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Nightlife began to quiet down as Junior's club closed for the night. The business was now notably better than before, all thanks to a new hire keeping the low life Red Hand thugs from harassing Junior's customers with their propaganda. Normal businesses might try to call the local police to deal with a potential terrorist group loitering around their establishment but Junior's "business model" means that he would have to rely on his men and some "unconventional" help.

Still, this didn't help placate the worries of the Malachite twins about Fenrir. The Beacon student was no slouch even though he lacked finesse but he had an unparalleled ferocity the likes of which they have never seen before and a rather dark aura about him at times. It didn't help that there was a surprising lack of information about Fenrir. Whatever they have managed to acquire didn't help as all they had was that he was from Menagerie which further added questions.

Even with this small bit of information, it was already clear that something was up. Militia remembered that time when one when a fish faunas with webbed ears came by the club, all thanks to Fenrir keeping the Red Hand thugs away, and how he had stared at her as though he had never seen faunas like that before. She quickly gave him a small elbow bump to tell him not to stare. At that time there was nothing unusual about it but now...

"What are you even hiding Fenrir."

Militia mentally said that as she peeped in the changing room from the slightly opened door. Fenrir was changing from his club suit into his usual attire, taking off the jacket and shirt underneath, revealing Fenrir's toned back muscles; firm with a chiseled appearance. Fenrir turned around a bit, revealing his strong abs and a small scar just above his pectoral muscles...

"Focus you, idiot, you aren't here for that." Militia mentally scolded herself, shaking her head. The reason why she was even doing this was because of how suspicious it was that Fenrir was from (and apparently born) in Menagerie and yet he acted like he never saw fish faunas before even though those were the most common types of Faunas on the island continent, especially on the coast. That was if her knowledge from that boring geography class she and her sister attended in combat school was correct. Even so, it didn't help that he always stated that he was from outside the kingdom as though he lived in the wilds instead of some small piece of civilization like Menagerie. (Unless the place was as much of a dump as she heard)

As she continued to observe him spot anything suspicious. Fenrir had begun changing his trousers showing off his strong legs, his boxers, and his firm bu...

Militia's cheeks quickly flushed a deep red and she quickly turned her back from the door, making swift steps away from the changing room. She wasn't going to go there and seeing that he was almost done changing, she likely wouldn't get anything meaningful. However, each step she took felt like lead as though a part of her greatly regretted walking away from the peep show.

To Junior, Fenrir was a Beacon student who came out of nowhere offering to help him clear out the Red Hand (for free even but he paid him for his services since he was no cheapskate). He got the results that he wanted with the club business now having more patrons coming in. Still, he had the twins watch him due to Melanie's concern about something being off about him. If he had to offer an opinion, so long as he doesn't get in the way he couldn't care much about what he is.

To Melanie, Fenrir wasn't anything normal even for Huntsmen standards. The crazy strength that he showed in the docks, the brutality of how he dealt with that crazy Red hand fanatic, how coolly he talked about it, and how angrily he talked about holding back and NOT ripping her eyes out. That sent a cold chill down her spine. She was aware of how brutal the criminal underworld could get but that didn't stop her from fearing Fenrir. He was something else; dark and ominous with a fury she had only seen in Grimm. She only hoped it wasn't a mistake to have him work for them. If there was one trait she quickly recognized, it was being unstable; more than any unstable crime boss.

To Militia, she didn't have much of a clear opinion about him. He was volatile and vicious against the Red Hand thugs he cleared out and yet, he was surprisingly capable of docility when he was with that kid. He lacked traces of that fierce persona when he wasn't near enemies. Militia noticed this whenever she had talked with him in the club. He was far more, normal as if that was a positive. He was also surprisingly great at his job as a bouncer, somehow removing trouble makers before they even started trouble. However, there were still a lot of things unknown about him and as such, they need to look more into him.

Militia was outside the club as the lights began to turn off. Normally, she would head back to the apartment that she and her sister stayed but right now she decided to shadow Fenrir on his way back to Beacon to see if there is anything that she could find. She informed her sister about what she was doing. Melanie was initially hesitant but ultimately told her to stay safe. If anything, Militia was surprised that Melanie didn't refuse given how she was the most concerned about Fenrir. However, knowing her sister, it's likely she trusted her just as she trusted Melanie back.

"I won't do anything risky Melanie, I'll promise you that."

She was wearing a plain dress that had a more dull color palette compared to her club dress. She was annoyed that she had to wear it but if she was going to shadow Fenrir, she needed a dress that wouldn't make her stand out. She kept several paces behind Fenrir, close enough to keep him on her sights while reducing the chances of Fenrir spotting her.

Fenrir kept a brisk pace as he moved through Vale passing by people going about their time while not paying much attention to him. He passed a few blocks before he stopped. His ears began to twitch as made a few sniffs before turning down a block. Militia quickly moved up ahead until she was at the corner of the block and peered around. Up ahead, she saw that Fenrir had stopped by in front of a shop. After a few moments, he went inside. Swiftly, she moved up until she saw the sign in front of the shop. It was a 24-hour bakery chain that had just opened up recently. Now being so close she could smell the fresh aroma of newly baked pastries like sweetbreads, sourdough, cookies, brownies, and many others.

Taking a step closer, she looked through the windowpane display and saw that Fenrir was at the counter. No doubt he decided to get a snack.

