This is my first fanfiction on this site and I've been a huge fan of the series for a long time. I gained the courage to write a fic, especially a story like this.

People, from my experience, generally dislike self-inserts.

It's understandable.

There were a few titles I considered for this fic: Divergent Inheritor, The 10th Inheritor, Woke up as Izuku Midoriya, and similar lines.

They are typically done poorly and I have yet to find a good one, if you do have a SI story you like, let me know in the reviews. I'd love to see their take on this sorta fic.

I'm going to give some warnings so please do not continue reading if you are not a fan of the listed points below.

This is an SI-Izuku/SI-Deku/SI-Midoriya story

Obvious, but I still want to point it out. In case I wasn't explicitly clear in the summary.

This story is rated: M

There will be heavy topics and adult situations. I'm not saying that the 1-A group will be older, but they are teenagers. We all know how they are. Me included. Sometimes. Definitely.

I will stick close to canon

In case anyone is wondering if there will be a magical OC villain popping out, this is not happening. There's already a lot to cover in the story.

Movies are included

I love both movies, so Two Heroes and Heroes Rising will both be included in their respective places on the timeline.

There will likely be pairings

I'm not 100% concrete on the pairings, but expect to see them at some point in the story.

The SI is not a carbon copy of Deku/Izuku

What would be the point if the SI is practically the same person? I'm not saying he will be replaced by someone like Bakugou. Mix between both. Sorta. You'll see.

I believe that is all for the warnings. If you still want to read ahead, I thank you and hope you enjoy the story. I know I will love writing it.

You may be wondering where in the timeline I'm placing the SI, but it will be explained in the chapter. Not too far or too soon.

Chapter 1

I'm Izuku Midoriya?

Waking up in the morning has always been difficult for me. Whether it be staying up to late or literally being unable to fall asleep. I'd have to exhaust myself to actually sleep. I'm not a particularly active person, so staying up late would do the trick.

Why is this relevant?

I've never felt so exhausted in my life.

I know everyone can relate by not wanting to get out of bed in the morning due to either being too tired and wanting to sleep for an extra 5 minutes, or to avoid responsibility. I've been in both categories, but this...this is too much.

I felt as if I stayed up for days upon days and finally decided to shut my eyes for a few seconds. That's what this feels like. A headache, aching limbs, and overall feeling shitty.

My eyes are currently shut laying in some bed that I definitely don't sleep in at home. Hell, it doesn't feel familiar at all.

"Easy now, try to take things slowly. You must be exhausted, aren't you?" An elderly voice seemingly addressing me from my right.

That voice is oddly familiar, but I cannot think of anything except my current situation.

I slowly open my eyes and it's a hospital room.

For the life of me, I can't remember what I did to get here. The most I can remember is staying up late and going to sleep like any other day, but here I am.

My body feels lighter now that I'm thinking about it and I feel shorter. This makes everything more confusing and I finally turn to the right and my eyes widen.

The woman sighs.

"Well, you're cleared to leave whenever you feel ready. I recommend not doing anything strenuous for the rest of the day. Your bones may be completely healed but you won't be in any condition to do anything else. Do you have any questions?" She asked.

'Broken bones? Recovery Girl? What is even happening?'

"No, Thanks". I speak only to feel my heart sink into my stomach.

'I just spoke Japanese! What the hell is going on? Wait, that must mean that she was as well, and I understand it? This is so strange. Am I really in the My Hero Academia universe or is this some strange fever dream?' I ask myself in my head.

She nods.

"Well, everyone else has left already and I have your belongings on the table next to the door. You'll be getting your results in a week". Recovery Girl points out.

I just nod and the reality begins to sink in as I sit up. The exhaustion is noticeable but I never felt better. This new form feels lighter than the one I'm used to.

'Wait results? Where in the timeline am I in? Do I go back to the dorms?' I thought and I walked over to get my so-called belongings.

There was a mirror I just passed and I noticed that there was a lot of green. I pause and go back.

