Hi everyone! This is my first fanfic for Guilty Gear. I am kinda obsessed with it! I got into it thanks to RP fandom of it and following the game by I buying the Xrd-Sign and Revelator. Then I decided to watch the storyline and cutscenes from the beginning up of Guilty Gear X to Gear Guitly XX and Overture in order to learn about the history along with fanfics to get the better idea. Anyway, I hope you like this second chapter! This features the cast of OCs for an introduction before we delving into the canon characters.

As for where and when this fanfic takes place, I decide to put after the events of Xrd and before Strive, if that makes sense.

Anyway, time for the first chapter!

Looking over the city ruins while taking a sip of a cola can, a young girl in her teens stared across the ruins over the horizon under the cloudy sky. Wearing a short navy jacket with a hood over her medium length black hair, her ebony blacks cover her forehead. The girl has olive skin. She swirls the liquid inside the can.

She has a huge silver pin on her hood with a 'V' with a vertical line straight across it, symmetrically and a line under the V across.

Wearing her dark denim jeans as she kicks her grey Converse to the air as she is bored. Underneath her jacket, she has a grey tee. Like her eyes, her eyes are also grey. Light grey to precise. She hums a little as she has her sketchbook on the tree stump followed by two cold cans of cola.

As she is enjoying the day, she hears a vibrating sound to which she summons her communication sigil to her ear.

"Heya?!" She asked chirpy.

"Ink! It's me! A group of hunters is in the forest again!"

"Thanks, Fosh!" The girl named Ink starts to grin widely as she turns off her communication sigil. "Alright, time to do my thing." She got off the tree stump.

As for this 'time to do my thing', the girl Ink transformed in a flash of vibrant blue into a winged draconic humanoid. With dark bat wings as her arms and legs have scales, her face transforms into a demonic maw with sharp white teeth as she has draconic features, blowing smoke from her outer cheeks. White eyes looked towards the forest.

"Let's have fun!" She laughed before she flew up into the air and dives down into the forest below.

Soon the peaceful forest is now filled with yells and screams followed by the roars of a dragon.

Van Ink The Dragon.

Or rather...the Redless Gear.