It was 3 years prior to present time. Life had been peaceful for the Chisaki's. The family consisted of a mother, a father, and a young daughter, who had a mysterious quirk. The young daughter was named Eri Chisaki, although, her family mostly just called her Eri-chan. Her quirk was an odd one, as it manifested at her birth. It was a small, yet non-threatening horn that sprouted out of the corner of her forehead.

The doctor said that it was strange for a quirk to manifest at birth. He said that the parents should be cautious, because they have never seen this quirk before; meaning that she would be considered the first holder of that quirk. Unlike most parents, who would've been terrified of something like this; the mother and father of Eri were both proud to know their daughter had a completely separate quirk from their own.

The father had a quirk called replenish. Anything the man touched would be, as the quirk implied, replenished; such as an apple core returning to an apple, but it could only do it to things like apples and similarly small objects such as other fruits and or pencils. Then, there was the mothers quirk. One that she despised. One that she shared with her Yakuza leading brother. That quirk was called Overhaul.

Overhaul was a dangerous quirk, and it was feared by the general public. The mother hated having it. She wore gloves all the time and never took them off; as for whatever reason, the type of glove she wore canceled out the effect of the quirk. Her brother would help her control it; and as much as she hated him, for that reason alone, she couldn't fathom not listing to his advice, since he was a master with the quirk. He was the older sibling, and the first holder of it, so he knew the quirk inside out and backwards.

Whatever quirk that their daughter had, it was a combination of the two, but it wasn't like Overhaul, as if it was, she would have destroyed just about anything she touched and was currently touching.

Three years had passed, and there were no new developments about Eri's quirk. It was to the point where the mother began to wonder if she even had a quirk or if that horn was just a tumor that grew outside of her body.

Then… it happened.

It was a normal day for the family, and Kai Chisaki, Eri's mom's brother, was visiting to see his niece. Kai, for the lack of a better word, was rather… odd. He was a neat freak, and refused Eri's mom's denial in helping with cleaning the house. The house was cleaner then it ever had been in years thanks to Kai's quirk, to which he used on everything.

Eri was being held by her father, when her horn started to spark, it was like lightening almost. It caught Kai's and the mothers attention instantly when the father started screaming in pain. Eri was in shock, and had no idea what was going on. Her father, whom she loved, was rapidly shrinking at a pace that not even Kai or the mother could stop using either of their quirks.

Kai had plucked the shaking and terrified Eri off of the father, but by then, it was too late, as he had turned into a baby. The mother was in shock and terror. She stared at her daughter, with hatred so vast that it could've killed someone if her quirk was directed in her eyes.

The mother looked angry, and she looked as if she was about to kill Eri right then and there. Kai knew he had to do something, he knew that if he didn't do something to stop her, his niece would be killed. So, in an act of 'heroism' to save Eri's life, he ripped off his free hands' glove with the beak of his mask and used his quirk to kill the mother; all the while covering Eri's eyes with his jacket.

He let out a chilled sigh as he looked at the bloodstain on the floor. Eri was without a family now, and the baby that was once her father would have no memories of this or his family. He placed Eri down on the dining table and put his glove back on his exposed hand.

He looked at the baby and picked it up. Grabbing a phone out of his pocket, he speed-dialed one of his co-workers, Chornostasis, and told him to come pick up Eri and bring her back to the Shie Hissakai headquarters. After Chronostasis picked up Eri, Kai gave the baby to an orphanage, saying that a family had left their child at the hospital, claiming to not want it. The orphanage took the baby, expressing how they were thankful for Kai doing this, assuring that the baby would survive. Little did they know, the baby was the rewound form of a father who didn't see it coming.

A full year had passed since Kai killed his sister. He had become obsessed with Eri's quirk. He had dubbed the quirk: Rewind. Whatever it was that the horn did, later to be found out that it was because it mutated her blood, it gave her the power of rewinding any living things personal time back to whenever she wanted, so long as she was touching it. That was if she had control over the quirk, to which she didn't. She was four years old when the experiments began. At first, Kai wasn't monstrous about his research and he would simply use needles to extract samples of blood.

But then… it became worse. He would begin to cut her arms and legs with a scalpel and forced her to bleed for hours at a time. She barely got any food, and if she was given any, it was leftover scraps. She was treated like a wild animal.

Two more Years had passed, and it only got worse and worse. It was starting to get to the point where she was basically a living corpse. One filled with upset, despair, and pure terror.