I'm Izuku Midoriya?


The first thing I do is look down at my arms.

No scars, so I'm definitely before the summer camp and sports festival arcs.

My current hypothesis is that I just took the entrance exams if I interpret the 'results' comment successfully.

I grab my phone and red shoes heading out the door.

"I'll definitely have Toshinori's head for this. He should learn not to be so reckless". Recovery Girl muttered just as I exited the room.

I'm still processing my current situation to even deal with a comment like that.

What the hell am I supposed to do.

I open my phone and I see the date.

February 26

My hunch may be correct and looking through Izuku's notes. The exam date lines up with today.

I have One For All.

Izuku has One For All.

I'm still not sure what to do.

Am I Izuku or am I still me?

Does it matter?

This is way too vivid and detailed to be a dream.

I suppose I just have to be a hero?

I'm not really heroic like Izuku, but helping people doesn't sound like a bad line of work.

It's more fulfilling than anything I would've done with my life.

My home address was luckily programmed in and I can catch a train back home.

The first thing I need to worry about is how I carry myself. I know that I can never be Izuku and I won't try to. That in itself creates problems with consistency of what others have already perceived me to be. Timid, shy, and overall have major issues with self-esteem.

I'm not any of those things. I never really cared what others think of me and I usually spoke what I felt like saying unless it's inappropriate or hurtful. I can talk to people rather easily.

This won't be a problem except for my new mother and All Might. I couldn't really give a shit what Bakugou thought. He'd be suspicious, sure, but I could say that with my quirk I gained more self-esteem or confidence. The former two won't be so easy.

All Might would definitely notice the changes but I have a plan for that and it's not anything complicated.

My mother would be around me the most so she'd definitely notice changes, but I can just attribute my changes to puberty.

God I'm going to have to go through that again.

The next thing is what I'm going to do about the timeline and One For All.

The former is something that'll take more time to think about while One For All is something I can get started on tomorrow.

Full Cowl will be coming earlier and that changes quite a few things.

Am I really going to still call it that?

I'll think about it.

I finally made it to my stop and after another 10 minutes of walking to my apartment complex, I made it to the front door.

Opening the front door, my mother was there to greet me with a rather worried expression.

"Izuku! You should've been home 3 hours ago! Where have you been?" She frantically asked, clutching onto me.

"Well, I had to stay after since I was injured, but I'm fine now". I answered and she seems to accept that answer.

"Are you sure?! You had to be hurt badly to have stayed so long!" She asked once again.

"I'm sure. They have someone who has a healing quirk, so I'm fine". I yawned, feeling more and more tired.

She gives me a once over and nods.

"Okay, dinner will be ready soon. Just make sure to wash up and we'll talk more". Inko lets out a deep exhale relieving all her worry and anxiety.

I head into the bathroom to take a shower and I'm staring at my new body in the mirror.

There's a lot of improvement that can be made but where Izuku started from just 10 months ago was a drastic transformation in itself.

I start to look down and my eyebrows raise.

Izuku is blessed in more ways than one.

I'll just leave it at that.

After the shower I begin to get dressed and decide to do more research about my current situation.

I look through the drawers in my desk and can see all 13 of the hero notebooks.

I'll look through them all another time.

There's just so much All Might in this room. It's a bit overwhelming being in here, but I'll get used to it.

My first real change would be the costume. I won't be caught dead in that.

It won't be over the top, but It will be more minimalistic, maybe a few elements added in.

Another change would be trying to get different hero merch. I understand why he'd love All Might but there's really nothing else in here besides him.

Oh...I just got a great way to sell this personality change to my mother at least. The whole puberty excuse.

Perhaps, I could get female heroes and magazines. That would make it more convincing.

I pull out an empty notebook and begin writing in English.

Plans For The Future

This will have to be more hidden, but I'll make it work.

Events of the future, my classmates' quirks and pictures. All of those will be added.

