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Loud techno music blared in Junior's club as the night had begun and Junior's customers have started to come in. By the bar, Melanie Malachite stood by as club-goers came in. The business was starting to look good now, likely thanks to the new hire, Fenrir, clearing out and keeping those Red Hand goons from harassing Junior's customers. How he did it, Junior didn't care but for those sorry goons, Fenrir was…beastly, to say the least.

She began to stir uneasily as her thoughts went back to last week to where he had effortlessly thrown those Red hand thugs into a car, bashing the car door in while tossing one of those goons into the windshield before calling in the sergeant to cart them away. Normally, his being in contact with the sergeant would be enough to warrant suspicion. The possibility that he was a mole sent to spy on Junior's less upstanding clientele was reason enough but for her, it was something else especially with the other mysterious things about him. Things that she started to realize during her timeouts from her work.

For one, she remembered back how he had stated that ol' Oz had allowed him to work here but with an ankle monitor to keep him from doing anything unusual which she realized was odd. The Headmaster had known for a long time about the existence of Junior's establishment. With that in mind, you would think the Headmaster would be more worried about trouble finding his student in such a high-risk environment rather than what Fenrir implied was a means of keeping him out of trouble but given the crazy strength he showed she figured it was because of that.

But that leads to another mystery and that was his strength. Aura allowed one to easily perform feats of strength far beyond anything a normal person could do but Fenrir was something else. It only took a few nights of him working with them for her to realize that in most of the scuffles he had with the Red Hand, he DIDN'T use his Aura to empower his blows, his attacks were already strong enough to break cars, pavement, and the unlucky Red Hand fanatic. And when he DID use Aura to empower himself, he seemed to become almost unstoppable. She still remembered that time in the docks where he was able to throw an entire shipping container. Such a feat of strength wasn't common amongst Huntsmen, more so when it was a Huntsman in training.

Quickly, Melanie began to regret thinking about that time as a shiver went down her spine. Not just because of that time when Vatn used that frightening Semblance on her causing her to see her worst nightmare but because of what Fenrir looked like when the fight was over and he saw that dead faunas in the cage and the cold, emotionless blank look on his face. A look that told her that he was no stranger to death but the worst came when he found out that it was a Red Hand fanatic named Cobalt Electra that handled and likely caused that death. And quickly did emotion flood his face, one of rage that she swore she felt the heat coming off of him even though his Aura left a frosty after effect. Still, it didn't end there as a dark and foreboding black mist began to emanate from him. Not unlike the blue cold Aura that he gave off, add in how he became twitchy and his voice started to sound warped…

Melanie shook herself away from such thoughts unless she wanted to give herself nightmares, not after she decided to learn of what became of that Cobalt person. She only remembered that name thanks to Fenrir and was starting to think that it was better he killed her instead of…whatever he did to her. She had one of Junior's men check up on her just to sate her curiosity and she regretted that decision in an instant when he came back shaken as though he was told a grisly horror story. Then again, it was.

She didn't want to linger more on it. Whatever he did, he didn't just smash her eyes shut when he said that he left his marks on her. She now knew that he was referring to LARGE CLAW MARKS, a broken mind and several other injuries she didn't even want to imagine. It sounded too gruesome to even be on an obituary.

If there was anything she got from all of this, Fenrir was not a normal faunas and now she could see why the Headmaster was so keen on keeping a close eye on him. It wasn't just because he could get himself into trouble; it was because he was almost too dangerous to even be allowed to go unsupervised. And now he was working for them as he helped keep the Red Hand from encroaching into their turf while working as an extra bouncer at the club. It was madness. Once she realized this, she was starting to have second thoughts on vouching for him to Junior. True, she agreed thinking that it was for the better that they keep an eye on him less he becomes a problem in the future but now? She was starting to think they were way over their heads on this, on him.

It was a shame that she couldn't go back in time to change that decision because Fenrir had become very effective at dealing with the White Fang wannabes. While he wasn't inflicting anything close to what he did to Cobalt, he was as ruthless as he was when they fought in the shipyard. Striking with a near animalistic intent as he quickly slashed them down with those ridiculously heavy claw weapons that were far stronger than what Militia wielded. Although he quickly became more docile once his carnage was over and he had only to call in the sergeant to clean up after him. That and how he was also more human when he was working as a bouncer. If anything, the club seemed to have less trouble once he began working.