But deep within those mixtures of dark emotions, was unbridled, and unrelenting rage. One that she had no idea existed, for it was not her own. It was something else's. That something else was akin to another personality. But it wasn't rage directed towards the Shie Hissakai. It was rage directed towards someone else.

It was directed to someone who didn't even exist in this universe. It was directed to a teen by the name of Giorno Giovanna. Somehow, he had defeated this personality, and it was now hellbent at getting revenge. The personality had gotten out of a death loop that seemed to have lasted for eons. He hadn't known how, but he was able to break free from its shackles.

However, this personality was not able to return to its original universe, rather, for some reason, it had been propelled into this one, into the body of this young girl only a short while ago. It hadn't made itself known yet to the girl, and hadn't planned to. That was until he decided to peer out using one of her eyes.

The personality had noticed something. Something he hated. Something that, even as a former mafia leader, he refused to believe that it could happen to someone as young as this girl. Someone was trying to take advantage of her. It was some guy in a bird mask who was wearing ragged clothes. He had no idea who that persons name was, but it hadn't mattered to him.

The girl was cowering in fear as the man was hovering atop of her. Whatever was about to transpire, he refused to allow it. Within a swift instance, the personality took full control over the body. It was weird, since the girl hadn't fought back, not like how Doppio did when the personality had first taken control. Her soul must have been a lot weaker then Doppio's which was saying a lot, since he wasn't the strongest of people.

The man who hovered atop the girl was named Touya Setsuno. He was trying to take advantage of the girl since she was weaker then most others. Kai was out and about, gathering groceries, so now was his chance. He wanted to add his own torture into the mix. That being something that would be considered even more repulsive then beating her like Chornostasis did when he wanted to vent out his rage and anger.

He was intending on raping her.

However, before he could do such a vile thing, he had noticed that Eri's eyes had changed colour, along with her pupils. Gone where the scared, and fearful red eyes, but in their place were bold, green eyes with a yellow iris of sorts. It looked shattered, like a shattered piece of glass. This wasn't stopping Touya, but what happened next did.

One of Eri's arms shot up and grabbed Touya by the neck. This wouldn't have fazed him, if it wasn't for the fact that the arm looked far more defined then Eri's. It was more muscular, and it had a strong grip on his neck, slowly squeezing it as Touya began gasping for air.

"You are vile, and repulsive." A deep, almost masculine sounding voice stated. Touya was confused as it had come from Eri. "Wh-What the f-fuck?!" Touya stammered. He was now for sure that this, whomever it was, was not Eri. A sickening smirk came upon 'Eri's' face. In one swift motion, 'Eri' crushed Touya's wind pipe and snapped his neck like a twig, killing him instantly.

His body was dropped to the floor as 'Eri' retracted her arm, it turned back to normal. Her eyes returned to their usual red colour as Touya's body hit the floor, making a loud thump noise. She stared at Touya's dead body as Eri screamed bloody murder. The two guards who were posted at her door during the day came in.

When they did, they saw Touya's body. His neck was snapped in a fashion that looked as if someone had broken a popsicle stick. The guards looked up at Eri, who seemed just as shocked as they were. Before they could utter a single word, Kai, now known as Overhaul; Stood in the doorway. He looked down upon the body of Touya.

Without any hesitation, he overhauled Touya's body, and reformed it, reviving him. Without hesitation, the precept took one good look at Eri, and ran out of the room, scrambling up to his feet as he did so. This confused Kai. Touya, for as much as a waste of space as he was, was never scared of someone so easily. So what caused him to be so terrified of Eri?

Kai walked up to Eri and knelt down to her. His unwavering gaze was met with the upmost fear in Eri's. "What happened." Was the only thing that Kai said, which caused Eri to nervously sweat. She had no idea how Touya was killed to begin with. Eri responded with a meek: "I d-don't know… H-Honest."

Kai was not satisfied with that answer, and violently grabbed Eri by the arm using his gloved hand. "If you won't tell the truth, I guess we can have two sessions today instead." Kai said, his tone devoid of anything but pure annoyance. Eri was dragged away the whole time, kicking and screaming.

The personality debated whether or not he was going to help her. He hadn't yet grown attached to the body he was in, but he needed to know if it was worth his time to help her. He didn't want to attract any attention to himself, as he didn't want to be found out; so he simply listened into what was happening.

