The third chapter of the story where the two canon characters discussed Van Ink the Dragon. Hope you enjoyed it!

Five months later...

"While the capital city of Illyria is reconstructing after a battle with Universal Will and the residents of Japanese Colony starting to leave to other countries to settle, there are new reports of what appears to be a Gear sighting in the town, Harlem of A-Country. Witnesses stated that this Redless Gear battled a group of bandits followed by massive property damage. The bandits called the Luxury Bandits are beaten and have survived the Gear attack, they are now arrested and currently in hold for questioning. They will be in the trial soon. Unlike the previous incidents where the reports that are considered false, we know for sure, the Redless Gear is no myth."

The news then switches to several witnesses talking about the creature.

"I thought it was some townspeople's old scary story but not anymore!" Yelled the first witness.

"I tell you what it looks like. It looks like a demon! A Gear! Black blue glowing wings!" Yelled the second witness. "Not to mention, it gave those bandits a hard time. You almost feel bad for them."

" Its eyes are pure white! It can stare into your soul! It's truly is a demon!"

"I was following it when it got really popular in the five towns surrounding the forest. I heard a photographer managed to take a few snippets of it. I thought it was fake, but when I matched it from what I saw. It's really real!

"While the photos are questionable. It is said that local police from the five towns reported it as false because of the stories but the descriptions from witness matched with the discreet photography."

"That's right! That's it exactly looks like!" Yelled one.

"Can't believe it's real."

Just great...

"Is that it? Woah...I can't see it clearly but the eyes and teeth are that!" S aid the second.

"The wings!" Exclaimed another.

Just fuckin great...

Hot breath exhaled from a gruff man; he has brown hair dons a red headband over his forehead with the etching words of 'Rock You' onto it. His long brown spiky hair that waist-length tie in a wild ponytail. He wears a tight black undershirt with the top half, and over it is a long-sleeved red jacket along with white pants. At his waist, he has belt buckle with the etched words on it signed 'FREE' on it along with a multitude of belt buckets around his thighs and biceps. He has a pair of fingerless black gloves and red shoes. His reddish-brown eyes look over to the radio as he listens to the news.

Just when things are getting peaceful, a new annoyance comes up. This time, a Gear that is known for being 'redless'. Based on the reports, this Gear has white eyes, not red which is a common trait for most Gears. But as long as it has claws, a tail, and wings. It's most likely a Gear. If not, then it's something that came from Backyard like Izuna and his yokai.

"Is that why ya brought me here, Ky? For this shit? Just lettin ya know now, I'm plannin on goin there myself."

"I expected you would, Sol." It came from a handsome French young man with an elegant voice, he has blond hair and blue eyes. He dons a loosely fitting white and blue tunic. He wears white trousers and a shirt under his long coat followed by an elbow-length blue cape draped over it.

"But first, I want you to read the confidential police reports. Thanks to an old friend from the Holy Order, I have five written reports regarding this matter. They are...very interesting to read based on the witness and the victims."

"Ha? What's so interestin about them and that Gear?

"This Gear has a name attached to it."

"That right?"

"Yes. Van Ink the Dragon." Ky said the name.

"Van Ink? Why's that?" The dragon part he gets because reports account the draconic features of this Gear which is common amongst most Gears. Already, the man has a hunch that is proved correct by his longtime rival,

"Actually, that's the name the Gear introduced itself to the bandits, bounty hunters, and gangs he fought along with a few nobles it terrorized."

"So, it talks? Good to know." Sol said sarcastically.

Ky continues, "I asked Dr. Paradigm about it but it seems he doesn't know anything about this Gear either. He is looking into information right now and he's insisting that he would like you to check out where it lives."

Sol sighs.

"Another reason is to see what Van Ink's intentions are. If possible, can you convince Van Ink to come here, to Illyria?"

"Are you kiddin me?" Sol stares at him, "What am I? Yer messenger? If that Gear been ere long enough during the whole thing with Ariels, I highly doubt it's going to come nicely" Sol goes to read the reports lazily and scowl evens, "Seriously? This one beats 10 bounty hunter groups, 5 bandit groups, and 3 gangs in Neo New York?" Counting the members of each group, the total will be likely 50 or more. This Gear must be strong, alright. But it's nothing that Sol can handle.

'Some of the witnesses like the bandits claim that the Gear carries a great sword..." Sol reads that part out loud; the news didn't say that. Then he squints his eyes at the last part, "And there's a theory that it's being helped?"

"Yes, the one who made the assumption is Mr. Henderson, one of the officers living and patrolling in the five towns. He said this when he was involved in the battle between the Gear and other fractions called Demon Anthem Elite and The Lupins."

He heard of them before. The Lupins are a gang of self-claimed werewolves. A bunch of punk-ass brats. And Demon Anthem Elite, DEA, for short, are a bunch entitled bunch of brats that are taking parts of rich towns and claim it for their own. A few of them have bounties on their heads but Sol is too lazy to go after them as he only hunts for Gears and a few easy ones just for cash. Not to mention, other bounty hunters are going after so it's pain in the ass to compete with them.

Regardless, no bounty hunter has ever succeeded in bringing them in, and even so after the Redless Gear defeated the two fractions in battle. If this Gear is being helped as this Henderson guy says, are they gears or residents of the Backyard? He thought.

Then Sol looks at the evidence like footprints and scenes of the aftermath from the battle. Then he got to black and white photos of the creature which made him narrow his eyes.

The Redless Gear is in the trees with the shape of its head poking out from the bushes which appear to be on the hilltop. It is staring straight ahead to the side, looking at something. Eyes that are bright, most likely with no pupil sighted. Is it blind? No... couldn't be. So there is something that is weird about it, so he had to ask.

"Hey...why are these photos in black and white and not in color" Sol questioned. Ky then chuckles making Sol raise a brow, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you. There's a story about that in the report entailing a secret transcript between Mr. Henderson and photographer named Loren Coleman."

"The reports also include the sightings before the Redless Gear became popularized." Ky Kiske added.

The bounty hunter sighed as he goes to read them.

Soon, in the next 30 minutes, Sol Badguy couldn't believe what he was reading.

The reports will convince the God of War to visit the forest of Ancient Manhattan.

Heya! Nice chapter isn't it? We get to read our favorite main characters, Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy. Also, the next chapters I have in mind are the stories of each report that talks about Ink and her adventures. Though Sol and Ky don't get to know everything just the accounts of people who encountered her.

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