriend 35-year-old Runa, who share a passion for Haiku and dancing as much as he does. As we were putting up fliers and posters for the advertisement board, we saw a flier for Let's All Dance Until We're Sick. Remembering the time where the theater troupe for the musical version of, 'Dirty Dancing' came to RRC for a dancing demonstration, we decided to join.


Tsuneo and Taki Uchida(The Ninjas)

Teuneo and Taki are a gay couple from Kyoto. 26-year-old Teuneo and 28-year-old Taki work at a Poultry Palace as crew-people. Once a month, they entertained the children there with their ninja routines. They first met in middle school where they were both out of the closet and ridiculed. Tsuneo was running from some bullies when he hid in the same closet as Taki, who was hiding from the guidance counselor. The counselor who Taki was supposed to meet assured them that the'll be alright. After high school, the two of them moved in with each other, though they had to work at a medium budget job. One day, Taki's best friend came over to visit and told him about LADUWS having an opening. In order support gay rights in Japan, Teuneo and Taki decided to join.

Erika and Isa Ohno (The Manga Writers)

Erika and Isa Ohno are a lesbian couple in Kanagawa. 19-year-old Erika is a recent high school graduate looking for freedom. In her youth, Erika was a ballerina and modern dancer. Inspired by the movie 'Flashdance' she tried to make homages to 'Jennifer Beals' and her character, 'Alex Owens' whom were her first loves in reality and fantasy. Recently, she met Isa, who is the daughter of Ryu Ohno, owner of Trinket Empire Publishing Company. Isa also had trouble coming out of the closet, she writes stories of two women dancing passionately, but was afraid that she would be laughed at. After a year of dating, the two of them decided to celebrate their anniversary by going on LADUWS.

Moe and Kouichi Miura(The Karaoke Singers)

Moe and Kouichi are a married couple. They run the karaoke bar at the Tipton Hotel in Osaka. Moe started off as maid while Kouichi was a daycare guy. One night, they were dancing to the singers at the karaoke bar when they both realized they had a passion for dancing. After the previous owner quit to pursue a music career, they took over the karaoke bar. During Howie D's visit, he advised them to be on LADUWS.

Isako Shinohawa and Jinsei Taniguchi (The Robotics Experts)

Isako and Jinsei are co-workers at Chikorama Tech in Tokyo. 22-year-old Isako started off as a jazz dancer while 26-year-old Jinsei took salsa lessons as a child. They both also had a commmon interested in Rainbow Monkey Mini Bots, which they also help built. During the premiere of the anime film, 'Rainbow Monkeys And The Future Of Friendship'. They did a dance sequence that is just like the ones on dance competitions. Hana Hamasaki wasn't just the host of the show, she also played the main villain, 'Empress Barcade'. During an autograph session, she told them about the pilot episode of LADUWS, which interested them completely.

Miki Ueda and Nozmi, 'Noodle Master' Goto(The Ramen Masters)

Miki and Noodle Master are a couple working at the noodle shop near The Greenburg Hotel in Chiba. Miki's parents founded the shop, 'Playground Plate' during the 1950s, where they were opening spots for refugees. 24-year-old Miki met 24-year-old Noodle Master when they were little children, after his parents moved to Chiba from Kyoto in order to find a job. Over the years, the two of them made noodles and took tap dancing lessons. During Miki's birthday party, her father showed her and Noodle Master imported dance clothes from Orlando and an opening for LADUWS. Knowing how much her father cares, Miki and Noodle Master decided to join.

Nijimi Shinodo and Kunhide, 'Keen Hyde' Mori (The Cat Lovers)

Nijimi and Keen Hyde are owners of the Right Meow cat center in Hamamatsu. Nijimi and Keen Hyde were both fond of Robert Louis Stevenson books, which is why they made it based on Treasure Island and the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One day, they got a fan letter return from A. J McLean who was one of the judges on the American Let's All Dance Until We're Sick. He advised them that they should be on LADUWS in order to promote Right Meow.

Backup dancers:

Yui Otsuka, Aoi Chiba, Niko Matsui, Hinata Iwasaki, Sakurai and Kanna Kinoshita, Sana and Kaito Noguchi, Asahi Matsuo, Reo Sano, Touma Nomura, Itsuki Onishi, and Okito Hamasui.

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