A Dance

Sorry for getting distracted from my normal stories again but I saw Romeo + Juliet, drew some fanart and now I've decided to write this. I don't know why I made Artemis inhuman but I like the antlers on her. I don't know what AU this is, I think it's a universe where Artemis never took that 'dont marry me off' vow and now Hera is tryna marry her off, and also Percy is a god. She's still a maiden, she just never insured that Zeus wouldn't marry her off.

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A Dance

Artemis sat at the high table sloshing her wine around absentmindedly. The music wailed loudly from the Muses and the folk who followed them around with their various instruments. She was never much of a fan of music, nor was she a dancer. She never had gotten the hang of it, she was always clumsy. Not that she ever danced, really only when her brother Apollo forced her to join him for a few minutes.

For a while she had been hounded every party to dance with men of various standings on Olympus, and to each one she had declined, sometimes violently depending on how she perceived them. It didn't take more than a few years for the general populace to resent her and turn against her, the men because she was so uptight and hostile, the women because she- a goddess, turned the heads of their lovers and husbands.

Of course, she was a goddess, and Olympian, so there was nothing they could do to her. Well, relatively so at least.

Her older sister and teacher Athena raised an eyebrow at the melancholy young goddess. Artemis was barely 16, she had been a goddess for but four years, and already she seemed like she'd been around for millennia the way she held herself, a mixture of power, grace and weariness. She looked over her getup.

A white dress that ended halfway down the thighs and with silver clasps on each shoulder holding it up along with a brown leather waistband with the symbol of an elk on it. Her silver sandals glittered in the light of the fireplace only a few feet away from them matching the fake silver wings on her back and a ruby-adorned silver tiara graced her head and ended just below her equally silver antlers.

Athena still didn't quite know how a child of Sky and Motherhood inherited large buck antlers, but oh well. They looked good on her, contrary to what many believed. The goddess of wisdom was saddened to know that Artemis was deeply affected by the bullying, the whispers and rumors. She was but a godling in the guise of an Olympian, and still susceptible to the name calling, the lies. "Freak", "Everyone knows the maiden thing is a cover for a covert whore", "Beast, she probably mated with the Minotaur."

Athena hated people sometimes. They were worse than monsters on occasion,

It didn't help with her family situation. Since Leto was still stuck on that cursed island, Hera had taken it upon herself to be a mother to Artemis and Apollo, which in actuality meant she would be the equivalent of a warden to the twins. Of course, Apollo was a lost cause, so all Hera's attention was on the girl, who she tried her hardest to turn into an upstanding woman.

Upstanding woman, because Hera knew all about that.

"You seem morose, Phoebe Artemis. What is the matter?" She asked, and Artemis looked up at her out of the corner of her eye. "Nothing, I just… I never liked parties." She said, looking out at the floor of people dressed in outrageous costumes and fancy dresses.

Athena raised an eyebrow. "You dressed up for it." She said, nodding to the wings, tiara, dress, everything. Artemis looked herself over and blushed, realising she'd been caught out. There was no deceiving the goddess of wisdom to her face. "I… didn't want Hera chastising me all night for showing up in my hunting garb." She excused herself. Athena had already caught her, she knew that, and the elder sister sipped on her wine as she looked over across the crowd.

Near the entrance, three people walked in. All were dressed in blue, two with masks on and one with merely a different face to her usual. These three strangers were not supposed to be there, and they knew it, hence why they were disguised.

"Alright sisters, do your best not to get caught. I have a feeling Zeus won't be so merciful if he catches us here." The one in front, Percy, told his companions. Aphrodite, his full-blood sister and Rhode, his adopted sister.

Rhode rolled her eyes, the scaly blue dress shimmering in the lights of the golden halls of Olympus. "If anyone is to be caught it shall be you, dearest kinsman. And even if Zeus should release us no doubt our father will kill all three of us for 'canoodling with the enemy'." She mocked. Percy's face fell as he looked at his younger sister. He hated her sometimes.

At the high table, Artemis turned around as she heard her voice being called. "Artemis! Phoebe Artemis!" The voice of Hera could be heard not too far away. She sighed and turned around, ready to be berated for the way her hair was done or something.