I was somewhat of an artist before. Nothing incredible, of course, but I could definitely draw my classmates in great detail.

It was my only real hobby if watching anime and manga didn't count.

I better get to work.

Later That Night

"So, Izuku. How'd you do during the exam?" Inko asks while we eat.

"I did well on the written portion, I think, but the practical was much more difficult. I'm not sure if I passed". I responded.

She began to get worried.

"Well, at least you tried your best. We will just have to wait and see". Inko encourages taking another bite.

"Right". I respond in kind with a smile knowing smile of what's to come.

"Izuku…" She looks up at me.

"Hmm?" I respond with my eyebrows raised.

"Are you alright? You've been acting differently". She inquires finding her son's change in demeanor to be concerning.

"Yeah, I'm fine". I respond and she eventually lets it go, thinking that Izuku is just tired from the exam.

"Okay". She nods resuming to eat.

I still find it strange how easy it is to understand Japanese like it's been a part of my everyday life. Being bilingual now is a huge plus, I remember that there are English classes in U.A. so that should be a breeze.

My suspicions were correct that my mother will find out about my personality change, so I have to get to work with all these journal entries and drawings. She'll likely chalk it up to puberty and that's my hope.

The drawings I decided on are going to be of Mt. Lady and Miruko. There would be about 3 iterations of each. One with their hero costume. Another with a somewhat flirty pose, and finally one that's more lewd with less clothing on, but still not nude. I have a few hours left in the night so I should finish around that time frame.

After that, I'm definitely going to sleep. I haven't even done much and I'm exhausted.

This new life I'm living will take some getting used to, but I think I'm doing fine so far.

Next Morning

I woke up feeling like a new man...or teenager. The exhaustion is completely gone and now I feel incredible which is strange since I'm not a morning person and it's 6am, so that says a lot.

The pictures I drew of the two female heroes turned out great and I'll be leaving my notebook on my desk for the foreseeable future.

It's time to start training my quirk and body, although it'll do both at the same time.

There's a little time before I should head out, so I open my 13th notebook and begin to write down everything I knew about the quirks of every hero or student that hasn't been added yet.

I drew sketches with each analysis and the time flew by.

An hour later I finally finish and I know that I'd be doing more detailed sketches and artwork for all my classmates, not just the females. They are all relatively cool, in their own way, at least.

Can't wait to try for Yaoyorozu for obvious reasons. Am I a perv? Who isn't, is my answer. Some are better at hiding it than others, and Mineta doesn't try to at all.

Thoughts for another time. Being a hormonal 15 year old definitely has its downs and ups, but I just have to push through.

That reminds me, Training. How'd I get so distracted by the female population?

Dumb question. Hormones.

I believe body-weight exercises will be the best since there's no trash at the beach anymore and I don't have a gym membership, besides, U.A. will have their own training facilities open for students, so that'll definitely be put to good use.

My mother should still be asleep, so I put on a black shirt, sweatpants, and the good ol' red sneakers and begin to make breakfast before heading out for the day.

As I run to the place, I am following the route in the GPS. I try to get used to this newer body and it's getting easier, albeit slowly. I'm much stronger, faster, flexible, and well, everything is just better.

I finally make it to my destination and it's rather empty.

This is where the training really begins.

One For All is incredibly dangerous so I'll have to start really small. Around 1%-3% to start out. I stand clenching my whole body to try and feel the power go through my entire body.

For a while I don't feel anything, but I have patience and around 5 minutes of trying to catch a sliver of power, I finally feel it.

It's exactly how it's illustrated, a feeling of a violent energy, like lightning, coursing through every fiber of my body. This is a crucial point and I lower the energy output to the lowest I can muster.

There's a key difference and all this time, my eyes are tightly shut, so I assumed the energy would be green, but as I open my eyes finally feeling a firm grasp on the power, I'm astonished at the sight.

It's white. The electricity is completely white covering my arms and legs with the occasional sparks shooting around my body.

What would warrant such a change?

