Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Chapter One: In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was only one, a single black infinitude. Then the infinitude found release, and finally, the darkness broke, filling it with life.

With the Multiverse.

Every existence multiplied by possibility and spread out before space and time in infinite measure. Civilizations rose and fell, and rose again to cross realities grasping expanse. Life, a precious gift, persevering in the face of every obstacle, until finally, the age of heroes was born. Chaos, the constant enemy of life, kept at bay by champions from across the Multiverse. Joining forces to fight on behalf of all creation, they found each other just in time. Because now, the entire Multiverse is about to come under attack. There is a malevolent force at work, one driven by a singular goal.

I have planned. There are those who say I have schemed. But the time for preparation has passed. The Crisis is now upon us all.



The dark Gotham sky suddenly turns crimson; the Bat-signal shone in the darkness, a beacon of hope for the city during the darkest times.

A man sitting on a bench lowers his newspaper, it told about the Batman capturing the Joker.

Alexander Knox looks from the newspaper and up into the sky, "I hope you're watching, big guy."



Patience Philips, the Catwoman, sat on the rooftop. The world was ending and she knew it. She closed her eyes as the wall of white passed over her.



Robin and Hawk stared dumbfound, the sky had turned red and a blinding wall of white rushing towards them.

The Titans would not be enough for this threat.



The Earth seemed to be frozen in the 1940s, and ace reporter Lois Lane held her camera steady as she marveled at the dazzling sight. She took picture after picture as she watched Superman, the man of tomorrow, rush towards a wave of white light.



Arthur swam in the water, he hoped coming here would result in some answers but he was wrong. All the sea life was in a panic and now he understood why. He looked at the red sky as a wall of white started to tear the world apart before him.



Abigail Arcane sat by the swamp watching the red sky and the world unfold before her. A figure crawled out of the swamp and sat besides her and took her hand. If the world was to end they didn't have to go through it alone.



Adam strange looked on with horror.

"This isn't supposed to happen; this isn't supposed to happen,"

From his hiding spot, he watched as Kryptonias fled in terror. He had come to make sure Krypton followed its destiny, and Superman came to be. Now, something that he had no records for was happening. A wall of white was clearing out the planet after it destroyed the star.

Adam could only stare as the wall moved toward him. He had tried to Zeta Beam out, but it wasn't working.

Maybe the future was gone too.



John Irons didn't think he'd be donning this suit again. Maybe he hoped he didn't have to.

"Sparky? You hear me?" He spoke into the comms in his helmet.

"Yeah" Static blared, "Barely, what do you see?"

"A whole lot of trouble." Steel told her.

He picked up his hammer and got on his motorcycle and rushed forwards. He couldn't understand why the sky had turned red but he did know the city needed someone.



Van Wayne got up in front of his employees, "Come on, guys, we need a new idea. That umbrella idea was scrapped after the Penguin stole the prototype to rob a bank. Come on; there are no wrong ideas."

Nearby Emily raised a hand, "I think we should evacuate the building."

Van looked out of the window to the red sky, "Huh, okay, if it gets worse, we can have a half-day. Now back to brainstorming."



Barry Allen put on his protective suit.

"Are you ready?" Victor called over through the comms.

"Yeah, you ready?"

They were at Star Lab; today, they were going to test some of his limits.

The Cyborg said yet again, "We are, trust me, we can track you."

"It's just-"

"I know Barry, we've accounted for everything." Cyborg mentally went over a whole list of things Barry thought going too fast might result in. "Run, Barry, run."

The red speedster lowered his head and got into a running stance. He shot off with lightning crackling behind him. Barry pressed on; he suddenly felt a strange sensation, and for a second, Barry felt speed flow into him, and he ran faster and faster, for a second he saw his lightning turn red.

He was gone.

"Barry?" Victor called his system was picking something, "Anti-Matter?" Then the entire lab began to yell, and every system began to scream. The Mother Box in his body screamed, detecting danger to a brand new level of threat.