The goddess of marriage had taken the arm of a young man and she was leading him over to her step daughter. The young goddess looked the immortal over. Brown hair, a charming grin, an arrogant posture and a body to show for it. No doubt he had done some feats worthy of a demigod but if anything that turned Artemis off more.

"Artemis, I'd like you to meet Carnassus, the son of Krios and Mnemosyne. He was neutral during the war, and I was hoping you two could share a dance." The goddess suggested- no, pressured Artemis into accepting with a nudge. The goddess held firm though.

She glared at him cold and hard once she saw his eyes drift to either side of her and above, where many eyes wandered upon seeing her for the first time. "What are you looking at, boy?" She asked harshly, crossing her arms. The immortal shut his mouth while Hera slapped Artemis on the arm. "Nothing." He told her quickly.

Artemis turned back to Athena, not eager to entertain her stepmother's games. "No thank you, Hera. I'm just fine sitting here." She told her. The wife of Zeus fumed silently behind her while Carnassus walked up to Artemis. "My lady, forgive me for gazing upon you so. I was merely admiring the beauty of the gilded horns atop your head." He said, for some reason on one knee.

That set Artemis off. "Horns? HORNS? What do you take me for, a monster? Leave before I embrace that and run you through with my horns." She hissed threateningly, standing up and towering over the kneeling titan. Carnassus' eyes widened and he looked at Hera worriedly before scampering off.

Hera looked at Artemis barely able to contain her rage. "You, girl, need to get your act together, and soon! Ungrateful! Oh, how could that wench Leto birth such a brat?! How I should not be surprised, coming from a titan of such stature as that daughter of Phoebe!" She jabbed a finger at her stepdaughter before walking off, her peacock-tailed costume fanning out menacingly at the goddess.

Said goddess was fuming at the fact her stepmother had just tried such a thing again. It was far from the first suitor Hera had brought before her, she had frightened many off, much to her stepmother's dismay. "You'll have to get married eventually, every woman does."

That was a fucking lie considering her older sister and aunt were the two goddesses that never married. She knew Hera was ashamed of that, and didn't want the practice becoming too widespread. Two eternal virgins was two too much for the goddess of marriage to handle.

Didn't mean Artemis was just gonna conform. Perhaps she would have crumbled under Hera's pressure if she wasn't close with both Athena and Hestia, the women who taught and housed her after her arrival on Olympus respectively. Those two goddesses gave her the courage to say no, lest she'd probably be married to someone like Carnassus.

"Sis!" She sighed as she heard the all too familiar voice. She turned and sure enough found her twin brother Apollo, in his party getup of a red chiton with goat horns tied to his head. The two of them were supposed to be in matching costumes, he a devil and her an angel with her white dress and feathered wings. Apollo wasn't the best planner considering she already had long sharp objects protruding from her skull and she looked evil enough when pissed off.

On both his arms were nymphs who clearly wanted nothing more than honor of sleeping with an Olympian god, maybe they found him specifically attractive. Artemis could never tell. They looked her up and down warily, either out of fear or disgust. Again, it was hard to read these nymphs.

She crossed her arms impatiently. "What is it, brother?" She asked, and the young devil took a swig of his cup, which was now empty. "Come dance with us, sister! There are many suitable guys for you out here that even I'd be cool with! Hades, it don't got to be a guy, you can have one of these girls if you want. Or you can join us, I don't really care." He said drunkenly, looking inside his cup only to find it was dry. Both girls glared at him out of the corner of their eyes.

Artemis' face was deadpanned. She knew he didn't mean any of that, except probably the girl thing. Not like Apollo was homophobic or anyhing, he'd probably prefer it if his sister got together with a woman. He definitely didn't mean the last part, or the part about the guys. Apollo was… overprotective.

"I'm fine. You, uh, enjoy yourself." She said, eyeing up both girls warily. They both made to leave but Apollo held back. "C'mon, at least come get a drink with us!" He said, holding up his cup and shaking it. She looked back at her own cup and grimaced as she saw it was empty. She looked back at her brother who had upon his face a triumphant smirk, for there was no polite excuse to not go.

