Mirrors of Sorrow

My first Gundam Wing OC of my beloved fave babe Lady Une and her struggles in her life as she copes loneliness waiting for her feelings to be reciprocated back from her sempai, Treize. I hope you enjoy this one-shot of her and may do more of Une-chan in the future :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing. It belongs to Tomino Yoshiyuki and Sunrise/Bandai, but if I did then Lady Une would be mine aha.

It was another night in Treize's headquarters. There was a bit of silence around in the halls as if all the personnel we're off for the night. Then there was one room was left around silent. It was Treize's personal assistant, Colonel Lady Une. And she is her solid supporter of anything

On her personal quarters, Lady Une sat on her bed with her full uniform dress on as she pondered towards the elegant walls in her room that laid before her. She moved her lips a bit in motion and decided to relax herself lying down facing upwards.

Lady Une then looked for a minute, and softened herself. "Treize...what is it you want that I must do?" She narrowed her eyes a bit and turned her face aside in apprehension. Maybe she leaned onto sadness?

Then she rolled onto one side of her body on the bed and pressed herself against the pillow near her.

As much to relax, the brunette let off of her duty gloves to make her hands over. "Treize..." Une muttered graciously. She then proceeded to get up from her bed and head on over to her mirror that had a huge mirror attached to it.

The woman then loosened more of her uniform, but decided to keep her glasses on. She narrowed her eyes a little and proceeded directly on the mirror she had her fixation on. Une then touched the surface of the glass with her the palm of her hand. And it felt a bit cold to her touch.

"Why am I here? How will he ever love me? Am I all that is to him?" Une muttered a bit to herself as she looked on. A bit of tears formed from her eyes and then streamed down by a bit.

Une then had a sad expression as she titled her head downwards as some of her tears contacted near the lens of her glasses.

She then looked onward to the mirror that reflected her. Lady Une is what she is, a bold military officer of OZ and one of its most ruthless ones. She gave up on everything she wanted in a future even passing a chance of an offer her father gave her to attend Oxford University instead of being in an English manor being an heiress. Yet, being under the command of the man known as Treize Khushrenada must've had her reasons more to be with him. Knowing she is mostly being a prisoner of her own feelings towards him that will never know he loves her back, but tries to fight it that its no lost cause.

The female colonel then looked onward with a blank stare with a bit of widened eyes to herself. Une questioned herself of why in her mind would she go all out for the man she cares, but won't care for her back.

Her hands were stiffed, then she had one in her left being formed in a fist and went on to raise it as she then was about to do the unthinkable.

She now delivered a punch onwards to the mirror. The glass then shattered in a medium effect after her blow to it.

Une's hands went numb and hot. Blood trickled down against the rest of her hand and to her arm, plus her blood dripped heavily near the cracked cavity of the mirror as it trickled down on her dresser as well.

She then looked onto the shards that reflected her every aspect of who she is. "I don't know who I am anymore...WHO THE BLOODY HELL AM I?!" Une thought to herself

Her face went narrowed and numbed. Tears went down wildly, but yet she still went silent.

Lady Une was lost in everything she was of herself. But what of Treize thought of her after everything to this point?

She lessened the pressure of her hand and slumped her arm down after the whole blow. Lady Une then examined the shards from the mirror in front of her through her glasses, and then turned towards her bed and sat again.

Her left hand still being wounded after receiving the effect of the blow she did on the mirror. And Une's tears kept rolling.

It wasn't from the physical pain at all she caused on the mirror. Her feelings were her biggest wound for a lost cause of love she's still fighting for. Unfortunately, it was still just that

"Who am I...?" Lady Une said as she continued crying in silence for the rest of the night

The End