Summary: Supernatural Brotherhood AU - Sparetime for Dean and Caleb is rare as hunters. When they finally got a little bit, Caleb was hit by a vision. Can they find the evil which came over a young girl at night?

Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Kripke and the wonderful character of Caleb Reaves belongs to Ridley C. James.

Rate: MA 18+

About Girls

She stumbled on. Her calm hands clung to an advertising sign. The road was sharp and cut her bare foots. Something warm and wet was felt on her legs. The surrounding started to blur. The hit with the street was hard. She tried to roll on her side, only to fall a few meter into the ditch. There was no hard street now; it was cool and wet grass. She breathes deep in and thought the pain was over, but suddenly hit her again through her whole body. But the longer she lay there the more numb her body felt. Her eyes stare to the grey heaven above. It was breaking dawn. And finally the pain ended.

Caleb jerked up in bed. Sweat on his whole body. He couldn't breathe. His hitches were heard seconds later by his friend. Dean was immediately at his side.

"Damien, easy!"

He had both hands on his friend's shoulders to calm him while he was trying to get some air in his lungs. Finally Caleb Reaves took in a deep breath.

"Hey, I got ya Damien. Calm down!"

Dean was at his side now and strode the psychics back in circles. Exhausted he let the head rest on his friend's chest

"…a…vision…Girl on the…street...she fell. Dawn. Aargh."

His one hand on his acing temple and the other attached to his stomach, he tried to struggle free from the blankets. Dean helped him to get up and to the bath, he knew what will happen next.

Reaves let his body slam right before the toilet and choke. After he was done, he rested the head on the bath tub next to him. Dean had left the bathroom and came in with a bottle of water in his outstretched hand.

This was so not the end of their trip to Colorado that Caleb had wished for. The time was rare when he and Dean could have fun together. They were at a nice bar with hot girls and drank a lot. Caleb let Dean go with the long legged brunette chick. He had his own girl in front of him. A curly red haired hot one. With really gorgeous boobs. They left the bar not long after Dean and his conquest and headed to the hotel room nearby. He pushed her to the bed and slid his hand under her skirt an enjoyed the touch of her skin under his hands. Her lips were all over him. One hell of a hot night. But now he was good with the memory she left him quickly after their hot sex adventure.

He has to throw up again. Oh how he hates this! Wasn't having deathvisions enough. Dean turned out of the way when Caleb bent over the toilette again.

30 Minutes later they were on the road. Caleb looked weird with sunglasses at night but every flicker hurt his head with a sharp sting.

"Slow down, this was it."

They had just passed the advertising sign for "Melody's Coffee Shop". Dean killed the engine and rounded the impala to get to his buddy quick. Caleb had climbed out of the car as he shouted to Dean.

"Hey I'm not 80! I only have a hell of a headache. Ah."

"Yeah but you sound like 80. Maybe I should get you the wheelchair."
"Shut up asshole!"

The smile still in face Caleb looked to both sides of the street.

"This way. We have 2 hours til dawn, how far can you get wounded and barefoot? There's no town in this area within the next 80 miles in this direction."

They climbed back in the impala an shut the squeaking door. The engine awakened with a dark and round growl. The younger man followed the advice of the psychic. Dean thought about the question. How far would you get. It depends on the injury and your iron will. Maybe one mile maybe 6 he had seen both. Slowly driving up the street with eyes on the roadsides they made 2 miles, when Caleb grab Deans arm.

"There was a shadow, have you seen?"

Dean slowed down. The lights only lit the street and a few foot of the roadside with trees behind. He drove the black car on the side but leave the light on. Caleb seems 25 again and was out of the car in seconds to enlighten the sides of the road with his flashlight.

Grabbing his gun from the holster his hunter instincts tell him not to let anything on chance. His foots meet the grass mixed with ground. A sound of cracking branches on his left let him whirled around. The light hit her eyes with full force and she tried to flee deeper in the forest. The psychic felt her fear and aches.

"Hey, stop it, we're here to help. You're hurt."

She slowed down in her escape and finally stopped. Caleb Reaves stretched out his hand and turn her on the shoulder. She was trembling hard.

"Shh, its ok, we'll help you, don't be afraid."

She turned to Caleb. She wore a greyish long shirt; the brown hair hung in strains in her face. Bruises all over her face. Blood on her lips. Haunted blue eyes searching his. He looked down on her naked legs. They were wet and blood was running in a thin trickle along the inside of her thighs. He came closer to take care of her. But she jerked back when he tried to hold her in place.

"No! Get you hand off me!"

He quickly pulled his hands back and speak calming to her.

"Easy, we won't hurt you."

"Damien, need help?"

"Everything's fine, stay back." He turned to the girl again.

"I'm Caleb, What's your name?"


"Ok Darla, you're bleeding, we have the car right here on the street. We bring you to the hospital, all right?"

"No they will see it! No hospital, please!"

"All right calm down, calm down, no hospital. I don't like them too. We can help you with the first aid kit. But let us help you."

She stood still and nodded the head slightly. Caleb tried again to take an arm around her shoulders. This time she didn't jerk away, no she collapsed in his arms unconscious.

"Deuce, get over here." He holds her freaking cold body gently tight in his arms.

They brought her to the car, wrapped in a blanket. Her pulse was slow but constant, no open wounds to see besides the blood on her thighs. Caleb feared to know the cause. They drove back to the motel room around ten miles back.


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