The goddess sighed. "Fine, but you will be getting yours first. Last thing I need right now is the wine being laced with Belladonna while I'm in a crowd among unfriendly faces." She told him. Apollo shrugged, not really understanding the second part. "My pleasure. C'mon." He said, nodding to the drinks table and walking off.

Artemis followed and sheepishly made her way through the partying crowd. All of them were draped in their finest costumes, and virtually everyone had masks on. Every time she bumped into someone they'd turn around and she'd be greeted by a man with raccoon-like eyes or a woman with a fake beak on.

They reached the drinks table and Apollo poured the two of them some wine. Artemis watched her brother take a sip before herself lest the drink be spiked and she would end up in serious pain from Hemlock poisoning as the result of some sick joke by an immortal. She wouldn't die of course but poison was often not painless.

When he seemed fine after a few seconds she drank and he walked away. The goddess, now deserted in the middle of an Olympic party, was left to look around for any means of escape. She saw what she seeked in a doorway not too far from her that led to a hallway and many more rooms, all of which would be either empty or filled with immortals partaking in events she had no interest in witnessing.

Percy wandered around the party aimlessly, not intending on finding a dance partner like Rhode or Aphrodite. Or in the latter's case, it would be more than a dance partner, but hopefully Rhode would stay truthful to her husband Helios and stick to dancing with others.

He looked around for the familiar blue-dressed women and managed to find one near the staircase on the east side of the room. Rhode was dancing with some man he did not know, though it appeared to be just a dance and he could tell Rhode did not intend to arrive in his bed that night. He approached the daughter of Poseidon. "Sister, where is the other one?!" He asked loudly over the Muses' singing.

Rhode pointed over to the other side of the room, where a large doorway was in place leading to a hallway with many more rooms supposedly off limits. Percy rolled his eyes as he could guess what she was doing, but he needed to talk to her about something so whatever lucky guy had taken the son of Ouranos' older sister was just gonna have to wait a few.

He somehow slipped through the horde of party-goers without starting a commotion and made his way into the hallway. Across from him was another doorway which led into the other hallway, but Percy decided to check the rooms further down this hall first.

He walked down and on his left found that the wall was noticeably bright blue for a marble wall. He turned and was surprised to find a large fish tank replacing part of the wall separating the two hallways. One of the few Oceanic things remaining there from before the war, and before Poseidon and his allies left the mountain to head under the waves.

He stepped closer to get a better look, and jumped back a bit as he found himself face to face with a girl. For a second he thought an Iris message had spawned in the water, but quickly realised the girl was in the other hallway, looking at the fishes and looking at him.

He smiled and waved, noticing how cute she was. Her skin was blue thanks to the glow of the water, and her hair looked to be auburn. She wore a white dress that also glowed blue and some angel wings and a tiara.

She looked at him suspiciously for a moment, her eyes narrowed. Percy frowned at the hostility and decided to liven things up a bit. Taking advantage of the glass in front of him, he breathed on it a bit, causing the pane to fog up. He then proceeded to write backwards in order to convey a message to her. Hi

Artemis raised an eyebrow at this and decided to entertain it just for a bit. She copied him and wrote on her window. Hello

The handsome man in the other hallway smiled when he realised she was allowing contact. This girl had to be the prettiest he'd ever seen, dare he say more than Aphrodite. U R pretty :) is what he then wrote in response to her. Percy's face lit up as he could see a faint color change in Artemis' blue cheeks, indicating a blush.

Thank you she wrote back, no hostility or suspicion on her face. Percy smiled as she realised the beautiful girl was warming up to him. Aphrodite could wait. He started to write a message. Would you like 2- "ARTEMIS!" A shrill voice called from the entrance of the hall.

Percy spun around to find none other than Hera, Queen of the Gods, wife of his father's worst enemy, standing there and looking down past him. She walked forward and looked down the second hallway, before marching over to her. He could see through the glass as Hera grabbed Artemis by the wrist and dragged her to the ball room.

Percy stood there in shock as the two goddesses left the room, unable to comprehend what was happening. Artemis, daughter of his father's nemesis, was the beautiful girl he found himself attracted to? He had seen her for no less than a minute, yet he already felt such tightness in his chest at the mere thought of her. He wondered briefly if it was because he was scared of her and her family, but deep down he knew that was not the case. Oh, how cruel the Fates were for granting him a love, only for it to be unattainable.

