Chapter 3: The Final Straw

A/N: ** Goku's thoughts** #Vivica's thoughts# ^^Gohan's thoughts^^ ~~Chichi's thoughts~~

Chichi stared up at the sky until she could no longer see Goku. Gohan stood there as well, feeling helpless because he knew there was nothing he could do to make things right. "How dare he just fly off like that!", she said to herself, although Gohan heard every word she said. "Well if he thinks he can just come in and out of this house whenever he damn well pleases, he has another thing coming!" Gohan's eyes widened at her last statement. ^^What does she mean? Daddy said he would be back. Did she mean she wouldn't let him come back!^^ This scared Gohan to tears but his mother was to wrapped in her thoughts to notice the tears in her son's eyes.

"Oh, just wait until he gets back here! I'm gonna..", she stopped in mid-sentence when she heard a soft sob at her side. She looked down into Gohan's innocent eyes. She could see the fear and questions of uncertainty in them. She felt a strong tug at her heart seeing her little boy that way. "Oh Gohan," she said softly as she picked him up and held him. She kicked herself for letting her son see she and Goku's argument. Whenever they fought, they always tried to do it away from Gohan. Usually they would go in their bedroom and shut the door, although there have been many nights when Gohan could still hear them from his bedroom and cried. "Mommy, are you... going to... let... Daddy... come back?", he asked between hiccups. "Of course I am sweetie, that's not what Mommy meant", she said in a soothing voice as she gently stroked his back She sighed as she continued. "Just because Daddy and I had a fight doesn't mean that I'd kick him out, OK?", she said in attempt to ease his fears. "OK", he whispered sleepily. He had been so upset, seeing his parents arguing, that it drained him. Chichi noticed this and decided that his homework wait, at least a little while longer, and decided to put him in bed to rest. Gohan was asleep before they even made it up the stairs.

Chichi quietly closed Gohan's bedroom door and went back down into the kitchen to clean the dishes. As she stood there, with her hands in the soapy water, she thought everything away. ~~Bitching and complaining! How dare he say something like that to me! I only complain when he doesn't do what he should, which is all the time! Honestly! All the pain and torment I go through putting up with him! He's constantly leaving me to fight! Sure he's saved the world but there are times when he can put training aside to take care of his responsibilities, Like His Son! I've been raising Gohan practically all by myself the past three years! And when he does finally decide to come home, he completely undermines me and changes the way that I've been raising him, and has Gohan do as he wants him to, which is nothing more than rough housing! The nerve of him! Sometimes it seems like I have two little boys instead of one! And then he has the audacity to complain about me holding out on him in bed?! Well what does he expect! He's denied me practically our whole marriage! Always running off to fight, the way he left the hospital after he fought Vegeta! He didn't even say good-bye to me! He just took off to another planet as if he was just going around the corner! And then when it was time to wish everyone back home, he didn't even want to come back. I was so hurt and humiliated! Sure he explained about his ship being broken but that was no excuse! He could've allowed the dragon to send him home but, OH NO! HE HAD TO STAY SO THAT HE COULD LEARN A NEW TECHNIQUE! TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING! That's all he cares about. And then complains when he isn't getting any! Ha! Well to bad because two can play that game! If he wants to keep denying me, then I'll keep denying him!


Goku and Vivica were kissing passionately. **Goku, what are you doing? This is wrong** #Vivica your kissing a married man! Stop this!# Their minds told them to stop, but their bodies wouldn't listen. She felt so good to Goku as she pressed her full breasts against his rock hard chest. He wanted to rip her dress off and have sex right then and there. It had been so long since he had been inside a woman. It took all of his willpower to pull away. Breathing heavily, they looked into each others eyes, neither one them knowing what to say. "I have to go," Goku whispered, even though the lust in his eyes was saying otherwise. "Stay," she whispered back in a shaky breath. She knew it was wrong to have an affair with a married man but she didn't care. She wanted him. And who ever his wife was didn't deserve him if he had to seek fulfillment elsewhere. **Don't do this Goku. You can make your marriage work. Just get up and go home** But he didn't move at first. He wanted to stay there with her but he knew it would be wrong. Besides he was at Capsule Corp. and didn't want Bulma or one of his other friends to come out and catch him. He had to move away from her.

