The Other End of the Line Continued

The finale of this improbable romance has Granger Woodruff flying half way around the world because nothing should hold a man back from his future which happens to be Priya Sethi the woman on the other end of the line.

Rajeev Sethi describes his daughter, Priya : She's a dreamer… Her ideas are modern. ….. Yes ….. Sometimes she's stubborn and willful. …. But when she walks into a room….. People Smile… When she talks… People Listen. …. She is wise… She's kind…and most importantly. …..She's my daughter. …and I love her.

Priya Sethi is also a very skilled manager

Priya: Balveer… You must always remember. …..they are your customers. So….. Do not let things get personal…. His is a business. Right? … and your job is to be professional… Calm and helpful. … But we must get the money,

Balveer: How can we let these obnoxious Americans …. Talk to us like this?

Granger makes his appearance in City One Call Center floor.

Granger: What happens if the obnoxious American is also a complete idiot? … and he's sorry it took him so long to realize what a mistake he made.

Priya: How did you…

Granger: Well….. I had to body check an old lady….. Employ a taxi cab translator…. Don't ask….. Fly 18 hours…. Hijack a tub - tuk. … and bribe a street gypsy….. And I did it all in this monkey suit…. I kind of feel like James Bond….. only I probably don't smell as good as he does.

Balveer: I think you smell great.

Granger: Thanks

Granger grabs Priya hands and notices no engagement ring

Priya: I couldn't get married.

Granger: Well. It's a pretty big deal….. Sort of like a platinum card… once you make the commitment….You really have to see it through….But, I think I'd like that

Zia and the rest of the call center employees begin to shout: Kiss him…Kiss him

Granger: You sure…. This is such a good idea?

Priya: Don't worry….It'll be good.

Zia : Best of Luck.

The finale scene is getting the family's blessing

Granger: Sir… Before you take a swing…. There's something I want to read to you….

Rajeev: English… Boy. …. You're hurting my ears.

Granger: I just wanted you to know that I have the utmost respect for you and your family…and I promise to treat your daughter with all the love and respect she deserves.

Rajeev: You like alu parathas? …. Let's give him alu parathas… Sit ….Sit

Rajeev and Manju embrace Granger and welcome him into the family… Priya couldn't be any happier. Granger is about to get the education of his life in what his future has in store for him as Priya will spend the next week explaining her culture and what is expected.

After their family luncheon Priya asks Granger how long he was planning on staying or was this an impulse that he hasn't given any thought about.

Granger : More like a lighting bolt….I'm giving a best man toast to Charlie and Karen and I'm repeating what Charlie once told me..…" Nothing should ever hold a man back from his future"…. I stop walked off the stage and headed to the air port… Priya the only thing I'm certain is you are my future

Priya: I love you,…. I'm certain of that… My telephone crush turned into love…yet, my world is so much different than yours… what you take for granted in America … is different here.

On their way to a hotel Priya can't stop looking at Granger and wanting to hold and kiss him , yet public display of affection is prohibited in India. Something Granger has no way of knowing. Family honor and reputations are to be respected…especially with the girls and women in the family.

Priya agrees to come back to the hotel later that afternoon giving Granger time to freshen up and rest a little while.

A rested Granger can't wait to see Priya, he wants to be with her , touch her , kiss her, and more than anything make love to her, but he will soon realize that until he marries her he can only dream of what that will be like.

Priya returns….. calls his room and waits in the lobby for her man. Granger when seeing her wants to hug her

Priya: Not here… I will start explaining how we have to act in public… I promise when we are completely by ourselves ….. I will kiss and hug you … I want that more than anything.

Granger: I will do what I have too… what do you have planned?

Priya: I've taken the night off to spend it with you ….. so that we can talk and understand what you are getting into by loving me.

As Priya shows Granger Mumbia,….. He is stunned by the wall to wall people…this city has three times the number of people that New York City with it's 18 million. They stop at one of Priya favorite food stops and eat before they continue their touring and their conversation.

Granger: What happens if we were to get caught kissing

Priya: You know Richard Gere, the actor….. well he was promoting a movie with a Bollywood actress …. he hugged and kissed his co star on stage and was nearly arrested.

Granger: That's a little extreme… what would happen if we got caught making love?

Priya: It use to be a criminal offense, but that is no longer, but the police do raid hotels and use it to shame the families. This culture doesn't approve… I'm still a virgin because I will honor my family by still being a virgin until my wedding night.

