AUTHOR'S NOTE: So, here we have the start of another mini-series that will be the start of a new team for the Infinity Verse. As you can see, this team was heavily inspired by one of Marvel's newest team: The Savage Avengers. A team that consisted of six of the most dangerous characters in the Marvel Universe, as well as the comic that brought Conan the Barbarian into the 616 Universe. We stuck very true to the intention of the team, as you'll no doubt see with who we've picked, though there aren't any characters from another universe on here, and we've bumped the roster up to eight.

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Chapter 1: A Dark Invitation

The rain poured hard down upon the shoulders of the giant figure who stood beside the detective as they looked over the crime scene. The scene in question was that of a house with its door kicked in and the place ransacked, but nothing was stolen, at least nothing regarding anything in terms of trinkets and money. No, what was stolen from this home was much more valuable to the family: Their child. For the past six nights, children had been stolen in the dead of night, and tonight was no different. The kidnappings in this small Thailand village did not go unnoticed by not just the police, but to the village's champion's as well. His name was Sagat, and he had been on the trail of whoever had been stealing these children, but, thus far, his search had turned up empty-handed. Hopefully, the Emperor of Muay Thai would finally get the answers he sought today.

As the mountain of a man approached the crime scene, the detective and officers on the scene stepped aside as Sagat walked up to the house. Law enforcement knew better than to stand in the way of the former Shadaloo agent and instead allowed him to step into the house so he may look over the damage that was done inside.

"When did it happen?" he asked.

"We estimate six to seven hours ago," the detective answered. "The parents were awoken by the sound of their daughter's screams. When they went into her bedroom, the said that they saw figures in the dark vanish in a cloud of smoke"

"Same as the others..." Sagat muttered.

It had been like this with every other kidnapping. The parents would find only smoke as their child was stolen right in front of them. Sagat had his suspicions as to who was behind it, but he wasn't 100% certain about anything yet. During his time in the service of Shadaloo, he had gained knowledge of several other dark organizations whom they competed with for control of the world, and several of them were ninja clans. From the vicious Foot Clan to the Arashikage who were in the service of Cobra, any of these groups could be behind this, but the question remained: Why?

From what Sagat understood, the Foot Clan had gone under a sort of regime change after the Shredder was killed and his daughter, Karai, had been trying to return redeem the clan for its past sins, something that the king of Muay Thai could sympathize with. The same could not be said for the Arashikage. Though they claimed that they wanted to retain their honor even under the control of Cobra, Sagat wouldn't put it past them to be carrying out the twisted orders of Cobra Commander. The one-eyed warrior then began to make his way out of the bedroom and out toward the backyard. Confused by this, the detective followed him out of the house.

"Do you have any idea what's going on?" he asked.

"I don't, but I'm starting to understand it," Sagat answered. "But right now, I need you to run."

The king of Muay Thai then got into a fighting stance.

"Now," he commanded.

Still puzzled by Sagat's demand, the detective took off, knowing that if the Emperor of Muay Thai was preparing for a fight, it was best to leave him be. The rain began to pour down harder as Sagat's muscles started tense for what was to come next. Just then, five puffs of smoke surrounded him, each revealing a ninja with their blades drawn. Though his suspicion was proven right, what took Sagat by surprise was that these armed warriors were dressed in clothing that was unlike any ninja clan he was aware of. These assassins were dressed in all black suits with a hooded veil that concealed their faces, though they had gold trim their suits. They also wore armored padding on their wrists and shins, which bore the image of a gold dragon on them. Sagat could care less about who they were. He only wanted to know where the children had been taken.

"I have questions," the former villain said firmly. "And I only need one of you alive to answer them."

His attackers said nothing, only lunging at him all at once. Moving swiftly, Sagat began to dodge the oncoming swords that were being swung at him before leaping over them to get out of the line of their blades. Sagat quickly spun around with a flying kick that sent one of the ninjas sailing backward into the wall of the house. A sudden sting of pain hit the king of Muay Thai's back, a clear indication that he had been struck with a sword. Sagat turned around and grabbed the ninja that had cut him with his sword by the face before slamming him into the ground with the force of a truck, killing him instantly.