As they stood up together, they were still looking into each other eyes. #Damn I want him him# "I'm sorry Vivica but I can't," he said in low whisper. "I understand," she breathed back but still wasn't ready to throw in the towel. "Before you go," she said while digging into her purse, "let me give you this." She handed him her business card that had her home phone number on it. She scribbled down home address on the back for good measure. Goku took the card and then looked back up at her. "Just in case you ever change your mind", she said before turning around and walking back into the house. Goku watched her disappear back into the house and then turned around and headed for home. Vivica watched him take off from the living room window and hoped that she would see him again.

After cleaning the kitchen, Chichi began to prepare supper. She knew that Gohan would be awake soon and that he would be hungry, not to mention a certain saiyan would probably make his grand entrance when it was time to eat like he always did. She let out a heavy sigh. "Typical Goku," she thought to herself. As she was chopping vegetables, she heard the kitchen door open. To her surprise see saw Goku. She wasn't expecting him to come back so soon. Dinner wasn't even ready. They stared at each other for a few moments before Goku broke the silence. "Hey", he said in a low voice. "Hi", she whispered back. Not really knowing what to say, he walked up to her and put his arms around her.

He looked into her eyes for a moment before he leaned down to kiss her. But just before his lips touched hers she said,"Is that suppose to make everything better?" Goku looked at her disbelief. He couldn't believe that she still wanted to fight. "Chichi, I don't know what to do to make things better between us, but I want try. I want to get things back to the way they were before. When we were so in love with each other", he pleaded, still holding her in his arms. Chichi's eyes widened and she pushed him away. "So your saying your not in love with me anymore!" "I didn't sat that! I love you and you know it! It just seems like were drifting apart. I don't want to lose you Chichi. I want our marriage to work! But ever time I try to get near you, you push me away!" "Well maybe if you weren't gone all the time and actually stayed home with me I wouldn't push you away!" "Here we go again!," he said throwing his hands in the air in frustration. " We already went through this Chichi! Let's not do it again! I'm tired of having this argument!", he yelled. "Well I'm tired to you know Goku! I don't want to argue either, but I don't know what else to do to get through to you! I need more from you! Your not giving me enough!" "What do you want from me!" "To be an adult for one! Life is not just an intermission between kung-fu matches! Help me raise our son in a civilized manner! Not encouraging him to behave like a barbarian by having him fight all the time!" by now Gohan was awake. He stood on the stairs and watched his parents duke it out again. "Barbarian?! So is that what you think of me!", Goku exclaimed highly offended. "Gohan is a saiyan, no matter how badly you want to ignore that! It's in his blood to want to fight just like its in mine!" "Well this is earth Goku! And as you know Gohan isn't going to make it in this world by fighting. He needs an education!" "He can do both Chichi and you know it! You just want to find a way to keep him from fighting at all! Well face facts Chichi! Gohan isn't a normal human boy just like I'm not a human man! These are the things that come along with mating with a Saiyan! You knew that before we got married, and if you couldn't handle that should've told me before you said, 'I Do'!" "Yes. I should have," she said in a cold tone. She really didn't mean it, but she was so pissed at the moment that she didn't care. Goku couldn't believe it. Chichi just told him that she wished she never married him. **Did she really mean that?** Those words cut through his heart like a hot knife. He had to hold onto his chest and take deep breaths to subside the pain. That was the final straw. He turned around slowly and made his way back to the door. As he opened it, Gohan ran to him crying. "Please don't go Daddy!", his little boy begged him as he threw his arms around his waist. Goku looked up at Chichi, who had look of regret on her face but her pride keeping her from apologizing, then looked back down at his son. He kneeled down to be eye level with him and wiped his tears. "Don't cry Gohan, please. Daddy and mommy just need a little time apart. I still love you and you'll still see me. I promise," he said trying to comfort him. "Will I see you tomorrow?" "No, but really soon. I promise. After all, we still have training to do, right?", he said trying sound cheerful and threw a playful punch at his arm. Gohan smiled a little and replied,"right". He to trying to sound cheerful though not really succeeding. Goku kissed him on the forehead, gave on last look to his wife and left. As he flew he grabbed something out of his pocket a looked at it thoughtfully. It was the card that Vivica had given him. A small smile spread across his face as he thought back to how they had kissed. Without wasting any time, he took off top speed towards her apartment.

