Since today, August 1st is appererntly Spider-Man day, I decided to release this little fic.


The moonlight cast over Insomnia was always a pretty sight. Some would say it made the city look even brighter than it already was. The moonlight made the already illuminated buildings glisten and sparkle far differently than the sun did. It was so beautiful and shining and yet still so crime ridden.

Prompto, a.k.a. the new and upcoming superhero Spider-Man, sat up on top of the roof of a building overlooking one of the downtown areas of the city. He watched and listened as closely as he could to the evening sounds that came from the city. Bars blasting their music loudly and the hum of cars driving from one point to another. It all blended together, but there were still things he could pinpoint. That was his goal anyway, to look out for anything that was out of the ordinary.

Sighing, he pulled out his phone quickly and checked the time. The numbers read that it was quarter to 10. Following up with another sigh he shoved the phone back into his bag.

"Great. It's the last night of summer vacation and nothing interesting has happened. This sucks…" he muttered before gathering his bag and standing up. "Might as well head home. Don't want to be too tired for school tomorr-"

He stopped his train of thought when he caught something in the corner of his eye. Something or someone was jumping from building to building. There was a light blue trail that followed after the figure, giving a clear indication just who it was.

"Holy shit it's Nightwing! How have I seriously gone through the entire summer without running into him? Though… why is he coming this way?"

Before he could scurry away, Nightwing landed on the rooftop just a few feet away from him. Now that he was close to the famous young hero, he could really get a good look at him. Sure he had heard all about Nightwing, the son of the famous hero Batman, in the news and on blogs all over, but seeing him in person was something completely different.

Immediately his eyes fell right to Nightwing's chest, seeing the muscles that lay hidden beneath the costume. There were always the gossip blogs that said it was just a muscle padded suit and wasn't real, but as far as Prompto could see it sure looked so real. But it only took him a few seconds to realize just what it was that he was doing.

It was probably the worst and stupidest thing he could be doing. Staring at Nightwing's abs? It was possibly the worst way to make a first impression, and Prompto was thankful he had a full face mask to cover up his embarrassment.

Quickly Prompto shook his head and jumped to his feet, trying to regain his focus. "Ah N-Nightwing?" Prompto asked in his best confidant Spider-Man voice, though he still cringed at the way his voice cracked. "What brings you to this rooftop?"

"I've been looking for you," Nightwing answered, his vibrant blue eyes practically glowing from beneath the mask. Prompto would have stared all night at those eyes if he could, there was just something so enticing about them.

"Looking for me? Me?!" Prom… Spider-Man asked, trying his best to hold in his excitement. If he was going to talk to Nightwing he was going to have to remind himself who he was at the moment. He was cool and funny Spider-Man not nerdy and lame Prompto. "I guess you've been hearing about my many rising heroic saves?"

"Yeah and that's exactly why I am here. You know this is my city right?"

"Your city? But Insomnia is huge! You can't really manage the entire thing. I mean like you have been, and you do a great job, but what's wrong with another hero around to help out?"

"My father handed it perfectly fine before me and then with me by his side. So I think I'll be fine," Nightwing replied as he crossed his arms.

Everyone knew that story, the story of Nightwing and his father; Batman. He was the city's savior for years upon years doing what he could to protect the people. Then along came his son, who at the time went by the superhero name Robin. Together they seemed like an unstoppable team.

But then came the day Batman just seemed to vanish entirely. No answer was ever given from Robin, who decided soon enough that he was going to go by Nightwing now. Some believed Batman may have died during a fight, others believed that he just wanted to step out of the superhero life to live out the rest of his days. No one knew the answer, other than Nightwing, but no one was ever getting that answer out of him.

"Well I can't just really leave!" Spider-Man finally replied. "This is my home, my city too. I just want to help. You've seen me in action right? You know I can handle this stuff."

"Sure, up again the common thug. But you haven't taken on any major villains yet. And that's exactly where you could slip up and hurt yourself."

Spider-man pouted, though it was completely pointless because of the mask. "Aw come on. You gotta at least give me a chance!"

Nightwing stayed quiet, seemingly thinking over the idea. Eventually he lowered his arms to his sides, letting out a long side after. "Fine. I'll give you a chance. But don't think it means I'll be taking you on dangerous missions. It'll just be working together around the city, got it?"

"Aw yes! Getting to work with Nightwing! Best ending to the summer ever!" Spider-man shouted as he pumped a fist into the air. He probably would have gone on cheering if he had not forgotten Nightwing was standing right next to him.

Stumbling back a little he tried his best to look calm and cool. "Ah ha… yeah I mean. This will probably be informative and stuff. You know me getting to learn some stuff from you, and get to learn more about the one and only Spider-Man!"

There was a small amusing chuckle from the other hero. "You really like to boast about yourself that much?"

"Well I mean I am a new and upcoming superhero. I gotta spread the word somehow, y'know?"

"I guess. Well… I suppose I should say I will look forward to working with you Spider-Man," Nightwing said as he held out his hand.

Right away Spider-Man took Nightwing's hand and shook it firmly, hoping that all the nervousness inside wasn't showing. "All right! Great! That sounds great."