There's only one real answer to that.

My existence.

It's more difficult than I expected to hold this form together.

I'm not sure what percentage I'm outputting, but it's definitely lower than when Izuku got a hang of it. Around 3%, I'd guess.

Wait, did he start at 3% or 5%? Shit, I don't remember. Not that it matters much.

This is slowly getting easier to maintain, but I've only been holding this form for about 3 minutes without much movement.

I take a walk down the beach with electricity whipping around me occasionally. One For All is more difficult to maintain while moving as expected. I have to keep a constant stream of 3% at all times, not any lower or higher.

After half an hour of walking up and down the beach, I take a short break. This process is draining, but worth it. I'll be ahead of the curve by the time U.A. rolls around, so any bit of improvement is welcomed.

Full Cowl is activated once again, and I decide to pick up the pace into a jog. At first, I got a small bit of whiplash from being unused to how fast I can actually move with One For All activated.

Walking was much easier since it was so slow, but jogging had more speed involved, obviously, so I didn't prepare for the possible implications.

I finally get accustomed to the increase in speed and I keep a constant pace while keeping my output the same.

This will be a long week.

1 Week Later

I'm currently on the sofa after an exhausting day of training. My shirt has already been thrown in the bin as sweat covered the fabric.

My routine consisted of long sprints holding One For All the entire time. There were also bodyweight exercises added in when I had more control: Push ups, Sit ups, hell, even handstand push ups and 90° sit ups on a ledge near the entrance of the beach. Anything I could think of, I did.

The dumbbell in my hand is not too heavy and I'm currently cranking out bicep curl after bicep curl to finish off the day.

Training is going well, and my physique is showing improvement.

That's concerning.

A week of constant training wouldn't show much improvement at all. Look at Izuku before and after the 10 months of training. He was muscular for sure, but he wasn't close to a physique like Mirio.

It's nothing huge but I can see I'm more defined than the week before and that coupled with the white electricity, I'm unsure of what to make of it.

And that's not even it.

I'm growing as well.

Why is this all happening?

I noticed it little by little over the last few days and I'm currently 5'8"(172.72cm) which is 3 inches(7.62cm) taller than a week ago.

There has to be something going on. All these things can't be happening for no reason and I believe it is my emergence in this world.

My height was about 6'6"(198.12cm), so maybe that is having some sort of effect in my current situation.

It's the only explanation to my abrupt changes that I can come up with.

Sighing, I switched arms to do another set but before I could, my mother came in frantically.

"IZU-IZU-IZUKU! IT'S HERE!" My mother shouted holding up an envelope from the floor.

My eyebrows raise.

Ah, that's another change, my mother is looking in better shape. She's been going to the gym since she got a membership. I wonder if it's because I mostly walk around the house without a shirt on. I'm comfortable in my skin, so I don't really see an issue to go around without one, but it seems to have an effect on my mother. That was just a few days ago though.

I suppose Izuku just covered himself up most of the time? I don't know, but it's a good change.

Good for her.

And finally, back at the matter at hand...

The moment of truth.

I smile at her and take the envelope making my way towards my room to open it.

She can see how I'd want to open it alone so she obliges.

The envelope is torn open and the device turns on while I take a seat in my chair.

A giant face appears in the projection. A smiling face.

"THIS IS A PROJECTION!" All Might shouts to the camera.

I lightly snort and smile in amusement. This never gets old.


My eyebrows raise.

'He must think I was freaking out the entire week'. I thought in english. All my thoughts are in english since it feels more natural and familiar. Japanese just clicks, is the best way I can explain.

"I'm in town for one reason! To become a teacher at U.A—" All Might was interrupted by someone in the background. "What's that? Hurry it along? Wait, How many of these do I have to do again? Ah forget it! I'll go into detail later, Young Midoriya! I'm sure you're wondering about your results? Even if you did pass the written exam, since you got zero points on the practical...that naturally results in failure". All Might explains.