He could hear the girl cry, and he could hear the booting up of a machine. He then heard the pained cries of the girl, to which he almost jumped into control before hearing someone say: "Stop being such a baby and get it over and done with." The voice sounded annoyed. The personality then calmed down, figuring that it wasn't anything abhorrent, and that it was a simple flu shot. But the pained cries kept coming, and it was starting to become annoying.

This happened for another hour, and it was at this point when the personality heard the machine shutdown. The body he was in felt as if it was shutdown, but not dead. If that was the case then he would have been evicted from the body. Her heartbeat was there, but it was so minuscule, that you would think she was dead. Whatever had happened, was obviously dangerous.

He could sense that the girl was being taken back to her room and her heartbeat was much faster now, indicating that the body was going into overdrive, meaning that they had lost a significant amount of blood over the course of the hour.

The personality now knew that he had to stop this from happening. It was for the survival of both him and the body he resided in. When he felt the body get dropped on something and a door close, he could feel the body shiver, and the timid voice of the girl speak. "I-I w-want this t-t-to e-end." Was the only thing the girl said before she passed out due to her body overworking itself.

The personality had a plan, He didn't know when he would enact it, but he needed to wait. He needed to wait for the perfect moment, and then he would put his plan into action.

Another week had passed since the incident. Much to Kai's approval, nothing had happened with Eri. There were no sudden outbursts from her, and no lies. She had been behaving, something that he was glad about. The only thing that made his week better. He had just returned back from a meeting with the supposed league of villains. It went south when Magne, a villain that was apart of that group attacked him, and he killed her in that instance. Mr. Compress, another one of their lackies, tried to turn him into a marble, but lost his arm after attempting it.

However, something else happened. Something, that unnerved him to say the least. A rumor was floating about some naked woman, nearly six feet in height walking about the building. According to those who caught glimpses of her, she had long hair, and a rather muscular appearance in similarity to that of the number five pro hero Miruko, and that they had piercing green eyes.

This had troubled Overhaul, who was now doing a security check on the building, something he usually made his guards do. However, he wanted to see this mysterious figure, and make sure this was just what it was, a rumour.

He had just finished walking down one of the many corridors when he turned the corner. Much to his shock, there the figure was. It walked slowly, and its left hand was pressed up against the wall. Its lower arms were loosely wrapped in bandages, as well as its lower legs, and on its body were pieces of light brown fabric and its hair was long and white. The figure could have been mistaken for a man, if it hadn't been for the females breasts being rather hard to not notice. They weren't big, but they weren't small either.

"Who goes there, who are you and why are you in my facility." Overhaul demanded as he went for his glove. However, when the figure turned their head, Overhaul had stopped and stared at it with wide eyes. The figure had the green eyes that people mentioned yes, but, they also had a sharp horn sticking out of their forehead.

'Is that… no, it can't be…' Overhaul thought. Before he took a single step closer, the figure disappeared, just like a ghost. Before Overhaul could dismiss it as a quirk, he noticed that, he had been closer to where the person was once standing, and he had his gloved hand outstretched. He quickly looked at himself in confusion, retracting his hand. Had he moved? When did he move and how? He didn't remember moving, so why did he?

He shook his head and looked at his digital wrist watch. It was the same time, so it must have been that he had just forgotten. Was that figure even there to begin with? Was it an illusion? The figure reminded him so much of his sister, yet, it also looked an awful lot like Eri. Regardless of if it was real or not, he had to do something about that figure, and find Eri to make sure his theory was incorrect.

The figure stood in another hallway; it had a faint red glow around it. It began to die down as the figure let out a deep breath. The personality was in control, as the girl, to which the personality came to know the girls name; that being Eri, was asleep. The personality tried to form his old body, but failed in doing so, instead turning into an older version of Eri, one that looked around the age of 16 to 17. The only difference was that the eyes were his, not Eri's.

The other fact was that the personalities voice was now feminine. It had seemed that he, was no longer male, in fact, he had changed genders. It must have been because 'he' was in a new universe, or 'he' it was because he now inhabited a female body, it hadn't mattered. However, one thing did remain the same, was King Crimsons appearance. It seemed that it retained its form, due to it appearing the same way his soul functioned. Which by all means appeased 'him'.

This brought up a dilemma, however. Was 'he' still male, or was 'he' now female due to the permanent body change? The personality figured that she was now female, and decided to roll with it, since she no longer had the choice. Fate had decided this would happened, much to her dismay, and due to their being no work around, she had to endure it.

