"So you really think that this is something even bigger than just a robbery?" Spider-Man asked.

"Most definitely. Your typical bank or jewelry store robbery doesn't end up in an explosion this big."

Looking over the edge of the roof he saw firemen and other officials around the scene, trying to put out the fire that remained. Thankfully it had not spread to the other buildings, but the one that caught fire itself would most likely not be salvageable. While Spider-Man wished he could have done more, he knew in the end that he couldn't do everything. There were even things that had happened in the past that not even Batman could stop.

"If this is something bigger, what ideas do you have?" Spider-Man asked as he turned back to Nightwing.

"Not sure yet. I'll have to look into things… in the meantime keep an eye out of any other strange activity okay? Let me know if you find anything if you do."

"But uh… how will I let you know? Do you have like, a secret phone number that I can call? Omg! Is there a phone number to the Bat Cave?!"

Internally Spider-Man was screaming at himself for acting so much more like his usual Prompto self than his Spider-Man self. Though really it was just a level of goofiness and snarkiness that separated him from his hero persona. That and a more serious tone when it came to saving people. But still he had to try his best to keep his cover from being blown. Not that Nightwing would know who he was… probably. He was friends with Noctis after all, being friends with the prince probably put him on someone's radar.

Nightwing shook his head. "No not like that. You'll get this." He handed over a small circular device. "It's a special pager that only has a frequency that can reach only mine. If you happen to find anything, anything at all whether it relates to this crime or another thing, call it."

Spider-Man took the pager into his hands. He stared with wide eyes, almost in disbelief. He knew one day he would interact with Nightwing and he got that wish, but he never expected it to go this far. This was seriously a dream come true for him, but he knew he still had to play it cool.

"Thanks," he replied as calmly as he could. "I'll take good care of this!"

"You better. Can't let something like that fall into the wrong hands. I'm trusting you with it."

"Holy shit, he trusts me! Like wow okay… breathe man, breathe!"

"Y-Yeah! Don't worry I got this! You can trust me too!"

"That's...what I said… that I'm trusting you with this."

"Right yeah! That's what I meant! And I trust you too!"

"Sure thing," Nightwing replied. "Uh anyways… I need to get going. Gotta start looking into this real quick and stuff. So I'll be going."

"Right right…" Spider-Man said, a little disappointed that Nightwing had to leave. He was just finally getting another chance to talk with the guy but then it was all over. Though suddenly he had a thought in the back of his head, reminding him of something rather important.

"Oh shit! Noct is going to probably come looking for me or call me! I gotta get changed and find him!"

"Oh yeah! Look at the time!" Spider-Man said as he pretended to look at a watch on his wrist. "I need to go! But I'll talk later!"

He waved as he started to move backwards and Nightwing nodded before zipping away with the blue magic that followed. Spider-Man stopped for a moment to watch, seeing Nightwing jump from building to building, tearing through space itself with whatever magic it was that he possessed. It was honestly so pretty to look at and Spider-Man got out his camera quickly and snapped a shot just before Nightwing was too far out of range for a good shot.

"Wow what a day…" Spider-Man replied to himself as he carefully snuck back down to the alley where he had stored his stuff. He changed back and slowly made his way back to the front of the area. There were still plenty of firemen and fire trucks out in front of the store as well as police putting up the tape to probably start an investigation sooner or later. Thankfully the alley was on the opposite side of the street so no one was really noticing him watching.

Prompto was about to pull out his phone to text Noctis when he heard footsteps running closer. "Prom!" Noctis shouted as he got closer. "Prom! I-I um I saw the smoke and heard the explosion and stuff. Are you okay?!"

"Yeah I'm fine! I stayed back here the entire time but oooh boy let me tell you watching what went down there, totally crazy!"

"Y-ye-I mean what happened? I only heard things from far away and the fire and stuff."

"Dude! You totally missed out! Spider-Man and Nightwing were here! Together!"

Noctis's eyes widened slightly. "Oh wow really? You get any cool pics?"

"I got one of Nightwing leaving," was what Prompto wanted to say, but he made sure to hold his tongue. "Nah, it was all too intense and I forgot."

"What? You forgot? Mr. 'I love taking pictures all the time' guy? I thought you would take pictures to show to the police if anything."

"Hey! I said it was pretty intense! When the superheroes showed up I kind of forgot about everything else. You know, watching them and stuff! If you were here you would have probably done the same!"

"Yeah…" Noctis sighed. "Too bad I wasn't here."