Another pair of ninjas leaped toward him with their swords held high over them. Sagat reached out with his hands and caught both swords in each hand. Ignoring the pain, the one-eyed warrior broke their swords before flinging them both backward, to which they landed effortlessly on the ground. Just as he was preparing to fight them, a chain was thrown around his arm while another was thrown around his leg from each side of him. The ninja he had kicked, as well as another one, had attempted to bind the Muay Thai master. It would be a mistake that they would regret, however, as their attempt to hold him down revealed something he had suspected since these kidnappings had begun.

With a sudden flex of his muscles, Sagat broke free of his chains. Letting out a battle cry, the former villain shot forward with his fists at the ready. With blinding speed, Sagat managed to close the line of his two opponents before they could react, knocking them both to the ground. Now having two of his attackers down for a moment, the sacred tiger could focus on the other two ninjas who had previously attempted to capture him. His would-be captors drew their swords once more and jumped toward him.

"Tiger Claw!" Sagat shouted as he unleashed his energy attack.

The blast struck one of the ninjas, instantly killing him. The force of the blast also knocked the other ninja off-balance in mid-jump, causing him to fall to the ground. Now down to three opponents, Sagat turned his attention back to the other two attackers, who had just recovered from his previous assault. The two ninjas each drew new weapons from under their sleeves. One drew a pair of sais while another pulled out a set of kamas. Not intimated by this display, Sagat merely cracked his knuckles and readied himself to finish this fight. The ninjas rushed toward the giant of a man, who began to easily avoid and evade the oncoming bladed weapons. With a swift knee-strike, Sagat shattered the ribs of one of the ninjas before reaching out and snapping his neck with ease. He then grabbed the other man by the arm before snapping it like a twig. Sagat lifted the man high over his head and broke his victim's back over his knee, earning him another instant kill.

With four of the five assailants now dead, Sagat now had his person to question. He looked back at the ninja whom he had knocked off balance and left unconscious on the ground. After kicking him sharply in the ribs to wake him up, the one-eyed warrior then snatched up the remaining ninja by the throat as he lifted him to his eye level.

"Talk," the Muay Thai master commanded firmly. "While you still have a jaw."

"I will tell you everything," the ninja compiled simply, unafraid of the martial artist.

"Where are the children?" Sagat demanded.

"We feed them to the pigs," the ninja answered. "Our goal was to lure you out."

A white-hot surge of rage flashed in Sagat's body. He felt anger, not only at the kidnappers, but also himself for failing the families of his village. Now, this wasn't a rescue mission, but one of vengeance.

"Why?" he seethed, squeezing his captive's throat slightly to get his demand across.

"Because your blood is needed," the ninja explained. "The time is growing close, and with your blood, our master's goals shall be one step closer to becoming a reality."

"And just where is your 'master' hiding?" Sagat questioned.

"If I told you you'd only refuse to go," the ninja said.

"There is no place that I wouldn't go to quell my rage," Sagat replied as he squeezed harder. "Now...Where is he?"

"Isla...Sorna," the ninja managed to choke out.

That took the warrior by surprise. The former Shadaloo agent had heard of the island even before he had joined forces with M. Bison. It was used as a research facility for InGen when they were creating dinosaurs for their amusement park that was located on the other island, Isla Nublar. However, after the downfall of Jurassic Park, both islands were abandoned by InGen. That was, until in 1997 when the company sent in a team lead by InGen's new CEO, Peter Ludlow, in order to capture and bring back several dinosaurs to bring them to a new park that was being built on the mainland. InGen was permanently crippled when the T-Rex they had obtained had escaped and ran rampant throughout San Diego until he was recaptured and returned to Isla Sorna with its offspring, which had killed and devoured Ludlow before their return trip.

