The first thing the blind saw was the Light;

The first thing the deaf heard was His Voice, which was a delight;

The first words of the mute were prayers of praise and gratitude;

The first thing the hungry ate was nourishing and plentiful food,

Whereas the first thing the thirsty drank was living and abundant water;

The first sound that came out from those who were weeping was laughter;

The first feeling that came to those who were depressed was happiness;

The first things the weary and the troubled felt were peace and calmness;

The first blessing the ill received was health;

The first treasure the poor obtained was wealth;

The first thing the humble and meek inherited was His Kingdom;

The first gift the young and uneducated accepted was His Wisdom;

The first thing the dead saw was the Life and Resurrection;

The first present He wanted to give us all was His love and salvation

The last miracle He performed was restoring the ear of a servant of His enemy;

The last words that escaped His adorable lips were filled with mercy and honesty;

The last things He heard were not only His words, but also words of hatred and scorn;

The last abuses, mockeries, and blows He received caused Him to be torn;

The last acts of betrayal He received was from His people and His Apostles;

The last thing He saw was His Blessed Mother and a few disciples;

The last thing He did was to save everybody but Himself;

The greatest victory He achieved was conquering sin and the grave;

The greatest act of kindness He performed was liberating the slave;

The greatest words He spoke were filled with triumph and encouragement;

The greatest sounds He heard were filled with joy and amazement;

The greatest thing they saw was not only His Resurrection, but also His Ascension;

The greatest events they witnessed increased their faith and elation;

The greatest Gift He gave after leaving was the Holy Spirit;

Now, go! Let everybody know everything about His love and let them embrace it!