"Anyways, we should probably clear out of here before the police think they gotta question us. Head to your place?"

"Sure, let's go."

They walked away as soon as they could, heading off to where they would walk towards the Citadel. Along the way Noctis sniffed the air and scrunched up his nose. "Dude you smell."

Prompto scoffed, giving Noctis a shove. "Wow thanks!"

"I mean like a fire! I thought you weren't all that close to it?"

"I could call jumping inside a burning building pretty close…"

Prompto shrugged. "There was an explosion, I wasn't really near it still but you know how smoke and the smell travels. I bet even you smell a little like it since you stood near it!"

Noctis shifted, walking a little further ahead. "Ah whatever. When we get to my place you can take a shower and clean up if you want. I'm sure that Ignis would through a fit if we, or um you, brought in such a smoky smell."

Prompto nodded as he ran to catch up. "So… probably shouldn't let him know how close we were to the building?"

"He'll probably figure it out one way or another," Noctis replied as bite his lips. "He always seems to know that kind of stuff and then will scold me afterwards. But you can back me up, right? Tell him that we weren't anywhere near there?"

"Then how will we explain the smoke smell?"

"Uhh, random bonfire we went to?"

"A bonfire… during the day… at the end of summer?"

"Yeah! You know, just one of those last days of summer bonfires… that happen during the day."

Prompto grinned, trying his best not to let out a laugh. "You are a terrible liar."

"Like you aren't?" Noctis smirked. "That time you were sick with the flu and you tried to lie that you were perfectly fine?"

"Okay that was when I was sick! That doesn't count!" Prompto huffed. He honestly thought he was a fairly good liar. Even if he didn't like to lie, he knew something had to be kept secret. He couldn't just tell Noctis about being Spider-Man. It came with too many risks if he did. Even though there were days he so badly wished he could tell, he knew he had to keep it quiet.

Maybe there would be a day where he could reveal the truth, when the city and the world were safe. But that was such a long time away. Crime and villainy would always arise and therefore there always needed to be someone to protect it. Though part of him did wish that there could be a time that he could recuse Noctis. The thought of swinging in and carrying him to safety was a fantasy that played in his mind many times.

If he could just save Noctis and hold him heroically, then it would be awesome. But what would be even better was if Noctis liked Spider-Man. Like an actual like, just like how he felt towards Noctis. He knew for a fact Noctis probably didn't feel the same way. Probably because it never occurred to him, but it always was on Prompto's mind. But maybe… maybe there could be some hope if Noctis could admire and possibly fall in love with him. It would be as his superhero persona of course, but if Noctis was willing to learn who was under the mask maybe there was a chance.

"Yo! Prompto! You with me still?" Noctis asked, shaking Prompto's shoulder.


"Are you still tired or something? Come on we gotta cross the intersection."

"Oh right! Sorry, got lost in my thoughts there, ahah!"

Prompto sighed as they crossed the street to the other side. Once there he tried his hardest to put away all the daydreams and fantasies that wanted to enter his mind. It would just have to be something he thought about in his own time.

Eventually they did reach the Citadel and once they got through security they hurried along up to Noctis's room. "You can go and take a shower first. I can send for your clothes to be washed."

"But dude, if my clothes are in the wash, what am I going to wear?"

Sure he had his Spider-Man outfit in his bag, the very bag that he pleaded Noctis would never look through. He really didn't want to have to explain his superhero side so soon, even if he had been fantasizing about it moments ago.

"You can just borrow some of my clothes," Noctis replied with a shrug.

Prompto felt his cheeks grow warm. "Me? Wear your clothes?"

Noctis looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "You'd rather be naked?"

"N-No! It's just that I… I don't feel worthy of wearing your clothes."

"They're just clothes," Noctis laughed. "It's not like they bite."

"You don't know that! They could be like only for royals! I'll burn up if I put such luxuries against my skin!"

Noctis smiled, continuing his laughter. "You'll be fine, trust me."

"A-All right if you say so," Prompto sided before he headed to the bathroom. "I'll undress and leave the clothes by the door, okay? Oh and the towels too."

"Sounds good. And I'll place some clean ones on the sink"

Once inside the bathroom he undressed and dropped his clothes by the door. He then started up the shower, stepper into it pulled the curtain closed and started it up.

He felt so much better once the water washed over him. It helped to clear out his thoughts over everything that had happened. It felt like so many things and it was all on the first day of school! If every day was going to be like this, he wondered if he would even make it past the week.

"You can do this…" Prompto muttered to himself. "You're a superhero and this is what you gotta do."

