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The Colonial Familiar

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, Louise for short, stared at the twin moons in the sky above the world of Halkgenia from her room in the Tristain Academy of Magic. "Holy Brimir, please hear my prayer. Let my familiar be a worthy one who can protect me."


Ensign Saito "Gandalfr" Hiraga hurtled down one of the starboard launch tubes in his Viper for his first combat sortie. His entire body shook from the sheer speed of the assisted launch, then he was through the tube and out in space. Taking the throttle Saito formed up with the Columbia's Air Group as the CAG for Columbia, Major Yellen "Berzerker" Grange spoke.

"Broken Formation Razzle Dazzle! Don't let them use their targeting computers! And for Fraks sake, stay out of the fleet's firing solution!" Berzerker ordered as the 9th Fleet composed of six Battlestars plus escorts began to engage the collection of Cylon Basestars over an Ice Moon for Operation Raptor Talon.

The space was filling rapidly with explosions and Cylon and Colonial ECM/ECCM was already heavily engaged reducing the Colonials and Cylons to close range knife fights. To be a Viper Pilot was to endure the most grueling training from Hell ever devised to ensure a pilot could instinctually fly their Vipers as an extension of their own bodies and make kills without the assistance of the targeting computer which was rendered useless half-the-time due to heavy ECM/ECCM.

Sticking close to his wingman, Bouncer, Saito took hold of the pickle button as the Cylons closed in, then opened fire with the mass of Vipers for three seconds before peeling left with his wingman. Out of the corner of his eye, Saito saw his friend from training, Francis "Sweetwater" Karkaroff blow up and forced himself to push it from his mind before he bought it himself. Lining up with Bouncer, Saito opened fire again. "Firing! Splash one!" Saito yelled over the intercom as he hit the Raider and destroyed it after it strayed into his firing zone. Snaprolling down with his wingman, forcing the controls with brute strength, the inertial dampners canceling out the gs from the 120g turn. Setting sights on another Raider with Bouncer, Gandalfr pursued, rolling as necessary to line up his shots.


Louise, lit a devotional candle, her desire for a familiar and to avoid being labeled a zero for all time and expelled, compelling her to utilize all the Divine Favors she could get. "With all my heart, my beautiful, divine protector, who exists in this very universe, may you sail the very stars themselves safely to me. No matter the demons that try to bar your way."


"I'm alright!" Saito announced as he recovered from a glancing blow on his tail and promptly wiped out another Raider.

"Gandalfr, do you see Husker or Bansai out there!" Kartwright called out, Bouncer buying it seven minutes ago and Kartwright, from the Solaria, letting him be lead.

"Negative, I lost sight of them, these fraking Toasters are everywhere." Saito replied. The two pilots from Galactica had teamed up with them due to losses and all the Fleet's various air wings were hopelessly tangled together.

"Gandalfr 180 immediately!" Kartwright yelled.

Not hesitating, Saito did so and blew away another Raider. He then backflipped and blew another Raider away before climbing to pursue a Heavy Raider. The Battlestars were now moving up to point blank range with the Cylon Basestars. Heavy Raiders had entered the fray and Columbia was fighting boarders.

"Heavy Raider heading to the Triton, Gandalfr and Kartwright pursuing." Saito informed fighter command as he accelerated forward.

"I'm righ, ahh!" Kartwright was cut off as he was hit by a Raider flying past.

Now Saito was once again alone. Despite that he pursued the Raider into Triton's Flak Screen, lining up his shot, he destroyed it before getting out of the danger zone as Flak Burst all around him in a hell storm of fire that wrecked anyone else foolish enough to fly through it.

"My Heavenly Familiar is a noble and fearless one. Never hesitating to come to the rescue."


"All Vipers, Columbia needs our help. Let's clean house."

Saito throttled up his Viper towards Columbia with his new wingman Joker from Solaria. "Got tone, firing." Saito stated as he rolled into the attack with Joker, taking out three Raiders aiming for Columbia's door kickers and then flying up past the Alligator head.

"More Raiders coming to the Mid Ship Defense Zone."

"Acknowledge. Hard Left Turn!" Saito answered as he made a 200 degree turn to line up on a Raider and opened fire. "Firing! I got him, I got him!" Saito announced while another Raider broke off and fled as Saito and Joker made a wide berth to make another sweep.