"Nothing." She thought. She was beginning to think she was wasting her time following him around. If this was how it was going to be until he reaches those bullheads when she might as well just go back and get some well-deserved sleep. However, as she turned to leave, something caught Militia's eye. Focusing her vision on Fenrir, she noticed him acting...odd. His eyes normally had a sharp intimidating appearance to them but now they were softer and more rounded which made them less intimidating. She also noticed that his tail was wagging around more, like a delighted dog that was about to be given a treat.

And then her mind quickly made the connection when she saw the look Fenrir had now which could only be described as an eager child about to be given candy. Her eyebrows were raised high as Fenrir was now pointing eagerly the cookies he was ordering. The store clerk was befuddled at the sight of this big faunas acting like a child but she kept her professional appearance as she began to get two dozen cookies from the display. Fenrir eagerly watched as the cookies were being placed into a paper bag. He licked his lips in anticipation as the while not minding the world around him as his mind became centered around the warm, sweet, cookies.

Militia couldn't help but feel embarrassed at the sight and was glad that no one else was in the shop beside the clerk even though she wasn't even in the store. The mystery about Fenrir had just become deeper with him now acting like an innocent kid buying their favorite sweets. She could see that he has a giant temperament swing with massive extremes like his mind had a switch that caused him to snap from one mindset to another.

While this was a little disconcerting, a part of Militia was beginning to well up within her. As she watched Fenrir complete the exchange and receive his cookies, he wasted no time reaching into the bag and stuffing one into his mouth. Then another, and another, and another. Militia couldn't help but suppress a giggle as she saw the ridiculous sight before her, of Fenrir completely indulging himself like a child without manners as he gobbled one cookie after another. The look on the clerk's face didn't help either as they were flummoxed at what they were seeing, not making heads or tails of it.

Militia quickly pulled out her scroll and snapped a quick photo of Fenrir before he could notice her and then stepped away from the store as she felt that she was already pushing her luck. Thankfully, Fenrir didn't spot her as he was too busy with his cookies.

She went into the alleyway nearby by, composing herself before letting out a giggle at what she just saw. Fenrir seemed to have become almost another person back there. Gone was the intimidating bouncer hired to keep a supremacist group out of a club, instead it was someone who had just tasted so many sweets for the first time in their life. However, her mind began to think about the implications. Either Fenrir was mentally unstable or he was someone who had very limited experiences beyond fighting in life or death scenarios. Whatever life he lived, it's made him for lack of a better word.

Militia than began to think about Fenrir's interactions that she's seen so far. He was brutal and vicious against anyone who was his enemy but surprisingly more docile, relatively speaking, to those that weren't. He kept a mostly neutral temperament when dealing with people in general. Granted, he was lacking in self-awareness with his abhorrent lack of social skills like what she saw earlier.

However, the most surprising thing about him that she didn't want to think about too much was how...thoughtful he is capable of being. Subconsciously, Militia's hand began to move over the spot with the burn that Fenrir soothed back in the docks with his aura. He was now starting to be...complicated. Someone who she couldn't pin down on who they were because of how vastly different they can be in a given situation. He seemed easy to read but the deeper she looks into him, the more difficult he became.

Militia began to rub her head as she wasn't expecting to think this much. It was clear now that Fenrir wasn't going to be easy to deal with but after that little scene in the bakery, he was going to be difficult to deal with in a WHOLE different way. I part of here was wondering if Melanie would even believe what she even saw? Maybe it was a good thing then that she was able to snap that photo of Fenrir otherwise she wouldn't believe a word she said. Once she was satisfied, she turned back towards the street, heading back to their apartment. But just as she reached the pavement, she heard the shop door open on her left.

"Militia? What are you doing here?"

Immediately, she froze as she now realized that she was caught red-handed. Quickly, she came up with an excuse.

"I was on my way home. What else would I be doing?" She replied with her usual sass.

"From the alleyway?" Fenrir quickly pointed out.

"Just a shortcut, it's none of your concern."

However, Fenrir was looking back at her like he wasn't buying what she was saying. Militia acted like it was the truth but the look on his eyes quickly told her that he was catching on. At this point, she was beginning to get nervous. Normally, she and her sister were good at keeping an impenetrable facade but with Fenrir, it was almost like he could smell out if someone was hiding something like those multiple times as a bouncer.

Thank Oum that she was able to get out of this one.

"If you say so," Fenrir replied. It looked like he was going to let the matter slide. With that, a sense of relief began to wash over her all while she kept her appearance up. Fenrir began to turn away, going back to the waiting Bullheads. But before he left Militia to whatever she was doing, he decided to give her a surprise.

"Here, you can have these instead." The twin was surprised when Fenrir gave her the paper bag with cookies he was enjoying himself earlier. It was much lighter now. Peering inside she saw only three cookies left. Before Militia could speak, Fenrir beat her to the punch.

"I'm full. Besides, I don't think they will like these if they're cold."

At the mention of they, Militia looked back at Fenrir wondering about who they were.

"Take it, it's a waste to let them get cold." With that, Fenrir absentmindedly waved off as he walked away from the Malachite.

Militia stood there for a moment before evening moving her feet back to their apartment. All the while enjoying the free cookies she had just received that warmed her up in the cold night of Vale.

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