The city was in turmoil as wall fo white energy rushed through erasing everything it touched.

Themyscira Industries was providing everyone who could make it shelter.

Wonder Woman rushed down the streets. She jumped onto an abandoned car. Her blue pants and red and gold top made her stand out in the desolate street. She paused as the street was suddenly filled with white light.



From out of the Louisiana swamp rose Swamp Thing, he sensed it, the Green, the Earth was crying out in pain. It was giving its death throes.

The sky was raining harshly, but as he looked up through the clouds, he saw red. The world trembled against something.

The swamp started to vanish as a wall of white energy rushed forwards.


A glowing man watched as a massive wall of white energy tore the Earth apart. He showed no emotion on his face.

At first he had been surprised, he saw time differently and never before had he seen these events unfold. Now, that was the only future that he saw. It only took moments for the wave of Antimatter bridge the distance between Earth and Mars. There was no fighting it, in time there would be nothing left.

He sat down on a stone, and with a flash of white a watch formed in his hand. The watch was a copy of one he held when he became more than human. When both hands hit 12 it would be over.

Soon the barren world was lit by the wave of white. A photo formed in his hand, of a young Jon Osterman and Janey Slater. He wasn't sure why he made it but as he was consumed by antimatter he realized it didn't matter.

Both hands struck twelve.



The JLA was doing what they could to protect the city. At first they thought it was the Weatherman's work but they were soon proven wrong. The weather was going out of control but Earthquakes and the disaster all over the world were way beyond him.

Green Lantern Guy Gardner was trying to hold off a wave of water rushing towards the city with an energy construct. Before he could touch it Tori, also known as Ice had frozen it solid.

But before they could celebrate a tidal of white light rush in.



Something was happening, the Doom Patrol had noticed, hell the whole world probably saw it. Danny noticed it, the sentient street pulled them away from their home and took the Doom Patrol in themselves. The entire freaking sky was turning red.

Flex had taken the Chief's daughter and the other citizen of the street into a shelter.

Now on a barren street as the wind ran wild and the sky turned crimson the Chief and the Doom Patrol watched.

Chief asked, "Have you picked up on anything, Victor?"

Cyborg was tapping on his eyepiece, "No, yes, my system is bugging out. I'm picking up signals from everywhere. The Justice League-"

"Ah, what about the Justice League?" Larry, the Negative Man, asked.

"I-I think they're dead-" Victor stuttered, "A video, a video got broadcasted, they were trying to evacuate the area in the way of this energy wall. They didn't get out in time, it hit them, and they all dissolved. Then the camera cut off as it got hit."

"Dad!" Victor yelled out, "He sent me a message, and it's gone. The signal is gone."

"Chief?" Cliff, the Robotman asked.

"What the hell is happening?" Jane asked

"Please tell us you know something." Rita Farr, Elasti-Girl, and former Hollywood Starlet spoke up, desperation entering her voice.

The Chief in his wheelchair thought, "I'm not sure, earlier this evening, I got a report of strange readings. Of antimatter in unprecedented levels-"

"Niles! Niles!" A familiar voice spoke up.

They turned to see a man half drunk walking towards them. "Only Half, I better hurry up, we are running out of time."

"Morden!" The Chief yelled. "Is this your doing?"

"No, I don't know if I should be flattered." Mister Nobody told them before taking another swig of his drink before offering few unopened bottles.

"Don't worry about it; I'll take it over from here. I clear my throat, the very handsome and drunk man proclaims. NO! No! This is not my doing. It is not even the Decreator! Though it would be proud to have its name attached to this work. No, this is done by the hand of something far more powerful and far eviler than me. Normally, I would be hesitant to admit it, but I have no desire for destruction on this scale."

"What's happening? How are you out of the blank space?"

"The blank space was torn open by a force that is far more empty. AS THEY SAY, worlds will live, worlds will die! And unfortunately, we don't make the cut! Prepare for the end is nigh! So drink up!"

