Zombie Love

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In this story, Victoria Cindry isn't dead (and not a zombie either, I just used her epithet for the story title) just a stage performer who is trying to reach fame.

It was a quiet night; the stars were shinning bright, illuminating the dark sky of the cold night.

Cindry sighed as she watched the sky from her window, she was chasing a dream ; the dream of becoming a famous star , but no director wanted to give her a true role , a beautiful girl is made for " certain " roles only.

She closed her eyes and sighed once more, she was tired of fighting those lustful thoughts of others, she had a dream to fulfill.

She sat on her bed thinking about leaving this island, she heard group of sailors were leaving at the morning, so she thought she might ask to join them.

"Captain , it is the archipelago " yelled Heat as he saw the approaching land . The Kidd pirates were heading to Sabody Archipelago , they were stopping for supplies and gathering information about other pirates.

" Well , I guess we will stay here for couple of days." Replied Kidd as he placed his thick coat on his bare shoulders.

Cindry watched as the sailor's ship went through the Archipelago, the sailors were tense as their ship entered the port.

"Excuse me, why are we stopping here?" asked Cindry one of the chore boys.

"For supplies miss, but we won't be late, this land is known to be full of pirates." Replied the chore boy.

Cindry paid the captain for her ride and left the ship, the archipelago seemed promising.

She stopped at a bar for a short break and maybe she can find someone to ask about a theatre or a performing stage.

"Hello Miss, what can I get you?" asked the old bar tender; an old man with glasses and a white beard.

"A glass of apple juice if you please." Answered Cindry politely, as she sat on one of the bar's stools.

A tall, tanned man with tattoos drawn over his left arm, a black beard and bald head. He was dressed in a black tight pants and a pair of matching boots. A sword was hanging on his hips.

"Apologies young lady "his stinking breath accompanied his evil voice as he whispered to Cindry's ear. " Is this seat taken?" he continued as he pointed at the stool next to her.

She froze with fear, was he a pirate? She turned her head slowly and shook her head to him. He smiled widely and sat next to her, starring at her.

She gulped what is left on her glass and tossed the old man some shiny coins and made her way out of the bar, only to be stopped by a strong grip pulling her.

"Leaving so soon, cupcake" he cupped her face between his filthy hand and pushed her against the wall.

Terror shined in her eyes, she twisted with pain and fear under his touch as she screamed, but no one at the bar dared to move, especially when his men barked to the helpless audience.

"Put her down and I promise I will let you leave in one piece" spoke Heat quietly, as he sipped at his drink.

The assaulting man stared at him for a moment before he started laughing. "I would like to see you try "he said in a threatening tone , reaching for his sword.

With one blow, the huge man turned into a ball of fire right in front of Cindry's eyes , who watched with horror.

She pulled herself together and stood to her feet planning to make a run out of the bar. She took a look at Heat, who looked back at her, and made her way out of the bar as fast as she could.

"Damn she is hot" said Heat before finishing his drink , he stood up and walked to kick the ball of fire out of the bar , as he too walked out of the bar.

"Where are you going?" asked Killer

"After that doll "he answered without looking back at his friend, it is been a while since he shared the bed with a beautiful woman , and she was his type.

Cindry ran as fast as she can, and before she could realize it, night had fallen and the cold of the night was crawling on her bare legs.

She stopped and panted heavily, looking around her and warming her bare arms with her small hands.

She saw a group of bandits starring at her and grinning widely as they made their way towards her.

"You know , a pretty girl like you in a dress like that would be an eye candy to any man " spoke the deep voice of Heat . He leaned casually on a tree and looked at her with heavy lids .

He walked slowly towards her, taking her coat off to place it on her shoulders, completely covering her strapless, short blue dress.

He glared at the approaching bandits, sending them on their way with just one look."Who are you?" whispered Cindry He is too strong. She thought to herself.

"I am Heat from the Kid Pirates" he introduced himself to her.

Cindry's eyes widened in shock A Pirate! Her thoughts screamed with fear.

"Do you have a name?" he asked with a casual smile.

"C..Cindry" replied the dumbfounded blonde.

"You seem out of this place, allow me to invite you to dinner," he said casually.

She stared at him for a moment, thinking about running away from him, but she remembered how strong he is, so she nodded in agreement.

"So what brings a pretty girl like you here" he asked, as he chopped at his meat and bread.

"I want to be an actress "she spoke quietly, she still can't believe she is having dinner with a pirate.

"Oh, that's fancy" he replied as he swallowed his food. "You are a brave girl." he continued before biting his steak once more.

