John Paul got up in the morning and served himself breakfast. But something was on his mind.

Sally: Morning Love

John Paul: Morning, Ive made you some egg by the way

Sally: Aww thanks, I need to get to the school straight away got a meeting 8:30. So how was your date alone.

John Paul: Was actually really nice, Ive met someone, a copper.

Sally: Wow, finally someone it was about time. so are you gonna call.

John Paul: Dont know I'm a bit scared too

Sally: why god sake, if I met a women and she was hot I would bang at the offer and call her as soon as I got home. Oh god is that time

I better get off.

Sally exists the house.

On her phone, speaks to the police,

Sally: Hello this is Sally can I speak to a police man who is hot please

Meanwhile at school

John Paul: Ok year 11, homework read chapter 3 of A Christmas carol and add to your mind maps due next week

The whole class leaves

Sally: Hi John Paul

John Paul turns around and sees George

John Paul: You

George: Hiya James I guess

Sally: James, who James this is John Paul.

George: Oh it's just yesterday at the bar he said he was James. But don't worry it's fine, that can be your final warning Lol

John Paul: So why is he here? Not that I don't want you here but why you here?

Sally: Oh he is here to help me the CTTv footage as according their was a break in.

John Paul: Oh really

George: Anyway I've sorted it, as you can tell I'm starting to sweat.

John Paul suddenly got turned on and can imagine George fucking him.

George: anyway bye

John Paul: I'll show him out.

Hey are you free Tonight just for a shock drunk

George: I can't sorry, I've got night shift. Unless you want to come With me.

John Paul: yeah sure

George; Great I'll see you 6:30?

John Paul; perfect see you later