Granger: That explains why you, you didn't let me into your room in San Francisco

Priya: Can you deal with that?… You had a woman in bed with you on one of my calls

Granger: Does it bother you that I'm not… that I have been with other women.

Priya: No….. I love you… you will be able to teach me

Granger: Are you saying , you want to marry me

Priya: Are you asking me?….. if you are I will give my answer after you ask my father and family their permission. I have to honor tradition, you understand.

Granger: I've heard and seen some of those Bollywood movies are the weddings really like that, a three day party … they look like movie productions

Priya: Many Indian girls dream of it. They become the center of attention with all the beauty and pagentry, until they are left to having babies and taking care of the family. Not that they aren't happy they just don't have choices any longer. They have to do what is expected of them.

Granger: Is that why you came to the United States , other than me?

Priya: Once in my life I wanted to make the choice…. With you I'm also getting to chose.

Granger: Can we stop and just walk for awhile ?

Priya tells the taxi driver to bring them to Carter Road which is well lit and safe

Priya: I'm so happy you're here with me… that plane ride home , I was so heartbroken… to have found you and then lost you.

Granger: You're not ever going to loose me… I need you in my life. … What do you have in mind for the rest of the week.

Priya: I do have to work at nights, I'm the department manager, but I'll try not to sleep as much so we can spend some time together. You can plan to be eating at my parents house every night before I go to work and I'll call you each chance I get to keep you company.

Granger: If that's the schedule, Your father is going to have to see an engagement ring on your finger, so the neighbors don't talk….right

Priya: I want you to be absolutely certain before we do that

Granger: I'm certain, … let's put my platinum card to use tomorrow….. I don't want another day to go by without knowing you're going to be my wife. The big question that hasn't been asked…. Are you going to be happy living in the United States with me?

Priya: Now the cards are reversed on me…. What will I do when I'm there…. Will I just get pregnant , have children and take care of them ….. which I would love to do, but I also want to be fulfilled in other ways.

Granger: We have many things to work out,….. but we have come this far and we will make this happen and we will be happy, ….. I promise.

Priya: It's starting to get late…. You've only had a little sleep and the jet lag will have it's effect , so why don't we get you back to the hotel and I'll come get you in the morning.

Priya grabs Granger's arm hugs it and then flags down a taxi and they go to the hotel . Once Granger is in hotel hotel room and Priya is back in her bedroom, she calls him to say goodnight .

Priya: I just wanted to hear your voice before I go to sleep…. My curiosity also would like to know what would we be doing if we were married…. How would you make love to me?

Granger: You little devil… you want to experiment with a little phone sex….don't you?

Priya: I've never had a real boy friend… one that knows how to make love… I want to know everything you like….. even though I'm a virgin doesn't mean that I don't have desires

Granger: The secret is what you like ….. where do you like touching yourself and touching me… what makes you feel good…. That's when you start asking me to kiss and rub and message those areas that give your most pleasure. Then imagine doing the same with me and telling me what you want me to do

Priya: Wow….. I can feel you touching my breasts and my nipples are getting firm… when you start kissing them ….. I want you to suck on them ….. then I want your hands to touch me everywhere.

Granger: How far do you want to go with this… have you ever used a vibrator

Priya: I've thought about it …but I've been embarrassed to be caught

Granger: Have ever used your fingers to stimulate yourself

Priya: Are you asking if I masturbate? …. I go only so far , I don't ever penetrate myself

Granger: The thought of your gorgeous body is doing a number on me… I'm hard as a rock … with no place to put it… that's one of the draw backs with phone sex

Priya: I'm really wet thinking about that being inside me….. I think we are going to have a very good sex life…. I love you for playing along with me

Granger: I love you too, Goodnight and Horney dreams because I know I will.

The next day Priya is once again at the hotel waiting for Granger to come down to the lobby….. once she sees him she wants to kiss him especially after last night . She plots to find a spot that no one will see her kiss him.

Mumbia in the daytime is even more overwhelming, double the crowds of night time. When Granger looks around what a difference in what some people will do to survive. Extreme poverty is evident and extreme wealth excessive. Priya found the spot where she could kiss him without anyone seeing them and responds by let's go get you an engagement ring. I don't want to show up at your parents without one to present you with.

In the diamond store Priya can't believe this is happening so fast so asks

Priya: Granger… are you absolutely sure this is what you want?

Granger: I've never been more sure…. You're the only woman I want to many.