Mister Nobody took a long sip of his drink, the ground began to tremble, and Danny seemed to scream, lightning flashing and signs becoming unreadable. A wall of white was rushing towards them.

Cliff could only say, "What the fu-"



He was dead, or so the world thought.

Bruce Wayne stood at the balcony as the sky turned red. Selina, Kyle walked next to him and held his hand.

A wave of white rushed towards them; they held one another as the inevitable rushed for them.

At least they didn't have to be alone near the end.



A bolt of thunder struck right next to an RV. Suddenly there was a tall dashing man in a red outfit and white cape. He looked up and saw the sky turn unnaturally red. It didn't take the wisdom of Solomon to tell him it wasn't natural.

This looked like a job for Captain Marvel. He already contacted Andrea Thomas, because he knew he'd need all the help he could get.



The brave warrior known as Wonder Woman jumped through the window carrying two scared children with her. The building just behind them was soon caught up the antimatter wave. Even with the speed of Mercury, Wonder Woman knew she wasn't fast enough.

She was right.



The city had seen some chaos in the last few years, but this was something new. This time the whole world seemed to be going crazy. Alone in a club, a thin man wobbled over with a bottle of wine. He poured it out into two glasses before sitting down.

"Thank you, Oswald." A man in a green jacket and a large pair of glasses thanked him.

"Think nothing of it, Edward." He fixed his monocle and top hat. If this were to be the end he'd go out in style, it looked like Edward agreed in his sense.

"Riddle me this: when the end comes, and there is no fighting it, what is one to do?"

Oswald smiled, "To drink with a friend."

"I agree."

"I'm not sure about the fighting it." Oswald mused, "Gordon and Bullock are trying to quell the riots. The Batman has been spotted doing his part; I even heard Catwoman was with him. I heard Wayne opened up Wayne Tower to whoever wanted shelter."

Edward snickered, "I supposed there is no fighting your nature."

A white light shone nearby and grew with each passing second.

The Penguin and the Riddler both clinked their glasses together and smiled.

Riddler smiled at getting the answer to one last riddle he'd been putting off, "Now, onto the mystery."



A man was thrown with enough force that the wall broke, and he tumbled into the room. The skin of his face crumbled like broken porcelain, revealing a demonic visage.

"John Constantine," The demon snickered.

A thin, dark-haired man and a black coat wafting behind him walked in. He held out a gun modified with holy relics.

"You're going to talk," Constantine leveled his weapon to the demon's head, "what is it with the red skies?"

John pointed outside a window where the usually black sky was red and strange lightning cracked in the air.

"You think this is ours?" The demon laughed, "No, no, this is something else. The Gates of Every afterlife are about to close. You can sense it, can't you? The pillars of magic had started to tumble. Soon no one is getting anywhere; there will be no souls to take. I'll even let you know; I heard rumors that god's Vengeance is seeking someone."

The sky was filled with light as at a distance, a wall of light rushed towards them, devouring the city.

The demon smiled, "You should follow my lead," He laughed as he grabbed the gun and pulled the trigger blowing his head off.

John looked stunned as the wall of white reached him.



The older man with dark hair and spry step to his walk was lead along with his dog, Ace. The cities of Gotham was at peace; his bright red sweater stuck out among the gray stone buildings.

Dick Grayson smiled as he walked on; it was bound to be a good day.

Ace began to growl and tried to pull away.

Dick pulled back as he tried to calm down his pet. Suddenly the sky turned a terrible shade of red. Dick turned around where he sensed something, and his eyes grew wide.




Jonah Hex rode his horse over the hill, the air felt wrong, and the dead were screaming.

He left Lilah with allies as be made this ride, he thought he would never be surprised again after seeing people come back from the dead, but he was wrong. He knew something was wrong the way his scarred face started to itch. Jonah had to fight to control his horse as he saw a massive wave of white light rushing towards him.



Supergirl flew into the DEO and quickly made her way to her sister Alex. "What's going on? Every pet in National City is having a nervous breakdown. This feels bigger than Leviathan."