"He's all yours Adama," Someone announced while Saito rolled into the attack again.

The Raider exploded as a chilling announcement came over the commnet. "All Vipers Clear Columbia's Airspace! All Vipers clear Columbia's Airspace! Right Fracking Now!"

Saito felt a massive concussive force slam into his bird and fought the controls while looking to his left. "Oh my gods! The Columbia is gone! The Columbia is gone!" Saito screamed in horror as screams came over the radio from Columbia's crew as compartments vented.


Louise opened her prayer book and began reciting from the book of loss in remembrance of those who gave their lives.


"Hit that opening!" Joker ordered as a Viper flying perpendicular to Saito's group exploded from the fire of three Raiders.

Saito launched all his missiles alongside the nine others he was with as they flew between the saucers of a Baseship, taking out missile batteries that could harm the Cruiser supporting them as it moved in closer to engage at point blank range. Passing the saucers, they snaprolled down as Triton lost its second flight pod to a nuke, while using the wreckage of Columbia as a shield, as it engaged a Basestar in conjunction with Galactica.

Suddenly a series of loud screeches came across the radio. As Saito was about to ask what was going on, he noticed the Cylons were breaking off and jumping.

"All forces cease fire, cease fire, cease fire. An Armistice has just been signed. The war is over. The Cylons are leaving the Colonies." Admiral Conrad announced over the Radio. "I'm taking you all home. Combat landing authorized. Come on home, come on home."


Louise blew out her devotional candle as the maid left with her basket of laundry. Going to her bed, she knew she would have the best familiar of all.


Saito made a combat landing on the Galatica's starboard landing bay. Landrams with lights flashing began the process of getting birds down to the bays. Galactica had lost half its airwing, so Galactica had room for Columbia and Triton's Pilots.

Within 10 minutes Saito was on the elevator and brought down to his new home. As he was brought in, he saw the Flight Crews were busy as hell, pulling dead and wounded from the various birds and doing battle damage assessments. Being brought to a stop, Saito hit the canopy release and was greeted by a Chief Petty Officer who began to help him get out of the Viper. "Welcome aboard the Galactica Gandalfr, we'll take care of you, I'm Orleans, your Crew Chief."

"Thank you," Saito replied as the sheer magnitude of the combat started to hit him. Getting down the ladder, he could see the numerous glancing blows on his Viper and as he walked around, he saw the wrecked tail and gaped.

CPO Orleans patted him on the shoulder. "Don't sweat it sir, I'll have her in mint condition tomorrow, we got some coffee and chocolate over by the tool room. Help yourself." Turning from him Orleans called out to one of his men, Johnny my boy, get the lift."

Saito walked in a daze, trying to see who from his home had also made it.

"Ensign Saito, over here." Captain Howard who commanded VS 456 aboard Columbia called out to him from where he was gathering Columbia crewmen with seven already formed up.

"Sir," Saito greeted his superior.

"Well so far you're the only one I've seen from VS 904." Howard spoke as he handed Saito coffee.

"I'm the last one left." Saito sadly informed him as he began to drink his coffee while seeing a Medic Crew begin the process of removing an impaled pilot from his seat in his Raptor. Frankly, Saito didn't understand how he had survived up till now.

"I'll take care of you. I need a new Wingman, so you got the job."

Another stretcher party came up to haul away a dead ECO from Raptor 1101 which was from Columbia, but a squadron on the port launch bay instead of the starboard launch bay. Another flight crew opened a Viper canopy to reveal a dead pilot who expired and was from Triton.

"Thank you sir," Saito spoke as he began to shakily drink his coffee.

"I'm looking for a Captain Jake "Crybaby" Howard," A Major with a Triton Patch spoke as he approached.

"Thats me sir." Captain Howard spoke.

"Major Mike "Crackerjack" Opolon. I'm the senior pilot aboard as Galactica has lost their CAG. I need you in the briefing room in an hour, we're chronically short on Squadron Leaders and you're the fourth captain I found so far that is alive."

"Aye sir, I'm trying to gather up the remnants of my flock right now."

Saito allowed his gaze to wander over the flight deck again. So this was what victory looked like.