Spider-Man would have continued, trying to figure out something else to say, if his phone had not gone off. It was a faint sound but he could hear it clearly coming from his bag. "Crap it's 10 o'clock. I gotta get home…"

Slowly Spider-Man went to pick up his back, moving closer to the edge of the building. "While I would really love to do some superhero fun stuff tonight. There's a place I gotta be, I mean like it's getting late and if I wanna be awake for more crime fighting tomorrow I gotta… you know… just go…"

He didn't even wait to see if Nightwing had anything else to say as he jumped off the building and shot his webbing to the next building over. He swung himself all the way back without a word until he arrived at his house. Quickly he looked around in every direction, trying to see if he had been followed.

While he wanted to trust Nightwing, he was still the son of Batman who was not only a great superhero but a master detective. If there was any reason to think Spider-Man was suspicious Nightwing probably had various ways to spy on him. He shuddered at the thought and could only hope that he had enough respect to not pry into someone else's secret identity.

When he finally saw there was no one around, he opened the window to his bedroom and crawled inside. Once he had closed the window, he ripped off his mask and tossed it to his bed and let out a huge sigh. "Aw man what a night. I got to meet Nightwing… like it was actually him. Crap! I should have asked to take a picture!"

Prompto groaned as he flopped down onto his bed. "But I don't even know if he would have agreed. He is rather secretive. Oh well… maybe when we actually do some crime fighting stuff… Hopefully school won't be too much of an interference. Or really I just hope that the crime level decides to go down."

Letting out a yawn, Prompto finally finished undressing and hiding away his costume. As he did, he started to think of various plans on just how he could get through tomorrow without causing any suspicion. If there was a need for Spider-Man to go out and save the day of course. He honestly had no idea how he could manage such a task. But then on the other hand Nightwing seemed to get through his life, whomever he really was, assuming he did live a regular life.

"Maybe… I'll have to ask him how he does it. Maybe after I get to know him a little better," Prompto replied. With one final yawn he crawled into bed and started to drift off, hoping he wouldn't oversleep for the first day back to school.

The next day Prompto ran into the school yard and began to look around. He saw many groups of people talking, but that wasn't what he was looking for, or more specifically who he was looking for. But with looking around a little more his eyes finally fell to a certain raven-haired guy sitting under the shade of a tree.

Grinning, Prompto ran over to him. "Hey Noct! You awake there buddy?"

"Huh?" Noctis asked, his eyes slowly opening. "Oh hey Prompto. Yeah yeah I'm awake… just needed a little more rest before first class starts."

"Wow were you really staying up late again before the first day of school?" Prompto asked as he took his seat next to his best friend.

"Eh you know me, I just don't do mornings. I'm the King of Sleep after all."

"I think you mean Prince of Sleep. You ain't king yet," Prompto replied as he tried not to snicker too much.

Noctis gave him a playful shove. "Oh ha ha, very funny. Also I know I texted you about it, but sorry I wasn't around a lot during the summer. You know royal duties, important meetings, crappy boring things, and everything else."

"It's cool, it gave me time to completely wipe out all your high scores at the arcade. But I also was pretty busy myself when I really looked at it."

It was all true, Prompto had spent plenty of his free time at the arcades, but when he wasn't doing that he was adjusting to being Spider-Man. His new hero persona really did take up a lot more time than he really realized until he stepped back to look at it. Being a hero really was a tough job, and while Prompto had expected that much work, it really did wear him out some days. But he had to do it, he had these powers after all and that meant he had to try and use them for the purpose of good.

He was a hero, a superhero. He could cling to walls and he had strengths like he never thought he would have before. So many amazing powers and abilities… and he had to keep it all to himself. He knew it was a wise choice to keep his powers a secret, all to protect the ones he cared about, but when he really looked at it, Noctis was the only friend he had. His parents were never around nor ever seemed to care much, so he didn't feel as an emotional connection as he did to Noctis.

Besides Noctis though there wasn't really anyone else. He knew of Gladiolus and Ignis but had only seen them a couple of times. But the more he thought about it, he figured he probably did care for their safety as well. Then again with Noctis being the prince with all those Kingsglaive and Crownsguard he was usually well protected. But that didn't mean he couldn't also help out and protect Noctis, right?"

"Prompto? Eos to Prompto!"

"H-Huh?" Prompto shook his head as he finally snapped out of his deep thought gaze. Had he really been that zoned out in his own thoughts? Hopefully he hadn't zoned out too much at least. Trying to focus himself, he stared right at Noctis, staring right into his deep blue eyes that gave him the strangest déjà vu. But he didn't let that linger for long because of course Noctis's eyes were familiar, he had hung out with Noctis for the entire last year. That was it, that weird feeling was just his brain trying to play tricks on him or something else.

"What? Were you up all night playing King's Knight and didn't tell me?"

"No! I just guess I wasn't ready to get up and ready for school today."

"Well come on, we got the entire day to wake up," Noctis replied as he nudged him in the shoulder.

"Right, let's go!" Prompto replied before jumping up to his feet.

With the two of them now standing and heading inside, Prompto finally wrapped an arm around Noctis's shoulder and pulled him into a sideways hug. Even if he could never tell Noctis, he would still always be right besides him, as his friend and as a hero.

So yes Noctis is obviously Nightwing. This AU the Lucis Caelum family isn't known for their magic. That is a secret kept hidden used as their superhero personas (I know in Batman lore itself Batman is just a guy with tech, but this is a FFXV AU so there's that. Anyways I may make more of this come when I get other fics done but hope you enjoyed!)