For years, the islands were made a restricted area, though there was a rumor that Isla Sorna was broken into by several people back in 2003. However, after InGen was bought out by the Masrani Corporation, the islands were once again made into a theme park, though Isla Sorna was left alone with the intention to be turned into a safari type-park later on. However, tragedy struck the islands once again when, in 2015, the park's latest creation, the Indominus Rex, broke free and lead to a massacre that bankrupted the Corporation and left InGen dead in the water. For several years, the islands were again made a restricted area until InGen was bought out again, this time by McFist Industries, who claimed that they wanted to save the dinosaurs from now dying Isla Nublar. Personally, Sagat had a feeling that they just wanted access to InGen's cloning tech, since it was sought after greatly by other companies, including KaibaCorp and Omni Consumer Products. [1]

With all of his questions answered, Sagat crushed the ninja's throat before dropping his body like a lifeless stone. It was at that time that the detective had returned, hoping the chaos had ended.

"Did you get anything from them?" he asked.

"Tell the families that their children are dead," Sagat ordered as he walked past the detective. "And that they'll soon be avenged"

Sagat had no idea who these ninjas were or who their master was, but he didn't care. All that mattered was that he was going to kill them all as slowly and as painfully as he could.

She let it happen again.

She was only gone for an hour, but that was all that it took to have her life completely destroyed once again. From what Fabiola told her when she returned from town with food for dinner tonight, they came at the family like a pack of wolves. The younger maid had attempted to fight them off to protect the young master, but she was wounded for her efforts and they stole their master shortly before the other maid had arrived. However, before they did, they gave Fabiola a message for her to give to the other maid. They said that they knew who the maid truly was and that if she wished to see her young master again, she was to come alone to Isla Sorna, an island ruled by dinosaurs.

But the maid did not care. She had failed her master again, and just like before, she would not rest until he was safe at home once again and that his kidnappers where nothing more than a pile of corpses for the vultures to feast upon. So, after gathering up the necessary weapons that she needed for her rescue mission, she set out to the island, saying a prayer to God that she would either bring Master Garcia back home alive or die killing every bastard who had harmed him.

For now, the Bloodhound of Florencia had been reawakened.

"A leave of absence?" Integra repeated. "What makes you think that I'll grant you that?"

The director of the Hellsing Organization could hardly believe what she was hearing, let alone who she was hearing it from. Her top agent and servant, the very lord of vampires himself, was asking for a temporary departure from her, something he had never done. Integra had no idea as to why her servant would ask her such a thing, but she wasn't going to let him leave this room until she got a proper answer out of him.

"It won't be long, my master," Alucard insisted. "I need only two weeks, then I will return to you."

Again, Alucard avoided her questions, which was so unlike him. Integra was not open to the idea of letting the monster roam free on this planet out of her control. She may trust Alucard, but that trust had its limits. The last Hellsing knew what her servant was capable of, and him being free of her control for any amount of time made her nervous.

"Alucard, stop avoiding the question and tell me why you want to leave," she demanded sharply.

Alucard was silent for several moments before finally speaking.

"I've been looking over some reports from the Global Justice Network," he began. "Particularly about these mysterious kidnappings as of late."

For the past several weeks, the GJN had been investigating a series of kidnappings from across the globe. From lawyers to police officers to crime lords to doctors and even opera singers, people were being taken left and right with seemingly no connection among them. However, after the GJN had shared its information with other law enforcement groups and private organizations like Hellsing, a pattern was indeed there that Integra had put together. Those who were taken were best in their respective fields, but the question still remained: Why?

"And why would you care?" Alucard's master questioned. "We've already ruled out that this isn't the work of vampires."

"It is...difficult to explain," the vampire regarded.

"Alucard," Integra said in a stern voice. "As your master, I command you to tell me what is going on."

Alucard, knowing that he couldn't hide his reasons any longer, finally relented.

"I am not absolutely certain, but I believe that I know who is behind these kidnappings," he explained. "The Order of The Dragon."

Integra was not expecting that answer, though now she understood why her servant was so coy with answering her outright. The Order of The Dragon was a secret order that Alucard was the leader of centuries ago in his previous life as Vlad the Impaler, but it was dissolved shortly after he was reborn as Dracula.

