Alright, well this is just a plot line that popped into my head, so I decided to write it down. Now bear in mind, I still have not played Mass Effect: Andromeda and my info about it isn't spectacular, so if I get any details wrong I can only apologize.

With that said, you just don't see too many Mass Effect: Andromeda crossovers, which I think is a shame. From what I've seen, the game's story is decent, and there are a number of plot elements you could work on with it. But let's dive right in and we'll see what I mean, shall we?

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On a distant planet during the Empire's height, off most known star maps, there sat a simple dilapidated temple of Rakata origin. Now though, a ship had landed nearby as the vessel's occupant made her way inside.

Ahsoka Tano wandered through the halls of these ancient ruins, feeling the power of the Force imbued in these walls. And on the walls themselves were pictograms and images, of species and structures she had never seen before.

Squid-like images, massive tuning fork shaped structures, tentacled monsters, so many things she couldn't put a name to, and yet the familiar images of humans were still there. All of this spoke to some significant events, but whether this was something from the past or something in the future was unclear.

She couldn't explain how, but the Force had called her to this place unlike anything she had ever felt before. And yet, she still didn't know why. There was something here, something important that needed to be done, but no idea what it actually was.

As she emerged into what had to be the central chamber, she saw what seemed to be the heart of this place: it was some sort of strange monolith on top of a stone pyramid, looking like one of those tuning forks with circular rings surrounding a core of blue energy, just like what she had seen in those pictograms on the walls.

Above the tuning fork was a quartet of glowing trapezoidal silver metal pillars, with glowing green lines on each of them. They were slowly spinning over the tuning fork in a slow orbiting pattern.

"What is all this?" The former Jedi murmured to herself, looking over everything.

The pyramid had some elements of Sith design, but it seemed to have been made by someone or something else entirely. And though she was no archaeologist, she could almost swear that more than one species had been involved in creating this place.

There was some sort of power here, that much was obvious considering it had called out to her through the Force. But what she was looking at now was genuinely mystifying. And more practically, she couldn't be sure that she was the only one who found this...

The cold presence of the Dark Side was her first warning that she wasn't alone. The loud mechanical breathing and the heavy footsteps were her second warning, revealing just who it was. Ahsoka didn't turn around, only closing her eyes in resignation.

"Hello, Ahsoka." The snap-hiss of an igniting lightsaber punctuated that statement.

"Hello, Master." Her eyes opened as she turned to the black armored Sith Lord standing there.

She pulled her hilts from her hips and ignited the blades before her opponent was upon her. She caught his red blade in an X-formation, before kicking him in the chest and backflipping away to get some distance. Surprisingly, her opponent didn't immediately pursue.

"It didn't have to be this way, Ahsoka." Her opponent said.

"You're right. It didn't." Ahsoka moved her blades in a defensive position. "What would Padme think of you now?" The words incited rage as the dark shadow moved in.

Ahsoka was outmatched and she knew it. Darth Vader stood over her, his red lightsaber clashing with her white blades as she was pushed back. How he had found her in this ancient Force temple, Ahsoka still wasn't sure how, but she knew she was no match for her former Master.

Nevertheless, she fought on, holding off Vader as best as she could. But the Sith Lord was ruthless and soon she found herself beginning to tire. It didn't help that no matter how much evil this man had committed, Ahsoka's heart just wasn't in this fight. She still saw him as her Master and friend, something Vader was quick to capitalize on.

A powerful Force push threw her against the pyramid wall, knocking the breath from her lungs. Unseen to her or Vader, one of the glyphs on the pyramid began glowing red. The machines all activated at once, drawing the eyes of Jedi and Sith alike.

A bolt of lightning lanced out from the blue core and struck Ahsoka, which lifted her into the air against her will and out of her former Master's reach. Vader threw his lightsaber at her, but the energy abruptly hurled her between the four pillars which were emitting a bright green light, causing the saber to strike the pyramid instead.

The Sith Lord recalled the lightsaber hilt to his hand, mask lenses trying to spot Ahsoka when he realized his blade had caused some damage to the pyramid. The glow of red energy sparking was the the big clue that it wasn't just made of stone.

Vader conjured a Force barrier around himself just as the pyramid exploded, taking the tuning fork and the pillars with it and setting off a chain reaction. The ruins crumbled around him, taking it's secrets with it, but otherwise the Sith endured, as he always had.

When the dust settled and the light disappeared, the only thing that could be heard was the rasping breathing of Vader's respirator. As the Sith Lord looked around and stretched out with the Force, he found that there was no sign of Ahsoka Tano.


In a galaxy far, far away, a rift opened above the surface of Aya for a brief second before it vanished. The anomaly was still enough to cause the native Angara to take note of the sudden energy spike.

Fearing an attack or some other form of infiltration, the Resistance immediately deployed shuttles full of soldiers to investigate the disturbance. The energy was gone when they arrived, but to the surprise of the warriors, instead of Kett or Scourge signatures, they found an unknown alien lying unconscious near the impact site.

It seemed to be female, judging by the appearance, and could maybe have passed for an angara at a distance. But a closer glance revealed all the little details that differentiated this woman from an angara.

"What do we do with her?" One of the angara asked, looking over the form of the unconscious alien.

"I suggest we kill her." One female soldier replied. "For all we know, she's another Kett."

"She certainly doesn't look like one." Jaal Ama Darav countered, picking up one of the strange metal cylinders that had landed near her. "And this is definitely not Kett technology."

"Remnant, perhaps?" A snap-hiss appeared as Jaal hit a button on the cylinder, creating a white shaft of energy. All eyes were drawn towards it, then to the alien as she began to stir.

"I don't think this is Remnant either." Shutting down the blade, Jaal quickly made up his mind. "Bring her back to Headquarters with us. We cannot act until we know more about her."

And so concludes the first chapter of this latest story. Got the setup for the story going and the next chapter is going to start with Ahsoka learning more about the angara as she slowly uncovers her predicament.

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