Once he had washed his hair a couple of times and made sure to use the very nicely scented body wash, he stepped out and grabbed the towels and wrapped them around himself. The few times he had slept over at Noctis's he always remembered how soft the towels were. Nothing less for a prince of course, but for Prompto he felt like he could just stay wrapped up forever.

Though he knew he was just trying to delay the inevitable for Noctis's clothes still sat on the sink. He walked up to them and felt the soft material between his fingers. It really was some high quality fabric that was used.

"He's really just letting me wear his clothes…" Prompto thought as he felt the heat rush into his cheeks. It was probably the closest thing he would ever get to feeling like he was in a relationship with Noctis, well a relationship that was more than friendly. That was what it was in the movies. The couples always were wearing each other's clothes, from that he smiled at the idea of Noctis in one of his outfits. Noctis almost always wore t-shirts and sometimes long sleeved jackets. The idea of him in a tank top was pretty cute, but he doubted he could convince Noctis to do it even if it was just for fun. It was nice to imagine though.

Carefully Prompto slipped on the clothes, treating them as if they were fragile pieces of glass. Once he was finished he felt like he was going to melt again. Noctis's clothes against his skin were just as soft and light as he expected. He looked at himself in the mirror and stared at how he looked in the clothes.

"Huh I guess I look pretty good in all black," Prompto commented aloud. "Not bad at all."

With being fully dressed he exited the bathroom and saw that Noctis was sitting on his bed. He sat up right away and his eyes. It was hard to tell from where Prompto stood, but it almost looked like Noctis's face was turning red.

He quickly looked the other way and rubbed the back of his neck before Prompto could stare too long. "Well if you're finished I guess I should go next, just in case any of the smoke smell brushed off on me."

"All right man, I'll just take a nap in the meantime. No wonder you enjoy sleeping so much, if your clothes are this comfy I can only imagine what your pajamas must be like."

Prompto's brain screeched at him. "Stupid! What a stupid thing to say! That totally sounds creepy and weird. Like he'll think I want to wear his pajamas next… which I'm not opposed to… but that's not the point!"

Prompto breathed out. "Well anyways I'll just go and shut up now! Haha! Sorry I'm just being weird!"

"Nah you're not being weird… well you are but that's your usual Prompto weird."

Prompto smiled a little at that. "Thanks."

"So yeah um I'll be back though," Noctis jumped off the bed just as Prompto sat down.

With a sigh Prompto laid down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. He was almost ready to doze off when he heard a knock at the door. "Huh? Hello?" he asked instinctively. It opened and Ignis walked in, perfectly composed in his uniform and his hair slicked up neatly. "Oh hey Ignis."

"Ah, Prompto," Ignis replied in his very proper Tenebraian accent. "Feeling refreshed are we?"

"Oh yeah much better."

"Was today's event stressful at all?"

"Yeah it was pretty-" Prompto stopped himself remembering he was supposed to pretend that he was nowhere near that building.

"No need for worry, neither you or Noct are in trouble. Noct fails to remember that we have a tracking device in his phone to know where he is at all times. When I saw the smoke I checked and saw that he was near and I could only assume the same for you."

"Y-Yeah we didn't mean to!" Prompto admitted. "We just didn't want to leave the scene without watching what happened! It was crazy even though Noct missed most cause he ran to call the police from a safe distance."

"I see. Well I am glad the two of you are safe and sound, but better be more careful next time."

"Right, yeah. Noted for next time," Prompto chuckled softly, knowing he could never fully agree to that. He was going to keep on being a hero, no matter the risks. He wanted to protect his friends as well as everyone else. That was his goal and it would come with risks, but he was ready to conquer them.

Meanwhile in a darkened room somewhere else, there was a computer screen playing a video. The footage was of Nightwing and Spider-Man and their attempt at the shop before the explosion. Throughout the video the camera came from a source that was not a security camera, but instead something else. It was attached to the men who went to attack the heroes as shown in the video. It looped a few more times before the person watching clicked a button to pause it.

"Hmmm…" a deep voice hummed. "Very intriguing. Heroes that are near polar opposites working together. This shall be rather… shall we say informative."

"Oh of course, sir," a different voice answered from the shadows. "Your plan worked like a charm anyway! They fell for it and now we have at least some efficient data we can use for the future."

The deeper voice chuckled. "Perfect. You can send it out to begin preparations. For now all that is left to do is wait until the next time one of these masked heroes shows their faces. The plan will slowly come together in the end… it all will go according to my plans."