Artemis struggled to escape Hera's grip as she was dragged into the ballroom. "Who was that boy?" Hera scolded her once they were back by the refreshments drink. Artemus felt like she was a child being reprimanded by a teacher, and it irked her. "I don't know! I met him maybe two minutes ago, far too short to properly get to know him." She said truthfully.

Hera glared. "What were you two doing all alone in that hallway far from prying eyes?" She asked suspiciously. Again Artemis had to shrug. "Nothing really. I was looking at the fish and he came along and we started writing messages to each other." She explained.

The queen of the gods did not trust her step daughter in that moment. "Is that right? And what were these messages?" Artemis blushed as she remembered what the cute boy had written her. If only he'd removed his mask so she could see his entire face. Little of it was covered, but what was ruined the complete image she needed to see.

"It's nothing. Do not fret about such things, witch." She told her stepmother, with the last part obviously being inaudible.. The goddess pursed her lips tight. She huffed and walked off, dedicated to getting Artemis engaged by the end of the night. Artemis was left standing there with her arms crossed, not wanting to walk into the crowd lest she bother people with her wings and antlers.

She felt a quick double tap on her shoulder, making the young goddess whirl around. A young man stood there, maybe her age, with messy black hair and tanned skin. His eyes were blue with a bit of green mixed in, and a healthy white smile graced his lips. It was the boy she had been talking to, only now he had no mask blocking his features.

Despite her immunity to being attracted to people, she couldn't help but blush as he gave her a charming smile. The goddess was confused as she found herself self-conscious about the way she looked. She never cared about that! She'd happily walk around naked if it wasn't for the fact that men would ogle and harass her and going naked would not help her reputation as a virgin.

"Would you care to dance, fair lady?" He asked politely. How many men had given her that same line? How many men had kissed her hand and how many more had lost the ability to have children? Yet this man was doing what many men had done before and he was facing no repercussions, dare she say she was even considering it.

"You're mistaken, good sir." She somehow found herself being nice to him, but not without a bit of sarcasm. "I'm afraid a man so blind he cannot tell beauty from beast is unfit to dance. Why do you approach me, the long undisturbed goddess who rightfully delivers but terror unto the hearts of men?"

The man smiled, taking her hand and planting a soft kiss on her knuckles. "If every man here sees you as a monster then am I really the one who is blind? Or am I rather the only one in this room who can see?" He raised the question. Artemis blushed at the flattery, something she thought herself incapable of doing until that point.

"So? Will you dance?" He asked, and she looked him in the eye. His eyes set upon her silver ones, and the long faded scar running between her right eye and her nose. He found himself unaffected by this. Most men would have turned away at the sight of a woman who had clearly seen battle, but what did he care? He had more scars than her, so what if there is a mark adorning her face?

Artemis thought for a moment, wondering whether or not it was better to take his hand and enjoy herself or stay there and play it safe. It had been so long since she had properly danced, not like the silly little moments she had with her hunters after relenting and supplying them a bit of wine. The last time she formally danced was with her brother Apollo more than two winters before.

As she looked into his eyes, her worries all but vanished, and she couldn't help but mentally shrug her shoulders. What's the worst that could happen? She could bump into someone and they would dislike her, what else was new? "Yes." She agreed, taking his hand.

Percy smirked and pulled her into the crowd. Artemis was very conscious of where she stepped so that she didn't bump into some poor nymph and accidentally gore a poor serving boy with her antlers. Her new partner stood in front of her and placed both hands on her waist. After taking a moment to remember what Apollo had taught her, she rested her hands on his shoulders and let him lead the dance.

The two swayed slowly to the music, and Percy couldn't help but admire her enchanting silver eyes and the long cut that marred her face in between the right eye and the nose. "What's your name?" Artemis asked him, and Percy's eyes snapped up to hers.

He contemplated giving her a fake name, but knew that if this went further then that wouldn't go down too well, especially with a goddess who was already very paranoid of men. "Perseus, or Percy for short. You are Artemis, are you not?" He asked, tilting his head questioningly.

