Title: Home

Plot Writer: NerdyInuProductions

Manga/Anime: Skip Beat

Status: Complete

Disclaimer: I don't own this Anime, Manga and its characters, but I proudly own the Plot and the Story which I thought and loved to share, hope you give me some reviews and tell me what you think.


For a huge actor like Tsuruga Ren the hardest part of his life is being open and personal, especially in his relationship. For the last two years after his girlfriend made her debut they never announced anything and hid that they were together from the public.

He cared for her blooming career and their respective fans never suspected anything since she crawled her way to the top being named as the immortal butterfly by the industry, and for that two years Tsuruga Ren was serious spending his lifetime with her, he planned everything from scratch, their wedding, their house and future, she had no idea about the house but after months of being together he contacted some people to make him a beautiful place in Kyoto where they can see their childhood special place.

For years he had been the subject of scrutiny for his boring and non-existent love life, scandals that are false which fans and others would already expect. However in this case, with a smug smirk playing on his face he uploaded his little video containing his nuclear bombshell that would send the media into frenzy.

"Did you upload it already?" his fiancée and beloved actress asked. Ren gently wrapped his arm around her waist and made her sit on his knee, kissing her eyes, nose and lips. Their chaste kiss turned in a heated passion.

"Boss will take care of the after math, right now we needed this long vacation in preparation." He grinned and she giggled.

"Oh Kuon." She took hold of her blonde fiancé's broad shoulders and steadied herself after he gave her another deep kiss.

"Welcome to our new house!" the introduction of his recording, "I contracted a lot of talented and skilled engineers and architect for me and my future wife's dream home." He continued, "Come!" and the cameraman followed him to a huge wood stained-giant-double-door, the exterior of their home is painted black, rustic wood and little white. He toured every corner of his home and called his fiancé.

"After seven months of having this place being built, Kyoko caught my project and scolded me about the cost and unnecessary purpose of it since it was built far from the city we work. However after explaining myself and my purpose she forgave me and agreed since the location is attached as well as nostalgic for us." He smiled genuinely.

"I demanded to be part of the project to pitch in some ideas as well as the cost of building it." She admitted.

"I had to let her or else she might leave me." It was a joke made by Ren.

"You know I wouldn't right?" Kyoko sighed.

"I know, I was just joking." And they shared a kiss. "That aside, every little thing you see in this house are shared ideas we made, but the kitchen I had to ask an expert knowing I'm not a cook and I want to make it grand for my future wife." Kissing her hand, "She's the big cook and the perfect chef in my taste." Kyoko blushed.

The foyer connecting to the wide open bellow living room is full of glass railings, rustic wood with white and black accent. The rugs, shelves, fireplace as well as the furniture were all custom-made. Especially the black sofa set. The shelf at the center back is full of awards from both actors and the foyer bricked wall is armed with their photos together.

Their bedroom was even better, a custom emperor bed near the full glass wall window with the striking view of their special creek and forest, the balcony was stunning with the infinity pool just below it.

"Following the house tour will be an important announcement; everyone knows that I had been loyal to my work so as Kyoko, I had been for the last seven years and Kyoko for two. We decided to have a one year break from being a public figure and wanted to catch up with our personal life especially we wanted to meet the little angel we are expecting." Ren kissed her belly and Kyoko lovingly stroked Ren's hair.

We planned the everything except the special surprise, but baby's coming so we're already in this stage why not have it in one big blow." He chuckled keeping Kyoko close.

"Well, that is all for today. But rest assured we're going to have vlog updates in our new channel," Tsurugas On-Camera" so please watch and subscribe. See you next time." And the clip ended.

Indeed as Ren expected the media is in chaos covering his announcement that he is off the market for two years, decided to be on hiatus dragging the top actress along, they made a beautiful stylish house in a perfect property spot and the heaviest drop was they are expecting a baby.

Paparazzi and other media corporation might have found their home in Kyoto, but they were disappointed after seeing how high the security is in the couple's property; high voltage fence, CCTV cameras all around and security crew with guard dogs roaming the area. It was over kill but Kuon Hizuri is aware of the risks. He was a protective Alpha to his growing pack.

Indeed the next week, Ren and Kyoko updated in their shared channel, and this time it was Kyoko who made the clip, it was her new daily routine. Many found it relatable and sweet after she revealed that she is the first one to wake up and make them their morning meal. But the endearing part was revealed when Ren is actually a coddler and protests when Kyoko's warmth was gone.

Ren disliked when she revealed that she wore those sexy thin strap lingerie nighties. Kyoko's bosoms were firm and her cleavage was showing, Ren on the other hand sleeps in shorts and tends to have a slow lazy morning. Their fans weren't expecting those traits.

Kyoko showed their little hobbies and what they do whenever they go out for a stroll, surprisingly they adopted a fluffy snowy white adventurous cat named Everest. Ren and Kyoko introduced their special spot where they met as children and ten years later met by fate in the same company.

Their fans weren't that sad since they still provide weekly update despite the long hiatus.


"Welcome to Bro Code!" started by Kijima, he was joined by the comedian Taichiro, veteran stunt-double and longtime friend of Kijima; Igarashi and their newest member after Ren left is Koga.

Their little drinking podcast in Kijima's luxurious bar in his apartment was something they started after few jokes which turned into men's online topic show, missing their friend they decided to make a reaction video at Ren's new house and his relationship to the actress many actors tried to advance.

"He had us fooled there." Koga chuckled, "I mean, he had been silent and never told us about Kyoko-chan!" he complained.

"I hear you on that one, I thought we were great friends." Kijima shook his head, "I was teasing him about being gay at times since he never made any move to any female creature we bump on bars and clubs!" throwing his arms up, "I complained when he would bail early, I never thought he was jumping on Kyoko-chan's skirt whenever he leaves us hanging."

"It's always the quiet ones." Taichirou commented.

"Can we just appreciate his man cave?" Igarashi pointed at the paused video where Ren is showing off the huge luxurious bar and billiard room; rustic interior similar to his wood stain theme, red pool table, black custom furniture and his bar cellar is full of expensive, whisky, scotch, rum and other alcohol. Of course it was rigged by monitor and speakers.

"Should we ring him for a visit?" Kijima pouting, "I miss my old drinking buddy."

"We better get in the wife's good side though. Remember Kyoko-chan never liked you after you kept dragging Tsuruga-san into some drinking spree." Igarashi reminded.

"I guess." He sighed. Their little reaction was watched by Ren and Kyoko uploaded to her account his expression after watching the clip.

"Do you want me to invite them?" he asked Kyoko in amusement.

"Sure. I don't mind." She mused as well.

"I'll put some ground rules first." Ren shook his head knowing his friends. Indeed after the invitation the boys were able to enjoy hanging-out with their friend and pull Kyoko along. Of course they were gentle knowing she's pregnant and never teased her in fear of the top actor's wrath.

"So when's the baby due?" they inquired.

"We'll meet our baby in summer." Ren replied, he sported a genuine bright smile, they can sense his excitement.

"So who's going to be the godfather?" they pressed.

"I haven't decided yet." He playfully said and the boys started the competition. Ren on the other hand already had a person in mind and that person deserved it, although having another godfather isn't so bad, he read some articles about other countries with their religion children have multiple godparents.