Alex replied, "The USGS didn't register an early warning, so it took everyone completely by surprise."

Brainy looked over the computer and turned around, "She does mean everyone because this earthquake is quite, literally, worldwide. But the seismic activity wasn't coming from within the planet; it's coming from without."

"That's - Extra-normal." Supergirl pointed out.

"I was gonna say "impossible," but okay. Yes, yes, a fair descriptor. As would be, uh "unfeasible, unthinkable, absurd, outlandish, "But however you choose to describe this event, one thing is certain."

"We have - A major crisis on our hands. The Monitor freed Mal." J'onn arrived to explained what happened.

Supergirl asked, "The monitor freed Mal?"

"Yes," Brainy added, "I thought he was of Flash and Green Arrow's problem."

"He is of every universe, and he's everyone's problem." J'onn explained, "Last year he tested Earth One's Heroes with Deacon and the Book of destiny. This year he tested me to make sure I was ready this."

"Another reality wave?" Supergirl asked, nervous as this seemed to be worse than last year.

"Not exactly." J'onn confessed.

Brainy turned their attention to the main screen "Whatever is it, it is hurtling through space at an incredible speed. I calculate it will reach the edge of the universe in exactly 5.3 hours, at which point, it will boomerang back. Once it intersects again with our solar system, the results will be, in a word, cataclysmic."

Alex readied for what was to come, "Are there any inhabited planets in its trajectory?"

Brainy brought up a space map and with a beep, "Just one,"

Kara gasped, "Argo City. Oh, my God. Superman's there with Lois and - My mom. Can we warn them?"



Argos was at peace, Lois Lane and Clark Kent were enjoying their lives.

Clark held baby Jonathan proud and beaming.

"Kal! Lois!" Kara's voice rang out as a hologram appeared.

She was having a hard time getting a signal through the shield.

They couldn't make out any words, but it didn't matter the message cut off as the sky turned red.

History began to repeat itself. The Kryptonians panic, but Kal's aunt pulled them away and showed them a single pod. Once more, fate decreed that as disaster the end of the people, one couple found a way to save their child. Lois and Clark both told their baby they loved him and wished for him for safety. The pod was launched into the sky; they held each other as the room was filled with white light.

As the asteroid behind him vanished, the pod flew away, the wall of white moved closer and closer, and the engines came to life. Space began to twist and fold before it as he flew towards safety.



With tears in her eyes, Kara watched at the computer now showed the last of the Krypton's people were truly gone.

"They're gone,"

"And we're next," Brainy was forced to deliver the solemn news.



The sky turned red, and Oliver and Mai looked on as Lyla appeared before them. Seeing this, Laurel ran over; she knew what was about to happen.

In a blue outfit, she spoke with a dire tone, "The crisis has begun."



The Flash was running around the entire city and paused as he tried to contact his team; he only got static.

With a flash of light, Lyla appeared.

"Lyla?" Barry asked, confused.

"I'm Harbringer," She responded, her tone ever steady. "I'm working with the Monitor."

"He sent you to get me? Because the Crisis is here."

"That's correct,'

Barry remembered trying to run into the future and seeing flashes of what was to come, timelines where his friends and family all died to a wave of antimatter should he not act.

"I'm ready." Barry held his head up as he faced his fate. He would not let that happen.



Batwoman defeated the rabbits and pulled one away to questioned them.

"Where's Alice?" Batman asked.

Lyla manifested, "Batwoman, the Multiverse is in danger. You are needed."

"I'll deal with whatever crazy is in a minute."

"There is no time."

The light consumed them both, leaving behind a very confused thug in a rabbit mask.



The legends of Tomorrow gathered at a bar, mostly. Charlie was bored and, with no threat, decided to take the jump ship and travel independently for a bit.