Artemis nodded, her eyes narrowed. "And if I wasn't?" She asked, just making sure. Percy didn't hesitate with his answer, which was promising. "Then I'd apologize for the confusion and start over, getting your real name first of all." He told her, eyebrow raised as he was now confused.

Artemis hummed, still unsure about all of this. "And who are you, exactly? I don't believe we've met before?" She asked him. Percy bit his lip and looked around, making sure no one was listening in on their conversation. "You promise you won't tell anyone?" He asked.

This made Artemis a tad suspicious, but she agreed. Percy sighed. "I'm a son of Ouranos, born not long after Aphrodite and the Furies from Father Sky's seed and the sea-foam. Poseidon adopted me, made me his son, so I consider him my father." He explained quickly, not wanting to get into too much detail about his past.

Artemis' eyes widened, and she nearly stopped dancing. "You're a son of P-" Her partner silenced her with a finger to her lips, lest she give away his secret and get him killed. "Shh, it's not at all something I wish to announce at an Olympian party." He told her.

Artemis agreed to stay silent, and they continued to sway to the music, not uttering a word to each other. The goddess began to feel relaxed and leaned into him, meanwhile Percy looked down at her. "They're so beautiful." He said, making her look up at them.

She blushed furiously, unable to keep her flattered self under wraps. "I- thank you. No one save my mother and my brother have referred to them as beautiful. Most either call them hideous or 'magnificent' and 'immaculate', treating them more like they would a necklace than they would something natural like my hair." She thanked him.

Percy smiled. "Your hair is beautiful too, I like the way you have it right now, though I have not a clue what the braid is called. The auburn color tone blends well with your skin, whose pale hue would remind me of the moon I am so fond of. And your eyes, such eyes, never before have I seen so enchanting eyes. Only a magical mineral could capture my attention as your eyes do, and even though the perfection is marred by the cut of a blade, it does not hinder my admiration, only advances it. It shows you have courage, you are headstrong, and you're not afraid to blemish a perfect face to fight your own battles, and if anything that makes your beauty even more admirable." He dished out compliments in rapid succession, each one never failing to heat the goddess' face by 50 degrees.

"You fire compliment and courtesy upon me unprovoked. I am bombarded by arrows I did not challenge. Why do you tell me these things? You, who as we can all see is well versed in the knowledge of handsomeness and battle, do dish upon me falsehoods of beauty and courage. What is your purpose, dear one? To woo me? Seduce me? Use me to further your father's stance in the war? Or do you simply wish to know me, me, who has fought and injured more men at the banquet table than I have challenged and slain in battle?" She asked in confusion.

Percy brushed a stray lock from out of her eyes. "I do not believe it to be falsehood, for if your beauty is a myth then you must be a spirit attracted to my seemingly ever-growing insanity, for I see you for what you truly are. If people are to shun me for that, then let it be so. They can cut me down all they want for wanting to kiss you, but I shall never let them cut you down, dear huntress." He whispered.

Artemis' eyes were wide, reminding him of a doe. It was cute. "You wish to kiss me?" She asked, wondering whether she was for or against the idea. Percy nodded, looking her in the eye. "Yes, I do. Is that fair with you, maiden?" He asked to make sure. When Artemis nodded, he leaned in and closed his eyes, prompting Artemis to do the same.

As cliche as it sounded, sparks flew when they kissed, and Artemis felt as if she had risen to the void and was preparing to leave this reality. Her lips were practically made to connect to his, and the god took the lead in furthering the kiss to make it more enjoyable for the two of them.

When the two parted, Artemis took many deep breaths, trying to comprehend how she had just taken her first kiss with a man she had met maybe ten or fifteen minutes before. Before she could say anything, there was a commotion to her right. "Artemis?" Hera called.

Her step mother was walking over with another immortal, no doubt another of Artemis' suitors. Not wanting to lose her first love to her step mother's intervention, and perhaps to prove a point to the old crone, she grabbed Percy's hand and ran for the door. Hera saw this and called her name again, picking up the pace to try and catch the runaways.

They entered the main hallway, and when Hera came into view, Artemis pulled her love into an even more deep and meaningful kiss than the first one before flashing them both away. Oh, how the hunter goddess revelled in Hera's shrill horrified shriek of "ARTEMIS!?"