"Are you certain?" his master inquired. "From what little information we have, it is said that the kidnappers have apparent training in ninjitsu."

"I have some ideas as to why they've changed so much from when I controlled it, but I am certain that it is them," Alucard affirmed. "Please, my master, let me go and end these traitors personally."

Integra took a long drag from her cigar as she thought on her servant's request. She knew what the Order meant to him, but there was still the matter of letting her hound slip off his leash for so long. After staying silent for a solid two minutes, she finally gave her answer.

"Very well, I'll grant you the two weeks you need to deal with this," she finally relented. "But if you do not return a second after your time is up, I swear I will send every agent I have at my disposal to drag you back here so I can personally stake you."

"Understood, my master," the vampire lord acknowledged with a bow, adding a fang-filled smile.

John clenched his fists in anger as he looked upon the smashed gravestones. The graves had been dug up and the bodies that were once laid to rest had been torn to pieces. These were men who he had fought and bleed with. Men who had laid down their lives for their country, and someone had desecrated them without giving it a second thought. It was a message directed right at him, and it worked. He didn't know who would do this or why, but the ones behind this insult carved in a location for him to find them: Isla Sorna.

A mistake that they would soon regret.

"I'm gonna find you..." John Rambo swore under his breath. "And when I do, I'm gonna cut our your heart."

The deserts of Cario were an endless sea, one that had claimed the lives of many poor souls. In the endless sands of Egypt, a lone figure walked the desert toward the lost ruins of a bygone temple. The figure had a body slung over its shoulder. A trophy of a brutal battle that had claimed the lives of his comrades. He was a ninja of the Order of The Dragon, and his quarry was known as one of the deadliest beings on the planet. As the ninja approached the ruins, he was greeted by a man dressed in ancient Egyptian garb like the priests of old. However, around the priest's neck was a symbol of a dragon similar to the insignia on the ninja's uniform.

"Greetings, brother," the priest greeted. "I see your hunt went well."

"That it did" the ninja confirmed "we have our prize"

"And what of the rest of your party?" the priest inquired. "There were twelve of you that we sent to kill him."

"And he killed all but one of them," the ninja replied. "There was a reason why he was so sought after by our Order."

The priest nodded in agreement before inviting the ninja into the ruins of the temple. He then led his comrade to a slab where he gestured to him to lay the body of his kill. In the temple, several other priests stepped out to examine the body for the slain man: the G.I. Joe known only as Snake Eyes.

"You have done a great service for our Order, brother," the head priest said. "We shall send the body of Snake Eyes to our master on Isla Sorna so that his blood may fill the cauldron."

"So, Isla Sorna, huh?" the ninja suddenly noted in a more feminine voice before looking over to Snake Eyes' 'corpse.' "You get all that, Snake?"

In a flash, Snake Eyes suddenly shout up from the slab with a knife drawn and slit the throat of the nearest priest. Before the head priest could even understand what was going on, the ninja beside him reached out and snapped his neck with a quick twist. The other two priests attempted to flee, only to be mowed down by a burst from the Arashikage's uzi. The resulting commotion attracted the attention of three guards, their swords already drawn. The G.I. Joe jumped off the slab with his own blade drawn. The guards' weapons clashed with the solider's as they tried to strike him down, but Snake Eyes' movements were impossible to keep up with, allowing him to cut them down with ease.

A loud cry was heard from behind the ninja warrior, who spun around to face his next attacker. However, before a duel could even begin, an arrow struck the guard in the back of the head that popped through his eye. As the guard slumped to the floor, the 'ninja' who had brought Snake Eyes into the temple held a small crossbow in her hand. She then removed her hood to reveal the fellow Joe and lover of Snake Eyes, Scarlett.

"You missed one," she teased before noting "Looks like our sources were right."