It was Trivia night, and Ray and Sarah were eager to play, Mick showed up because there would be beer. Nate was ready to help; he was sure his knowledge of history would help and the need for a distraction; something felt wrong, and he wasn't sure what. Behrad was a little upset that Charlie left without saying goodbye so he could use a distraction, and his team was great with that. Constantine was there for much the same reason as Mick. Ava and Gary were working that night, trying to save the Bureau.

They were about to win enough to pay for their drinks when they got the question wrong.

Ray admitted that time travel runs in with Janis Joplin might have changed things and cost them the quiz.

The team began to scold Ray for the loss.

Lyla teleported onto one of the tables, with years of crazy stuff happening the Trivia host, and the rest of the bar patrons quickly left.

"Lyla?" Sarah asked. "What's with the suit?"



Mari touched the totem; she felt something, a great fear something primal.

She wished her sister was there. She and her sister traded totems from time to time. Mari tended to favor the Anasi Totem, and her sister had an affinity with the water totem.

She left the warehouse; she had found a gang bringing in weapons into the city and took care of it. She was a budding fashion designer but couldn't stand to see injustice happen.

"Mari McCabe, you are needed."

Mari turned to see a woman in a blue outfit before a flash of light blinded her.



Ray landed next to Leo, "Leo, something is happening and-"

Leo smiled and pulled him into a hug, "Just stay with me."

At a distance, they could see a wall of white rushing towards them and devouring everything it touched. They didn't notice someone teleporting behind them.



The hospital was in a panic, a few injuries had already come in, but with the whole sky turning red they assumed things would worsen. The staff didn't pay much attention to a girl who they dubbed Jane Doe.

A few days ago, they found her when they found her; some people swore her wounds were glowing red energy. Her skin had been badly burned; her left leg was gone, her arm was barely hanging on and face badly scarred.

They didn't know who she was, her fingerprints brought nothing, and she hadn't woken up.

The Monitor walked into her room; he looked at the life support system and began to shut it down.

"You've lost a great deal, but do you still have a willingness to fight? I can help you heal, but you must be ready for the fight."

Her eyes opened up.



Caitlin and Ralph got into their super suits, and Cisco tried to reboot their systems.

They lost track of Barry and couldn't communicate with anyone. Cisco stepped out of the room to check on something. The moment he left, he saw a flash come out of the room and a voice saying. "You are needed."

Cisco rushed back in to catch another flash of light; now, the room was empty.

"What just happened?!"



The Waverider was quiet, it needed repairs, and the government was making it complicated. Gideon was off, so she didn't detect a flash of light in the room.

Two men materialized in the room; they both took a deep breath as they steadied themselves. Thoughts had been placed in their heads, orders, instructions, and a promise.

"Well, if he's on the level, what we need is already waiting for us to the plugin."

The other man walked over to the controls and booted up Gideon.

"Good Morning, I'm Gideon here-"The AI's holographic face projected a face and quickly became confused. "How's this possible?"



Hawkman and Hawkgirl flew into the red sky, hoping to find some clue to what had changed the sky. As they flew above the clouds, they found a woman in a blue outfit waiting.



Wally West ran as fast he could, he had to do something, he tried to contact Star Lab, but signals weren't working so he decided to run. He tried to stop as he found a woman suddenly appeared in front of him.



The DEO was in a panic, trying to get everything under control.

Then with a flash of light, Lyla manifested on the stairs.

The DEO Agents didn't just sit; they all took up arms.

Alex, with her gun, demanded, "Face down on the floor! Now!"

Supergirl had her demands, "Did you do this? Did you destroy Argo?"

With more flashes of light, the heroes all appeared around her; some understood what was happening, some were confused, some recognized each other, and others didn't. They found themselves in their costumes and with their equipment, at least those that had them.

"Kara stop!" Superman called out.

"Clark! Lois! You're okay?"

Lois went over to hug her. "Thanks to her, she teleported us out at the last second."

"And my mother?"

Clark shook his head.

"Kara?" Batwoman took off her mask.

"Kate?" Supergirl asked.

Lyla spoke, "I think we need to talk."