They arrived in a forest, and Percy looked around to try and decipher where they were. He had travelled many forests before, but never this one. "Where have you taken us?" He asked the goddess, and Artemis stood up properly. "This is my homeland, the faithful and loyal Delos who so generously housed my mother on the eve of my birth."

She felt her lips, now coming to terms with how she had used her first and second kiss so quickly. "That was…. Amazing." She thought out loud, and Percy walked over. He wrapped his arms around her stomach from behind. "Your father's wife was none too happy to see the pair of us." He noted.

Artemis whirled around, grasping his shoulders. "Fuck her. To Hades with her rules and her pathetic attempts to sell me off. I am my own woman! Not hers! I am not her daughter, she has no say over me!" She angrily declared, before pulling Percy into a kiss. They made out passionately for a few seconds, only seperating when Artemis had a question on her mind. "Marry me." She whispered, and Percy's eyes widened.

"Artemis… you don't think we are moving fast? We have only known each other for less than an hour and already you are proposing an engagement?" He asked in astonishment. Artemis nodded, taking hold of his hands. "Never before have I felt for a man or woman what I do for you. If you are not the one then there is no one for me and I am destined to live my eternity alone. Alas, how can I choose between those two ideas when there is only one rational path to take, however irrational it may seem? Marry me, Perseus. I will be good to you, and in turn you would be good to me as you have been this night." She looked up at him with her doe eyes pleadingly.

Percy looked down at her, their eyes locked. No matter what his answer was, it could end badly. If he agreed, tensions between Poseidon and Zeus could potentially skyrocket or he could be left in an unhappy union, but if he declined he would no doubt upset the goddess and worst of all, miss out on the chance to be with most beautiful, wonderful woman he had ever met.

When you put it like that, there was only one choice.

"Yes. Yes, I will marry you, Phoebe Artemis." He agreed with a smile. Artemis' face lit up like the sun and she jumped into his arms. Her lover embraced her tightly and pulled her into a kiss, one in which the young goddess revelled. It was somehow even more passionate than the one she'd instigated to spite Hera, and though it would be her favorite kiss for a few seasons, it would later be topped by the one they shared upon their marital union.

As the two newly engaged lovers slowly dropped to the floor, a silver ring magically appeared on both their fingers.

"And that's the end of that story." Selena clapped her hands as she grinned down at her uncle. The young demigod son of Poseidon looked up at her confusedly. "Wait… so Percy is married to Artemis… and they're your parents?" He pieced together what he could from the story.

Selena nodded, silently seething. "Yup, that's why you think before you ask me who's the scary horn lady?" She said pointedly, making the young boy flush in embarrassment.

The door suddenly swung open, and a heavily scarred girl with a silver streak in her hair stood leaning against the door. A bottle was in her hands, and it seemed as though she was relying on the door to hold herself up. "Yo, Leen! Me an' the boys are gonna go try and jump the lake on our dirt bikes with the hunters, wanna come? Who's that?" She asked, looking at the son of Poseidon with a tipsy look in her eyes.

Selena turned back to her uncle with a smirk on her face. "And that, little man, is why you don't have sex on the first date." She said, jabbing a thumb in Larissa's direction.

There you go, guys. I got distracted while writing the Dark Lord and decided to make this. I watched Romeo + Juliet like last week so that's where I got the ball scene from with the wings and shit. I also made some puns for the fact that Artemis has antlers so here's a post-credits scene.

Percy smirked as he looked down at the goddess cuddled into his chest, not paying attention to the movie. "Hey Artemis, I'm horny." He giggled, ticking the goddess off. "Percy, not now. I'm tired, the hunt and I just got back like an hour ago." She told him.

She couldn't stop him though, not when he had such 'comedy gold'. "But I need you doe." He pouted, making her glare. "You keep this up and you're not getting anything for a month!" She hissed, which unfazed the god.

"I'll pay you twenty bucks." He whispered, and Artemis grabbed a knife. When she placed it at his throat threateningly he laughed and desperately pushed her off, letting her calm down a bit. Artemis kept the knife in hand and tried her best to focus on the movie, Crawl.

"Deer oh deer." Those were the last words Percy could speak for the rest of the night, mainly due to the fact that Artemis sewed his lips shut. Literally.

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