I shake my head, knowing what comes next.

"But that's not the end to the story! Let me show you here on this screen!" All Might asks clicking a button on the remote and the TV blares to life.

An image of Ochako Uraraka appears and I look at her up and down.

'Damn, she's even more attractive than she was made out to be in manga or the anime'. I thought looking up and down at her figure.

Nothing wrong with sweet vanilla.

She is currently wearing what appears to be a school uniform.

'I definitely have a schoolgirl fetish. That's not weird, is it? I was only a few years older than what I am now, but now I'm 15 years old again so it's fine. I don't really give a damn either way'. I smile as the video goes on.

"Excuse me, but...Um, That curly-haired boy with freckles. He looked kinda plain-looking…" She went on to say and I chuckled at her explanation.

'I suppose I am pretty plain-looking, aren't I?' I decided to change that the next time we meet. She'll be swept off her feet by my dazzling charm. I laughed more at my own train of thought.

"She came to us after the exam. Why, you ask? Stay tuned!" All Might entertains.

"Can you give him some of my points? At the end he was saying, 'just one point!', I heard him! That means he didn't get any points, right? At least give him the points he gave up saving me!" Ochako pleaded with Present Mic.

I smile at the generous show of character.

'Ochako, you beautiful angel. Making me feel this way'. I wiped my eyes a bit as they felt a little wet.

"You've acquired your quirk and inspired others to act due to your actions!" All Might explains.

"That boy saved my life!" Ochako shouts truly trying to help me.

"This exam wasn't just tracking your villain points, but a different system altogether! Rescue Points!" All Might dropped the metaphorical bomb.

"I'm afraid we can't give him your points". Present Mic explains patting her head. "But there's nothing to worry about. He won't need it".

"A hero course that rejects those who do the right thing aren't worth their salt! In this line of work, you put your money where your mouth is! 60 Rescue Points are rewarded to you, Izuku Midoriya! And Ochako Uraraka is also rewarded 45 Rescue Points" All Might reaches out with his arm extended. "COME NOW, IZUKU MIDORIYA! THIS IS YOUR HERO ACADEMIA!" The projection shut off.

I grin widely.

The starting line.

My first action after being accepted into U.A. is to look at the letter that came with the device.

There were reminders and forms to sign with my mother. Hero costume forms, making sure to update any new information about my quirk which I have to send to the Quirk Registry Center, and uniform sizes.

I went out with the envelope and told my mother that I passed.

We celebrated with dinner and she cried a lot.

It was great and on top of that I got a text during the dinner. From All Might.

Here we go.

Takoba Beach Park

At 8pm, I made my way onto the beach where I saw All Might in his skeleton form.

"Young Midoriya!" All Might called over and I walked towards him and he did a double take with wide eyes. "Hey, is it just me or have you gotten taller?"

I got slightly nervous at that comment.

"Ah, yeah. I grew a few inches this last week". I explain.

"Hmm, well perhaps you're hitting a growth spurt, you're about at that age, but anyways. Sorry I couldn't contact you sooner, although I'm surprised you didn't reach out. I'd assume you would have said something". Toshinori gained a thoughtful expression as it seemed out of character for Midoriya to not be nervous at getting 0 points, or seemingly 0, anyways.

"Ah, well I decided to use all my time training. There wasn't much else going on, so I tried getting a handle on my quirk". I explain and his eyebrows raise.

"Wow, already ahead of the game. I'd thought you would've avoided using it, since it did so much damage during the exam. How did the training go?" He asks.

I activated One For All and familiar white streaks across my body came to life.

"Yeah, I found out that I had to use my quirk throughout my body at a lower output. I put everything into that punch at the exam and it broke me, so I just have to work up to that point". I explain.

"Amazing! You've already figured out how to use it! In just a week! Do you know how much you can handle?" He is incredibly proud of his successor.

"About 5%, I've been working on increasing my limit, and I have another 3 weeks to work on it". I respond.