All the assembled heroes gathered in a conference room; introductions were made.

Harbinger explained the situation that the Multiverse was ending.

"There is a wave of antimatter sweeping across the multiverse, destroying everything in its path."

Oliver said, "I can vouch for that. I've seen it in action. It wiped all of Earth-2 from existence."

Laurel found it hard to look at anyone at the reminder.

Flash and Wally traded looks.

"Jesse," Wally whispered.

"I brought you all to Earth-38 to make a stand; this Earth is the tipping point. If we don't stop it here, the wave will continue into next and next until nothing is left. Earth-1 has shown great strength, so he has chosen its heroes and allies for this stand."

"Okay, what do we do?" Oliver asked.

"For now, prepare," Lyla told him, "you will know soon enough."

She teleported away.

"I still don't like her," Kate couldn't help but say.

"I need another beer," Mick grumbled, his eyes fell on the man with the same face as his late partner in crime.

"It's been a trying day," Leo snarked, "I almost died along with my world today, I survived. Not sure how I feel about that. I think I'm just going to try to focus on the problem at hand."

Ray, his husband, took his hand to reassure him.

Laurel added, "I was from Earth-2. I'm choosing to focus on trying to stop the guy who destroyed it."

Leo nodded, "That does sound productive."

Alex took Brainy to the side, "Brainy, do you remember that Old Project? You convinced me to take out Moth Balls after you took a trip to Central City?"

"Ah, yes, I believe It's ready. I have never tested it, but that piece of-"

"Start it up; we will need all the help we can get."

"Hello Mari," Flash greeted Vixen.

"Barry, this isn't how I thought we could meet again."

Nate looked at her from a distance knowing she was the granddaughter of the woman he loved. Behrad nudged him to tell him he wasn't alone silently.

Sarah greeted the Hawks, "I thought you guys called it quits."

Carter said, "Lyla, made a compelling argument."

Kendra agreed, "She picked up as in the middle air, it got us to listen."

"Well, it's still good to see you," Ray was looking over Batwoman's equipment.

He reached over, "You know, I could make some upgrade-"

"How attached are you to your hand?" She grabbed his hand.

"Pretty attached."

Lois and Superman went over to Brainy, "Brainy, we managed to send off the pod with Jonathan to Earth before Argos, but we don't know where it landed."

"Don't worry; I'll find where that bundle of Kryptonian joy-"

The ground shook as a massive tower in the distance formed.


Lyla explained the situation.

"Okay," Constantine summed it up, "That bloody tower is the only thing keeping this world from getting erased, and it's our job to protect it."

"Essentially," Lyla confirmed.

"I would hope there is more to the plan. You expect us to hold off a force that has managed to destroy multiple universes. For how long? I doubt we can protect it forever."

Lyla looked away, and Oliver noticed it. "The Monitor has a plan, right?"

"He did, events have progressed faster than he foresaw. Alterations in the timeline had sped things up."

Barry's eyes went wide, the newspaper had shown he vanished in 2024, but now it said it was happening now. Did Nora and Thawne's actions change things on this scale?

Lyla took a moment, "The Tower was meant to do much more, but the system isn't ready, it would take years to complete. But we can hold back the wave with these; we can buy time to find a solution and save the world. We have someone working on the other towers."

"Other Towers?" Flash asked.

"Earths 3, 18, 16, and 85 are all about to be taken by the Antimatter wave and 38. Our analysis confirms that the Antimatter wave will reach Earth-1 last; if we can get these towers to work long enough for the work , we might save them. If this works, we can see it halt the wave and get enough time to find a proper solution."


Oliver gave a suit to Mia as he walked away to let her put it on Barry stopped him.


"There's something I wanted to tell you. Remember that newspaper I showed you in the time vault, it changed. It's now saying that I vanish this year, in this Crisis. The Monitor confirmed it."

"No, we need to talk now."

"Who are you talking to?"

"Right now!" Oliver yelled.

He found himself in the Monitor's realm, standing in front of him.

