It was a warm summers' morning. The birds were singing their love, the cool breeze was slightly russeling the rich green leaves atop the trees that surrounded the lush land scape. The cloudless sky was painting a brillant blue, mocking the ocean as the sun shone down atop the Son residence. The beauty of the morning gave a deceitful impression that all was right with the world, when in fact it was not. At least not to those who knew of the androids arrival in just three years. Chichi was standing at the stove preparing a feast of a breakfast for her two sleeping saiyans. She fixed some of Goku's favorite foods that consisted of sausages, pancakes, bacon, omletts, grits, french toast, fried eggs, ham and orange juice.

"Phew", she exclaimed as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Now, time to call those sleepy heads to breakfast. Goku! Gohan! Breakfast is ready!". No response. "Goku! Gohan! Your breakfast is getting cold!" Still no response. Frustrated, Chichi stormed up the stairs in a huff. "Honestly, all the trouble I go through cooking enough food to feed an army just to feed those two and they don't even has the curtisy to come and eat when I call them!", she complained to herself. Storming into Gohan's room, she yanked the covers off of him while simultaneously yelling, "GET UP NOW YOUNG MAN!", causing poor Gohan to abruptly jump up, almost leaping out of his bed. "AAHHH! Mom what's wrong! What's happening!", he screamed, still somewhat disoriented from being ripped out of his sleep. " Your breakfast that I slaved over since before sun up is getting cold on the table! That's what's wrong!", she yelled. "Oh. Sorry mom. I didn't hear you. Me and dad got back reallylate from training and we were exhausted. I guess that's why I over slept this morning", he responded somewhat nervously. He knew his mother didn't approve of him training, so he was a little reluctant in having to tell his mother why he was being lazy that morning. "Training! Everythig is always about training! Did you even get that math assignment done in between your training?!". She spat the word out bitterly as if it were poison. "No", he responded in a small voice. His eyes were cast down on the crumpled blanket that now lay on the floor that once resyed on his bed a few minutes prior. "What do you mean NO! You know the deal Gohan! I only agreed to let you train if you continued your studies along with it!". "I know mom. I promise I'll do it today like dad said I could..oops". He quickly put a hand over his mouth. He didn't mean to let that last part slip out. His mom and dad often fought over how long and often he should study and he didn't want to cause another argument between his parents. "So your father let you skip out on finishing your school work, huh?!", chichi stated, more than she asked. "That's right, he did", Goku stated leaning against the doorway of his son's bedroom. He had been standing there since Chichi ripped the covers off of Gohan, but she had been to furious to notice him.

"We had a deal Goku", she said trying to calm her temper. "Yes, sweetie, I know that, but I was teaching Gohan a new technique and we didn't notice how late it was getting and..." "No!", she yelled. Cutting off Goku in mid-sentence. "Gohan was suppose to study ALONG with training. Not just once in a bluemoon whenever you feel like letting him!" "That's not my intentions Chichi and you know it!", he exclaimed, beginning to lose his temper. "I agree that Gohan should study but his training is more important right now! We have to prpare forthe androids coming in three years or there will be no point in Gohanever studying againbecause the world will be destroyed! No More! GONE! Why can't you understand that Chichi?! It's common sense!". Goku yelled, frustrated with his wife, for the thousandth time, and her obsession with their son studying non-stop. Chichi was some what taking back by Goku's outburst. Sure they'd had this argument before but Goku never spoke to her so harshly. Tears began to form in her eyes as she stared at Goku in somewhat disbelief. Gohan was looking back and forth between his parents with a sad look plastered on his little face. He hated it when his parents fought. Goku sighed, seeing the look on his wife's face. "Look...I'm sorry I yelled like that Chichi. It's just that I need you to understandhow important itis for me and Gohan to train right now". She dropped her eyes to the floor in attempt to hide the hurt in her eyes from her husbands verbal lashing. Goku placed his forefinger under her chin and gently lifted her face so that she would look at him. "I'm only trying to protect our future together. Do you understand what I'm saying Chichi?", he asked her softly while slipping his other arm around her tiny waist. "I guess", she said with a sigh, not wanting to argue anymore, even though she was still upset about the whole situation in general. "Good". He said and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Mmmm...something sure smells good! I'm starving!", he exclaimed, his nose now able to smell the food since the issue, he thought, had finally been resolved. "Yeah, me to!", Gohan echoed, also glad that the tension in the air had been lifted. Goku and Gohan quickly made their exit downstairs so that they could stuff their faces while a still somewhat pissed Chichi followed quietly after.