Priya picks a two carat solitaire that absolutely sparkles like her eyes and smile. She wears it all afternoon until they are about to enter her parents house where Granger asks

Granger: Mr Sethi….. Sir… I'm absolutely head over heals in love with Priya and there is no one on earth that I would rather have as my wife…. May I have your permission…. your families permission to marry her. I promise that I will always honor, respect and most importantly make her happy. With your permission I would like to place this ring on her finger so everyone can see she is spoken for.

Priya, her mother Manju and her aunt are teary eyed hearing these words … Granger has won them over.

Rajeev: Priya… what do you have to say?

Priya: yes…. Yes …. Yes… Papa … may I have your permission to kiss the only man I will ever love.

Rajeev: You're going to kiss him anyway….. so yes….. you have my permission

Priya gives Granger the most passionate kiss she could without ripping his cloths off. The family is seeing a Priya they haven't seen before… she is completely in love with the American.

After diner Priya brings Granger back to the hotel and heads to work. As she enters the Call center floor, where her best friend Zia approaches her

Zia: So what happened yesterday… you haven't told me anything since he arrived.

Priya: We had the best day that I've had in a very long time… Last night before we went to bed

Zia: You didn't sleep with him….. did you?

Priya: On the telephone….. silly….. he knows how to make a woman be a woman

Zia: you're full of surprises… what else

Priya: Tonight he asked my father to give his permission to marry me and he put this on my finger.

Zia: he doesn't waste any time

With Zia now knowing the rest of the call center knows that Priya is engaged to the American.

Priya calls her husband to be and wishes him a goodnight as she will do the rest of this week and the months he will be away until their marriage ceremony.

Back in the United States Granger has to stay focused on being the best he can be now that he will have a wife to take care of. First day back in the office Charlie has to be brought up to speed as to why his friend had to leave his wedding so abruptly.

Charlie: OK, fess up what did you do….. you left my wedding and haven't told me anything since then. You've been gone for over week .

Granger: Those last words that I was saying at the toast hit me like a ton of bricks ….. I couldn't continue to runaway from my future…. I had to know if I had any chance with Priya even though she was engaged.

Charlie: Give me the short version… did you get her or not

Granger: Not only did I get her….. she agreed to be my wife … you and Karen will be attending my three day wedding ceremony in Mumbai.

Charlie: Congratulations… she is as beautiful as they come… a three day wedding… you're going to have to explain that one. Bye the way we have a meeting with Mr Hawksin next week to make a few tweaks to the add campaign.

The week goes by and Granger and Charlie are once again at Hawksin's corporate office .

Hawkins: I asked you here , to see what you think about something that's been on my mind…bye the way Granger what happened with you and that very beautiful Indian girl … has that look that people seem to remember

Granger: That statement is so true…. I couldn't forget her …so I went to Mumbai and asked her to marry me and she accepted…. Now the family is trying to find a venue so that we can get married as soon as we can. Those three day wedding apparently take a lot of planning to make happen.

Hawkins: How appropriate with that information, that's what has been going through my mind about the add campaign. Everything you boys put together about families was great, but how do families start… Weddings….. are a considerable portion of our revenue stream , yet we don't promote them properly

Granger: What were you thinking in promoting them properly

Hawkins: You just said you needed a venue for your three day wedding, … Looks at his Assistant… Call the Hawkisn Standard at Nariman Point and find the the earliest a three day widow can be opened up for a wedding that will be promoted world wide at all our hotels

Granger: are you saying that you want to use my wedding to Priya as a promotional campaign.

Hawkins: My boy….. you and Priya are two of the most unforgettable people I've come across….. after the wedding , I would like Priya to become the face Hawkisn Hotels … she is absolutely unforgettable… The costs of the wedding and honeymoon and her salary will be factored into the advertising budget. One more thing My wife and I get an Invitation , I just love Hindu weddings .

Assistant: Sir… the general manager said he could open up a three day block….. two months from now.

Hawkins: Can you have an answer for me by tomorrow… time is money

Granger: Yes sir….. Thank you sir…. We will make this exactly what you have in mind.

With the time difference to Mumbai , Granger knows that Priya is asleep after her nights work, but this is too important to wait

Priya: Granger has something happened that your calling me now

Granger: Sweetheart, I'm sorry for waking you up , but this is to important to wait… Have you had any luck with venues for the wedding.

Priya : Everything is booked a year out and those that aren't , I really don't like.

Granger: How about the The Hawksin Standard at Nariman Point two months from now. This should make your father and me very happy. It will all be paid for by Hawksin Hotel's , plus the Honeymoon in Maldives at a Hawkisn resort there.