Vivica left Capsule Corp. shortly after Goku did. She was now laying on her couch thinking about their kiss. She sighed as she touched her lips wishing that he was there, laying next to her. She heard a knock at her door. Slowly she got off the couch and made her way to the door. "Goku!", she exclaimed in surprise. "Does your offer still stand?", he asked her with an expression on his face she couldn't really read. Without saying a single word she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He wrapped his arms around her and pushed his into the apartment, closing the door behind him with his foot. Finally, he was going to have a women withering beneath. Saiyan males had very large sexual appetites. When he and Chichi were making love it was only around twice a week, which wasn't nearly enough for him. He would prefer twice a day! But Chichi wouldn't here of it and said that twice a week was what the average, normal married couple did. And that 'You can't spend your whole life in bed Goku! There is more to life than sex like work and...'. He could hear her words echoing in his head but quickly pushed them aside. He was going to enjoy himself with this woman. A small part of him felt guilty about what he was doing. But he needed this. He needed release!

They made their way to the bedroom, kissing the whole way. "I want you so bad", she said against his mouth. Goku reached around her back and unzipped her dress. He turned her around and pushed her dress down off her hips. He was very pleased to see that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Goku's breath quickened with excitement.

They got right down to business. Goku grabbed her roughly by the back of her head and began to kiss her passionately. They made their way over to the bed and Goku climbed on top of her. He sat up long enough to remove his shirt and pants before he re-joined her on the bed again. He began to kiss her neck and nibbled at her ear. He kissed his way down to the tops of her breasts and in between them. Vivica arched her back in response to the pleasure he was giving her. she dug her hands in his unruly locks as he began to suckle her rosy nipples. A small moan escaped her lips as his continued down her body, leaving a trail of passionate kisses behind. When he reached the tops of her thighs, he kissed them as he brought both hands around each side of her legs and spread them apart; revealing her awaiting womanhood.

He gently began to lick and tease her most sensitive spot with his moist tongue. Her back arched and she moaned "Goku," as she gripped his hair with both of her small hands. He continued his sweet assault on her body until she couldn't take anymore. "Please, Goku. Oh! Goku!" she began to plead over and over again. Wanting him to stop torturing her and take her. He gladly gave in to her wishes and climbed back on top of her. He positioned his already aroused manhood at her entrance. In one fluid motion, their two bodies became one. Goku began moving his hips up and down as pleasure overwhelmed them. It had been so long; too long; since he was inside of a woman. Vivica's senses became flooded with sensations that her new lover was giving her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tight, whimpering and moaning his name in his ear as he expressed his pleasure in grunts and moans.

Soon their movements became frantic as they both began to near their climax. Then, all of a sudden, "Oohhh!," they both cried in unison. Their yells of pleasure could be heard all over the apartment. Goku's movements became wild and animalistic as they spilled into each other. The steady thumping of the headboard slamming into the wall echoed throughout the hall ways and the mattress began to squeak and whine in protest from the beating it was receiving.

Soon all noises stopped. All that was heard was the heavy breathing of the two lovers. Goku rolled onto his side and brought Vivica with him. He looked into her deep, black eyes and smiled. She returned the smile and laid on his chest. He pulled the blanket over their naked forms and wrapped his strong arms around her. He sighed in contempt as they both fell into a peaceful sleep.