The Colonial Familiar: Chapter 5

Siesta sat in the copilot chair next to Saito as he began the final checks, her grandpa sat in the ECO chair while grandma sat in a jumper seat. Placing his hand on her shoulder, Saito gave Siesta a reassuring squeeze.

"Okay Zero, lifting off to minimum safe jump distance."

"Sky is clear Gandalfr. A patrol of griffons is approaching, but they can fly as high as we can so, let's go."

There was sense of rising and then a roar as Saito punched it, out the corner of the window, Siesta saw a trio of griffon riders for a moment before Derf spoke.

"First jump now."

Siesta felt a gut churning sensation Saito and Grandpa warned her and Grandma about. It was why they waited an hour after breakfast to jump. Siesta was glad as she dry heaved alongside grandma.

"Hang on Siesta, temporal shift syndrome fades in time. Your body just has to get used to FTL shifts," Saito spoke.

"You do this regularly?" Siesta asked as she finally looked out again and her jaw dropped.

Seeing this, Saito chuckled, "We're about 300 AU from a binary star system that is 300 light years from your home."

"AU?" Siesta asked as grandma came up.

"Astronomical Units, roughly 149,597,870.7 km or roughly 92,955,807.3 miles," Grandpa spoke out.

Siesta had a blank look trying to fathom the distance, a look mirrored by her grandma, causing her grandpa to smile and chuckle.

"Zero, it looks like we got 23 asteroids ahead, 4 have water, 1 has tylium, and 9 have large amounts of titanium and thorium. Log this for follow up by the Explorers Guild. Derf, start the clock again."

"Aye Gandalfr," Grandpa and Derf answered.

"Orienting 180 to coordinates," Saito rolled the Raptor and Siesta marveled that they didn't fall to the ceiling due to this artificial gravity technology. "Jump in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, jump."

Siesta grunted as there was again a sense of stretching before dissipating quickly with a new view of a massive object with a ring and multiple moons. "Brimir, it's beautiful." Siesta breathed as she took in the wondrous sight.

"Gandalfr, we are looking at a gas giant twice as big as Zeus, it looks like it just barely failed to become a star, but its putting up enough heat that one of its moons registers a habitat sustainable for human life within acceptable gravity tolerance. We should take a pass around this and log any findings for the Explorers Guild." Grandpa called out.

"I agree Zero, start the camera, we use the gravity boost and make one pass then we jump." Saito replied before turning to Siesta. "Get a good look, most stellar objects are just chunks of rock, but we get a rare gem such as an inhabitable word every once and a while."

"To think such beauty exists, I never want to return back to my country again."

"There will be plenty of more beauty to see Siesta." Saito replied with a smile as he piloted the Raptor past a world with large oceans and a large green landmass. All too quickly they passed it to see hellish world erupting with multiple gouts of fire. After that was a frozen world with a thin atmosphere with three small moons orbiting it. As they completed the pass, they jumped again.

"Okay 3 hour stand down to cool the engines." Saito announced.

"Gandalfr, we got a habitable world ahead. Reading large amounts of algae, a hot tropical temperature, and a star that looks like it can Nova any time." Grandpa called out.

"Monitor for a helium flash Zero, Derf start calculating us a path through that star cluster, Siesta, Grandma, pull out the radiation kit we showed you. We will take one injection just before we jump, and then more every 4 hours as we cool off or we find an ocean world to bathe off the Raptor," Saito ordered as he flipped a few switches and the engines shut off.

"On it partner, it will be a rough trip, you sure you want to go forward and not abort?" Derf cautioned.

Saito took Siesta's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, prompting her to return it. "We're going in."

The next few hours Siesta received a short intro to radiation sickness alongside grandma and how to administer the anti-radiation meds, plus stellar cartography. All too soon it was time to jump.

Unlike the other jumps, this one was immediately hellish. And the Raptor started blaring alarms.

"Radiation alarms, gods this is hellish, oh Poseidon guide us!" Grandpa yelled as he began working his console.

"Derf, we can't last long in here, compute us a way out," Saito ordered as he squinted in the blinding hellfire outside the Raptor.

"Coordinates locked on, jump when ready Partner." Derf answered.


Siesta felt the squeeze effect again and then things were clear and a lion's head network of stars stared at them. "Saito we're safe now." Siesta breathed in relief.

"Not out of the woods yet, the Raptor is still hot, Zero, administer the next dose of anti-radiation meds. Derf, I need the next jump calculated."

Siesta let Grandfather administer yet another one of his anti-radiation meds to her neck while Saito monitored his console. They then made 4 jumps in succession without issue to barren spots. Then on the 5th…

"Currently in orbit of Kobol Partner, receiving nothing from the Kobol Defense Grid, I'm afraid it's gone or shut down." Derf announced.

"Kobol." Grandpa and Saito spoke at the same time.

"Out of the Copilot Seat Siesta, I need to work with Gandalfr." Grandpa ordered as he came up.

After the switchover, Grandpa and Saito went to work. "Gandalfr, atmosphere is normal, all strata is normal. World is habitable."

"I see that Zero, but remember the ancient warning Zeus left. We'll log this find. Derf timer to next jump?"

"40 seconds, we have fuel for this one into Prolmar, but no more after that." Derf responded.

"Very well. Once in Prolmar, I can launch the message drone to send a high pulse signal." Saito replied as he brought up a chart he been using periodically and made a notation before handing it to grandpa who also made a notation.

"Readying drone, it will ready to fire off once we emerge." Grandpa spoke as he flipped a few switches.

"Alright, last jump, may Poseidon watch over us," Saito spoke as he hit the jump button.

"Fuel minimal." Grandpa spoke, "Launching drone."

Siesta watched as an object sped out from under them and into the distance.

"Ok, now we wait and pray." Saito spoke as he began powering down non-essential systems.

"How long till we are found Saito?" Siesta asked.

"Could be a few hours to a few days," Saito answered.

Karin de Vallière oversaw the loading of her unconscious daughter into a wagon for transport to the Capital where the best water mages were standing ready to help. Louise's Familiar had fled beyond her grasp and she vowed to beat it in line if she ever found him and hold him still so Louise could bind him into her service. "Professor Colbert, I thank you for advocating my daughter's rights. But given all that has occurred, I think it best I withdraw my daughter from school and see her married to her Fiancé."

"If that is your wish, I will not oppose it. I wish things had gone better, but fate has decided otherwise. I wish her a speedy recovery and a good marriage." Professor Colbert replied as he handed another servant the rest of Louise's things.

"I just hope her Familiar suffers as much as Louise suffers and knows despair the rest of his miserable life."


Siesta listened to Saito's heartbeat as he slept to conserve energy. It had been 3 days since the probe had been dispatched and no sign yet of rescue. As she reached for an energy bar, a bright beam of light shone upon them causing her to eep and shields her eyes while Saito awoke instantly alongside Grandpa.

"Poseidon heard our call Gandalfr." Grandpa exulted as he got up and powered up the console while Saito grabbed a handset.

"This is Gandalfr and Zero with two Passengers. Out of gas, 30 hours of minimal functions left, request IFR."

"Acknowledge Gandalfr, the Bezerk will send a bird in 20 minutes."

"Gandalfr, Bezerk Actual here, reports said you were solo, who is Zero and your 2 passengers?"


Ok all of the setups are out of the way. Saito gives two shits about Louise and being her Familiar and won't ever be her Familiar. He will never meet her again, even when he goes back to Halkagenia as there is no reason for him as a newly promoted Captain to do so and his Superiors are just as likely to side with Reconquista as anyone else.