Priya: How did this happen….. what do we have to do ….. I must still be dreaming this is just a dream

Granger: You're not dreaming…. You made such an impression on him that he wants to make you the face of Hawksin for all our advertising with a generous salary. When I told him that we were getting married that was better yet, he wants us , our family in future campaigns. What do you think… I have to give him answer by tomorrow.

Priya: Yes do it… Two months we will be together…. I won't be able to go back to bed , I will tell mother and she will be so thrilled. … I love you and miss you so much.

Granger: When I talk to you next , I'll give you all the details.

Priya receiving Granger's followup conversation with all the details explains to her father at dinner.

Priya: Papa….. Granger called me today to tell me of an opportunity that will save the family great deal of money when it comes to my wedding to Granger. The owner of The Hawksin Standard at Nariman Point , Mr Kit Hawksin …..which you met under confusing circumstances in San Francisco is one of Granger's advertising clients and wants our wedding to be used in all promotions for his hotels world wide. He also wants me to be the spokesperson for all future commercials for all the hotels around the world. The best part is Granger and I can be married within two months.

Rajeev: Why would he do such a thing… is he expecting something from you…..

Priya: Papa no… he is a very nice man ….. when when I met him…I was with Granger and to show his appreciation to Granger , he upgraded my room ….. he told Granger that we were both unforgettable and our images was what he wanted to see in his commercials. Papa …. It's strictly business with people like that. Granger said all the wedding costs will be charged to the advertising budget….. this wedding won't cost the family anything… My future husband certainly knows the right people, doesn't he ….. Papa.

With this out of the way , the families only concern will now be the wedding invitations. Grangers side will be very limited with just his immediate family and Charlie and Karen plus Mr Hawksin and wife. Final number totals 300 guests.

The two months quickly roll by … Granger, his mom and dad, brother and his wife and sister and her husband along with Charlie and Karen arrive at the Mumbai airport to be greeted by Priya.

Granger has cautioned everyone that Public Display of Affection are frond on , so don't be offended it's been so hard for him to keep his hands off of Priya. As they exit the gate and see Priya , they understand . Priya is absolutely stunning in her native dress . As Granger and Priya make eye contact their eyes tell everything and Priya throws all the social norms out and hugs and kisses him

Granger: Wow , I missed you to sweetheart.

As Granger introduces everyone , Priya hugs each that's the American Custom she wants to use.

Priya: Welcome to Mumbai,… This week will be a week to remember always…. Granger has no idea what he is getting into , but I love him so much for doing it… I will try to explain everything that will happen and the reason for it. The Hawksin Shuttle will take us to the hotel where rooms have been reserved. Tomorrow my family will come to meet you and we will then describe what will take place.

At the hotel and everyone is checked into their room , Priya waits in the lobby so that she and Granger can a little time to themselves and take a walk on the beach .

Priya: These have been the longest two months of my life….. I've missed you so much ….. but we made it

Granger: Yes we have….. you look so beautiful , I couldn't possibly think you could… but you are…. My family couldn't believe it when I told it was you at the airport.

Priya: My husband to be ….. how many broken hearts will you leave when they see you are off the market… Emory didn't take it to well… when the maid stole your heart….. did she?

Granger: It's just you and me and our future , that's all that matters to me .

Priya: Do you want to take the time and try out your wedding Garment that you will be wearing?

Granger: What wedding Garment?

Priya: You my dear will be transformed into and Indian Prince marrying his Indian Princess with all the pageantry the old world has. All those sizes I have been asking you over the phone was for that.

Granger: I was thinking that was for a Tux

Priya: Lets go so you can see how handsome your going to be

They arrive at the Men's shop and The sales rep brings Granger to the back , Priya has to wait till the ceremony to see his three different outfits on, each marked for which event they are.

Granger: You picked everything out, as I looked in the mirror I saw me as someone in those Bollywood movies.

Priya: You have the looks to be a Bollywood star… with your dark hair and dark eyes …are you sure you don't have some Indian blood in you.

Granger: Our kids will be type cast

Priya: The day we have our first child will be another magical day for us….. we better start getting back so you can get some rest….. if you want to fool around on the phone I'm game… You've made me understand my body so much .

They head back to the hotel, find a secluded spot and give each other a very passionate hug and kiss goodnight.

The next day the two families meet in the restaurant of the hotel and Priya introduces everyone . As they have their lunch, Priya begins the explanation as to what is going to transpire in the coming days.

