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"Are you okay Juvia? I didn't hurt you or anything did I?" Natsu said, with a bit of concern on his face. Juvia was breathing heavily, sweating a lot. Both her and the dragon slayer were at the fire breather's cabin. There, they were making love. Taking in each other's embrace. Juvia shook her head slowly, "no Natsu-san, Juvia is okay." There was an animated energy in her eyes that showed heart with sexual intent. She wanted him to fill her womb even further. There were already several white droplets falling out from between her legs like white pearls, but she wanted it to stream out like a bursting dam.

She then turned Natsu over on his back, where she was now on top, straddling his hips. Natsu was surprised with the sudden action, "whoa! But… we just finish." The rain woman looked down on her boyfriend with lust in her eyes, "I'm sorry Natsu-san, but one round is not enough to satisfy Juvia." The hot head could only gulp when she said that.

Riding him like a bucking bull her body began bouncing up, and down like a jackhammer with her tit's following suit. Swaying vigorously in front of his eyes, he was mesmerized by their beauty, and the woman's intense expression. Like a magician he was entranced under the spell of her hypnotically casting eyes. He was drawn into them like a fly to light, and she would pull him as she liked, similar to a puppet master, and their strings.

Since there wasn't really a way out of this, he started moving his lower parts, thrusting into her more. A shock of pleasure shot through Juvia's body, "aaahh… Natsu-wait… this is… ah!" She could barely speak, she was beginning to lose herself.

He was enjoying this though. It was her who asked for another round, and he would accept with malicious compliance. Before she could continue her protest his vigor grew in tenacity. She was moaning loudly now. The whole bed shook as the energy continued to ramp up. In, and out it came without missing a beat.

They continue this for almost an hour, with Juvia barely keeping herself up. Both were nearing their end, "Juiva, I think… I think I'm…"

"Yes… me too… Juvia said weakly. With a few more thrusts, both could feel their climax.

As they both let out a moan, It gushed out like a gusher, and splashed out like a water balloon. He could feel everything pump out into her. She collapsed onto his chest panting meekly. He too needed some time to catch his breath. They could feel their eyes grow heavy from fatigue, and with their urges satisfied, they saw no reason to deny the comforting calls of sleep.

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