Just as she heard the footsteps of Overhaul, she had to revert her body back to Eri's real form as to avoid being seen again. So, that was exactly what she did. When Overhaul turned the corner, he saw the mostly naked body of Eri. A few tears of her clothing covered anything lewd, but now, his fears were confirmed. Somehow, in some way, Eri could now shapeshift. Perhaps, she somehow developed a secondary quirk, and possibly a third due to her teleporting.

He had to test his hypothesis, but first, he needed to get some new clothes on her and he needed to start watching her very closely and increase the security around the building. Picking up the passed out and mostly nude body of Eri, he carried her back to her room. He slipped another brown dress over her, and placed her back in bed.

He left the room, closing a locking the door behind him so that she doesn't try to escape again.

A few more days had passed since the personality had attempted to escape on Eri's behalf. Since then, she found it now impossible to do so without causing any attention to herself. So, she laid in wait. Waiting for a chance so that Eri could escape. And she knew it was coming. Before the personality became active, she knew that Eri had ran into a hero, who vowed on saving her.

This was her chance at making sure that she would be able to escape. Eri's body was beginning to become weaker and weaker, and the personality felt as if that if this continued, Eri could die, and she would have no place to go. Then, the raid happened. Overhaul was defeated thanks to the hero who promised to rescue her, and everyone else was arrested.

Eri however, was in critical condition due to a high fever, and needed to be taken to a hospital. When they loaded Eri on to the ambulance and drove off, the personality took control of Eri, but didn't change her appearance.

The personality did not want to be found out, and if they were sent to a hospital, it could easily be figured out if they attempt any tests on the girl. Without alerting the hero who was inside the ambulance, that being the pro hero Eraserhead; the personality summoned King Crimson, who was thankfully invisible to others without stands. She made King Crimson chop at one of the rear wheels, destroying the tire and the wheel in the process. In that time, when the Ambulance dipped into the ground, Eraserhead quickly ran and opened the back doors; However, before he could turn to grab Eri. She was already gone and the ambulance was already on its side with Eraserhead against the wall with a bad head injury.

The police cars following the ambulance all surrounded it and made sure everyone was alive. The drivers died in the crash, and the girl was missing, but Eraserhead was alive with a concussion and a bad cut on his head. The officers were confused, as the Ambulance just happened to be like that one moment after one of the tires mysteriously got destroyed by what seemed to be the air.

Underneath the bridge, now in the grown up version of Eri's body. The personality sat on an under-hang, where bridge maintenance workers would come to do any below repairs. They had a smile on the figures face as it spoke.

"Now that I have not only escaped that god forsaken death-loop created by Gold Experience Requiem, but I have also managed to escape both the Shie Hissakai and the heroes on top of that. Soon, I will introduce myself to the local underground gang that has called themselves, the league of villains, and join them. Then, I will introduce myself to Eri, the owner of this body who now shares it with me. If she is anything like Doppio, then this will be easy. I, Diavolo, the Emperor of Passione, have returned, and I will make sure that my name is known!" Diavolo said as then, she looked down at her naked body before covering her chest and privates with her arms.

"But first… I might need some clothes…" Diavolo said as she then noticed a man in a black and grey body suit, and mask with almost comic book-like, white eyes staring at him. "Who are you?" Diavolo questioned as her stare became murderous. The man in question began to panic. "Calm down Ma'am, you said in that really cool monologue you just did that you wanted to join the League of villains correct! I'm in that group, and it just so happens that I can take you there. I can just call Kurogiri, and we can portal out of here. And also I can lend you some of my clothes if that helps incentivize the deal." The man said as Diavolo relaxed, a smirk coming over her face.

"I'll take that relaxed stance and smirk as a: 'it's a deal'". The man said as he pulled out a phone and said: Portal me, I got a potential member for us, and this time, I believe this won't be a repeat of Overhaul. Also, have some clothes on standby, she kinda doesn't have any-" As the man said that, he glanced back at the area to see that the girl was gone, and in her place was the girl they were trying to kidnap passed out on the floor.

"Oh shit! It was the girl! Ok, now its even more imperative, quickly, before the heroes have a chance to find her!" The man said. In an instant a portal appeared beside the man as he picked up Eri and jumped through the portal with the girl in his arms. Little did the man know, they unknowingly unleashed the devil into their establishment.

· To be Continued -