Priya: A traditional Indian wedding lasts an average of three days. On the first, a priest will perform the " Ganesh pooja", a ceremony that will happen at my parents home with only Granger and I along with the bridal party and the immediate family.

The second day begins with a Mehndi ceremony. This ceremony is when I and my female friends and female family members will have intricate henna patterns drawn on the hands and feet. That evening , the Sangeet takes place. Everyone is invited, and it involves an introduction of each of our family members, then everyone , mingles, eats and dances.

On the third day, the main ceremony, cocktail hour and a reception and everyone is invited

Priya goes on to explain the ceremony is very colorful in garments reds and golds are traditional colors of the gods so those that would like to try them we have two clothing stores that can accommodate . If you're more comfortable in your regular dress that is fine also.

Priya: Granger and I will be dressed in customary Indian Dress. Charlie this applies to you to, being Granger's Best Man. Please enjoy yourselves it is the most festive occasion in our Indian culture and I promise you ….you will never forget it.

The day for the wedding ceremony finally arrived…. The Woodruff family was amazed at the ceremonies before the big day but on the third day seeing Granger riding on a white decorated Arabian Horse for the groom's procession it looked like a scene from the Arabian nights with guests dancing and a drum beat of the diol.

When Priya shows herself in all of her Indian splender and costume along with her family to greet Granger to exchange the floral garlands to wear around their necks to symbolize their acceptance of each other the families and the guest were in awe . She was a goddess that just came from the heavens. Granger was once again taken back by her beauty.

The marriage ceremony begins with the priest, Granger, Priya and Priya's parents sitting beneath a mandate , a canopy. Then the ceremony starts with the Kanya Daan, which is Priya's parents give her to Granger. Granger and Priya hold hands and circle around a small, enclosed fire ( the agni) in a ritual called the Mangal phera. Granger and Priya then walk seven steps ( Saptapadi) as they vow to support each other and live happily together. Granger then applies a red powder to the center of Priya's forehead and ties a black beaded necklace around her neck, symbolizing she's now married to him.

With Granger and Priya now married the party begins. The first person to be allowed to congratulate the happy couple was Mr and Mrs Hawksin whose first words were….. absolute perfection…..he was so right in chosing them to be the faces of Hawksin Hotels they were un forgettable.

The new Mr and Mrs Woodruff look at each other and once again break with tradition and kiss each other as Priya whispers into her husbands ear: Are you ready for me tonight because I'm ready for you.

Granger and Priya go to their families and thank them for everything they have to allow this happen

Rajeev with tears in his eyes: My son you are without a doubt the best my daughter could have chosen. The Sethi family will talk of this wedding for as long as we live. You have honored us by honoring our daughter Priya

Priya: Thank you papa

Granger: I promised you that she is my everything and she will remain the goddess that she was today.

Priya: lets go to your family , I'm their new daughter in law.

The Woodruff family along with Charlie and Karen circle the newly weds and each gives them Hugs and Kisses

Judith Woodruff: My dear you are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen , even Grangers sister agrees . These three days were exactly what you said they would be un forgettable. Welcome to the family.

Charlie: When Granger left Karen and I's wedding without finishing his speech , we both wondered what has gotten into him . You got into him like no person ever has. He was in love with you the very first night he laid eyes on you. You are his present and his future without a doubt. You've made my best friend the happiest man in the world.

Granger and Priya go to the micro phone and thank everyone for attending their celebration of love but now is the time that they finally allowed to be together alone and leave for the bridal suite that Kit Hawksin reserved for them.

As they approach the Honeymoon suite Granger picks up his wife and carries her over the threshold for the first time of many more to come. Once in the suite as they walk around noticing all the sheer luxury it had their was only one thing on each their minds. With each step they took a piece of clothing would drop, they continued until each completely naked body was visible to each other

Granger: You're more perfect than I imagined…. Your breast are as close to perfection as they can be, your thighs form the perfect v …. How did I get so lucking in marrying you?

Priya: When I first saw that bare chest of your's in San Francisco I was as aroused and wet as I have ever been, then seeing Emory in your room in her teddy crushed me. You were everything I was looking for and she already had you. So the thing I was left with was my dreams of you. You're mine and no one is ever going to take you away from me.

