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Summary: The new interns find out Derek and Meredith are married. Takes place between S8 Finale and 9.01


"Okay, Zola which cereal should we get for you today huh?" Meredith held up two different boxes of cereal for Zola to choose from.

"Dat one Mama!" Zola pointed to the box of Cheerios Meredith held in her left hand.

"Cheerios? Good choice. Alright then, that's sorted so now let's go find Daddy! I'm pretty sure he went to the meat section"

Meredith put the box of cereal in the cart and set off in search of her husband.

On the other side of the supermarket Derek was looking at the chickens wondering which one he should get when he heard a voice call his name. Turning his attention away from the chickens he found himself face to face with Ross - one of the new interns this year.

"Ross, nice to see you. How are you today?" Derek asked.
"I'm good sir, just here to grab a few things. I saw you standing here and thought I should come say hello - so hello"

Nodding Derek turned back to the chickens and picked one up before facing the intern again.

"Have a rare day off, do we today Ross?"

"I just finished a 24 hour, back again tomorrow morning. Are you here by yourself?"

Shaking his head at Ross slightly, Derek started "No, I'm actually here with my wife and our daughter"

The intern's eyes widened slightly at this new information, he had no idea Doctor Shepherd was married - and he suspected none of the other interns did either.

"Oh, I didn't realise you were married"

"Well now you know, excuse me one second - Meredith! Over here" Derek had spotted his wife looking around for him, so he called out for her.

Smiling at her husband, Meredith waved at him before heading over to join him.

"Hey! I was looking for you everywhere, man this place is huge" Meredith greeted him with a quick kiss on the cheek before turning to face whoever her husband had been talking to before he called her over.
Coming face to face with one the interns that pissed her off the most Meredith raised an eyebrow at him before giving him a greeting of her own.

"Ross, surprised to see you here this morning"

"I just came off a 24 hour shift, so I thought I'd come and grab some things before I went home"

Ross just stood there with a semi-blank look on his face.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing, Doctor Shepherd was married to Doctor Grey - he couldn't help but wonder what he saw in her, the woman was seriously scary. But he supposed she had to have some redeeming qualities after seeing the way she greeted her husband.
"Is this your daughter?" He said pointing to the little girl seated in the shopping cart.

The pair looked down at Zola for a brief moment before Derek spoke up - "Yes, this is our daughter Zola. Zola, can you wave to Ross?"

The toddler smiled and waved her chubby little hand at Ross.

"She's very cute, how old is she?"

"She is very cute, she just turned one a few months ago" Derek replied.

Looking at her watch, Meredith realised the time - 10:45am. They still had to finish the groceries and get home so Zola could eat some lunch and take her nap.
"It's getting a bit late Derek, we should get going so we get Zola home in time"
Nodding his head, Derek bid the intern goodbye before turning the cart and walking off with his wife in tow.


The Next Day

It was just before 7am and the interns were in the locker room getting ready for rounds.
"So I ran into Dr Shepherd in whole foods yesterday morning - did you guys know he's married?" Ross asked.

There was a chorus of 'no's and no idea's' among the interns.

"Me either, so I found out that not only is he married - but he's married to Dr Grey! And they have a kid together"

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to face Ross.
"Are you sure Shepherd's married to Medusa? I mean he's one of the nicest attendings in this hospital. He couldn't be married to someone like her can he?" Stephanie asked.

The others nodded in agreement before Ross spoke again "It's true! I saw them together with their daughter. She mustn't be all that bad, I mean when she came up to him she had this big smile on her face. So she clearly loves him"

At this point everyone had turned back to their task of getting ready.

"We should probably head out and wait for our resident. Also that's weird, I didn't even know Medusa smiled" Jo said to the group.


As the interns filed out to wait on their resident for rounds they spotted Meredith leaning against the nurses station filling out some charts.


Everyone in the vicinity turned their attention towards the noise, spotting the little dark haired girl running towards Meredith.

Bending down to catch her daughter who was running at her as fast as her little legs would allow, Meredith closed her arms around the girl and stood up with her.

"Hi Mama!"

"Good morning Zozo. I missed you this morning" Meredith said as she hugged her daughter close and dropped a kiss on her head.

"Me miss you"

"Oh you missed me too? I'm so happy to hear that"

Zola just smiled at her mother.

"Oh there you are! I see Zola spotted you first" Derek said, coming to stand in front of Meredith.

"She sure did" Meredith leant up to kiss her husband good morning, not caring about the people around them. "Good morning, what are you guys doing here so early?"

"Well Zola woke up about an hour after you left and wouldn't go back to sleep. She was missing you this morning so I thought we'd pick up some breakfast for us all and we can eat together. You don't have surgery again till 9am do you?"
Meredith had been paged in at 4:30am that morning for an emergency surgery. She'd reluctantly peeled herself out of bed and got ready before kissing Derek and Zola goodbye and leaving the house as quietly as she could.

Meredith shook her head no.

"Great, well then let's go shall we?" Derek put his arm around Meredith, dropped another quick kiss to her lips and led her and Zola off to go eat the food they picked up.

Meanwhile the interns had watched the scene that had just happened in front of them. As much as they didn't want Ross to be right, he was right. It was clear as day that Dr Grey & Dr Shepherd were married.
It was also clear to them that Medusa Grey did seem to have a soft side to her. If her interactions with her daughter and husband were anything to go by.

"I told you guys that they were married. Believe me now?" Ross said.

Nods and 'yes' were given out to him.

"Who would have thought that Medusa and Dr Shepherd would be a couple. I've always thought she was just plain mean to everyone. But I think she just hates us" Jo said as a passing thought.

At that moment the group's resident appeared in front of them ready to take them on rounds.

As they walked around the hospital on rounds they happened to walk past one of the waiting area's; where Derek & Meredith sat eating breakfast with Zola.
Zola on Meredith's lap being fed bites of egg and pancake in between her mom eating her own food.

They really did make a cute family.


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