At first, she thought he was kicking out people randomly even though they didn't seem like trouble to the point she had to go and tell him to take it easy since Junior needs his patrons. Nevertheless, the wolf would defend himself saying that they were trouble waiting to happen. She then questioned him on how he would know that given how she didn't see it that way. The way he fidgeted a little when she pried as though he was figuring out what he needed to say before simply saying that he always had a good hunch on who was trouble told her that he was telling a half-truth. Still, she reminded him to go easy before walking off; thankful she didn't have to stay near him for much longer.

Now, one full week has passed and it looked like he might have been telling the full truth since they didn't have an issue with troublesome patrons or those who drank one too much alcohol. It was like Fenrir could tell when trouble was brewing before it even started which was nothing short of impressive for someone starting on the job. Seeing the benefits they were having from keeping him, she figured she would keep her thoughts to herself. Ozpin had him under watch for reasons only the Headmaster knew and after that info about Cobalt, she figured it might be best for her not to pry more into the wolf. While his social awkwardness and his lack of knowledge on the kingdom or people, in general, would mean that she should learn more about him, right now she didn't want to learn anything ghastly that he preferred to keep under wraps. She had a few good guesses but somehow she felt even her craziest gut feeling wouldn't match to what Fenrir was.

A moment passed before Melanie looked down on her scroll. She was starting to think that she should call up her twin who should be next to her by now. Almost in response to this, Militia appeared from the backroom, where the changing room for the guys was…

Militia then stood next to Melanie after giving her greetings to her than silence as they both stood to watch for anything off in the club. Melanie didn't ask anything about what she was doing knowing that she was likely taking a peak on Fenrir as he was changing into his uniform. She was proven right when he came out a few minutes later. Giving them a wave as he went to the floor where people were usually crowded. She never knew why her twin sister had a clear infatuation with him which was the wildest thing of all.

Knowing her sister, she would deny it outright but everything else when she thinks she wasn't being watched spoke something else. The side-glances she would have towards his direction. The occasional red on her cheeks when they would talk about how he was doing, and that one time where she had given him a uniform a size too small just so she could see tight contours of his body. She had no idea what happened between those two but it was clear Fenrir had caught Militia's eye. Normally, she would be worried about Fenrir knowing how much her quiet sister was…boy-crazy. But now, she was worried about her. Fenrir wasn't normal and she was worried if his volatile rage ended up being directed towards her for whatever reason. Images of Vatn's horrific vision still haunted her and she would rather keep it a vision.

She knew she had to keep quiet given how more useful Fenrir was to them at the moment but she figured that now would be the best time that she should share her thoughts with her twin. She's the only family she's got, not counting mother who was running the criminal underworld of Mistral.

"Militia, we need to talk."

Her twin shifted her attention to her.

Melanie began. "About that Red Hand thug that Fenrie dealt with in the docks, that crazy Cobalt woman."

"You mean the one Fenrir practically maimed and left a broken mental mess?"

"Yes, that—wait, you know?" Melanie said surprised.

"I overheard one of Junior's men talking about you asking him to look up information on what happened to that fanatic. He was talking like he was sharing a horror story. Most of the guys know what he did and want to keep clear of him and leave him alone." Militia said frankly.

"And you coming from the men's…"

"…was to keep an eye on him." Melanie was cut off. "Junior even asked me to keep a better look at him. It kind of makes sense why that old Headmaster attached an ankle monitor on him."

Keeping a straight face, her sister returned to surveying the club. Melanie was surprised by this revelation that her sister was aware of what had been bugging her. That was good news. At least she'd keep herself out of danger. She then moved her hand to get her attention, giving the rare compliment to her twin before stopping. While Militia had been scanning the club, her gaze once again fell onto to the canine boy, who was observing the club like a predator observing its prey. And she could see that familiar tinge of red on her twin's cheeks that wasn't there before told her everything she needed to know.

Yes, she knew the danger Fenrir posed. Yes, she was aware of what exactly happened to the sorry Red Hand thug. And yes, she likely knew that he was anything but normal. But for some reason only Oum knew, her infatuation remained. What in the world happened when she was looking?

It took Melanie everything she got to not break character at what she was seeing and slap her head. Regardless of her reasons, she was still her twin sister and the only family she's got. If Fenrir would ever harm her, they'll be hell to pay.

But before she resumed her attention back on the club, she spoke to her sister in a more concerned tone.

"Militia, just watch yourself okay?"

Her twin was surprised by the tone Melanie took and turned to her. She was a little surprised to see the look of unease on her face. She felt it was best to respond.

"Don't worry Melanie, I will."

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