All Might couldn't hold his enthusiasm back any longer.

"That's the spirit, Young Midoriya. Let me aid you in this process to fully maximizing your potential!" All Might shouts as he doesn't realize people were there.

"Woah, is that All Might?!" A random bystander shouts.

"Wait, where?!" Another said.

"Shit". All Might mutters in english. "Come, Young Midoriya, Let's make haste! A heroic sprint!" He begins running.

I ran alongside him keeping One For All at a constant 5%.

We eventually lost them as we are on an empty street. He reverts back to his 'All Skeleton' form.

"Ah, I forgot to mention, but I assume you wouldn't appreciate any favoritism, so I wasn't involved in grading your performance". All Might admits.

I smile.

"Thanks, I wouldn't have accepted anything like that". I respond to him as he nods.

"I'm incredibly proud of your progress so far. To have learned how to harness One For All so soon on your own is amazing. Although, I have to admit I didn't know you would've received that sort of backlash". He praises looking down at me.

"How did you first learn to use it?" I fired back and he looked a little sheepish.

"Well, I was sort of a natural. I never had any problems with backlash and I was able to use 100% right of the bat". All Might informs.

"I just have to get to that point then". I smile at him and he grins back.

"Right. I plan to help you to the best of my ability". All Might pledges to his successor.

I smile back at him.

"I'll be in your care". I state in english and his eyes widen.

That'll be fun to explain.

Around the same time

Inko Midoriya has been worried about her son's well being. He's been acting strangely, but he seems to be healthy and fit, especially since he goes around without a shirt on.

She thought back to her son.

'I wonder why he does that. Is it too hot?' Inko thought she was unaware of the reason for Izuku's change.

She's currently carrying a basket of clothes into his room to put away.

'He said that he's gonna take a late night run. I can't help but be inspired to hit the gym for the 2nd time today'. She smiles as her source of motivation is her son.

Inko knew her son wasn't fit and pretty scrawny, but seeing him more and more, along with his state of dress, she couldn't help feel motivated to make a change as well.

That's when she notices a notebook on his desk that she doesn't recognize.

Hero Drawings

She smiles. Some things never change.

Curiosity gets a hold of her and she opens the notebook.

She's amazed at the quality of the artwork. It's Miruko in her hero costume.

'Wow, Izuku has gotten really good at his drawings'. She smiles as she flips the page and her eyebrows raise.

It's another picture of Miruko in a rather flirty pose.

'Does my son have a hero crush? How cute! Finally taking an interest in girls!' She smiles and flips the page and that's when everything crashed.

She blushes immensely.

Another drawing of Miruko wearing white lingerie on her hands and knees with a bashful look on her face as she flushes red.

'Is-Is this what my son thinks of...Wait! Could my son be going through puberty! The girls, his change in dress, getting taller and more confident. Oh my god! This explains everything!' She thought as she quickly shut the notebook and put his clothes in his dresser.

'I suppose it had to happen eventually, but we are definitely having The Talk before he goes off to high school'. She resolutely states as she exits the room.

Then she gets a horrific chill down her spine as she jumps to a conclusion that makes sense to her.

'Is he into older women?' Inko started to sweat profusely. He never brought any girls over his own age.

She didn't think she was ready to have this talk just yet.

That's a wrap. This is more or less a prologue and the next chapter will be jumping into the first day of class.

This idea came to me and I decided to write it out and see where it goes.

I like writing about adult themes, so that'll be a big part of the story.

Lots of character interaction and flirty/sexual content.

That isn't to say that there won't be any action. This is a shonen afterall, so expect lots of that too.

I'll keep this short, but the length of these chapters will be about 5k each.

Also, for those who are wondering, there's no incest, so don't expect any Inko/Izuku because of their interactions and the change in Izuku or rather the one in Izuku's body.

No comment about a harem. Haven't decided yet.

Although if people really want that sorta thing, I might do it in a One-Shot story that is separate from this. Not canon.

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