"Thank you "she replied with a smile.

As the night went on, they talked about the sea and the adventures Heat been through, and she felt her tension get easier around him, maybe he wasn't as bad as he seems after all.

Heat admired the shine in her eyes as she spoke about her dreams , and slowly changed his mind about getting her to his bed, she is not that type of girls.

"It is almost midnight now, and you drank too much "said Heat as he sipped the last of his alcohol "let me walk you back to your motel." He continued.

"Thank you, I am a bit dizzy indeed." Replied Cindry as she leaned on him for support.

"But I haven't made a motel reservation, you know things went bad at the bar" she spoke with sadness.

"No problem, I will take you to the motel I am staying at with me crew and get you a room " Answered Heat as he carried her bride style. Cindry shuddered at the warm feeling of his body.

"Sorry sir , no more available rooms" replied the old woman at the motel's reception.

"It is pouring out there "said Heat " you won't find a place to go to " he continued.

"You can sleep at my room and I will share the room with one of my mates." He said , cant believing how nice he is Damn! Why am I so kind to her? He thought to himself.

Cindry thanked him and walked into his room and shut the door behind her. Heat sighed out of frustration, he wanted to be invited.

He went to Wire to see if he can stay the night with him, the latter refused and told him to have some balls and go spend the night with the girl he saved twice.

Killer was planning to train himself all night and wasn't ready to have any roommates.

Kidd was having fun with about ten women and wasn't going to accept any male company for the night.

Heat sighed and stayed at the motel's bar thinking about going back to his room and asking Cindry to spend the night with her.

"Heat" a soft voice called his name, he looked around and saw Cindry standing with his coat on behind him.

"Are you OK?" he asked sincerely.

"Yes, I just couldn't sleep . The storm is making me tense plus all the things that happened tonight." She answered. "I … I was wandering if you would like to stay with me." She asked with a blush on her cheeks.

He smiled and stood from his chair "sure".

They walked back to the room, Heat went to the bathroom and Cindry sat quietly on the bed, after she took off Heat's coat off her.

He enjoyed the hot water flowing over him , it relaxed his tense muscles and helped him clear his head. He wrapped a towel around his slender waist and walked out of the bathroom.

Cindry was standing in front of the window, dressed in a sheer white night gown. The room was dark, but the moonlight escaped through the window, reflecting on her sheer gown.

He stared at the silhouette of her curves that teased through her sheer clothes. He sighed, desperate to control his lust.

"A week ago I was watching the sky from my room's window, dreaming of becoming a star." She spoke with frustration.

"Who said you won't be! You just started your journey." Spoke Heat as he encircled her thin waist with his thick arms, she shuddered at the sudden contact.

She turned her head and stared at him "I will help you Cindry" he whispered to her slightly parted lips.

Before she could control it, Cindry tiptoed and kissed his thin lips. A kiss the Heat immediately replied.

He licked her lips and pushed her tongue into her mouth, moaning at the feeling of her sweet taste.

Cindry felt her whole body warm up; one of her hands headed to Heat's aroused member, and without permission, she massaged her big shaft up and down. Heat groaned with pleasure and broke the kiss.

He carried her and laid her on the bed; he stood in front of her and untied the towel, revealing his fully erected member. Cindry's eyes widened and she licked her lips.

She laid on the bed and spread her legs for him to take her, Heat obeyed the unspoken order and pulled the gown off her and laid his naked body on top of her naked one, kissing her lips fervently.

He felt her wet folds tease the velvet top of his member; so he slid into her, only to be opposed by a barrier. Heat stopped and looked into her eyes, Cindry nodded her head.

He broke through the barrier and rocked himself in and out of her, making her reach her climax first, and shortly after, he followed.

They laid panting in an erratic manner for few moments before their bodies calmed.

The thunder roared out of their room, sending chills down Cindry's spine, she curled and crawled towards Heat.

He smiled at her and pulled her closer for a hug.

"Cindry" he spoke interrupting the roaring thunder "do you mind joining a pirate crew?" he continued, anticipating the reply.

"I'll talk to Kidd about it in the morning, he wouldn't mind having a woman on board as long as I want her. "He chuckled.

"Why do you want me on your crew?" she asked

"Because I like you, and I don't meet girls I like so often, so letting you go will be the most stupid thing ever." He continued with a serious manner.

"I'll help you fulfill you dream and I will keep you safe, just give me a chance to get to know you better." He continued. Cindry smiled at him and nodded "Thank you Heat , thank you ." she said before leaning to kiss him and lay her head on his warm chest.

The End.

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