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Who knows how long it's been since Natsu and Juvia's little session. After what happened, 5 maids came in and cleaned up the mess. They unchained the water mage and removed her torn clothing and washed her with a sponge which they came in along with a bucket of water. They scrub her body, from head to toe. Juvia didn't bother resisting, she was still in a daze from before. They threw away her clothes and gave her a plain white t-shirt and black shorts that reached her knees. They cleaned Natsu up as well and only changed his pants, they gave him a new pair.

With the mess cleared they were once again chained up, but this time they were being led along a hallway. With their minds sufficiently broken there was no fear of them running away. At least for the moment. The nobleman wished to admire his handiwork. At the end the path sat a set of wooden doors. The doors parted in the middle leaving the entrance free to greet the party. They continued forward, stopping at a chair.

In the chair, was the noblemen, smiling. "My my, you two seem like you had fun. I hope it was more enjoyable for you than it was for me." They slipped out of their trance for a moment. Juvia blushed a bright rose While Natsu's face reddened in anger. "You bastard once we get these chains off, you'll be sorry." The man replied by pulling out a glass vial from his pocket. The liquid was a radiant pink. "Unfortunately you've already fallen for my magic. It only takes a single failing of one's will, and it becomes infinitely harder to resist there after."

He blew on the bottle which formed a little smoke stream. He blew it towards Juvia's direction. The smell went into her nose, causing her to shake a bit. "Uhhh~" she stumbled back with a gasp in her breath. Natuse glared at the man in irritation. "Behave yourselves now or else I'll be forced to have you both reenact what you did in the cell." "Damn it! What do you want from us!" "Nothing really. I just want you both to sit tight until the real entertainment starts. I'm looking to catch a real big fish this time. You two are just bait."

Meanwhile in another area, walking around the premises with a lease attached, Happy was scanning the walls for possible exit points under the watchful gaze of his female captor. The whole area was manned by stone gargoyles, and several beasts. The mansion felt like a fortified fortress, impenetrable to any foe. He wasn't too positive on his chances. Things were looking grim. "Better not be thinking about escaping little kittle. It's pointless.", said the little girl. Happy jumped at the sudden response. He turned his head towards the girl. "What do you mean? I was just checking out the scenery." His voice lacked any proper confidence. She could see through him like an opaque glass counter.

"It's okay kitty. You're mine now. Just listen to me, and everything will be fine." she crouched down, and started rubbing his hair, with a gentle smile. However, the hidden malace underneath her tone was still very much present. As they continued their stroll a voice called out to them. "Hey there little lily." The little girl's face brightened with glee and turned to the direction of the voice.. "Haa~ big brother." Said Nadia. Happy look at the man as well, "...who?"

Back to Natsu and Juvia, after their chat with the noblemen, they were brought back to their cells. This time, they replace the chains on the two mages with a special collar that will shock them with enough bolts to paralized a man if they detect and hint of magic being activated. They were also given a cuffs version of the collar, same process but more deadly.

The noblemen would slowly break down their spirits hour after hour, day after day. That is what he had decided for the time being, until a target of much greater renown would arrive. This was a sadistic hobby of his that gave him much gratification. Turning people of tremendous strength into measly dogs, no better than horny cattle. To bring hope into others eyes, and then smash it in front of them was an experience akin to a giant shot of heroin. He would enjoy his new toys until all sense of humanity would leave their eyes.

That was the plan, and he would test it on the two fairy tail mages. He studies the wizards, getting to know what makes them tick. Juvia was easy, he already broke her. Sometimes she would have that glimmer of hope which would soon fade after some time. Natsu on the other hand, was a problem. His will has never broken, even after being forced to ravage his friend, he refused to give. "No matter. All things will come to a head, in due time." He sipped some more tea as he put the mages through another round of torment.

As for Happy, and the little girl, they were busy playing with the tamed monsters- Racing across the premises, setting up small battles, and brushing their fur. The grounds were filled with the excited laughter of family bonding accompanied by the terrified screams of, an unwilling participant being dragged along.

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