"Wow Chichi! That was great! You really out done yourself!", Goku exclaimed as he patted his full stomach. "Thanks", Chichi said with a small smile, not as upset as she was a few minutes ago. "Well Gohan, we better gt going. Piccolo is waiting for us". "Right", Gohansaid happily as he hopped out of his chair. "Hold on! What about that math assingment young man?!", Chichi exclaimed, stopping Gohan in mid- stride on his way out the door. "Uh...well",he studdered nervously. "Dad?", he finally said, looking to his father to help him. "He'll finish his homework when we're done training for the day. I promise", Goku said in a soothing voice trying to calm his wife's rising temper. "No, he'll do it right now because he should've done it yesterday!", she shouted. "Chichi we just went through this, lets not do it again, please!", Goku said, becoming frustrated again. "That's right! We just said that he would be studying with traing and there's no time like the present! His studies have taken a back seat long enough! And besides, there's more to be done around here like cleaning the house, fire wood needs to be chopped, dishes need to be washed, the grass needs to be cut and Goku you still haven't got your drivers lincense yet!", she ranted all in one breath. "But Chichi we need to train and..." "But nothing! I don't want to hear another word Goku! It's about time you start pulling your weight around here mister instead of just freeloading all the time!". "Hey!, I do pull my weightaround here!", Goku yelled as he began to walk towards his wife, stopping only a few feet in front of her. "And how can you call me a freeloader?! I'm your husband!". "Ha! My husband! There's a laugh!You don't even support your own family. If it wasn't for the monthly allowance that my dad gives us, we wouldn't even have food on the table! So what kind of husband depends on another man to take care of his own family?!" Her words stung. They stung Goku so deeply that he could feel the tears stinging at the back of his eyes. But unfortunately Chichi wasn't done with him yet. "A husband Goku has a job. You know a J-O-B! Someone whowho goes to work in the morning and comes home at night to support his family! Not run off every time he has a chance to fight!" "You know damn well why I fight! I do it to protect my family and friends! I do it for YOU Chichi, and that's a hell of a lot more than any J-O-B could ever do! And you know fully well why I can't work!", he screamed, hurt and angered by her harsh and uncaring words. "Oh. That's right. How silly of me to forget! You can't get a job because no one is going to hire someone who doesn't even have an elementary school education! But instead of you getting at least a G.E.D, like I told you to before, you quick after the first week of classes! No wonder you don't care if our son studies or not, you don't even care about educationg yourself!", she yelled at the top of her lungs. "And what was the reason why I couldn't finish those classes Chichi?! Huh?!", Goku exclaimed. "ANSWER ME !", he yelled when she didn't respond. "Because you grew bored with it just like you do with everything else that has some actual importance", she said matter-of-factly, in a fake, bored voice just to add insult to her words. "You know that's a lie Chichi. I quit because Radditz came terrorising everyone! He kidnapped our son!YOUR son! I died protecting him! Protecting you!". Tears began to form in his eyes and his voice began to crack as he ranted. "That was three years ago Goku! Why haven't you done anything since then?! Huh?!, she heatedly responded. "Oh, I don't know. Let's see, shall we? First, after I was KILLED by Piccolo I was sent to King Kai's planet to train for Vegeta and Nappa's arrival, second after barely defeating Vegeta, I had to recoporate in the hospital for weeks, next I had to leave for planet Namek to wish my friends back to life who were killed in battle, then I had to battle it out for the 'fate of the universe' with Frieza, finally I just barely escape from planet Namek only to land on Yardrat and be stuck there for over a year waiting for my ship to be repaired just so I could come back home to my family!", Goku yelled. Gohan stood in the corner of the kitchen near the door, silently watching the whole thing unfold. He had never seen his parents this heated at each other and it frightend him. He wished that he could disappear into the corner he was standing in but instead he slipped out the door closing it quietly behind him.

" Now, since you've given me your definition of what a husband is, let me give you my definition of a wife.", he said in a low raspy voice as he took a step closer to his wife. Chichi's eyes grew narrow as she waited and could only imagine what goku was about to say. "A wife is someone who appriciates what lengths her husband is willing to go to in order to save her and their sons' lives! A wife is a woman who doesn't constantly complain about everything under the sun from morning til night! A wife doesn't put her husband down because of the things he can't do but loves him because of the things that he can!". By this time a few tears had escaped from Goku's eyes and he continued getting what he had wanted to tell her for years off his chest. "A wife wouldn't deny her husband in bed night after night because she's throwing a temper tamtrum because her husband has to train so that he can keep her safe! I haven't even been home a full two weeks and the type of wife that I have to deal with is one whose constant complaining and Bitching is going to drive her son and husband away permantly!"


Chichi slapped Goku with all the strength she could muster, which wasn't much of anything compared to what Goku could handle. The slap didn't hurt Goku physically, but emotionally. "How dare you talk to me that way.", she said in a low serious voice. Goku stood there, holding the cheek she just slapped. The look of shock on his face was soon replaced with a mask of hurt and anger. Without a saying another single word, he turned his back on her and began to walk to the door. "Where do you think your going Goku?! I wasn't finished!", she yelled to his retreating form. "I am", he said quietly and walked out the door, slamming it so hard that the windows shook and a few family portraites hanging on the wall, fell with a violent crash! "Daddy, where are you going?!", Gohan asked his father as he began levitating in the air. "Don't worry, Gohan, I"ll be back. I just need sometime to cool off", he told his little boy. Goku tried to reasure him by mustering up a small smile before taking off. Gohan simply nodded his head in response, tears beginning to fall from his eyes, and he watched his father fly away out of sight, with Chichi standing right behind him.