She removes the comforter from the bed and Pushes Granger on to it then straddles him so that he gets a very good view of her perfect breasts and very hard nipples that are wanting to be sucked. Granger seeing how hard they are rises up and gently teases with a little lick here and a little lick there… then a little bite with his teeth something Priya only simulated by squeezing her nipples with her finger tips , but the little biting made her vagina wetter. She has wanted to touch his very hard penis, so once in her hands she stroked it squeezed it and with each squeeze the head would turn dark and so much bigger that she started to wonder how was she going to be able to take it, especially with her hymen still in tack

Priya: I didn't think that could get that big, that's going to hurt

Granger: I promise I will be as gentle as I can and get you ready to let me in.

Granger puts her on her back and spreads her legs with her knees up giving him a perfect view of her vaginal opening and how ready she may be. He then does little gentle licks of her labia lips to increase the flow of her lubricating juices so there is less friction on her.

As he continues to lick , he takes his fingers and messages her clit so it to is starting to get erect. With each touch Priya is grating her hips grabs Grangers head and pushes closer to her vagina so she can grind it and have his tongue inside her. Granger's fingers continue rubbing her clit in a circular constant motion until her stomach muscles tighten , her thighs start to quiver and she holds his head with both hands even tighter to her vagina until she lets out a groan and a jerk and feels a release in side her. She just experienced her first orgasm without even being penetrated.

Granger: How did that feel

Priya: Are you serious ….. how did that feel…. My 22 years I've never felt that good and we are just getting started. Have you been able to do this to other women

Granger: to some but, remember it's not me it's the mental state of a woman. She either lets her mind go and relaxes enough to give herself that organs. Some you can rub and lick and rub and lick, but when that mental block sets in nothing is going to happen and then the man is a poor lover.

Priya: your a great lover, what next.

Granger: I'm going to try to lubricate you more with the fluids coming from my really hard penis. I'm going to message your vaginal opening with my dick so that you can get use to it. You tell me if and when it hurts….. if you want more push yourself into in by grinding in like you did with my tongue.

Granger takes his dick in his hand and rubs it gently against her labia lips, there so soaked and loose she can easily take the tip of the head into her. Priya begins to push herself into it she want to feel more of him inside her. She begins to grind and pushing continues to get wetter and looser.

Granger begins to see a little blood but Priya continues to want more. As she continue to push in more, granger decides to message her clit some more so that her attention becomes focused on that sensation rather than how deep he already is in her. Her clit gives her a great deal of pleasure so the circular motion continues and her hip gyrations are to the point that he is completely in side of her.

As he continues to message her hips start going back and forth and his dick is going in and out more blood has come out but she hasn't felt any pain . He continue the clit stimulation until once again her stomach muscles start to tighten up and thighs start quivering and his dick is going in and out on a uniform motion.

She grabs grangers butt with both hands and pulls him into her as she jerks and quivers and feels that release one more time again with Grangers very hard dick deep inside her

Granger: Did it hurt at all? ….. You pulled me completely inside you….. I saw the blood but you weren't stoping so I didn't let you.

Priya: I'm no longer a virgin ….. What about you I didn't feel anything

Granger: Let's give that new opening a little time to adjust and then I let you feel what it feels like with me letting go. But do you want me to because you could get pregnant.

Priya: I want to feel all of you, especially tonight

They lay in each others arms and caress there bodies as Priya notices Granger getting soft she then takes it in her hand and start to stroke it and squeeze it then she decides that what granger did for her she needs to do for him . As she continues to stroke and squeeze she wants to taste him , so she starts to lick around the head , lets her tongue message the head as she squeezes with her hand and it again gets huge. She then engulfs it with her mouth and sucks on it.

Granger: Hold on there you don't want to me go in your mouth

With that Granger tells her to get on her knees and arch her back , he is going to enter from behind so she feel him even more . She is still soaking wet. her labia lips are very lose and wet and he easily glides into her. He puts both hands on her hips and begins a rocking back and forth and making her gorgeous ass bounce off of his pelvic creating a clapping sound. With each motion her very perfect breast jiggle in rhythm until he can't hold any longer and she feels him ejaculate deep inside her.

Pryia : I felt that

Granger: Well, sweetheart, what did you think for your first time?

Priya: I've had friends tell me it was ok, I've had those that told me it was awful and and I had those tell me it was good ,but nobody told me it was great. The fact that I had two orgasm on my first try and breaking my hymen didn't hurt. I would have to say it was great and rolls on her husband and kisses him everywhere.

Mr and Mrs Woodruff have come into their own, a telephone romance turning into a great love only happens in the movies or does it? The honeymoon and Life in the USA pose whole new stories to tell.