"The time for talk is long gone, Oliver."

"We had a deal, I die, and Kara and Barry get to live."

"I spared your friend's lives so they could save the world last year. This is a very different threat."

"You stop playing games with me. You tell me what the Anti-Monitor is, and then you tell me what I'm supposed to do stop it."

"Not knowing what your fighting means you will prepare for every possibility, because this threat brings the annihilation of all life and reality. Do you understand the scope of the threat you now face?"


Oliver returned to Earth 38, and the Monitor reveals what he had hidden, another massive golden tower hovering in the middle of the void. Hundreds of drones flew around it, working on it.

On the platform, a bald man worked on various screens, transmitting his thoughts to the drones. The machines there almost fast enough to keep up with his mind.

"This better be important; we are on a tight schedule."

"Luthor, will it be ready."

"Ready?" Lex scoffed, "The technology behind these tuning forks wouldn't even be thought up by most civilizations. I learned it in a month, and to prepare it would take 13 years, the fact that I've gotten this close in months just goes to show how good I am."

"Will it be ready?"

Luthor sighed, "No,"

"Do you understand what's at stake?"

"No, what? The whole of existence? That my world next on the chopping block? I get that we're on a deadline, but unless you can pull time out, nothing. I've been working non-stop for months; I don't need to eat or sleep here, so I've literally been working none stop."

"I'm not sure how long the heroes can protect the tower."

"Well, maybe you shouldn't be interrupting me. Plus," He pointed to a device at the other end, "Maybe you shouldn't have me build you some sort of cosmic treadmill."

A portal formed, and a young woman in a red suit walked out.

"Meet Jesse Wells, the last survivor of Earth-2."

Luthor turned to focus on the screens, "Good for you, that was the first Earth hit, so no warning. I think out of trillions; you are one of three from that universe that are still around."

Jesse said, "I ran, my dad told me to run, and I ran, I ran fast enough, just barely to escape the wave as it ate my world."

Jesse looked at her arm, thanks to the Monitor, she was healed and given a chance to stop what killed her father and world.

"Sounds like smart man," That was just about as kind as Luthor could get. "It saved your life."

"She is the key to helping you finish your work," The Monitor told him.

"How? If she's half as smart as me, she wouldn't be able to keep up, speedster or not."

"How much do you know about Flash Time?" Jesse remarked.

The Monitor held out a wrist device, "The faster she runs time begins to slow by comparison."

"Ah, I get it. She runs on the treadmill and channels her energies to my little metal helpers and me. We could do years of works in a day. Doing the calculations, we might be able to do it. But can speedy here keep it up, that's going to cause a massive amount of strain on her body."

"I've been through worse," Jesse climbed onto the treadmill, "get ready."



Arkham Asylum wasn't doing great; the red skies were making it worse for more patients.

People were screaming and tearing out their hair.

"It's time," In his cell, a man in a red prison suit and a golden mask.

A portal formed before him, and he simply walked into it.

Author's Notes: Hey, so I thought the CWs COIE was good but he lacked stuff. I take a lot of this just being constraints of the budget of TV series and just not everyone they would want to get would be available. Since I'm trying to get out a writers block I wanna re-write it to be more inline with comics while still staying true to the shows. So while I will show more characters I will probably focus on the main characters. Heres some rules I made to stick to.

1) I can't introduce any characters that the Arrowverse hasn't already shown. I can, alter any if they haven't been seen in a while or they were introduced in this event.

2) I can't add any characters that were introduced after this event.

3) Not including this chapter and an optional epilogue I have to do this story in five chapters.

4) All of DC Live action is open to me. But since I've already wiped most of the universe that… rather limited. Otherwise no.

5) I can't change any events that happened before the crisis began. But that only applies to events that were 100% confirmed on screen. Like Jesse survived since in show we didn't see she didn't. Laurel wasn't shown leaving the island so I can say she remained behind and saw Harbringer show up.

Anyway, let me know who you want to see. And you know leave me a review.