John Paul was finding a bar up in Essex due to the fact James keeps finding him everywhere he goes.

He stumbled along the bad that he thought would be the perfect place to hide from James.

When he walked to the bar it was kind of crazy all these Ladies having a big party must be a hen do he thought to himself. He stayed far

Away to them as possible and sat at the bar with his big pint of beer he ordered.

Just a few moments later a hot guy in a Police officer came strolling in with his hair blowing on all directions, John Paul thought it was a blind moment but it turned out to be a real


George: Is this Seat taken

John Paul: yes

George was about to move away

John Paul: No wait I was joking the seat is obviously going to be taken by you

George: Very kind of you

John Paul: someone looks eager to find someone new

George : Yeah sorry I was meant to be a blind date at 7:30 and it's 7:45 and I don't know if the guy has run off.

John Paul: what did he look like

George: Not sure, all I know is I'm

Meeting someone called James nightingale

John Paul spits out his drink

John Paul: what a shocking thing, I'm James

George: Omg so sorry I'm

Late, I'm George Kiss

John Paul: Anyway Can I get you a drink, 1st round I'll pay.

George : Yeah whatever you're having, a quick

Drink then I'm

Off to do

My thing

John Paul: What is your thing?

George: You'll see ( wink wink)

Few moments later

The two seem to be chatting the days away

George: So what do you do as a living

John Paul: Teacher and a head director

George: Very fancy I'm a police officer and you can tell by the uniform

John Paul Laughing

George: Not at the Captain level yet but soon will

The music starts to play

George: I've got to go do my thing

John Paul couldn't believe his side Job was a


John Paul, God sake, likely my family wasn't here they would sworn him especially my mum

And nana

George starts dancing on the pole.

Removing his sexy Police game and the glasses. Sexy taking off his vest and putting it around the bride to be.

Shirt to best next as he took it off in one move and through it to one side which was wear John Paul

Was sitting.

He was nearly at the end of his routine, wear he ripped his pants and all that was left was him in his Ck red boxers.

It was coming up to the final

Straw and that ban he ripped them

Off, all crowds cheer on. Nobody noticed by John Paul

How big his crotch was, George threw his pants and Him.

Little Did John Paul known George number was written inside.

His routine finished and that was the end. He came back to his seat at least partly

Dressed. John Paul handed George back is pants but George strictly advised him to keep it.

John Paul was clueless until told that his number was written there in case he wanted to meet again.

That meeting would have to be since John Paul got a call from Mercedes to come home quick as Matthew was sick and Mercedes doesn't do vomit.