For the past several weeks, the Joes had been following the trail of the global kidnappings under the thought that this was some sort of new plot by Cobra. And while they discovered that their enemy wasn't behind this, they still pursued these unknown villains regardless. Though they were members of the Infinity League, who had a strict no-kill rule among them, G.I. Joe was the exception to that rule since they were under the government's jurisdiction who allowed them to kill. During their investigation, Snake Eyes had been targeted by the strange clan, who dispatched the squad of ninjas who were sent to capture him. While the Joes were aware of the situation, they could only spare Snake and his lover on the mission due to the fact that it was all hands on deck for the coming of the Phoenix. [2] Even then, Scarlett was needed back on Skyward Tower.

"This is far as I can go, Snake," she said. "Are you sure you'll be okay on your own?"

Her silent lover gave her a 'look' through his helmet.

"Right, sorry, dumb question," she replied. "I just worry about you is all."

She then gave the assassin a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I'll have Wild Bill get you a flight to Isla Sorna," Scarlett informed him. "Stay safe out there, okay?"

With a nod in understanding, Snake Eyes headed off, ready to face whoever was next to taste his blade.

Deep in the jungles of Isla Sorna, a lone figure slowly and carefully tread the dense foliage. He was dressed in a white kimono, wooden sandals, and straw hat. But the biggest feature the man had was a katana strapped to his belt. With this sword, the man used it to slay a great evil from a different time, one that kept this timeline from existing. But due to his travels through time, the man was made immortal. Through the ages, the samurai had tried to keep a low profile, only drawing his sword when absolutely necessary. But recently, the lone swordsman's solace had been disturbed when a squad of ninjas broke into his home to try to either capture or kill him. It was a mistake they didn't live long enough to regret.

As the last ninja laid dying on the ground, the samurai demanded that he tell him what his team's mission was. With his last few breaths, the ninja only told him that if he sought the truth, then he must go Isla Sorna to get them. So, he later bought his way onto a shipping boat that would be sailing close to the island. Once they were close enough, the samurai took a lifeboat and rowed the rest of the way to the place where dinosaurs roamed. He had heard about the beasts that roamed the island, but he hoped to avoid a confrontation with the creatures, knowing that they were innocent in all this, but he would defend himself if he needed to. The man walked so easily through the jungle. He kept his guard up, knowing that every step that he took could attract one of the island's predators.

Just then, the samurai heard the crack of a branch from somewhere deep in the jungle. Acting on instinct alone, the samurai reached for his sword, but he did not draw his blade from its sheath...yet. The immortal swordsman narrowed his eyes scanned his surroundings as he tried to find the source of the being who was trying to ambush him. The second he heard another branch crack, his line of vision shot upward to see a white-haired girl sitting crouched on a tree branch, looking down at him with a playful, yet vicious, look in her eye. The sight of a girl on this island was strange enough, but that was just the start of the oddity that was looking down at the samurai.

The girl was dressed in only a sports bra and underwear, but she was far from human. Her muscled body had tuffs of thick black hair on her arms and legs with ears atop her head. Long claws and razor-sharp teeth glistened in the light that shown down from the skies above. The Samurai put his hand on his sword's sheath, ready to draw his blade in case this creature tried anything.

"Who are you?" he called up to the creature.

"Name's Hitomi," the girl answered. "And you're my lunch."

They were all on the island now, he could sense it.

It cost him several faithful warriors, but it was worth it to bring together the ones he required for the fill the cauldron with their blood. He had waited ages for this, but thanks to the fortune he had amassed and the former ninjas who had abandoned their various clans, priests form lost cults, and others, he had restarted the Order of The Dragon. He could've filled the ranks with his own warriors, but he knew that he'd get the vampire's attention better this way. There were others that he would've preferred for the cauldron, but he was unable to find them. Not that it would matter, for now with the coming with the Phoenix distracting the Infinity League, [2] the seven warriors he had brought to Isla Sorna would be on their own. And with the woman he had captured, he was another step closer to completing the ritual with her blood that he would soon spill.

And once he gained all of their blood, he, Chase Young, master of the Order of The Dragon, would rule the universe.

[1] - InGen's buyout had been explained in detail in part 11 of The New Frontier

[2] - As seen in The Dark Phoenix